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    We invite you to post any tapping questions you may have and share your personal experience on today’s Forum—Day 13 Forum – Tapping. How is tapping working for you, what you are using it for, and what are some of your positive choice statements?

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    The tapping was interesting … I would try it again. One thing I noticed is that it is recommended to focus on the stress / anxiety / craving, whereas in other exercises, it is recommended that we focus on the positive i.e., The New Me, our vision statements being framed in the affirmative and avoiding words and phrases such as “don’t drink” “can’t go to the bar”. My positive choice statements are along the lines of “I forgive myself for my mistakes.” “I deserve a life free of the pain of alcohol.” even a generic “I can do hard things.” and a personal favorite “Kia Kaha”, which is an affirmation of “stay strong” that originated in New Zealand. I use it a lot when I run and am familiar with the feeling of peace, strength and comfort that it brings.

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    I found this exercise difficult. I have been introduced to tapping in the past but relegated it to the “too weird” basket! I did feel more relaxed after the session but find I am tongue tied and don’t know what to say. It is not immediately obvious. Also being Australian and from reserved British stock I find the sorts of affirmations and language that is used quite confronting for some reason. I think I will persevere with the guided session because that is my concern (cravings and relaxation) and it makes it easy for me.

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    I agree with you @autumn. Coming from Icelandic stock and being a big, American firefighter, I find some of these exercises a bit foofy…but I still gave it a shot. My big breakthrough day was day 4, and that has set the tone for all of these other exercises. Even though they may “seem” a bit touchy-feely I keep myself open to trying them. Ever so often, I have one of those “Ooohhhh!” moments.

    Following the tapping example provided, I came up with “Even though I crave alcohol, I love and accept myself.” I did the tapping sequence several times while saying this out loud. I closed my eyes and kept following that little saying. For a brief second, I had this thought of my nightly routine and the subsequent joy of having my first beer…all while saying the above mantra! Then it slipped to “Even though I love alcohol, I crave and accept myself.” I’m guessing that was my subconscious reaching up from behind the scenes to remind me that I do crave the old me…and alcohol is not a part of me even though I love it. Any thoughts of alcohol were suddenly gone. I said that once and immediately snapped back to the gratitude I now have toward sobriety and that old vision and craving was gone…like it was never there.

    So, maybe a bit foofy, but there are some definite subconscious actions going on inside! I’ll keep trying it to see how it works over the long haul!

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      you can find lots of guided tapping sessions under EFT on YouTube…I recommend Brad Yates

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        That was great….and funny.

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    I am excited about the tapping and believe it will help. As a retired psych RN I passed out many,many pills throughout the years and believe we should expand into alternative therapies. While living overseas I tried acupuncture with great success. It makes sense to me that tapping will also work. We are created to heal ourselves. Excited!

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    I am so happy to be on this day on a Friday night of all nights!! I was craving a glass of wine tonight like no other and it is literally gone now. We may go to a bar and go dancing tonight but I know I will be fine now! This technique is amazing!! I may have to go to a bathroom stall sometime during the evening to reset myself but I am down for whatever shows up this weekend! Bring it on! <insert fierce face>

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    I do my solutions early in the morning so the only thing I’m craving now is more coffee. But I know that around 4 PM I’ll be craving a glass of wine. I plan to tap the craving away.

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      I’m the same way! This was me tonight 🙂 Try this when evening rolls around, it worked for me today! And today is my start to a long weekend yay! No weekend warrior this time!! 🙂

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    So I felt like a craving for a drink so I decided to try this tapping technique. Even though I felt like a goofball my craving before tapping was at a level 6. Now it is actually gone. I am very impressed with this. It worked better for me after the 1st attempt of doing the tapping about 3-4 times because I started to feel the effects. Be open minded about this and it will come. Awesome I’m actually implementing these techniques!

