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    SMART GOALS & USING THEM: Reply to this thread with your new SMART goals. Not only will this provide others with examples, but if you want me or Jack to provide feedback to you, just indicate that in your reply and we will do our best to get back to you. And/or we would love to hear how you use your goals. Do you have them posted somewhere special, use a smartphone app that reminds you and displays them, or have another unique approach? Whatever it is, we would love to hear about it, and so would others in the community.

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    Im a little confused about these goals. So far the only goals I really want to attain is sobriety. So are these good?

    1- I am 100% committed to staying sober for the entire 30 days of this process. I am going to have fun during this time and enjoy every step of the process as I learn to cope with my daily life.

    2- I am going to find other things to reward myself with at night. I am going to use the hot tub as my nightly reward for working the long hours that I do on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    The rest of the nights I am going to hot tub, go to bed early, read and indulge in the guilty pleasure of Pinterest and drink sleepy time tea. I am going to go to bed as early as necessary to feel comfort and soothed.
    3- I am going to hire Blanca to clean my house at the 29th day to celebrate my sobriety with a spotless house. ( i figure i spend about $5 a day on wine so that will cover the cost of having a housekeeper come in once a month if i am not drinking! )
    I have a gazillion other goals but I am trying to just stay focused here on what is important and not getting myself to an overwhelm state. I mean should I be setting the goal to go on a Caribbean vacation without drinking. I hope others will share what they understood this goal setting assignment to be.

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      A house cleaner– what a terrific reward!

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        I am developing a love for sleepy time tea also, but sleep is a good goal for me too … afterall how can I give my all to my new passion for committing to sobriety if I’m tired!

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      I love the house cleaner idea. I spend a fortune on wine that I am now saving because of this program. The last 2 days have been very difficult for me (I am on Day 7 today) and need motivation other than a treat or to read. I may try this!

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        I’m on day 7 now.. And I love your encouragement. Even though you are just saying how you feel. I agree.

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    I’ am a little confused, too. 30 days of sobriety are my number one goal, but here are my goals.

    -I will finish the 30 Day Sobriety Challenge while enjoying my sobriety.
    -During these 30 days, I will lose 25 pounds of fat.
    -I will continue to go to the gym every single weekday to rebuild that lifelong habit I so enjoy.

    Its funny how these things work. When my alarm went off this morning to go to the gym I almost rolled over to go back to sleep…then I remembered going to the gym every day is a goal on my list. So, I got up!

    These are bit short, but I need a little break. Day 4 was a bit rough and I feel like I’m still recovering from it…but it was good.

    @dave, I hope it is understood and that it goes without saying, your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated!

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    If you are anybody but @jonrhys or @runswithscissors I am not intentionally playing favorites :). I actually am very excited to respond to other questions and requests, and hope to dedicate some time today. The goals are supposed to support your 30-day vision statement, which is around sobriety. However I know that to write 3 goals supporting the vision statement can feel a little redundant, so I am supportive of some leeway around this.

    However, I am going to point out some examples of how to write your goals more effectively.

    1) “I am going to” goals as well as some other examples. I will start by saying I get REALLY tempted to explain the science behind these goal setting guidelines now, but that is addressed later so I think it is best to not go into that yet. So let me ask some questions.

    If you were to find other things to reward yourself in 2020 would that mean you successfully completed your goal?

    This is the time-bound part of goal setting, and is easy to forget. The way I sometimes like to think of goal setting is like I am talking to a young child. I can hear the kid saying, “but Dad, you just said I had to clean my room, you didn’t tell me by when.”

    And Jack always like to say if I were to tell you my goal, would you be able to measure it’s success or failure for me?

    So a good practice with goals is have a date. Goals like over these next 30 days sounds great right now, but in 25 days if you are still reviewing that goal it could be backfire :). And neither of you worded it quite that way, but I think you will find if you shift it a bit you will make it more powerful. I will give some examples in a minute.

    Goals to lose weight are also one of those things that actually often backfire, for several reasons. One big reason is it is a goal for something you don’t want. Just like you don’t want to focus on quitting drinking, it goes the same with losing weight. I always find it interesting, and also logical, how in so many areas of our life, such as careers, relationships, finances, etc, we set goals just naturally for what we want, but when it comes to compulsive behaviors we naturally do the opposite.

    Usually when we want a better job, want to fall in love, or want to earn more money we think about the details of what we want. And what success looks like for those things to happen. And yes, sometimes with finances, people get stuck saying they don’t want credit card debt. But with weight, smoking, drinking, watching too much TV, we rarely consider what we want instead – we are focused completely on getting rid of something. And we go into this more later, but it just isn’t effective.

    Losing weight is one of those.

    So those are some general concepts, but fundamentally I think your goals support your vision of sobriety.

    Here are some adjustments.
    During these 30 days, I will lose 25 pounds of fat. NEW: By February X (and you can put a time, Jack loves doing that) I will have eaten healthy nutritious food for 90% of my meals. or I will have worked out X number of mornings every week. But don’t stack them. If you do weight goals, do it after the program and say I weigh XYZ pounds by whatever date. But the truth is weight is a very ineffective measure of your health. You will look like a new person I bet by the end of these 30 days, and you might even weigh the same, but your body, your skin, your eyes, your body fat percentage could all have improved dramatically. It is very common to have an amazing and healthy month and not lose any or much weight, because muscle weighs more than fat. And if you really think about your goal what is it that weighing 25 pounds less represents. More energy? More confidence? Restored health?

    Regardless I think exercise and eating healthy can be good goals to support your 30-day vision if you write them in a way that they are not too big.

    I will have gone to the gym 15 times for at least 15 minutes by February X.

    And I love the reward goals. Maybe try something like, I will have rewarded myself with one at least thing every night throughout the 30 day program that I have finished by February X.

    What I will end with, before I write another book :), is it is a really good idea to have two goals that directly relate to:

    1 – Finishing the program, the action steps, and even better yet by a specific time each day.
    2 – Embracing what you learn, being willing to look at things differently, try new things, and living from a place of curiosity. So maybe, By February X I have completed all 30 solutions, each with a positive attitude and willingness to try new things as I embrace sobriety as my new standard for thriving in life.

    Anyway, play around with it. For me the real fun is turning these into affirmations, but that comes later!

    And remember, your goal to thrive in sobriety is all that really matters now. New careers, new relationships, and new bodies are all infinitely easier to attain once you have the sobriety goal well along its way.

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    Ok here goes…

    I commit to morning meditation time reviewing my vision statement, goals and just being present and grateful. Every morning which could be 5 minutes or 5 hours whatever is needed.

    I commit to getting my health back by eliminating wine, eating more plant based diet and getting to my goal weight within 2016 (my 51st year)

    I commit to start horseback riding lessons which is still on my bucket list and meet at least one new friend which is like minded and fun.

    I would appreciate feedback please. My get healthy goals come and go year after year and when I use time travel technique I don’t like what’s ahead at all!! If changes aren’t made I don’t even foresee a future.

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      Dear Laura, I am standing with you in your goal regarding your healthy future. I am inspired by your transparency and your willingness to share. I also love horses (and in a less compelling way meditation), and your goal regarding lessons sounds absolutely dreamy and spot-on. Thank you, Teresa

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        May I suggest TeresaWill instead of Teresamay- just for the remainder of the program 🙂

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        Horses are a lot of fun and today they are noted as both teachers, healers and friend too! Ground work can be very powerful too! Enjoy this experience!

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          what is ground work??

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    I pretty much used the chapter in the book as a template. I wanted my goals to relate specifically to completing the program successfully, as I think I do better just focusing here for now. I feel like this is what I can do, just this – and I’ll look at widening out later.
    Here they are:
    1. I will have stayed sober for 30 days in a row by February 19, 2016, at midnight.
    2. By the end of every day, I will have completed that day’s reading assignment, finished that day’s action steps, and written in my journal, until I have completed the 30-day program on February 21, 2016.
    3. I will regularly find creative, healthy and fun activities to do – with and without other people – that make thriving in sobriety a reality in my life, by February 21, 2016. [I made a list of alternative activities, and will add the hot tub and Sleepytime tea to those – thanks!!]
    Would love feedback on these and on my decision to just focus on this program for now.
    Thanks, and good wishes to everyone out there!

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      Hi, how are you doing in your sobriety?
      I have just started.
      I have 7 sober days so far.
      I’m curious what your list of activities were.
      Your feedback will be appreciated.

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        Hi @beachmary5. Welcome to the 30DSS program! I don’t want you to get discouraged. This Companion Website is awkward to navigate. If you tap on the persons screen name whose post you are responding to, you will be on their profile page . You will see all of their posts. Many times you’ll find they have not been active for months. One way you can get in touch with or see current posts is to tap on “Where to?” above and then scroll down and tap on Site wide activity. You can see the up to date posts on any topic/day/forum. Tap on one that intersets you and then you can respond if you wish. Starting your own topic in a given day/solution is another way to connect. I friended you. If you tap on your own screen name, or go to “where to” and scroll down to My Profile, you’ll can accept my Friendship request and reply. You can also friend others. Onward Fellow Sobriety Seeker! Sina

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    Day 6 – My Goals:
    1. I will have 30 days of continued sobriety Jan 24, 2016 – Feb 22, 2016.
    2. I will write in my journal and complete all the 30 Day 100% Sobriety Solutions by 10pm everyday Jan 24, 2016 – Feb 22, 2016.
    3. I will embrace and be grateful for my sobriety and the wisdom I’ve gained by specifically stating my gratitude every day in my Journal by 10pm Jan 29, 2016 – Feb 22, 2016.

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      I love these – I think they will help me to write mine now because they really focus on the 30 Day Sobriety and nothing else (keeping sober is enough for me atm) xx

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    Hi Everyone, Thank you for sharing your goals. Here are mine.

    1. I will have stayed sober for 30 days in a row and completed the daily exercises in the book by Wednesday March 2, 2016.
    2. I will complete one of my favorite 7 wk transformational courses with an inquiry and intention re thriving in sobriety to support and reinforce my learning in the book. (I mean, this concept is so new to me, I really want to ‘internalize’ it, and give myself every chance to believe in it’s promise and possibility).
    3. I will devote 2 hours to getting a handle on things at work by Tuesday Feb 2, 2016. On of the things I really felt in my day 2 exercise was a sense of traction. I want to honor this by following my intuition, that some attention here will really help me begin to experience this.

    I am so grateful to be here with all of you, all my best, Teresa

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    I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s goals. Here are mine:

    1. I will have completed 30 days of sobriety by February 23, 2016.

    2. I will finish the 30-Day Sobriety Solution no later than March 17, 2016. During that period, I will have written in my journal for a minimum of 5 minutes every day, even if I need two days to work through a particular solution.

    3. By March 17, 2016, I will have engaged in aerobic exercise a minimum of 3 times per week, each week.

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    1. From now until February 24, I will meditate for at least 10 minutes daily.

    2. From now until February 24, I will spend at least 3 nights a week reading something for pure enjoyment.

    3. From now until February 24, I will cook at least 2 new paleo meals a week.

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    “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.” Andrew Carnegie

    Mine are set.

    I have stayed sober for 30 days in a row by February 27th, 2016.

    Every night by 10:00 PM, I will have completed that day’s reading assignment, finished that day’s action steps, and spent 5 minutes or more writing in my journal until I have completed the program by 11:00 PM on February 27th, 2016.

    After I have immersed myself fully in all of the content and solutions, I will have manifested passion, purpose, and 30 days of continuous sobriety in my life by February 27th, 2016 at 11:00 PM.

    I will be a “normal drinker”, thriving in life with a take-it-or-leave-it attitude toward drinking, by February 27th at 11:00 PM.

    I have an amazing group of friends and partners that are supportive of my “normal” drinking, and regularly find creative, healthy, and fun activities to do that make thriving a reality in my life, by April 30th, 2016.

    I will be healthier and weigh less by February 27th, 2016.

    I will have closed a few deals and have a full pipeline by February 27th, 2016.

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    I am committed to bealcohol free for 30 days. I will not live in a shell to achieve my goals
    I will weigh 200 lbs by March 31, 2016
    My blood work will be “normal by my next Doctor’s appt!

    Review please

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    My 30 Day Goals

    1. I will thrive in sobriety and be happy and energetic each day.
    2. I will listen to the book each morning on my drive to work and do the exercises for the chapter of the day every night and complete the 30-day program on March 1, 2016.
    3. I am committed to using all the knowledge I have and will learn to help me find new and exciting ways to bring pleasure and most of all peace into my life.

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    how are my goals? I love them:)

    1. I will have stayed sober for 30 days in a row by March 1st, 2016 at midnight.
    2.I will have inspiring people in my life supporting my sobriety and that regularly find creative, healthy and fun activities to do making sobriety a reality in my life by March 15th, 2016 10:00am.
    3.I am feeling fantastic and energetic towards life. I have a clearer mind and can focus and enjoy my life with present fulfillment by March 15th, 9am

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    1. By March 1, 2016, I will have been totally sober for 30 days.
    2. I will continue to read the daily chapters of the 30 Day Solution and do all of the Action Steps.
    3. I will seek out new friends and things to do that don’t include alcohol which will help me “thrive in sobriety.”

    I read this quote the other day in one of my daily meditations and would like to share it with you:

    “From the core of my being, from deep within, I know I am loved. I am healed. I am prosperous. I am the beloved of God and I am grateful. And so it is.”

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    I know I’m over-thinking this, so here goes:

    1. On March 7, 2016, I have successfully completed 30 days of sobriety.

    2. I have completed each solution with an open mind and positive attitude, TRUSTING the evidenced based wisdom supporting each solution. I have allowed myself 1-2 days to complete each solution depending on my needs to fully work through each solution.

    3. I have daily reviewed my goals, have journaled and practiced the time travel technique and suggested coping techniques. I have given myself daily and weekly rewards such as long (dog) walks, time to read , occasional chocolate ?, and therapeutic massages.

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    By March 12, I will:

    * Complete every day of “The 30-day Solution” My reward for doing this will be getting a new shaft for my driver.
    * Change my dietary and exercise habits for the purpose of maintaining a 900 calorie/day deficit that I will record on Fitday. This means diligent recording of food and exercise every day, starting today. And get off the cake as some kind of reward or pacifier. Also, never waste muscle for the purpose of losing weight. AND, I don’t want to ‘get there’ March 12. I want the change to be closer to a habit by then. So a milestone will be; a comfortable 900 cal/day by Feb 27. My reward for completing this goal will be purchasing the board shorts in my cart.
    * Finish the remodeling work except for the wall modification and wall/ceiling paint, clean up my studio, get everything off the floor in the garage and put away, and finish the garage door. This will allow me to turn away from major home maintenance until July/August when it is too hot for golf. My reward for completing this goal will be joining Belvedere CC.

    This is taking care of business so I can go out and have fun, knowing the fundamentals are good. So suck it up and get to work. Every day. With a smile.

    A copy of this document will be in my journal for daily review. Another copy will be strategically placed on a wall in my bathroom along with the Forgiveness Affirmation, and Vision Statement.

    Good work.