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    I tried tapping in my car driving to work yesterday, at stop lights. My mantra was “I feel rejected.” The second one was “I feel rejected, but its ok for me to be successful.” I have been a top producer at my company and felt a lot of rejection because of it. The rejection was affecting my performance, which increased my desire to have that second glass of wine at night. I was very surprised the energy I felt at work yesterday and the lack of ruminating about others’ reaction to my sales success during the day. I plan on continuing to use this strategy to help find better ways to cope. It seems like a type of EMDR, retraining the brain.

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      I liked it. I, too, was rejected and spoke of behind my back and it really hurt. I was successful and have always been self driven. When people talk dirt, for no reason other than you are doing better than most, is is total rubbish.

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    I did a lot of surfing around on the EFT topic. It’s just my nature to give something a good look before stepping in. I found my way to Dawson Church’s EFT mini-manual, and his ‘Personal Peace Procedure. There may be a lot of value in working the ‘PPP’, and I’ve started it. But, like Day 4’s work, I’m going to have to go back to it when the program is through (wherein lies some danger in execution). I’m giving each day a good effort, and just run out of energy.

    I did the ‘Genie’ exercise. While doing that, I became aware of a feeling I get when I work out very hard. When I do that, my CNS kicks in, which gives me a buzz of sorts. I believe that is due to a hormonal change. Cortisol came up in my reading, as it is related to stress. And, issues of dopamine and serotonin are related to alcohol use. Could there be changes going on due to me getting cleaned up? Or, am I thinking too much?

    Not craving, am planning a new identity.

    What the heck, let’s do a little writing and see where it takes me.

    Several years ago, I became aware that every step I took was rooted in my last step, back to learning how to walk. As we all know, much of what I am now is rooted in my life experience when I had no choice in the matter. If my father was a drinker (he was), I learned about drinking. If my grandmother was a bigot (she was), I learned that. Then, there is potential and identity. I couldn’t see past the vocations I was exposed to, and I played with toy guns, my sister played with Barbie.

    It occurred to me, that to change my life’s trajectory, I had to leap. I think the work I do in ‘PPP’ will untether me.

    So for me, this program is about more than sobriety, _______________.

    A little poem I wrote to remind me of a place in the hills above Manitou Springs, Colo.

    Wind carries the pines
    Bursting spring leaves me quickly
    The path is obscure


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    I am anxious to try this – my problem is that I don’t have any privacy. I had a horrible day at work and am extremely anxious but am afraid my husband will think I’m nuts if he hears me in the bathroom saying I love and accept myself. Can you say this things to yourself of do they have to be out loud? Might be a bit strange if I try them in the can at work.

    day 6 of abstinence. No desire to drink but would love to relieve some of today’s anxiety.

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      I often don’t have much privacy either… I do it in the bathroom and mouth the words as Im thinking about it. Its not loud or vocal, but its the best I can do sometimes. And of course, when I’m driving lol I can do it, and its just like I’m singing to my favourite song… this time its the Thriving in Sobriety song of my life!
      Sending you positive vibes & support!!

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    While there is benefit in speaking the words aloud, doing it silently to yourself while looking into the mirror is extremely powerful as well. The key is doing it!

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    I learned about this several years ago in a group that was trying to lose weight using Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live program which works but can be quite strict.
    I gave it a try then and as I suspected I do think this is quackery. But live and let tap.
    The people who endorse it- Dr. Mercola and Deepak Chopara are not people I have any respect for either.
    I think it may work for some people by the placebo effect. It gives people a tool to be able to control their body. However if you gave it any thought it you would know that is why it works. It is a pause. A reset. It does not work because you are touching certain parts of your body and tapping them. I find much of this thinking misleading. It is akin to the people who use Einstein’s wonderful math and physics and relegate it to energy woo woo and think they can attract certain things…
    Anyhow- as I said although it is not real and therefore does not work for me I do think live and let live (tap)
    I will continue with the 30 day program here getting out of it what I can. I enjoy the everyday aspect of it.

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    The first time I sat down to tap, as I went the series and I said out loud “I love and Deeply accept myself”, I had an immediate physical and mental response of release, relaxation and peace. For me, tapping integrates meditative, cognitive, eastern energy therapeutic techniques which for me creates a powerful process. It allows for me to fully feel our feelings, work on getting in touch with our feeling while truly accepting and loving Yourself. This is big. Truly loving and Deeply Accepting myself is so big and important to my healing. I am discovering how deeply important this is in my growth.

    In my life, in my family I was not loved and accepted for who I am. I am a talented artist with a compassionate heart. My family did not value the arts as anything legitimate at all. I then spent years trying to gain love and acceptance buy them thru cutting myself off and out of touch with self compassion – I had internalized someone else’s senses of value. As Steve Jobs says “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other peoples thinking. Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition”. This is what I am working on everyday sober and free.

    Someone said to me recently, you are just like everyone. For some reason it switched on a light, that I am not alone in this process. We all have similar struggles.

    May we all deeply love and deeply Accept ourselves.

    Thank you for reading my post and connecting here on this journey.

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      Loved your post Ana Joy! I have been trying tapping and struggling with what to say because I feel like there is so much… I’m going to try simply saying “I love and Deeply accept myself” as I practice this technique.

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    I’m glad to have gotten these posts- I have 4 kids- well ages 24-18 and it makes me sad to think of anyone not being fully accepted but of course I saw that growing up in various degrees. I think the consistency and putting time in will work for any method. I too am an artist and have always accepted myself. I think it is why I love the solitude. Love the time to create. Ana- the Steve Jobs quote is great and for some of us not being accepted or perceiving that can cause our self love to be- well a necessity! Anyhow- I am amazed that EFT has results. I’m nearing the end of the book and find myself slowing down with it… I think it is like digesting a meal and am getting full and satisfied. I should go check out the other forums too! Peace~Plants.

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    I’d heard about EFT and tapping for the past few years but had always dismissed it. I didn’t even bother to look into it, but just decided it was too simplistic and not for me.
    I decided that my resistance to this solution meant that it was probably even more important that I follow through and approach it with an open mind.
    100% commitment, right?!
    I read the chapter of the book this morning and I didn’t resist the content as much as I thought I would. I just did my first round of tapping following Jack’s demonstration and I’m definitely open to positive results. At the moment I can’t divorce it from all the other positive results I’ve felt so far, but I’ll keep up with it. It’ll be interesting to apply it to some ‘sticky’ negative emotions that have troubled me for a while.

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    Even though I may have used alcohol to dull an inherited warrior’s craving for physical, ecstatic intimacy as a relief from war I totally and unconditionally love myself and my warrior forbearers

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    jaya . . . rock it like you ain’t got no backbone, as Bonnie Raitt sang. Rock it till it’s real. Rock it till your thriving all the way to sober-ville. Good luck & Best of rides!

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    jaya . . . not unlike you, my road to “freedom” has been a bit bumpy. I haven’t felt much like sharing my worries or woes just yet. Although, I am feeling much stronger than previously. I’ll go a couple of weeks, or so, even did 30 + days awhile back, but by no means is the struggle completely over. Wish I could say otherwise . . .

    As you mentioned awhile back, med-pot can serve as a comfort, or sorts. But, to dig into the deeper, underlying issues — that the book talks about — takes some delicate sessions with oneself. It does involve the cast of characters we have taken in over the years, be they family of origin, lovers, friends, etc., etc., etc.

    For now, all I can say is that I’m still a work in progress.


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    I’m going to try this for my back pain as well. I have this book on a Kindle and can’t copy and paste, so I listened to the instructions and boiled it down for my notes. Posting here to share:

    1. Decide most pressing issue (MPI)
    2. Decide level of intensity 1-10
    3. Tap on karate chop point and say “Even though I have this [fear, pain, anxiety] I totally and completely love and accept myself. Say this three times while tapping with three fingers on your karate chop point
    4. Bring it down to a summary statement. Say it out loud and begin tapping. Three or four rounds
    5. Stop. Close eyes. Take a deep breath. Measure intensity. Repeat if necessary.
    6. Begin tapping again with positive choice statement
    7. Stop. Close eyes. Take a deep breath. Measure intensity. Ideally the intensity should be zero, but on or two is ok. Repeat if higher.