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      Wow, it is amazing just how game changing a simple word can be. Bill, your choice of the word pacifier in the entry opened my eyes and completely changed my understanding. For me it is red wine not cake that I used as a pacifier and that image will stick with me in a truly fundamental way. I swear I can visualize it in its most literal sense and the ridiculous picture of grown me nursing a bottle of red nearly makes me laugh out loud and definitely makes me chuckle. Once the mere thought of it might have saddened or embarrassed me but now I just see it as an effective tool that I can access to stay the course.

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    My SMART Goals
    1.) I will complete the Program and Solutions by April 3rd, 2016 by scheduling my times to complete each solution in my calendar like any other important appointment to be kept.
    2.) I will improve my health, energy and confidence by starting my day at 6 am, walking my dogs 5 or more days a week and following through on the exercise commitments I have calendared for the week.
    3.) I will schedule and follow through on spending 4 hours a week growing my workshop business.

    On April 3rd, my commitment to these goals will have enhanced my ENERGY LEVEL and CONFIDENCE (i.e.- Completing the Program and Improving my Health) and MY HAPPINESS and SENSE OF PURPOSE (i.e., Walking my dogs and Growing my Workshop Business). All of these steps contribute to my vision documented in the Day Two Solutions.

    Any feedback is always appreciated.

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    So I guess I’m the only one who messed up on day six. Not bad, but gave in. Do I start over?

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      If you slipped, check out page 140 (Phase II)

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    By 11:59pm, March 15, 2016, I will have completed the 30 Day Sobriety Solution and will have been sober for 30 consecutive days. I will do this by reading each day’s solution before 10pm and performing each action step before 10am the following day. I will be a “normal drinker” with a “take-it-or-leave-it” attitude toward alcohol and as a result of being sober, I will be more healthy, energetic, and clear-minded 🙂

    Good luck everyone!

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    Hey @dollgirl58, stuff happens. Don’t give up and do everything you can to keep moving forward. You should be proud that you made it 6 days! If you’re like most participants here, 6 days without was probably unheard of. Plus, aren’t you allowed the first week to get set for the full 30 days and make peace with your challenge? When I bought the book, I came home with a 6-pack of beer in one hand and a book on achieving sobriety in the other. The disapproving smirk from my wife was priceless..but she is amazed how this program has worked for me. I’m amazed too. I hit Day 30 last Friday and I fell great. I don’t have that scared, lonely fear of not having alcohol in the pit of my stomach anymore. My mindset is now “Maybe I’ll have one, maybe I won’t.” That’s a huge change for me. I know some of the assignments are a tough to keep up with both emotionally and with some of the amount of writing required, but it’s really worth the effort. One day you’ll have your “Ah-Haaa!” moment and it will suddenly stick (well, that’s how it happened for me). Keep going day by day and you’ll get there, too.

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    This section makes me anxious for whatever reason. I can set goals for my workplace all day long, but have a hard time setting personal goals. I am familiar with the S.M.A.R.T. concept as I have used these goals in career/workplace – but somehow it’s hard to tie myself down to all of that. Why I am afraid to commit to a goal? Afraid I can’t follow through? Maybe I need to go back and read the previous section about striking the word “can’t.” The program has been great for me so far. I’m just a little hung up here. I find myself wanting to skip forward to the next solution, but understand that’s not how it works.

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    1. I will be continuously abstinent from alcohol for a continuous 30 days through March 20, 2016 and I will finish all of the exercises in the book by April 20th.
    2. I will exercise at least five days a week on my elliptical for a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes, but if I can do more that is ok. I will do this to create a daily habit of exercise and complete this goal by March 20th.
    3. I will write in my journal everyday and focus on my renewed confidence and clear thinking.
    4. I will find a dance studio that teaches ballroom dancing and register for a class by April 1, 2016.

    I would like feedback on my goals, Thank you all for your support, openness and working this program.

    I have a total of 11 abstinent with one day where I drank in the middle. I have to say; this is amazing progress for me as I have thought about this for a very long time and have not up until this program this much progress, I am tired but doing well and am committed. Thanks again everyone. I will continue to my 30 straight days of abstinence from Alcohol. I envision my success.

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    Thank you everyone for sharing. You helped me to get clearer on my 3 goals to support my 30-day vision statement, which I revised so that it focused on 30-days rather than long-term. I feel as though you are my 30-Day buddies because we are travelling this journey at the same time.

    So I whittled down the goals to simple, basic ones.
    #1- By March 22, 2016 I will have stayed sober for 30 days.
    #2- By March 22, 2016 I will have completed each day’s reading, solutions and journal writing by 9pm.
    #3- By March 22, 2016 I will have said out loud by 8am 3 reasons why I am grateful for successfully following the 30-Day Solution process.

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    Wow, those look like perfect goals to me, @happy! Actually, I like everyone’s! I’m keeping mine pretty simple, too.
    1. I will have stayed sober for another 30 days in a row by March 23, 2016.
    2. I will do the reading, exercises and journaling each day by 11pm until I’ve completed the program or March 23, 2016.
    3. I will meditate and/or do yoga for a minimum of 15 minutes a day every day until the end of this program or March 23, 2016, which will help me to manage my anxiety and emotions.

    Day 4 took me 2 days to complete, so I’m not sure if I’ll be done with the program by March 23rd, as I would rather take my time and have a chapter last 2 or even 3 days and make sure I do it thoroughly and not rush through it.

    Today’s reading was spot on. I had some fairly strong cravings yesterday. Luckily, I got through them and I could easily identify the things that led to them. I’m not thriving at this point. I’m feeling pretty vulnerable and cranky. I journaled about it today, and I know it’ll pass. Still, this uncomfortabiity is something I know has contributed to a lot of falls in the past. Staying vigilant…

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    Thanks, all for sharing! It helps so much to read other people’s goals. Since I am on the 60 day plan, I found it a little confusing to establish my goals, and since I didn’t see any others from a 60 day point of view, I would truly appreciate the feedback. I started the program on February 13, 2016 and slipped twice (pre-planned events, no excuses…)…but, thank you for whomever said to visit Chapter 14 p. 140. I am on Day 6 and will revisit the Time Machine technique and reconnect with my “why”. In the meantime, here are my goals for this program with the results being a long-term life of normal social drinking with a take it or leave it attitude:

    1-I will live in sobriety through my 60 day plan commitment.
    2-I will be thriving in my life and be a normal drinker by April 13, 2016 at 10pm.
    3-I will journal daily and complete all action steps of each chapter within a two day period by 10 pm of the second day.
    4-I will review my goals and vision statement twice daily via a close at hand, note card system.

    I intend to do the notecards…this has worked for me in the past on other things, like working out, for instance, or taping one to my bathroom mirror that says “I love myself, NO MATTER WHAT.” If, during the rest of my 60 days, I slip again (not in the plan!!!!) I will get back in the saddle again by going back through the Time Machine Exercise and revisit my “why”, and most of all, forgive myself.

    Please, please anyone provide your feedback for me. I am very committed and already feel like this program is my best friend (and the book a joy to wake up to each morning with my coffee.) Now, I don’t miss my ex anymore!~

    I’m the first one, I think that I’ve read that has slipped after starting the program twice but I refuse to say I have failed…picking myself up, dusting myself off, and getting myself off to a nice bike ride.


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    I will have completed the 30 day program on 3/27–Easter Sunday!
    I will lose 5 pounds by 3/27.
    I will complete the daily assignments every morning and revisit my journal every evening until 3/27.

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    • I will have stayed sober for 30 days in a row by March 30, 2016 at midnight.

    • I am 100% committed to working the solution for the entire 30 days. I am going to have fun during this time and enjoy every step of the process as I learn what makes me feel alive again by April 1, 2016.

    • By 7:30am and again by 9:30pm, I commit to daily morning and evening meditation time by reviewing my vision statement, forgiveness affirmation pg 94, smart goals, quitting strategy and affirmations. I stay present and grateful.

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    My 30 day smart goals

    1) I will have stayed sober for 30 days in a row at midnight on 4/3/16.

    2) I will get back on track with my low carb diet to help reduce the alcohol/sugar cravings and will have lost five pounds by 4/3/16.

    3) I will continue to listen to my how to give up drinking hypnosis tapes at least once if not twice a day for 30 in a row which is 4/3/16.

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    My 30 Day Smart Goals

    I am reading my daily solutions and completing the action steps every day before my 9 pm bedtime.
    I am saying my vision statement and forgiveness affirmation daily in the morning and in the evening.
    I am 100% committed to my sobriety during my 30 day program. I am trusting of the process and am safe during this journey.

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    Ok-Keeping it simple and using the great examples from the book…

    1. I will have stayed sober for 30 days by April 9, 2016
    2. Every night, by 11 pm, I will have completed each day’s assignment and action steps in the 30-Day Sobriety Solution, and writing in my journal for at least five minutes or more until I have completed the program on April 9, 2016.
    3. I will be easily applying the tools I’ve learned in this program effortlessly, joyfully, and seemingly, automatically- manifesting passion, purpose, and massive motivation to continue on by April 9, 2016.

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    My Smart Goals:

    1- April 7th, I have embraced and completed the 30 Day Solution and assignment. Done by 14:15 daily.
    2- April 7th, I have meditated everyday (for 24 days)15 minutes.
    3- April 7th, I have been to the Ymca at 8:30am a minimum of 3 times a week since marsh 15th.

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    – I will have stayed sober for 30 days in a row by April 16,2016
    – Every night by 10PM I will have completed all the daily work and written in my journal for 30 days straight as of 4/16/2016.
    – Every night by 10PM I will have told my son at least one thing positive about his actions or personality for 30 days in a row on April 21, 2016.

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    1. I will be thriving to be a normal drinker with a take it or leave it attitude toward drinking – drink only on rare occasions and never when I crave it, am angry or stressed by my birthday in June, 2016.
    2. I will continue and stay committed to The 30 Day Sobriety Solution completing each unit by 11pm including writing in my journal until I have completed the program.
    3. I will repeat The 30 Day Sobriety Solution Book this summer when I am not working.

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    Thank you everyone for sharing your SMART goals and dreams. Very inspiring. Here are mine:

    1.) I will work each day’s Solution by 5 pm.

    2.) I will accomplish my 30 day sobriety goal by 4/22/16.

    3.) I will finish a dance choreography I have been working on and film it for my teacher by 4/22/16. I will practice it 2 times a week. (gotta have something fun, and dance has been a major goal/motivating factor in my sobriety. I am a much better dancer when I take care of myself!)

    Although I feel very solid in these goals, I’d love feedback just the same, or words of support. A pat on the back is always nice. Keep up the good work everyone!

    • #8793


      Way to go @happystrongwoman!! I love your SMART goals. It is great that you added something personal and valued to your goals. I am a competitive runner and my sobriety will help me get closer to my personal and physical goals. That vision provides me a lot of joy and happiness. I also love that you asked for feedback. It feels great when you know that others are reading about your experiences and finding motivation and value. Thank you for sharing. Keep us posted along the way…both good days and challenges. Strong work!!

  • #8801


    Aw thank you so much Cscorpio! Yes, I have been a dancer all my life, and do competitive dance and teach dance, as well! Dance has literally saved my life, and helped me quit smoking, and curb some unhealthy behaviors. Sobriety instantly moves me quickly towards better health and ups my dance and fitness goals. Thank you so much for the support, and I wish you also the best in your Sobriety and Running goals! In the audiobook, this really resonated with me – “Comparison is a Sobriety Killer”. If we follow our own path and celebrate our achievements and don’t compare ourselves with others, we truly shine and learn what we are capable of. Here’s to your success!

    • #9000


      I feel the same way about running. It saved me from alcohol and drugs for many years. Unfortunately I became very skilled at staying competitive in my running while being a problem drinker every evening. I often wondered how much more competitive I would become if I stopped drinking alcohol. I am looking forward to that answer now that I am committed to the 30 Day Solution plan. The next toxin that I would like to eliminate is sugar but I am sticking with one thing at a time for my long term success. Keep up the great work @happystrongwoman!!

      • #9004


        That’s my next toxin too. I’ve been thinking once I wrap this up I may start all over again to eliminate my sugar addiction. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that wine is my drink of choice.

        • #9221


          That is exactly what I am doing. I completely the 30 days. Now I am repeating the 30 day solution process to include alcohol and sugar. I can do this! I want to know what it feels like to be free of the evening temptations of alcohol and sugar. I have rebooted my system for my nightly cocktail. Now I am working on my evening sugar fix. Wish me luck! I am on Day 3 of my second round of the book. If I could only hide my children’s Easter candy and get rid of the energy (sugar) bars. That sounds like a good plan to me.

  • #8844


    My Vision statement: I enjoy operating in a peak performance state: mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Operating in a peak state allows me to take the action steps necessary to build the body, biz, and life of my dreams. #focus

    3 SMART Goals:

    1. Every morning, after my 5 minute daily meditation, I’ll read my vision statement and 3 Smart Goals aloud or to myself, until my 90 Day Program is completed on 6/7/16.

    2. By 6/7/16, I’ll have saved $600 or more to put towards buying a plane ticket/trip to visit my friend, who lives in Costa Rica. I’ll do this by putting $30-40/week in a Savings Account.

    3. I increase my Average Steps/Day to 13,000 from now (3/25/16) until 6/7/16. This can be tracked via my Fitbit. I plan to do this through increased leisure walking in nature to manage/reduce stress and improve my sleep quality.

  • #8889


    S.M.A.R.T. Goals

    1. I will have graduated from the 30-day sobriety solution on April 20, 2016
    2. I have stayed sober for 30 days on April 19, 2016 and have completed all of the activities outlined in the program, and really enjoyed it too.
    3.I will be a normal drinker on April 20, 2016 with internal strength and wisdom to enjoy an adult beverage with friends, yet being cognitive of my past.

    • #9430


      I like the way your goals focus on and look forward to the future, while acknowledging the past, which I think is partly what this program is enabling me to do as well.


  • #8901


    Hi! My goals are to:
    1. Complete the 30 Days of sobriety, all the exercises and affirmations on April 20th.
    2. Attend work meetings with a clear mind and engage enthusiastically.
    3. Participate in the running program I am in 3 times per week at least until April 20th, (but will continue afterwards until session end in May).

  • #9057


    This is my first entry for the group. My goal with completing the 30 day challenge is to get to a place where I don’t use alcohol and food to cope with the everyday challenges of being a father to three kids under five. I have been “successful” in not drinking before, but I never dealt with the reasons why I choose to abuse alcohol and food in the past.

    I have been sober since Mach 8, 2016 and I have lost 10 lbs. as my reward. I love my “new” self and the energy, vitality and example I am displaying for my children and my wife. It’s not good when your three or five year old mistakes your bottle of water for a bottle of wine at the dinner table.

    So, here are my goals:

    1) Participate in and remain sober for the next 30 days during the 30 Day Sobriety Challenge with Dave and Jack, beginning Friday, April 1, 2016. I have a stretch goal of remaining sober for 365 days with a mini (sober) celebration when I attend my first BTS event this August in Arizona with Jack.

    2) Complete the 30 Day Sobrity Solution book By May 1, 2016 midnight.

    3) Like the law of attraction, I feel that I will be receptive to recognizing people in my life who may benefit from this book. I have already recommended it to two people and my goal for the remainder of the program is to recommend it to four more people by May 1, 2016. I have read in the past that if you really want to learn something, go and teach it to someone. Obviously I won’t be teaching in as much as I’ll be introducing what Sobrity has done for me and what it may do for them or their loved one.

    • #9068

      Yes, Great goals, and I can relate with the Food/Alcohol connection for sure.
      And I too, am so inspired with this program and wanting to share it big time.
      What a gift you are giving yourself and your family!
      Thank you for posting!

    • #9429


      I like the way you’ve opened out your goals to include other people. One of the things I’m hoping that sobriety will bring me is to be able to consider other people more readily than I have in the past, and seeing your approach here is a lovely example.


  • #9063


    @ollucl123 – Great goals! I can relate to a lot of what you said 🙂

  • #9138


    My goals are:
    1. I will have stayed sober for 3o+ days in a row by 30 April 2016
    2. Every day, I will complete my reading and action steps by 10.00 pm each so I can get to bed for sound sleep. I will complete the program by 30 April 2016.
    3. Every day I will eat healthy and exercise for a minimum of 15 mins.

    When I wake up on 1 May 2016 I am going to feel soooooo good!

    • #9401


      I started the program on April 1st. Here are my goals to implement my Vision. #1 on May 1,2016, I will be 30+ days sober. #2 On May 1, I wake up in the morning with a positive attitude and a song in my heart for my family. #3 Beginning ob May 1, 2016, I begin to implement new strategies for improving my mental, emotional,and physical health, and I share these with my loved ones. I like the SMART goals. When I first learned them I was an exercise instructor. There was one difference though. The “A” stood for “action oriented”, which makes more sense to me, since I think “attainable” and ” realistic” are basically synonymous. Just a suggestion! Thanks for letting me share. Sina

  • #9400


    Here My Vision
    I am seeing the world in a new and fulfilling way every day. My sobriety has opened my eyes to the beauty of myself, my life’s purpose and that I am living the life I love. Sobriety has become effortless and today I am manifesting my dreams with joy, grace and ease. I am treating myself and all others with unconditional love and support. I have embraced 100% responsibility for all of the situations, lessons and blessings I have created in my life and I choose to live consciously.

    Goal 1: I commit to consistently abstaining from alcohol until midnight on April 30, 2016. During the 30 days of sobriety I am gaining insights into tremendous benefits that will encourage me to remain sober. I will complete all of the journal writing solutions in the 30 day Sobriety Solution to get the most out of the book and to fully participate with the support that is surrounding me throughout this process. I am so grateful for this support.

    Goal 2: I will continue to exercise at least 45 minutes every day at the gym until April 30 because it makes me feel great and empowers me to want to stop or reduce drinking out of my love for myself. My goal is to release weight, gain muscle tone and look like a beautiful, confident woman who loves her body and herself.

    Goal 3: After 5 days of “sobriety” much of the time I feel like I am in a new state of conscious awareness. It’s like I woke up and I am experiencing a new world of colors, sounds, smells and sensual delights that I have not been aware of in my numbness. My goal is meditating for 30 minutes each day and spending 10 minutes or more each day smelling the spring flowers, listening to birds, looking at the clouds and feeling the breeze. I commit to being more mindful, noticing what I am noticing, taking in all of my senses and being totally present.

  • #9428


    Here are my goals –

    1. I will have stayed sober for 30 days from Thursday 7 April 2016 to Friday 6 May 2016 at midnight.
    2. I will read all the material in the 30-Day Sobriety Solution book and complete all of the exercises and action steps in sequence, as well as writing something in my own journal for each day.
    3. I will aim to eat well, while not denying myself anything I want, and exercise when I want to, in order to support my 30 days of sobriety.
    4. I will be mindful of other goals in other areas of my life, knowing that focusing on thriving in sobriety will be the best foundation to attend to these in the future.

    I added the fourth one to remind myself to focus on these 30 days first, before rushing ahead with a whole host of additional goals.

    I’ve written up all my daily action steps so far in one large Word document, and I’ve copied out the daily action steps from here into another Word document that sits on my desktop, so I can refer to it daily.

    I’d appreciate feedback on these.


  • #9432


    SMART Goal #1: In the evening of May 2nd, 2016, I will go to bed absolutely sober for the 30th time in 30 days.

    SMART Goal #2: I will complete all 30 solutions in 30 days and be done by May 2nd, 2016.

    SMART Goal #3: On the evening of April 9th, 2016 I will play my first gig in over 3 years absolutely sober.

    SMART Goal #4: At the end of my 30 days of sobriety on May 2nd, 2016, I will weigh 185 pounds, my long-term target weight. (This is realistic because I weigh 190 right now)

    SMART Goal #5: At the end of my 30 days of sobriety on May 2nd, 2016, I will be able to play 80% of “Eruption” at speed. (This is realistic because I can play the “Beat It” solo at speed)

    • #9517


      Deguitarguy, I hope your sober gig went well!!! Rock on! I’m on day 9 too. Good for you and good for me!

      • #9550


        Hi Sinaqueena!

        Thanks so much for the good vibes! It went incredibly well. I was a little nervous driving there, but every moment of the gig was phenomenal. I’m so thankful to have found this program.

        Congrats on day 9! 🙂


  • #9435


    Smart Goal#1: I will make being and staying sober for 30 days which began on March 22nd, 2016 my main priority. During these 30 days of sobriety I will focus on each days lessons and make my sobriety and recovery a gift I give to myself and the world around me.
    Smart Goal#2: I will begin to heal my body from the toxic use of alcohol and treat myself with the self-respect I deserve and require to thrive moving forward. That involves cooking healthy nourishing meals, yoga, and working out daily.

    Smart Goal#3: I will begin to spend time asking my higher power daily for guidance and direction as it applies to my future. The wonderful gift of waking up each morning refreshed and ready to begin the day will help me to hear that still quiet voice of God’s guidance.

    Smart Goal#4: I will begin to look for a support group that I can connect with and do life with and not live in isolation.

  • #9454


    So I’m having a really hard time with this one. I’m going to Miami next weekend for my birthday and I’m not sure that I’m not gonna drink..
    I don’t want to fail so I don’t even want to make it a goal. Also, I’m going to Hawaii in May and I’m not sure I’m gonna be completely sober there either! 🙁 help

    • #9829


      Drink Clausthaler Amber non-alcoholic beer if you lose it.

      • #9830


        or O’Douls non-alcoholic beer 2 types. Or non-alcoholic wine.

        I have non-alcoholic beer in the house but haven’t had any urge to drink it in the last 6 days.

  • #9455


    How many days are you sober at the moment from working the solutions? Remember it’s a BITCH if you are 99% vs 100% committed to working the 30 days. At 99% my self talk/worrying takes the energy from my present moment and I miss out having a good day. It’s our thinking that’s the problem not our drinking. I don’t know your drinking history looks like but read your BEFORE YOU and NEW YOU. Decide who you want to be on your birthday, pretend you are watching a movie of your self drinking on your birthday knowing you committed to the 30 days and bought this book, and what you look like and feel like the next day. What would you be proud of yourself? would you be shouting at yourself on the screen, “don’t do it”? If the person you admire most in life was sitting next to you what would they be saying about you as they watched the movie of your birthday drinking or not drinking? Don’t worry about May. Hope this helped. I had to make it “it’s not an option”. I did the 30 days and I’m on day 9 of second time around trying to work on other habits. I ALWAYS wake up happy in the morning when I didn’t drink even though 4-5pm is a real challenge for me. I just keep doing the opposite of how I’m feeling. Good luck!

    • #9482


      Thank you so much! That definitely did help and it also helps just knowing that people are pulling for you and have gone through it too xxo

      • #9514


        Well, you can also set a two drink limit on yourself, too. You don’t have to have a black or white limit during special times if you don’t want to. This program is about awareness and having YOU in the driver’s seat- not the alcohol.

  • #9824


    1. weigh 202 lbs. by day 30 sobriety

    2. weigh 198 lbs. by day 40 sobriety i.e. just before Europe trip

    3. organize Europe for late May early June (2 weeks) and exercise or garden every day before late May with green tea and low sugar/low glycemic index diet (e.g. yams vs. potatoes or pasta)

    day 1 sober weight was 215 lbs.

    day 4 sober weight was 212 lbs.

    • #9826


      Good for you oehr. Sounds like you’re tackling 2 goals. Sobriety and weight. Hope both go well for you. Keep us posted and stay positive about your upcoming adventure in Europe! Sina

    • #9913


      day 6 sober weight was 210 lbs on Mike Moreno’s “17 Day Diet”

      • #10128


        day 11 sober weight was 208.5 lbs on Mike Moreno’s 17 day diet

        • #10348


          day 15 sober weight 207.5 lbs.

          Slow and peacefully steady wins the race.

          • #10451


            Way to go oehr!

  • #9918


    Overarching Goal:
    I am thriving in sobriety for 1 year at 12:00 midnight on December 31st 2016.
    Supporting Goals:
    1. Every 3 days for 90 days I complete the reading assignment, action steps and bonus material in the Sobriety Solution.
    2. Every day I will write in my journal to capture moments of daily success and refine the Total truth Process.
    3. I will conduct the 20 minute Time Travel Technique twice a week for 3 months.

  • #9941


    Ok, here are my SMART goal. Not sure how well they conform to the original intent, but I feel like they are the thing that I really want to accomplish:

    1). I will continue in my total sobriety for the remainder of the 30 days…which will will end at the 12pm on May 14 (please note that I am a geologist and my math skills may not be exactly right)
    2) I will appreciate and apply daily my reclaimed energy and clarity to enhance my relationship with my children.
    3). I will daily, hopefully for eve a minute, contemplate my Mindfulness tattoo on my inner forearm as a visual catylist to think about my past, my present, and my future, just like the time travel technique from earlier in the book.


    • #14958


      love that tattoo!

  • #9942


    Please add your opinions, because I always think I’m right, but i have been shown many times that I am not.

  • #10224


    “Apply my reclaimed energy” I like that one a lot…in many scenarios. Never thought about getting a tat, the birth of my 3 children was fogged over by booze and even then, I wanted to get the heck out of the hospital and drink and leave my wife with the newborn…sad. However, graduating from the 30-day solution would be as good enough a reason…especially if I want to make this a waaaay beyond 30-day solution. Maybe something that deals with before you and new you…those really stick in my gut.

  • #10398


    From Ericheb:
    Love the goals and feedback. Heard analogy about “taking Linus’ blanket” in Snoopy series applied to encouraging change in others/self. Does not work! All previous attempts at sobriety for me where “they are NOT taking my blanket…alcohol. This is working! Sober April 6… Start program April 9… On 45 day plan with review days… Tempted? You bet. Fallen? Let’s just say that I have not ordered my “clapper” just yet. Approx. 30 nice Cabs in basement aging peacefully.

    Sleep/diet…early to bed/rise…. 3 healthy square meals daily.
    Continue to repeat program from beginning, looping, repetition.
    Thank Jehovah daily am/pm for finding and applying program. Imitate 3 reasons grateful for program am/pm.
    Positive influences in people, reading, educational, active, visualization, Vision statement.

  • #10399


    Ps: deguitarguy… Losing our hero’s! Bowie, Prince, Frey…. All sober but Keith lives on.. Go figure. Great story about Clapton at Hazelden (30 day inpatient) sneaking canoe accross lake with two buddies from program to go to the only bar in town DURING inpatient. Caught. Donated indoor Olympic size pool so as not to get kicked out of program. Sober and still rockin’!

  • #10601


    1. I will have stayed sober for 30 days in a row by June 1, 2016

    2. Every day by 10pm, I will have completed that day’s reading assignments, finished my action steps, and spent at least 5 minutes writing in my journal by June 1, 2016

    3. I will be a “normal” drinker thriving in life with a take it or leave it attitude toward drinking by June 1, 2016.

    4. If I discover that I cannot be a “normal” drinker, then I commit to re-doing the 30 day Solution program and going forward from there.

  • #11372


    I’ve written my goals on my bathroom mirror with dry erase marker. I’ve added my vision statement and my “new me” to my calendar as a reminder marked Private Meeting. It pops up every morning. I am in agreement with you all and staying sober is the biggest goal and I don’t want anymore on my plate than that.

    1. I will complete the 30 day sobriety by June 16th.

    2. I will complete my chapter and assignments by 9pm every day.

    3. I will remember what brought me here and read the “before me” when I feel the need to drink.

  • #11452


    sunshine78~~Your clear, simple goals resonate with me. I can do this!Thanks!

  • #11468


    ◦ After I have immersed myself fully in all of the content and solutions in The 30-Day Sobriety Solution, I will have manifested passion, purpose, and 30 days of continuous sobriety in my life by June 22, 2016 at 5: 00 p.m.”
    ◦ I will be a “normal drinker,” thriving in life with a take-it-or-leave-it attitude toward drinking,”by June 23, 2016.
    ◦ I will be a better mother and wife. I will focus on not losing my temper with my teen and focus on the fact he is going through life changes that are tough as well as my husband. I will be more pleasant in heated situations because I will not be feeling badly from overindulgence.
    ◦ I am going to work on my functional training studies more diligently. I will put in at least 1/2 hour a day until June 23, 2016.

  • #11497


    I am thriving in sobriety after being free for 30 days on 18th June 2016

    I completed my daily solutions, visualisations, journal entries and daily affirmations each day before 10pm by 20th June 2016.

    I reminded myself every day for the last 29 days that I love myself and I am worthy of a sensational life! On the 20th of June 2016 I find it hard to beleive I had to remind myself! I am immensely happy and self confident in my sobriety.

  • #11506


    By June 18 at midnight I will …

    Have thrived in sobriety for 30 continuous days and be excited for even more. I will celebrate this awesome achievement by boldly skinny dipping in the moonlight because I love and accept my body today.

    Have followed the program every day until my June 18 deadline as directed because I trust it works and I deserve to thrive in all areas of my life.

    Be amazed at how healthy I feel and look because with sobriety I had energy to exercise for at least 1 hour 5 days a week and by loving and respecting myself I ate more green veggies, drank more green tea and by 10pm each day until June 18 I drank 1 gal of water per day and I got at least 7 hours of sleep a day so I could do it all over again.

    —– thats my list. Rather than join a workout challenge or pay for a new class and knowing I have in the past lacked motivation for solo home workouts, I just got my yoga studio to let me offer my own fitness class m-f mornings for students and staff. Because I know I won’t be hungover it’s easy to show up and I made the commitment. @dave comments reminded me that in 24 days I can worry about a new career, where I want to live, and how my bikini looks. I bet magically after June 18 the outlook will be different so why care now. Practicing self love. Good luck everyone.

  • #11586


    I felt good about the first two sample goals and adapted them to my strategic plan.

    My vision statement is I am healthier, better at my job, truer to my family and friends, and have greater freedom to enjoy my interests and thrive in sobriety.