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    I have been incorporating tapping with my positive “I am” statements. I find it to be more helpful than tapping to my problems. For example, “I am free from the control of alcohol”, “I am in complete control of all of the habits in my life”, “I easily reprogram all habitual behaviors”. You get the idea. Just thought I would mention this method in case it helps anyone else. Thanks to everyone for your posts. Reading them has helped me to get/stay motivated.

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    I read through everything and understand most of it. The tapping “physical” I absolutely understand.

    But when it comes down to the summary statement, to me, the summary statement is the last part of the last thing said and that would be “I totally and completely love myself.” I think I’m mis-understanding that part.

    I am also misunderstanding the “positive choice” statement.

    It seems as if there are several parts that are glossed over — even in the 15 minute and 50 second video. I get the break down of things to do but am searching for more example mantras.

    I.e. Even though …. Speak what I am dealing with (MPI)….I totally and completely love myself.
    Get that.

    But am still working on the rest.

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    I feel like there’s so much to think about with the tapping that it almost stresses me out doing it. I think I need to write down what I chant while tapping so as to not fumble over words and make sure I’m focused on the issue at hand (I think). I have to look at the book to make sure I cover all the places I’m supposed to tap, so that is a little distracting. But I will continue to use it and hopefully, with practice, it will become more second-nature to me.

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    I have found Tapping to be one of the best sobriety tools I am using. Was familiar with it many years ago, used it mainly for anxiety. When I saw it mentioned early in this book I immediately went to Chapter 13 and read it! I do it every morning as I’m reviewing my journal. I can feel the stress being relieved. I can see it being very useful for anytime I get a craving. I’m on Day 9 of the Solutions, but 13 days sober. Some Days I felt like I needed to spend more time on the material.

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    Excited for the Tapping technique. Completed the video guide with a newly arisen MPI that was stressing me out today: “Even though I fear that my friend will reject me if I don’t buy his friend a ticket to the concert, I love and accept myself.” Tapped that away. Reminder Phrase: “This fear of rejection.” Then the positive message: “Even though I fear that my friend will reject me if I don’t buy his friend a ticket to the concert, I am going to respect my boundaries.” For my first time tapping, I think a result of reducing the negative feelings from 9 to 4 is a significant achievement. What an amazing technique!

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    Is tapping recommended as an everyday thing, or when the need arises? I didn’t see that specified in the book. Thanks!

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    First tapping experience and I do feel a release. I am excited to keep trying this new tequnique. This was a groundbreaking day for me and I feel like progress is underway…not sure if it’s the tapping or the awareness that alcohol was a symptom of other unresolved issues.

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    I am going to add tapping to my daily routine of recession my goals and vision and “the new me” out loud. The question I have is: When you do the tapping exercise each day, should you be reciting your “Positive choice statement?” When do you do the summary statement/karat chop?


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    Cravings have subsided, but I am going on a business trip in a few days so glad to have this tool. I will keep to my goals of walking each day (even if on a treadmill in the hotel) and doing my “30ds” by 10:00.

    Just did a few tapping exercises with an old pain and a current one. I will keep trying this. I think it is empowering to say “Even though…. I deeply and completely love myself…” plus the positive statements.

    I feel like I should tap in not knowing if I am doing this 30DSS correctly. For example, for Day 4, I wrote down just one (my sister), but if I think about it, I probably am angry about a lot of things.


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    This is very useful. I have an anxiety disorder and it instantly calmed me down. I will be using this often. So simple.

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    Had a weird experience trying this for the 2nd time today. Was focusing on guilt I have from being a bad and dishonest person in my teens (30 years ago), giving in to peer pressure against my own values. It has really bothered me the last few years for some reason from something so long ago. Anyway I was doing the tapping and focusing on forgiving myself etc, and suddenly felt sick. Had to go outside and get some air, thought for sure was going to throw up, but it passed quickly. Really strange. 14 days without a drink so definitely not hung over!

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    No have to’s with tapping. Beginning and using it are the only things necessary. Sequence isn’t as important.

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