    My three goals are

    1. I will stay sober for 30 days in a row by following my daily strategic plan so that I am still thriving in sobriety on 21 June 2016.

    2. Every evening I will speak on the phone with one friend and one family member with the goal that by 21 June 2016 I will have shared my commitment to thrive in sobriety with them.

    3. I will contact my photography group weekly to schedule and attend photo walks in Boston so that by 21 June 2016 I will have an established weekly routine that will increase my joy and success to thrive in sobriety.

  • #11878


    Here are my three goals. I wonder if the last one can be contingent as stated? Is it really a goal then? I am not sure and would love some feed back from Dave or Jack on this. Thanks.

    1. I will carve out time to do my reading one day and then do the action plan on the following day. Starting today and every day until I’ve completed the 30 (60) days.
    2. I will have completed the 30 days by my birthday July 25th at 10:00 PM.
    3. If my liver is still hurting after I’ve completed my 30 day solution. I will call the doctor for an appointment on July 26 at 8:00 AM.

    My goals are posted on my Colornote app on my smart phone and I will be checking them there and also everyday in my OneNote journal on my desktop.

  • #12090


    1. On July 13th, 2016 I will have achieved 30 consecutive days of being happily sober.
    2. On every day up to and including July 13th, 2016 I will have read and completed the 30-day assignments before I go to bed.
    3. On every day, up to and including July 13th, 2016, I will re-read, at least twice, in the morning and the evening, my thriving in sobriety mission statement, the forgiveness affirmation and these goals, and tell myself “I love you”.

  • #12146


    1. On July 13, 2016, I will have completed the 30 days of sobriety, the first step to give me the confidence for a lifelong commitment to thriving in sobriety. On day 31, I will begin the program again, celebrate by accepting a 30-day chip from AA, and be on my way to finding a sponsor (on my way equals = attending weekly meetings, talking with people, telling people that I am looking for a sponsor, talking with potential sponsors about their approaches).

    2. Each day, I will begin the day by listening to the chapter of the day for a second time. (Each evening before, I will listen to the next day’s chapter.) This first week I’ve found that this rhythm is completely attainable no matter the day of the week it is. By 9:00 pm, I will have finished the day’s action steps.

    3. I will use the time I gain by being sober to use my camera, manage the tasks associated with my rental property, eating more thoughtfully, writing, and reading. In practice, the use of my extra time over the next 30 days looks like this: a. watch 1 youtube video or read one article on photography and practice what I learn each day; b. create a list of home improvements and deadlines to prepare my rental property for an August 1 turnover; create a list of further improvements to discuss with renter; c. I am a product of what I feed myself, both in terms of food and spiritual input, therefore, each day I will drink 72 oz of H20, eat at least one meal with greens, and fill my head with opera, comedy, sobriety podcasts, other podcasts, AA meetings in lieu of social media and news consumption, which I have identified as a craving trigger.

    Note: Though I have never felt comfortable in AA, nor do I feel excited to become part of this community now, I believe I need it to be successful because I live in a small town, far from family and deep friendships, and my social support network here is tied directly to my children, whom I only have half of the time (joint custody). Until I can find a creative community tied to sober interests, I need to surround myself during the time I don’t have my kids with people who have the same goals.

  • #12153


    I really used the SMART goals from the book and tweaked them for me:
    1. I will have stayed sober for 100 days in a row by August 20. 2016 at midnight.
    2. Every other night by 10 pm I will have completed that day’s reading assignment, finished the action steps for that days and spent 5 minute or more writing in my private journal until I have completed the program by August 20, 2016 at midnight.
    3. I will have an amazing group (at least 2-5) sober supportive friends to do activities with that will help me thrive in sobriety by August 20, 2016.

    I am only on the 7th day but have been sober for 49 days today and need to really do the program so I am getting back on track today so that I can truly thrive in sobriety. I found this book after I had again tried to quit and was doing it but needed the tools to sustain it and I am sure by God and this book it is the reasons I am still sober and fighting to stay sober. This book is terrific and has helped me to discover things I did not realize I had been covering up with alcohol. Things just make more sense now and having goals really will help me be successful.

  • #12228


    I am fifty years old and started setting personal goals, for the first time in my life, about two years ago. The results have been nothing less than AMAZING!! (one example – from never running to completing more than 12 running/hiking events since Aug 2015 (including two full marathons and a 100km walkathon) However, a few relapses (most recent one a week ago) tell me I still need to work on emotional growth. A very good cry during the writing exercise for Day 4 tells me this program might be exactly what I need to exorcise remaining demons. So, after that long introduction (sorry), my goals are:
    1. Complete the 30 day Solution Program by 10pm, July 18th.
    2. For one week (til bed time June 30th),in situations where I suddenly have feelings of self-doubt, I will remind myself that I am capable.
    3. Until 10pm, July 10th, if I experience an urge to drink, I will reach out to a fellow member of my SMARTRecovery group.

    Good luck everyone!! Let’s do this!!

  • #12251


    Here goes! Because of my sobriety, I am going to be able to live the life I want. Here’s how I’m going to do it.

    1. I will have my 30 day action steps completed before noon every day as well as reread my journal entries.
    2. I commit to my exercise and eating clean every day, celebrating on my birthday (Aug 13) with my favorite cake, eating as much as my little heart desires.
    3. I commit to finishing writing my book by July 9th, having it edited and launched by my birthday.

    Good luck folks! We got it!

  • #12622


    1) I will have abstained from drinking alcohol 30 consecutive days by Sunday, Aug. 7, 2016, 9 AM.
    2) I will have read the chapter and completed each day’s Solution and Action Steps with 100% commitment by 8 PM each night until I complete my 30-day sobriety by Aug. 7, 2016.
    3) I will shop for 3 new items to add to my wardrobe by Sunday, Aug. 7, 2016 because I feel good about myself and my appearance.
    4) I will be okay ordering water with lime or some non-alcoholic drink while eating out or attending company happy hours as I will have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude toward drinking by Sunday, Aug. 7, 2016.

    I realize it’s important to have reminders of these goals within sight so I will continue to “feel” the results of achieving these goals, so I will input them in my smart phone with a reminder on my calendar to look at them before breakfast and lunch.

  • #12696


    Day 9 – Still sober!
    The weekend threw me off a little so I’m a few days behind, but here are my day 6 goals:

    1.) Write 3 Goals for your thriving vision based on your Vision Statement.

    a.) I am committed to the 30 Day Solution program for 30 days and will continue to thrive in my sobriety until Aug. 8, 2016 at 5:00pm.

    b.) I am committed to writing in my daily journal for the next 30 days, until Aug. 8, 2016 at 5:00pm.

    c.) I commit to reading my daily Vision Statement daily; to performing the associated exercises and reviews. I will also continue to practice the tools learned/learning for the next 30 days, until Aug 8th at 5:00pm.

    2.) Create a plan to review these goals.
    I will perform the above mentioned tasks when I return home from work daily around 5:00pm.

  • #13004


    1)I will have 30 days of continuous sobriety on August 30th, 2016
    2)I will have read and completed all action steps of the 30 Day Solution by September 15th, 2016
    3)I will journal 3 things I’m appreciative or grateful for every day from now until September 10th, 2016

  • #13045


    First time I’ve posted here and it feels a bit scary. But here goes:

    1) I will have stayed sober and ‘clean’ for 30 days in a row by Friday September 23rd 2016.
    Every other day I will have completed that day’s reading assignment, taken that day’s action steps and spent at least 10 mins journalling. I will review my goals and vision statement first thing in the morning and last thing at night until I am living a clean and sober life by Sept 23 2016.
    2) I will take daily exercise to increase my fitness by walking at least 40 mins each day including gradients so I’m no longer breathless by such exertion by Sept 23 2016, and I will retrain myself to eat consciously and slowly, savouring each mouthful of the wholesome and nutritious food I’m enjoying. Both of these will have become my routine practice by Sept 23 2016.
    3) I will do one thing every day to build healthy self-esteem, take one deliberate action that demonstrates how I love, accept, and forgive myself – til this becomes habitual by Sept 23 2016. I will set weekly goals for my work and personal development and connect with others who are supportive of my goals, till this becomes my regular practice by Sept 23 2016.

  • #13053


    Hi soulseeker100! Congratulations on your first post. Posting here is so valuable. I did not start posting right away when I began this journey.
    Your SMART goals are admirable ! Remember that the primary goal is Sobriety. Other worthy goals such as physical and emotional fitness will come much more easily and naturally in good time, so avoid putting too much pressure on the baby New You!
    You’re off to a flying start.
    Please continue to post, soulseeker100! Onward! Sina

  • #13103


    1 complain less, and find the positives in my life
    Everyday I will listen to myself talk, and what I say to others.

    2 new relationships
    By September 30th I will find a new friend. By joining an activity, or a website.

    3 self pride
    Everyday saying I can, and to say I deserve this, all of this.

    I will print out a paper saying just that, and putting it on my kitchen table, so I can read it everyday.for the remaining thirty days.

  • #13245


    I will have stayed sober for 30days straight on sept 18th
    I will do my homework daily (even on vacation if wi fi available)but will journal daily regardless.
    I will review my vision statement, old me, new me and goals at least twice daily üntil sept 18th
    I will acknowledge and journal daily something that I’m thankful for that abstinence has revealed.

  • #13277


    I will get through 30 days feeling positive about my continued sobriety.
    I will enroll in a regular yoga class.
    I will rework my budget and up my retirement contribution.
    I will create a profile online and try dating again.
    Do those work?

  • #13314


    I began my 30 Day Sobriety Solution journey on Monday, August 22nd after receiving the book from Amazon the previous Saturday and reading the Intro and Day 1 on Sunday. I chose Monday as my day to begin my quest. The following goals are timed from that beginning date.

    Three minor goals to support my main goal (My 30 Day Vision Statement, Day 2)

    1. I will have stayed sober for 30 full days and nights in a row by Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at the time I wake up to go to work that day, no later than 6:00 am.

    2. As my sleeping pattern improves every day, I will have established by Wednesday, September 21, 2016, no later than 6:00 am, the habit of a morning ritual before work that involves ten minutes of jumping on my trampoline to wake myself up, followed by twenty minutes Transcendental Meditation, eating a healthy, nutritious breakfast and dedicating one hour to self-improvement.

    3. Each and every morning upon rising until Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 6:00 am, I will look into my bathroom mirror and with passion tell myself that “I love you”, followed by reciting aloud (if applicable) my 30 day vision statement and the Forgiveness affirmation.

  • #13697


    Here are my goals:

    1. I will stay sober in a row for at least 30 Days starting from 8th 2016 of September until 8th of October 2016.
    2. Every day I will work and learn the 30 days sobriety program from 8th 2016 of September until 8th of October 2016. Each day I will finish one dedicated lecture for that day latest until 12 pm of that day.
    3. I will meditate every night before I sleep and repeat everything that I have learn from the program on the same date. And create a vivid image of myself enjoying the sobriety.
    4. For 30 Days continuously starting from 8th of September I will visualize myself how successfully I am transformed on the last day of the program 7th of October 2016.
    5. I will lose 10kg weight until I finish 30 days sobriety program on 8th of October, my weight on that day will be between 98-100kg.
    6. Since I am sober I am free to go deeply in to my meditation

  • #13789


    My 30 day goals

    1. I will accomplish 30 days of sobriety by Oct. 14, 2016 at 4 p.m.
    2. I will read my daily solution and complete the action steps by 10 p.m. every night.
    3. I will review every morning and evening my note cards that hit all the high points in the solutions.
    After 30 days, I will keep these cards to always remind me of the first steps I took in my journey.

    Short and simple. During these first 30 days the most crucial thing is for me to remain thriving in sobriety.

    Possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

  • #13790


    My 30 day goals

    1. I will accomplish 30 days of sobriety by Oct. 14, 2016 at 4 p.m.
    2. I will read my daily solution and complete the action steps by 10 p.m. every night.
    3. I will review every morning and evening my note cards that hit all the high points in the solutions.
    After 30 days, I will keep these cards to always remind me of the first steps I took in my journey.

    Short and simple. During these first 30 days the most crucial thing is for me to remain thriving in sobriety.

    Possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

  • #13851


    I have so many things going on in my world right now. So I am going to keep my goals simple! I have a lot of goals outside of these, but my main goal for the next 30 days is the next 30 days!

    1) I will have stayed sober for 30 days in a row by 12 midnight on Tuesday, October 18, 2016.
    2) By 12 midnight on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 I will have completed all 30 solutions, each with a positive attitude and willingness to try new things as I embrace sobriety as my new standard for thriving in life.
    3) I will write something in my journal everyday between today and 12 midnight on Tuesday, October 18, 2016.

  • #14165


    Setting (especially writing down) goals has always been a weak link for me in the past, but (darnit) you make too much sense of it all, so, okay, here goes…

    3 SMART Goals
    I have stayed sober for 30 days in a row by October 31, 2016.
    Every day before allowing myself “downtime” I have completed that day’s Solution, including the daily email, reading assignment, review and action steps, and journaling.
    I have immersed myself fully in the content and solutions of this program and upon “graduation” by midnight on October 30, 2016, have manifested purpose and passion in my life.

    Plan of Action
    I will review AND VISUALIZE ACCOMPLISHING these goals at least twice a day. Once every morning along with my Vision Statement, “New” Me and Freedom Affirmation and again in the evening before retiring.

    Feedback much appreciated!

  • #14250



    I think your goals are excellent! You gave me some good ideas for my own goal setting and review, so thank you! The best of luck, keep going!


  • #14584


    1. I will stay sober and complete the program by November 8, 2016.
    2. I will listen to each chapter and complete the action steps each day.
    3. I will wake up and think of at least one thing I am grateful for in my life.
    4. I will tell myself “I love you” and not destroy me with alcohol.
    5. I will surround myself with positive people and limit media.

  • #14611


    I jumped ship last night, which was day 6. Today should have been day 7. I felt I had no choice, that the ends justified the means. Don’t know if this means I have to start over in the whole book or not…but here are my goals.
    1. I will continue to read The 30-Day Solution daily, do the action steps and journal until I have achieved 30 continuous days of sobriety.
    2. I will do the Forgiveness Solution action step for one person every two weeks until I am satisfied that I have worked through that exercise thoroughly.
    3. I will revisit the Time Travel guided meditation once a week at least until November 16.

  • #14612


    Theresgottabemore, if you you to Day 14 on the Companion Website, you’ll find a Bonus Solution, the Relapse Solution. Read it, then just keep moving forward. The 30-Day Reboot resets to Day 1, but the authors don’t recommend starting the whole program over, unless you decide you want to. Stay the course, it’s worth it! Sina

  • #14613


    1. I am dedicated and committed to following the 30 day sobriety program each day. I will be sober for 30 days on Novemer 8th 2016
    2. I will complete all assignments each day, starting each morning with the book chapter reading and reviewing my vision statement each morning and evening.
    3.Each day I will review my old you & new you journal notes, love myself with affirmations, reward myself with nature inspired treats for working so hard on my sobriety!

  • #14790


    I have to go to AA today as this is too hard for me on my own.
    When I feel the urge I need to find a reminder that will keep me on the right track, maybe stretching or going for a quick walk, I don’t know but I do know I need help

  • #14791


    I don’t know if this will be any help to people on day 6, but it’s worked for me as I am still 100% coming to the end of Day 15.

    My Vision Statement is simple. At the end of the 30 days to be Happy, Healthy and Fit. A bit vague I know, but I am getting there. I had included weight loss, but as Dave points out getting sober is enough of a challenge! To achieve this I was going to walk every day, go to the gym etc, etc. nothing specific.

    I had been drinking flat out for the past 40 years and although I am a Very ‘High Functioning Alcoholic’I have been skating on thin ice for some time. I managed 30 sober before, only because my daughter asked me not to be drunk at her wedding. I got through it,but I hated every minute of every day. This time is different. I have a method and a focus and it’s working for me. Day one was relatively ok, I had intended to start on Monday 10 October, but that Monday was a bad day in work, so I had a bottle of Malbec to get over it and started Tuesday. I found the first weekend incredibly difficult, but stuck it out, going for LONG walks when the cravings got really bad. Trying to find routes where there are no pubs or off licences near where I live is next to impossible!

    Anyway I got through it and am doing OK, feeling ambivalent still, but I have NO desire to experience a hangover any time soon.

    My apologies for rambling on! I will get to the point now. From Day 6 through 9 I was pondering on how to measure my vision/goal of being Healthy, Happy and Fit on Day 30 and beyond. I calculated that I had probably saved around 200 euro not drinking, so I went to Harvey Norman and bought a ‘FitBit’ It measures my steps, distance walked, calories burnt, heart rate,quality of sleep, give me challenges, allows me to compete with friends, all sorts of stuff, all getting me closer to my fitness goal, my health goal and ultimately happiness at thriving in sobriety.

    Best of luck to you all! Hey! you are almost finished week 1! Well Done! 🙂

  • #14934


    I loved the piece about James and the “stupid juice” and I will be using that every tie I see drink at the supermarket as a reinforcing strategy ( obviously under my breath as I want to keep my jaw intact)

    • #15492


      That piece about “stupid juice” resonated with me as well. Also had a tough moment at a grocery store. While waiting for my fresh crab to be cleaned and cracked, and picking up one beer for my hubby, doubt crept in as I thought about buying myself white wine. So, as fate would have it, a woman about my age but looking very unhealthy picked up a bottle of cold white wine…no other groceries, just the wine…the debate in my head ended.

  • #14957


    #1: I will have 30 days in a row of 100% sobriety by 12/4/16
    #2: From now to 12/4/16 I will meditate on gratitude 10 minutes per day before doing anything else
    #3: From now to 12/4/16 I will listen to one solution per day before 10pm

  • #15005


    Here I go!

    -by December 1, 2016 I will not have sacrificed any of my long term goals for short term pleasures (I really like that quote).
    -I remain committed to completing all of the solutions in the program in 60 days or less.
    -every day in every way my life is so much happier, healthier and more productive being sober during this 60 day journey.
    -I too will always refer to alcohol as stupid juice as that is what it is!

  • #15099


    1. I will have stayed sober for 30 days and will have completed the program by Dec 13, 2016.
    2. I will regularly find creative, healthy and fun activities to do with family and friends that make thriving in sobriety a reality by Dec 13, 2016.
    3. I will regularly practice mindfulness meditation use a thought-diary technique to support my 30 day program and make thriving in sobriety a reality by Dec 13, 2016.

  • #15119


    Vision Statement – I am living a physically and mentally healthy, productive life, and I am present for my daughter and loved ones at all times. I am taking active steps to achieve my goals and I am excited and energised about this time of positive sober self- discovery.
    • By 16th December 2016 midnight, I will have been sober for 30 days in a row.
    • As part of achieving my sobriety for the next 30 days, I will complete the day’s solutions and actions plans by 11:30pm every day.
    • By 16 December 2016, I will review my vision statement, goals, ‘my new me” points, recite ‘the forgiveness affirmation as written in the book, and say the ‘I love myself’ mantra, upon waking every morning at 7am and before going to bed every night by 16th December, 2016.
    • To remain focused and grounded in my sobriety, I will meditate and follow the guided the tapping exercise with Dawson Church every morning before 9am, until 16th December 2016.
    • I will engage in a minimum of 30 minutes daily exercise by 16th December 2016.

  • #15400


    January SMART Goals
    I know we are supposed to only focus on our 30 Day Solutions right now; but the rest of these are already things I do with some degree of discipline. I just wanted to write them down so that they are clear when I get in situations where I need to make choices.

    Alcohol Use
    1.) To successfully complete the 30 day Reboot on January 25, 2017: complete and continuous abstinence from all alcoholic beverages.
    2.) To successfully attend work holiday party on January 7, 2017 with complete abstinence from all alcoholic beverages.
    3.) To enjoy a sober weekend with my brother, sister in law, and niece and nephew on January 20, 2017.
    4.) To successfully complete all 30 Day Solutions by January 31, 2017.
    5.) To reward myself for every week that I am completely abstinent or moderate as defined by NIAAA (post Reboot).
    6.) I will tell myself that I Love Myself daily in the mirror, review New Me and Vision Statement daily.
    7.) I will post daily in the forum or in the Facebook group to help keep myself and others accountable to their commitment.

    Health & Fitness
    1.) To weigh 140 lbs by January 31, 2017.
    2.) To stay on track with workouts and nutrition, with a maximum of one cheat meal per week.

    Marriage & Family
    1.) To share Total Truth letter with Mark post Reboot
    2.) To have Date Night twice during the month of January
    3.) To start dance lessons

    1.) To attend mass every weekend and any Holy Days of Obligation
    2.) To pray the Rosary 4x a week
    3.) To pray every day
    4.) To volunteer once this month at the Wheeler Mission

    1.) To stay within personal free spend budget
    2.) To open personal checking account for free spend budget
    3.) To make $200 payment towards student loan

  • #15412


    Alcohol Use
    1.) To successfully complete the 30 day solution in 2017: complete and continuous abstinence from all alcoholic beverages.
    2. To abstain from drinking the first 3 weeks of February and enjoy abstaining.
    3. I will do my HW and journal every day of the 30 days and the 3 weeks of February.

    • #15413


      I tweaked your first one for mine.:)
      You have so many goals!! wow!!
      Best of luck!!

  • #15459


    Hello everyone, here goes.

    1) I will complete the 30 sobriety on the 28th of January 2017.
    2) I will be 100 % committed with enthuasism and good attitude.
    3) I will complete each day’s assignment by 9 pm.

    Prayers for all doing this program xoxo

  • #15473


    I plan on focusing on this 30 day period and making sure I complete all my goals on this and this alone. my issue in the past was setting too many goals at once and being too unrealistic. Once one of these goals wasn’t met the others fell like dominoes right behind it and I gave up on all of them. At the end of these 30 days I’ll set more goals which is actually kind of exciting because I don’t know what I will feel like doing and I have a feeling that these may be bigger, better and ultimately more achievable than ever before.

  • #15571


    Here are my day 6 goals:

    1. I will be a “normal drinker,” thriving in life with a take-it-or-leave-it attitude toward drinking, by midnight on January 31st.

    2. I will find healthy substitutes for drinking like moving around to get exercise and eating healthy veggies.

    3. I will continuously remind myself of how proud I am off how far I’ve come at this point in my 30 day project.

    4. I will catch myself when l complain or blame and find a positive internal response.

    I noticed in the first week that I may have been staring to substitute snacking for drinking, which is counter top one of the reasons am doing the program-to eliminate some of the empty calories I was consuming with alcohol.

  • #15640


    OK everyone.. Here are mine:

    On February 6, 2017 I will have completed 30 days of thriving in sobriety (the program and the literal meaning of the words, both!).
    I will get up at 6.30 in the morning and feel great. I will go to the bathroom mirror and congratulate myself for a job well done, and I will feel proud for having it done all by myself and I will give me all the credit for it.

    At 10 I will go to my doctors appointment (already scheduled) for my yearly checkup and I look forward to showing off my 10-pound weight loss and overall improvement in health. I will tell my doc that I chose a sober lifestyle.

    After the docs appointment I will go to my favorite quiet place in the park and work on the goals for the rest of my life!

  • #15709


    My 3 goals to support my 30 day vision statement are:
    1) The liquids I will consume during this time will only be water, a variety of juices, coffee, seltzer, and herbal teas. I will become creative with these liquids to get enjoyment from them every day.
    2) I will learn to play the piano that I once bought that has been collecting dust. I will practice at least 30 minutes, every other day.
    3) I will workout at the gym or go jogging, every other day.
    I will keep a daily diary of these actions beginning on Sunday 1/15/2015 (Day 7) and conclude and review on Wednesday 2/8/2017 (Day 31)

  • #16039


    Smart goals:

    1. I will weigh 205 lbs or less after 17 day emotionally calm sobriety having dropped from 215 lbs to 210 lbs in 7 days sober. I can feel my liver working properly to metabolize fat in combination with green tea enzyme boosters, plus daily exercise e.g. walking/running/yoga or swimming because I wake up smelling like I’ve come out of a sauna which means my body is detoxing through my skin.

    2. I will weigh 200lbs or less after 42 day (6 week emotionally calm sobriety)

    3. I will weigh 188lbs or less after 90 day emotionally calm sobriety and have a normal body mass index i.e. lean and clean body

  • #16106


    Those are my 3 smart goals:

    1- Stayed sober for 30 days in a row by February, 21, 2017.
    2- Have putted my pedometer every morning and walked at least 5 000 steps by the time I go to bed.
    3- Wrote in my journal at least 5 minutes every day till the end on my Program.

    And a little payer won’t hurt!

  • #16125


    Here are my S.M.A.R.T. Goals:

    1. I will have stayed sober for 33 days in a row by February 22, 2017 (includes 3 days of no alcohol before beginning the 30-Day Solution.
    2. Every day, by 10 PM, I will have completed the daily reading assignment, finished the action steps, reviewed my Vision Statement and Forgiveness Affirmation and written in my journal until I have completed the program on February 22, 2017.
    3. I will use all that I learn during the 30-Day Solution to thrive in sobriety during a yoga retreat that begins on February 22, 2017 and ends on February 24, 12017.
    4. From today through February 22, 2017, I will spend 15 minutes every day decluttering some area of my home (a drawer, a room, a closet, etc.)
    5. From today through February 22, 2017, I will choose healthier foods and beverages to support my sobriety and physical body as it heals.

    Dave and Lack: Would love some feedback! Thank You!

  • #16334


    I will remain sober for one whole year ending at midnight February 5, 2018.

    I will engage in creative writing for at least 30 minutes every day by the end of my 30-day sobriety solution program at midnight February 5, 2017.

    I will send out one short story or article for publication every month beginning March 2017 through February 2018.

    • #16337


      Wow – these are awesome. I hope to read some of your work. Keep going!

  • #16600


    My vision: “I am thriving with natural human energy- glowing with health & positivity.”

    Goals that support that vision:
    1) I keep repeating either “I love you” in the mirror or “I love myself” anytime a thought or situation may distract/deviate me from my vision and I integrate it into my “8 mins/day on camera goal,”from today until the end of the 30 days (3/21/17) and beyond.

    2) I set aside time twice a day (once in the AM & once in the PM) to reread my vision statement, the forgiveness affirmation and these goals for the remainder of the 30 days (3/21/17) and beyond.

    3) I choose tea, water, coffee, health beverages, rest, naps, exercise, healthy meals, baths, connecting with real friends and family and these book exercises as means to achieving my vision during the remainder of the 30 days and beyond.

    What do you think?

  • #16609


    Reading this book is starting to get a little Erie, I had my first rough morning and afternoon , my body and mind were asking me what’s going on ?? Why are we not drinking today ?? “What the deal this isn’t funny anymore”. I got through the rough patch , was a little intense but stayed calm through it all. Then later that evening I open my book to chapter 6 and bang , hey it’s ok to have these feelings it’s normal. Man I needed that , that just put my whole journey (so far) into a deeper perspective. My goals are:
    1: I will have stayed sober 30 days in a row on March 23rd 2017.
    2: After 30 days of being sober I will attain my fitness goal of being a size 36 waist (lost 25 lb before I started program and was still drinking, imagine where I would have been if I wasn’t) and be less or at 190 lb.
    3: During the end of my 30’days of sobriety I will have a happier and deeper connection with my wife and kids.
    4: And until March 23 2017 I will complete my set action steps for the day before I go to sleep.
    Have a great week !! Looking forward to see what tomorrow brings!!
    Don’t give up the fight!!

  • #16695


    1. I will have stayed sober for 25 days on March 22, 2017. Small goal but it is my birthday and a big step for me. After that will be sobriety for 6 months to September 22, 2017 my mother’s birthday.
    2. I will be thriving as a volunteer at a local MSPCA location. Animal welfare is more important to me than drinking and I can’t play with the animals if I’m too drunk to drive there.
    3. I will have obtained work/life skills that are transferable to a new job that will give me the happiness I am working towards.
    4. I will be in a new job by December 31, 2017, that will be more in line with the goals that I am creating and the values that I am realizing.
    5. I will have lost 20 pounds by May 30, 2017. And stop floating away with all the water I have been drinking.

  • #16781


    Goal 1
    By April 3rd I will be sleeping through the night and waking up early each morning, ready to watch the sunrise and start my day full of energy, joy and optimism (like I used to). This newfound energy is due to my drastic reduction in sugar, wheat and dairy – oh and of course alcohol 😀 (practically forgot about that stuff already).

    Goal 2
    By April 3rd at 9am I will have gotten out of bed early and walked, jogged, yoga-ed, or done some form of exercise for at least 20 minutes 6 out of 7 days.

    Goal 3
    By April 3rd at 7pm I will have eliminated unnecessary emails and I will have a schedule/checklist for monthly online banking duties I will accomplish this by spending at least 1 hour each day towards simplifying my electronic life*
    *Important because the closest I came to wanting a drink came from internet banking frustration.

  • #16802


    One of my goals is to wear my favorite jeans again in 30 days. Since I’m not sure how many pounds that will be but I believe this is a measurable and attainable goal.
    Has anyone else had really bad headaches? I’m wondering if it’s my body adjusting…

  • #17039


    Hello, everyone!

    Here are my goals…

    1. To help me sleep better and feel more energized through the day, I will continue choosing food each at each meal that supports healing my autoimmune disease.
    2. I will tell myself daily that I am an intelligent, capable woman, who can learn anything she puts her mind to.
    3. I will complete the 30 Day Solution, with 31 Days of Sobriety and powerful momentum to make my sobriety a life-long commitment.
  • #17132


    Here are my goals for thriving in sobriety using the SMART criteria.

    1. I will have 30 days of continued sobriety on April 25,2017.

    2. I will read and complete in my journal all the 30 Day 100% Sobriety Solution’s chapters by April 29, 2017 Each chapter will be completed by 10 PM.

    3.I will attend a QiGong class ever Monday from April 3, 2017 to May 22, 2017. I will review and practice what I learned in class 4 addition days in each given week.

  • #17519


    Here are my goals:

    1. I will have stayed sober for 30 days in a row by the end of the day on May 23, 2017.

    2. Each night by 10 pm, I will have completed that day’s reading assignment for the 30-Day Sobriety Solution, finished that day’s action steps, and spent at least 5 minutes writing in my journal until I have completed the program by the end of the day on May 22, 2017.

    3. Starting tomorrow, April 29, 2017, I will take a walk each evening for at least 30-minutes as part of my ‘stay sober’ strategies, until I have completed my 30-day reboot on May 23, 2017.


  • #17831


    1 I will have stayed sober for 30 days by the end of June 12th 2017
    2 every night by the time I go to sleep I will have completed my action steps and spent at least 5 minutes writing in my journal
    3 by June 10 2017 I will have completed the first 3 weeks of my 14 week training for the half marathon I will complete August 26th
    4 by the end of June 12 I will have read my vision statement and told myself I love you every at least once

  • #17891


    Hello World!
    Day 6 and these are my three goals:
    1. I will have stayed totally sober for the duration of 30 Day Sobriety Solution Program which will be completed by midnight of 20/06/2017.
    2. Every day I will have completed the day’s assignment from the book until I have completed the program by midnight of 20/06/2017.
    3. I will have stayed calm and kind to all people around for the duration of the 30 Day Sobriety Solution Program until I have completed the program by midnight of 20/06/2017.
    The first two look like from the book but I think it is no harm to have the same goals as stated there, especially if I really want to accomplish them.
    As for the third goal, I don’t think it will end by midnight of June 20th, but I need to set up it here since today I understood that I am still struggling with being calm and kind to people around – especially when they are not calm and kind to me.
    Thank you for reading,

  • #18055


    This program has been part of a general get fit effort. So this week did not drink, ate 1200 calories every day, and exercised. I did different things every day: ran, went to the gym, took some different sort of exercise classes. Haven’t lost weight yet but that’s the goal. Going to a party on my birthday and always have wine at parties so need not to do that. Actually commiting to the diet is helping me with sobriety since if I wasted 200 calories on a glass of wine, I’d be eating so little. My goal aside from all this is to do one kind thing a day. Even if small. I am a writer and not doing my own writing at the moment so that’s a problem. (I am doing assignments but I haven’t come up with an idea for a new book. I feel pretty stuck and that weighs on me but leaving it alone for now.) I figure I’ll give myself a month on the health efforts in a big way and then moderate, especially as I am exercising a LOT. But I am enjoying it so that’s good. I’ve felt really terrible in my body for a long time I am just about ten pounds overweight but I have a lot of digestive issues which often makes me feel bigger than I am. I feel pretty uncomfortable a lot. Wandering away from drinking in my thoughts here but my problems are pretty interwoven. Thanks for the program.

    • #18059


      1,200 calories a day is starving yourself. It’s really all about blood sugar and insulin production. Look into interval fasting. So far I’ve lost four pounds in five days. View Dr. Mike on YouTube.

  • #18070


    My goals are:
    – to complete 30 day sobriety plan by July 8, 2017 midnight, having done all the reading and supplemental exercises every day including journal writing and review.

    – to wear my favourite suits to a special occasion knowing they fit well again on my healthier trimmed body. I will look people in the eye at this special occasion with confidence and clarity knowing what i have achieved with pride.

    – reward myself at the end of every weekly phase with a spa treatment of massage to improve my healthier state of being – funded by the savings on previously weekly alcohol spending.

  • #18094


    I have taken the liberty of writing more than three goals. I believe for me that they are all achievable and are a necessary part of my own 30 day program. I am try to cut back my intake not completely stop. If that occurs then the program will have achieved more for me than I anticipated.
    My Goals List.
    • I will have achieved an increase in my self-confidence levels by the end of this 30-day Program.
    • My physical, spiritual and mental plateaus will have increased within that same time frame.
    • Every day I will complete that day’s action steps as evidenced by the writings in my journal.
    • Every week my drinking decrease will be proven by my seven-day review.
    • My physical, spiritual and mental plateaus will have increased within that same time frame.
    • Every day I will complete that day’s action steps as evidenced by the writings in my journal.
    • Every week my drinking decrease will be proven by my seven-day review.
    • My life will have a more meaningful content than currently exists at the end of this program.
    • My sponsorship work will be totally ongoing.


  • #18097


    @dave I would be most grateful if you could give some feed back regarding my goals I have included more than 3 as i think they all align well with my vision statement that I have included below.

    I am loving life! waking every day feeling fresh and alive, free from the grip of alcohol pushing forward to my goals and improving my relationships. Life’s good and I love myself.

    I will have stayed sober for 30 days in a row by 10th July 2017

    I will have completed 13 runs and and 13 weight training sessions by going to the gym every Mon, Wed and Friday. I will achieve this by the 10th July 2017 @ 21:00

    I will have practiced some yoga every morning for the next 24 days to help improve my flexibility and start each day with a positive by 10th July 2017 @ 11:00

    I will have looked myself in the eye in the mirror twice a day or more every day for the next 24 days and tell myself that “I love you” by 10th July 2017

    I will have set aside 5 minutes a day for the next 24 days to complete my journal by 10th July 2017

    I will have taken Rachel on 2 dates to show her that I can thrive in sobriety and go out without alcohol and still have fun, one will be on the 23rd June 2017 and the other by 10th July 2017


    • #18100


      Hello there @pmason79!

      I’ll stand in for Dave here, as I’ve been told he is on hiatus for family reasons.
      Your SMART goals are right on!
      I love this program!!!
      When I was introduced to SMART goals, the only difference between the 30DSS version and the one I prefer is the “A”…which I was taught stands for “Action oriented “…. After all, attainable and realistic are basically synonymous!

      So therefore, your goals meet all the criteria! You actually state EXACTLY what actions you will take to fulfill your very admirable Goals!
      Keep up the momentum, it’s very inspiring!

      Onward, Sina

      • #18106


        @sinequeena thank you for taking the time too reply. I’m glad that I’m on the right path with these goals. As I understand its slightly more powerful to read them aloud, as I’m not even going to consider doing that in earshot of other people I was thinking about recording them on my smart phone so that I can play them back using head phones. Will I still gain extra benefit rather than just reading them in my head?

        Thanks in advance

  • #18143


    My vision statement (the cliff notes version) is “I am strong, lean, and sober…Wake most morning with enough energy to tackle my day…go to bed with a calm mind… nourish myself with good food, fun activity, emotional awareness.”

    Goals to support my vision statement–FEEDBACK appreciated!!:

    1. I will have 30 days continuous sobriety by June 28, 2017 (so close!!!)
    2. I will have implemented a weekly yoga practice, including at home videos, Y12SR class, and classes offered by my neighborhood studio, by July 28, 2017 (or, have completed 6 yoga classes)
    3. I will walk in meditation, at least 20 minutes a day, 5 days/week by July 28, 2017 (or, 30 meditative walks) [–> this is a routine I started 2 weeks ago and am loving! Worth getting up early for!]
    4. I will complete the readings and all the action steps by July 28, 2o17

    (I will be using my google calendar to track which goals I’ve met each day)

  • #18290


    Day 6 and still going! I am so excited. I created 3 goals and it was easy! I usually overthink and wonder if they aren’t good enough. I simply used the sample ones to create mine. Attainable – staying sober for 30 days is hard, but it is possible. I workout in the mornings so I can read them outloud right afterwards. I set an alarm on my phone to read them in the evening in accordance with my schedule. I may or may not be able to read them out loud depending on where I am and what Im doing.

    Thanks again for this, it is working so well.
    I added a 4th goal. I am writing 2 Total Truth Letters per week. This will continue to break down the road blocks of deep past hurts that have contributed to keeping me from having continuing sobriety.

  • #18346


    1. I will exercise, take hot bath, beauty regimen and read every night and take good care of myself.
    2. I will take deep breathes and control my reactions at work and maintain a positive and curious attitude about life in general
    3. I will attend fun events on the weekend such as charity work or just taking walks in neighborhoods and exploring. I will also dedicate time to my creative projects.

    • #18382


      Sounds fab! Keep going! Onward, Sina

  • #18483


    Day 6 and almost half way through the weekend with no temptation of drinking in sight. My plans to keep busy yesterday, today and most of the day tomorrow have worked. I read through many of the smart goals written above and also reviewed the ones I wrote a few months back. Staying sober for 30 days is not an option for me, it is a must so I’m not including that in my goals. I want to complete the goals from last time as well as add to them what will help me remain sober this time after completing the 3o day program.

    1. @snoppysgal, I agree with you. I will write one Total Truth Letter every Sunday for the next 4 weeks. (Completed by 8/19)
    2. I will sign up for 2 social events that do not include alcohol in an attempt to meet new friends that enjoy healthy and sober activities. (Completed by 8/26)
    3. I will complete every day’s work in the 30 day sobriety solution and complete all action items that I had left undone from last round. (Complete by 8/26)
    4. By 8/15 I will have identified what program I will begin immediately after completing this.

    • #18527


      Hey @brighterdays! You are definitely on top of things here! Way to go! I just finished day 6, and I feel like I probably half-assed it. I might have to revisit them, as they were mostly exactly like the examples in the book.

      Good luck with your goals! And hope you are having a great day!

      ~ Aspiring Reformed Party Girl

  • #18532


    Three goals that support my 30 day vision statement –

    1. I will have 30 days of continuous sobriety by August 13, 2017

    2. I will spend 1 hour every day reading 30 day sobriety book or website and journaling thru August 13, 2017

    3. I will have 30 nicotine free days by August 13, 2017

  • #19028


    Each day before engage in after-dinner entertainment/relaxation, I will have meditated twice (including 1x with tapping), completed the reading, journaled at least 5 mins, and completed the tasks; maintaining sobriety and completing the program by October 15, 2017.

    On October 15, 2017, I will complete the program and I will be sober 30 days, passionate about the benefits of sobriety, and proud to announce to anyone, “I am living sober” or “I am enjoying sobriety.”

    Starting NOW, when I go out to dinner, I will order without considering price, and I will celebrate my freedom from alcohol.

    I will reward myself weekly (14 times before 2018 arrives) with hot springs and/or yoga which soothes my mind, invigorates my body and awakens my soul. I will ease into the new year, and accept ease into my life on a moment-to-moment basis.

    Starting now, I will allow myself massage monthly.

    I will pursue and acquire 3 new SOBER friends who challenge me intellectually and/or creatively and who communicate with me weekly (by December 31, 2017).

    Beginning October 15, 2017, I will journal daily gratitude for my sobriety and on September 10, 2018, I will review my journal and celebrate my one year of sobriety by throwing a substance-free dinner party during which I will lead a gratitude meditation.

    • #19073


      What wonderful goals!! I believe I’ll borrow one of yours and get a message every month…that’s where I’ll spend the money I use to spend on alcohol!! Thank you, Boo Boo, for that idea!

  • #19072


    Day 6 of the book and day 5 at 100% alcohol free! My goals are pretty simple:

    1- I will have been sober for 30 days on October 20, 2017
    2- Every night by 9:00 PM I will finish the day’s reading and action steps
    3- I will put aside the money I’d usually spend on alcohol and do something special for myself on October 21st
    4- I will continue to say, “I love you” to me

  • #19076


    The goal setting chapter was tough for me and I had been dreading it because I’m 36 and still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I’m on my 3rd professional career and am currently looking for the 4th. However, I have recently decided I must stay positive and know that with sobriety will come a clarity and ability to hear what my gut is telling me to do next. I don’t expect to all the sudden see an exact job description pop into my head but I do know I will be pushed in the right direction…something that was never going to happen if I continued drinking the way I was.

    My goals:
    1) I will have remained sober – no mind altering ANYTHING – for 30 days by October 17th, 2017, midnight. After that time, if I feel uneasy about my ability to stop at 2 drinks, I will make the decision to stop drinking for good and be confident in telling my friends/family about my decision.

    2) During this sober time, I will check in with my gut several times a day – GUT CHECK TIME – and really listen for the next right steps of what to do in order to achieve my goal of finding a career I really love.

    3) I will forgive my past and live in the present and keep my eye on the prize by reiterating my goals to myself daily.

    Still working on the reward part….

    • #19077


      Welcome @sriman17. Your SMART goals are just that!!! Congratulations on your continuing Sobriety. You are sooo young to be able to address your problem with overdrinking! My hat’s off to you. Keep posting here! Check out “site wide activity” under the “Where to ” above. You will find many posts where you can lend an inspirational message. In this way, we help another. And so it goes around. There is nothing more rewarding than to love each other, in my humble opinion. Onward! Sina

  • #19078


    Whoops, @ sriman14 i mean!

  • #19346


    My goals but I guess you need the context of my vision statement.

    I will be able to move forward into the incredible loss I have suffered with my bestfriend, then little brother and then my older sister passing in quick succession. I will be able to embrace that loss and allow it to become part of who I am in healthy and productive way. I will also find healthy coping strategies for the multitude of stressors in my day.

    Goals to achieve my vision statement.

    1) Spend 10 minutes every evening before writing my journal entry meditating on my brother, my sister and and my best friend.
    2) Begin this week by going to Aikido at least once a week.
    3) Write a journal entry every day about my day’s sress, my meditations, and log any triggers causing a desire to drink.

  • #19442


    Anyone else feeling anxious when setting these goals while not yet knowing if they are doing this program to find complete abstinence from alcohol vs. being a normal drinker with a “take-it-or-leave it” attitude?
    Still not sure what is right for me or what I should plan on. Right now I’m just going for 30 days (which I have done before, but more as a detox for health reasons), never this consciously though. Part of me thinks maybe 30 days are not enough and I need at least 60-90 days of abstinence to really assess what’s best for me personally. I’m more of a drink hard once or twice every few weeks/ 3 x’s a month and end up with a terrible hangover and (sometimes) decisions I really regret.
    This pattern has been going on for about 6 + years though and I want to end it.

    Thoughts? Would be grateful for your support.
    Thanks for reading- and congratulations and sending so much love to all of you trying to heal yourselves. Myself included 🙂

  • #19450


    Hello Elizabeth,
    I did the program last year with the intention of developing a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. I stayed sober for 37 days and then started drinking now and then until it became a daily habit again. I believe that if you really want to know yourself, study your habits. What you’re concerned with now is covered in the book on Day 30. After reading the section ”Deciding Your Approach” (page 481 in the book) I set a goal of one full year. That means all the parties, holidays, weddings, birthdays, etc in a year are going to be booze free. I just past the 9-month mark and going strong. My cocktail of choice is mineral water with a slice of lime. It hasn’t been that hard, either. Like the book says, 100% committed is easy, 99% is a bitch.
    Good luck!

  • #19648


    By 10 p.m. each day I will have read that day’s assignment, completed the exercises and written in my journal.

    By December 23, I have completed all 30 solutions with a good attitude, willingness to follow directions, try new things and rekindle old ones, as I embrace sobriety as my new standard for thriving in life.

    By December 23, I will have called one person a week just to see how they are doing so that I am sowing into good relationships as I embrace sobriety.

  • #19696


    Phase 1 is a success! My SMART goals are hanging on my wall of my bedside along with my keys to my journal. I am going to bed on day 6 with 7 consecutive days sobriety. ❤

  • #19911


    Really grateful for the journey so far… Here are my SMART goals (borrowing two from the book)

    1. Every night by 10 pm, I will have completed that day’s reading assignment for The 30-Day Sobriety Solution, finished that day’s action steps and spent 5 minutes or more writing in my private journal until I have completed the program by 10 pm on January 31, 2018.

    2. I will have stayed sober for 30 days in a row and have transferred $300 into my I/C account ($10 per day) by January 31, 2018, at 10 pm.

    3. I will have been free of binge eating behaviors and made healthy food choices (type and quantity) for 30 days in a row by January 31, 2018, at 10 pm.

    4. I will have practiced honesty and integrity in my daily living by January 31, 2018 at 10 pm.

  • #20107


    I will complete each solution of the program with in 48 hours of reading the chapter and finalize the program by March 15.

    I will incorporate one day of weight training a week (approx 12 weeks) into my exercise routine through April 22 which is the last day of my Yoga Teacher training course.

    I will incorporate a new or investigated nightly meditation routine for at least 5 minutes through out the rest of this program which I will finalize by March 15th.

  • #20148


    Currently I’m on phase 2 day 11 and I would like to share and get feedback on my smart goals while also making use of my core values.
    So here is my updated vision statement with my core values: I need help with a 3rd goal and updated core value to go along with that goal. please help! This is what I have so far:
    Vision Statement: I want to Thrive in Sobriety for myself, my family, and most importantly God. I want to be able to respect myself and everyday wakeup feeling cofident and priceless.
    Goal 1: I will have stayed sober and happy for 30 days in a row by Feb. 20, 2018 at midnight.
    Everynight before midnight i will have successfully completed that days reading assignment, all activiites and writing in my journal until i have completed the program by midnight on Feb 20, 2018.
    After I have educated myself on all the days contents and solutions in the 30 day sobriety solution, I will have demonstrated my passion and purpose and 30 days of continuous sobriety in my life by Feb 20, 2018 at 12am.
    I will be sober enjoying my life and living in sobriety by Feb20, 2018 at 12am.
    I will have an amazing support system, wonderful group of new friends, and remain sober and regularly find healthy and fun activities to make thriving in sobriety a reality in my life by Feb 20, 2018 at 12am.
    Goal 2: I want to committ to respecting myself and loving myself more and more everyday for the next 30days by continuing to practice saying the 3 word mantra “I love you” everyday when I go to the restroom by Feb 20, 2018 at 12am.
    I will have continued to practice self-care, self-worth and my confidence for 30 days on Feb 20, 2018 by 12am.
    After i have continued to practice the 3 word mantra “I love you” I will have demonstrated respect for myself and love and 30 days of continous sobriety.
    I will be happy with my own personal growth, change and attitude towards life.
    I will have a wonderful family, an incredible support system and remain happy and priceless for the next 30 days and continue to have this approach on life and sobriety by Feb 20, 2018.

  • #20149


    My smart goals will be sobriety for 90 days, April 1, 2018 and take my bride out for our 22 years anniversary and thank her for getting me this book and knowing how great it is going to be sober. Another goal is to get into great shape for her and me. Last goal will be an amazing group of friends that support my sobriety.

  • #20217


    Hi all 🙂

    I’m on Day 6 and I must say that I continue to find all the resources — though very generously offered! — confusing to navigate and it’s easy to drop balls. But I am committed to not let that get me down or take me off course. Today is my Day 6 and I’m just checking in here.

    As for my 3 SMART goals — I was unclear whether those were for the 30 days or just goals I can now approach given that I am living sober — but I’m choosing 1: to have 1 complete draft of a short story “The Last Rent Party” of at least 2000 words complete by March 1.
    2: 24 days of my daily exercise goals by March 1 — 10 K steps 4x/week, Dr Sam Bush’s NO2 exercises 3x/week.
    3. I have a goal of reaching my goal weight but that’s not entirely within my control but what IS in my control is following my nutrition plan for the next 24 days. I have been doing ketosis and intermittant fasting for the past few months.

    What’s confusing to me is that Jack and Dave also said to not take on new goals during this time so as to focus on being sober, so … But nonetheless, other than completing this 30 days thoroughly and in excellence, these are my 3 SMART goals. The second two are pre-existing goals and the first one is a recurring goal that I never manage to meet due to my flaky inebriated typical state 🙂

    • #20219


      Hi @tanfree . I agree it’s easy to get confused by lots of things that don’t quite like up on the Companion Website and even in the book. The point of using SMART goals is to be very specific in your focus. Check out page 123 and 124. The goals are just ones you describe which support your Vision statement, not other goals which might not have anything to do with Sobriety per re. I also have an opinion that one of the letters in the acronym SMART is redundant. When I was introduced to SMART goal setting many years ago, the “A” stood for “Action Oriented”, not Attainable…. after all Realistic and Attainable are synonyms. I hope this helps.

      By the way, your Goals sound Fantastic!!! I’m inspired!
      ONWARD, Sina

  • #20221


    Thx for this, Sina! I’ll check out pp123-124. And yes I agree about the redundancy and recall action being in there in some form. Cheers 🙂

  • #20244


    1.I am sober from February 3rd, 2018 to March 3, 2018, midnight.
    2.I will exercise 4 times a week Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday at a Goodlife fitness center.
    3.I will take vitamin b2 every day until March 3, 2018.

  • #20334


    I am not sure in which forum I should ask my question.
    I am on day 5 even being sober for 3 weeks. Your book sais do not blame anybody. But I am in the situation where my husband sabotages my recovery. When we come from work he blames me I am drunk. I am not. Never been. He buys a lots of alcohol and puts it anywhere. House is always full with alcohol. When is my time to do my daily routine on PC to follow 30 day solution he will interrupt me with fights, blames, stands behind me watching what I write in my journal, request for example to show him unrelated documents which I have to spend the time to find and similar things to keep me away from focusing on my journey and well being, and specially ordering me not to write anything about him. I missed last day due dealing with him. Another example is that he suddenly started to be interesting how bad I executed last will and testament. He was not interested in this topic for 13 years. Suddenly when I work on my recovery it is important to him right in that second. Every day he has some issue to keep me away from reading the book and working on internet. And guess what, then he blames me for not doing my work and taking it seriously. He did exactly the same thing when I was in treatment for PTSD
    Can somebody give me advice how to deal with this situation.

    • #20341


      The solution is simple, but difficult; you need to leave him. Your husband is a wife abuser. He’s toxic. If you want to stay sober, you need to get away from the source of your anxiety (him), the driving force behind your need to drink. Contact your local mental health or social services department. Tell them about your situation. They have shelters for abused women. They will notify the authorities that have the legal right to remove your husband from the home. Do it and stay strong. Good luck!

      BTW, Your local library has computers you can use for free.

      • #20345


        Thank you for your input. Yes I was thinking about divorce also. You are right. It is very difficult. Specially doing two challenging things at the same time. Trying to stay sober and go through divorce. I know it will be very messy one.

  • #20335


    Hi @offelia . I am so unhappy that your husband is trying to sabotage (means stop your chance) of quitting Alcohol. I will try to write more tomorrow to help you. There are a few other women on this Companion Website who have husbands who don’t support them. Maybe they can offer advice. Look at your Profile page, I will send you a message there too.
    Stay strong! Sina

    • #20346


      Hello Tanfree, I have no family, children, parents or place to go.
      I absolutely agree that he is threatened by me become independent. I do not think he would harm me physically, I can tell he acts on his insecurities.

  • #20336


    Hi Offelia — Your situation is very painful to read. I am so sorry for you that you not only do not have his support, but he is deliberately trying to get in the way of your recovery. Probably he fears that if you become sober and stable or you may leave him. This sounds very threatening to your health and well-being. Do you have other family members who can support you? Do you have other places you might be able to go?

  • #20337


    I second tanfree’s sediment you’re situation sounds really painful. The first thing that comes to my mind is that your husband is very addicted to alcohol and is trying to protect his “friend” alcohol at all costs. I recommend empathizing and understanding where he is coming from. It’s a hard place to be as many of us know first hand. So from this vantage point I think pragmatically you need to find a place to do the work that your husband doesn’t have access too. Stop at library on way home from work, a friend etc. Again as suggested by tanfree. I think it is key to recognize, rational or not your, husband has a lot to fear from you thriving in sobriety.

    Using this perspective that he is fearing that he is losing his best friend (that he is indeed a heavy drinker), and knowing that you can not make him quit I think you have some soul searching to do. Is the relationship so bad and destructive that it needs to end. Or is it something where a little assurance that you are not expecting him to quit will go a long way to easing his fear and altering his response.

    If it’s former you have a hard road because you have to end that relationship on top of quitting. If it is the later you have the difficulty of quitting without his support. Having alcohol around is not recommended but doesn’t mean you can’t do it. When I quit smoking 15 years ago I did it with a pack in cigarettes in my pocket. I actually used the object being right in front of me to help. I would tell myself I could easily have 1 cigarette, but then I might as well have the whole back then run to the corner store and get a cartoon and really at the rate I smoked I might as a well get a pallet of cartons.

    Hang in there we’re all in your corner keep doing the work you will gain a lot of insight into your husband.

    • #20347


      Thank you for your advice. I have to correct one thing that might not be clear from my post. He is not an alcoholic. He is a social drinker, but he stocks the house with a lots of alcohol in my opinion to make me relapse.
      I am glad that someone can stay away from substance having it around as you did with cigarettes.Thanksfully having alcohol in house doesn’t bother me. What does, is that he interfere with my time dedicated to reading and working on PC and my journal.
      Yes, I will go to library . Why I didn’t thing about it sooner.

  • #20343


    We are concerned for your safety, Offelia. And if you live in certain countries, like the Maldives or Brunei or other places, it might not be legally feasible for you to leave him. But I beg of you that if you have any opportunity to go stay with your family or somehow get away, that you consider that. Mini mini mini mini mini many men who are threatened by their wives becoming stronger becoming less depending on them – basement kill their wives. The kind of behavior that you were describing Sounds like it could turn into violence. I’m sure you have considered this as well but you probably don’t want to think about it directly. That’s why you have reached out to us but what you were sharing is deeply concerning. Do you have friends you can speak with? Do you have other friends as a couple that you could speak with so that you’re less isolated?

  • #20449


    Goal #1
    By the end of this program I will be 47 days sober! I will be a normal drinker with a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. If I find that this is not possible, I will completely abstain.

    Goal #2
    I will continue to exercise, meditate, get sufficient sleep, and eat better to improve my mental health and general wellbeing.

    Goal #3
    I will continue to gain confidence by loving myself and appreciating the little things in life.

  • #20562


    I will be present and sober every day for the month of April 2018, and possibly beyond.
    I will complete reading, activities, and journal before retiring each evening.
    I will read my after statement, the forgiveness affirmation, my purpose statement, and any additional exercises that come up every time
    I drink coffee the morning, eat lunch midday, and in the sauna at night.
    I will nourish my body with plant based whole foods on a daily basis.
    I will get adequate rest. (7-9 hours per night)
    I will do yoga daily.
    I will meditate daily.
    I will walk at least 10K steps daily
    I will laugh, dance, sing, and play DAILY!
    I will practice gratitude daily.
    I will pray daily.

    May it ever be so.

  • #20719


    I usually lurk on the sidelines and get inspiration from other people’s posts and ideas, but with my new outlook on life I’m going to wade into the pool and add my own little ripples of insights and inspiration and get involved.

    Last night my wife and I went out for dinner and my wife ordered a glass of wine. She was concerned I would be angry, because I ordered an iced tea. I told her that it was up to her but I was not going to give it to her or encourage her, (which I did in the past cause everyone likes a drinking buddy) Just by me doing that she has only had a glass and a half of wine in the past 6 days instead 2 to 3 or more a night. Yes, I was her enabler. This led to a discussion about why I was doing the 30 Day Program. It was a great evening not fueled by “wine muscles” that was meaningful and would not be forgotten the next day. I’ve decided to include our relationship as one of my goals because I believe that we will thrive together in our sobriety in ways we haven’t in years.

    Goal #1. I will remain alcohol free for 30 days by Midnight on May 14.
    Goal #2. I will use the money saved on wine to hit at least 3 buckets of golf balls by the end of each week, to help improve my consistency 50% by the time the range closes at 7 PM on May 14
    Goal #3 I will find my wife at least one additional fun thing to do on a regular basis with or without me to help her relax and enjoy life more by May 13. Why? Because her workaholism is part of the cause of my alcoholism. I know “problem drinking” sounds better but it doesn’t rhyme as well.
    So there you have it. This is a big step for me and I hope it inspires more family to chime in.

    • #20726


      Congratulations on your first post @larrypat226 ! It’s a great step forward , IMO! And I’m excited for you!
      One observation…. I don’t buy into your opinion that your wife’s passion for her work is part of the cause for your alcohol overuse. This us addressed in Chapter 1, the 100% Solution. You must stop all your blaming and complaining! It’s your response to life that will be most useful to it’s advancement in your future as the New You.
      Onward! Sina

      • #20733


        Thanks for calling me out on that. I could feel it wasn’t right when I wrote it. I knew it when deeper than that but I couldn’t express it. I’m still working on symptoms vs solutions. I’m in day 7 and I’m going to reread the previous 6 days as a goal for today. The one that strikes home on what I said is E + R = O.
        One question? I’m old – what’s IMO?

    • #20734


      Happy Saturday (California) @larrypat226 ! I’m “old too!🤠….. IMO just stands for in my opinion. Great idea to review. That 100% Solution of Chapter 1 is key to the Program, IMO. 😊😊😊
      Gotta love E+R=O !
      ONWARD. Sina

  • #119067


    I had this really long post, but I didn’t do the captcha right and it went away. Maybe I didn’t need to say all that… and I really hope <offelia> is okay.

    Suffice to say that I spend 2/3 of my time at home and 1/3 with my best friend at my second home. Neither my husband nor my best friend drink, but my husband had started having a glass of wine at dinner at home with me, to help keep me from drinking the whole bottle. Never helped; one of us would end up opening another bottle for me and then we moved to box wine… My best friend is 14 years sober, so doesn’t drink at all. But! Both of them would make sure I always had a full glass of wine after dinner, even when I’d say that I needed to be cutting back. That made it very easy for me to ‘blame’ them for my excessive wine habit. I see that now.

    They’re both watching this 30 Day process and are being very supportive. I haven’t asked them yet what they think about my not drinking, because it really doesn’t matter. I am a little curious though! We’ll see at the end what they think.

    So here are my goals, cross-posted from another folder here in the Day 6 Forum.

    30DVS: I am thinner and healthier than I’ve been in years. I have ample energy to do the fun weekends we have planned, and am very productive in my dissertation work. My relationships with C & D are happier and better because I am fully present for them.

    Goal 1: I will have stayed sober for 30 days in a row by July 12, 2018.

    *Goal 2: I will be a normal drinker again, and thriving in sobriety, with a take it or leave it attitude towards alcohol by July 12, 2018.

    Goal 3: I will have completed the set-up for and then distributed the (dissertation work survey) by noon on July 12, 2018.

    *I know this might sound like a cop-out, but I really did used to drink normally. The person who turned me onto the 30 Day Solution is doing it now, and has been a for a couple years, so she provides a really positive role model for me.

    • #119069


      Hi @mollygirl.
      Sounds good!
      The last part is confusing to me..
      Do you mean you have a friend who is a 30DSS “Graduate “?.
      Everyone here started out as a normal drinker BTW
      Onward! Sina

  • #119070


    Hi Sina! Yes, I have a friend who is a 30DSS graduate who recommended it to me. We talked for a while about my drinking and what I want to do and life goals and stuff, and she recommended the 30DSS program to me. She often says she ‘has a take or leave it attitude towards alcohol’ and when I saw those words in the Goals, I could hear her saying it.

  • #119731


    Goals which support my 30-days of sobriety:

    1) I will stay sober for the duration of the 30DSS, until August 13, 2018

    2) I will perform affirmations and review visualizations every morning as well as meditate morning and night (more if needed throughout the day to help me overcome anxiety) until August 13 2018

    3) I will engage in some type of physical exercise every day (walking, swimming, qigong movements) until August 13, 2018

  • #120413


    @dave I would love your feedback on my 3 goals (actually 4) that support my 30-day thriving in sobriety vision statement from Day 2:

    1). I will successfully and happily complete my 30 day program, including writing in my journal daily and completing all of he action steps sequentially, by 11pm on August 28th 2018.

    2). I will exercise in the form of my Peloton (spin bike), weight lifting, running or walking each day during the 30 day sobriety solution program thru 11pm on August 28th, 2018.

    3). I will track all of my meals and exercise daily using the “Lose It!” app. throughout the duration of my 30-day sobriety solution program, by August 28, 2018 at 11pm.

    4). I will play or practice Golf three times per week as a substitution for happy hour during my 30 day sobriety solution program consistently thru August 28, 2018.

  • #120685


    Here are my goals.

    1. I will have stayed sober for 30 days on Sept.22 at midnight.

    2. I will complete the 30DS each day and the actions steps as well as write in my journal by 10:00 p.m.

    3. I will excercise each day to promote my health each day by 7:00 p.m.

    My vision is “I feel lighter, healthier, and proud of myself!” 🙂 🙂

  • #120925


    That is so simple and to the point, I will use it as an example (putting my own spin on it, of course. )
    Thank you

  • #120945


    Love this

  • #121399


    By January 3rd 2019 I will have been one month sober (something new and exciting!) and I will have reflected upon myself, my relationship with others, work, life itself, in clarity.

    By January 3rd, i will have experienced sobriety, newly found energy, peace of soul and mind, new found hope in the future, a solidified confidence in myself.

    As I have already started, I will have continued the daily practice of yoga, and my body and spirit will say ” Thank you!”.

  • #121619


    1. I will have stayed sober for 30 days in a row on Feb 4th 2019 at midnight.

    2. I will read the daily solution every day and complete the actions steps every day, by midnight, until I have completed all days and steps on Feb 1st 2019.

    3. I will exercise everyday and experience the benefits for sobriety, until Feb 4th 2019 – either run, swim, cycle or strength work in the gym or at home.

    I’ve put these on my phone, so I can read them on the train to work in the mornings and on the way home in the evenings.

  • #122073


    I’m not sure if anyone is still reading these since I haven’t seen any posts in a while, but I am on Day 6 and am going to write my SMART goals since I haven’t been sober for this many days since I was pregnant 10 years ago.

    1. I am 100% committed to staying sober until June 11th (June 10th is my Day 30), while enjoying more quality, fun time with my family.

    2. I will eat healthy and nutritious food 90% of the time until June 11, 2020 that fuels my body to feel good and function well.

    3. I will ride my bike six days a week (weather permitting) until June 11th and enjoy my sober body that is full of energy.

    Did I write these correctly in order to make them attainable and not have any negatives in there? Feedback is welcome 🙂

    • #122076


      Your goals sound great.
      This book really helped me.
      I’ve been Alcohol free for nearly 21 months.
      I’d recommend alcohol free groups on Facebook.
      I find them super helpful.
      I wish I knew about them in conjunction with 30SS.
      I like Club Soda Together, sobersistas, Club Soda Alcohol Free.
      They are private groups, separate from your regular Facebook page, there are others groups I like as well.
      Life really is better on the “other side” who knew?
      Keep up the good fight.
      Maybe I’ll see you in one of the online groups.
      Feel free to reach out to me, for support.

      • #122077


        Thank you for the feedback and support! I will have to check out the online groups as well. La Croix with lime is saving me from myself this Friday night.

      • #122119


        Another site I’ve found and like is She Recovers. Might check it out.

    • #122092


      I have read everyone’s posts and can’t figure out how to reply to their comments. I clicked on the reply link and nothing happened. Can anyone help?

      • #122095


        I’m happy to help to help anyone here BTW. The Site does not work as it did when the book was released 2015-16. But the Program itself is a Winner big time! And you can win this struggle too Friends!!!
        Onward, Sina

  • #122074


    I think they look great! They look very inspiring! They inspired me, anyway 🙂

    I just write you a longer response but the interface crashed briefly so I lost it all done but I’m glad you’re here and I’m glad you’re doing this!

  • #122091


    My Outcome solutions:

    1) Everyday close to dinner time I will read the book and complete the exercises.
    2) I will become a normal drinker after I complete the 30 day course. Wine will be associated with fancy dinners and end when dinner ends.
    3) I will have an amazing life. In the evenings I will attend functions like Yoga,music,french and cooking.
    4) My health and happiness will improve each day as I believe in myself and what I can accomplish.

    Today I have to think hard about these goals so that I don’t give in to short term drinking pleasure!

    • #122094


      Hi Sarah. This Companion Website is and has been in need of TLC for a long time, so try not to discouraged.
      If the Reply tab doesnt allow yo to respond, just reply on the box you’ll see below the last comment.
      i recommend you check out the Site Wide Activity so you can see posts from people currently active on the site. it is under the “Your Community” on my laptop. I usually use my phone though bc its much more user friendly for me. let me know if this helps. We are now Friends and i am happy to help in any way! This program will set your feet on a new path. just dont give up!!!!
      onward!!! Sina

  • #122096


    Looks great, Sarah! Glad you are on this path!

  • #122118


    My goals:
    I want to be thriving in sobriety.
    I will have stayed in sobriety for 30 days in a row by June 20, 2019 at 8PM
    Every night by 7:00 PM I will have completed the days work for the 30 day program and spent 5 minutes writing in my journal by June 20, 2019 7PM
    I will have been to Hot Yoga three times per week every week by July 20th, 2019 at 6:00PM

    I will review my goals two times every day

  • #122120


    Welcome myturn75 ! It is too bad that Dave Andrews doesnt take care his Companion Website as he should.
    I hope you dont let it detract from your goals because this Program is Excellent (and I am familiar with most currently available!)
    Besides what I recommended in my post above, you can also start your own Topics. Just keep experimenting with tapping the different options on the homepage…the functions dont all work as they should, but they work well enough to guarantee success!
    Onward Friend! I’m happy to help in any way and I’m excited about your progress!🤠 Sina

  • #122329


    I have decided to keep my goals as simple as possible, I have used this page for inspiration and it was a massive help (THANKS) as I had spent a cupule of days thinking of them but I couldn’t . I have been calling in & out of the help pages for a few week now but only now decided to send this post .keep up the good work everyone. ONLY A WEEK AND 2 DAYS IN AND ALLREADY THIS BOOK HAS CHANGED MY LIFE

    MY goals:
    1 by 10th August19 I WILL have completed my 30 days.

    2 I WILL complete action steps an my dairy before I go to bed

    3 I Will find moor activates to do with my family that do not include alcohol

  • #122355


    By 22 August 2019 at 7am I will be sober for 30 days
    By 10pm every night, I will have read the next chapter of the book, completed the tasks for the day and written in my journal for at least five minutes until 21 August 2019.
    I will recite the forgiveness confirmation to myself twice a day until 8 August 2019
    I will look in the mirror and say “I love you” to myself twice a day until 8 August 2019
    I will spend at least 1 hour outdoors with my husband and or my son on one weekend day before 5pm on 20 August 2019
    I will eat healthful, vegan meals two days a week until Wednesday 22 August 2019 
    I will have two sugar free days a week until Wednesday 22 August 2019. 
    I will be in bed by 8.30pm two nights a week until 2 August 2019.

    • #122359


      Hi Again marasky1342
      Congratulations on your continuing Sobriety!!
      Your SMART goals sound inspiring!
      I hope you continue with this 30 Day Sobriety Solution Program.
      I believe it to be one of the best, if not THE best one on the very crowded market today. It turned the key for me and for beachmary5 ( who I’m happy and proud to say is a friend of mine!) when other programs didn’t work!
      Yes, there is a ton of “quit lit” on the market. I found that concentrating on the 30DSS solely got me the biggest result for my first 30 days.
      After you make it through, and I am very optimistic for your progress, there will be plenty of time to explore other resources as your Journey continues to unfold.
      I’m excited for you!!!!
      Onward! Sina

  • #122357


    You’re off to a great start.
    For more support check out the different sober groups on Facebook, such as club soda alcohol free.
    I wish I knew about these support groups when I first quit drinking.
    I’m almost 2 years alcohol free thanks to the 30 day sobriety solution.
    Best of luck, it really is worth it.
    Read some other quit lit too.
    Alcohol lied to me,
    Sober Diaries,
    This Naked Mind.
    You really want to see alcohol for the liar it is.

  • #122360


    Hi Marasky, Sina, and beachmary!

    I am here! 😊 I have been quiet but journalling everyday.

    I did not know who else was on but love it Sina, that you are supportive of us all. I think this is so helpful to continue to support and be supported by someone who has gone through this also!

    I am on Day 19 and 40 days Alcohol free. I planned on doing this in 60 days primarily because I have been traveling and unable to stick to a solution per day but it has been part of my journey.

    This far, even while traveling, I realize I indeed can thrive in sobriety, enjoy being with my family and even at a dinner where everyone is drinking, and still enjoy myself. Even more so because I am aware of my actions and the law of attraction (current solution!).

    Intentionally, I am going through this for the second time. My longer term goal is to go through this once per year, and I continue to learn.

    So, good luck Mara and yes, this program is heaven sent.

    Happy Sunday everyone.

  • #122643


    I am committed to staying sober unit November 7th which is the end of my 30 days and continue to learn to put the joy back in my life without alcohol.

    Each day I will read my lessons and complete my daily exercise in my journal before 9 pm, including weekends. All of the lessons will be completed on November 7th.

    Each day I am learning to move my body in fun ways and will continue to loose weight. I will continue to meditate a minimum of 4 days per week and by November 19th I will be in the 260’s and completely off my depression medication. On December 16th I will have my blood work rechecked with a new note in my chart (not drinking).

    • #122665


      I also will complete the 30 days on November 7th. Right there with you!

      • #122907


        Just curious…did you and @carolbowers7018 make it to the 7th ok? I sure hope so. I’m encouraged by what I see here, but there’s not as much interaction as I expected.
        Anyway – hope all’s well. I’m on Day 7 and going (mainly) strong!

  • #122721


    So I won’t post my goals, as they are similar to most others as far as staying sober for the 30 days. What did stick out for the 6th days’s solutions was me writing down my greatest accomplishments and the sacrifices that I made to achieve their success. And I realized that on every one of my accomplishments, I was 100% committed to completing them – no matter what. For example, when I went to college, I was pretty much broke and had a piece of crap car, etc., but I told myself that no matter what; I would make it to class every day – even if the car broke down and I had to hitchhike to get there. Well the car did break down a couple times, and I was able to have friends or neighbors get me to my class on those days. The point is, they were not ideal times or circumstances to go to college, but I also knew that nothing was going to change until I did. So, if I was going to take that leap then I definitely was going to make sure I graduated. I also studied very hard and then graduated the first 10% of my graduating class. That is far different than my high school GPA (I can’t even believe they let me graduate with a GPA that low), back when all I did was party, sleep in class, and skip school. Anyways, so after realizing that my all my previous accomplishments were because I had given 100%, I added that to this 30 Day Sobriety Solution goal – I am ALL In and will not drink alcohol for these 30 days!

  • #122722


    Wonderful FaithHipe38!
    Here’s a video from Craig Beck to help cement that 100% mindset. Beware, he pulls no punches!

    • #122908


      That’s great! EVERYONE on here should watch that!!
      Thanks for sharing!

  • #122741


    1. I will have 30 days of continued sobriety from October 28-November 26,2019.
    2. I will write in my journal and complete all the 30 days 100% sobriety solutions.
    3. I will embrace and be grateful for my sobriety and wisdom I’ve gained by acknowledging my thoughts and
    feelings, and expressing them both in my journal and to those around me in a calm manner.
    4. I will exercise 5 out of seven days a week.

  • #122909


    Here’s mine. Any feedback is appreciated…
    1) I’m going to be totally honest with my wife and check with her on her emotional state at least 5x each week as we work through these 30 days.
    2) I’m going to be 100% sober and 100% committed to completing all of the 30 Day exercises by Jan 13, 2020!
    3) I’m going to do my 2.25 mile walk/run at least 6x each week, and work out for at least 15 minutes no less than 5x each week.
    4) I’m going to pray and read my Bible every day!
    5) I’m GOING TO DO THIS!!!!

    • #123264


      I think these are awesome goals! Also, it’s amazing you and your wife are going through this journey together. I think it’s wonderful. I also have been using exercise to help keep me focused and productive. Best to both of you!!

  • #123145


    Here is mine.. 🙂

    1) I am going to follow my action steps and finish them by 6pm everyday along with reviewing my new me and telling myself “I love YOU” everyday. I am going to finish the 30 day solution on February 27th 2020 at 9am.

    2) I am going to eat healthier, exercise 3 times a week and reward myself every Sunday for dinner with a grilled steak or pizza.

    3) I am going to save enough money by July 23rd 2020 at 9:00 am to take a vacation to Florida to see my parents.

  • #123177


    I am going to continue to work on my sobriety even though I finished the 30 day reboot and I made it through Without a drop of alcohol I still have a lot of work to do on myself and my emotions I started doing the book and the exercises again to help me deal with all the Issues I still have remaining it is a great book and it does provide a lot of great exercises. It will probably take me years to heal from all the years of excessive drinking It’s great to have this Forum To read about how everyone else is handling their sobriety

  • #123206


    1. I will have filled my heart with self love as I wake up every morning believing that I am enough, wherever I am and with whatever I have in that moment all by the time I complete my 30 day program, March 8 2020 at 7AM

    2. I will bounce out of bed consistently at 7 AM with excitement and motivation to start another meaningful and fulfilling day as of tomorrow morning at 7 AM and each day moving forward.

    3. I will remain in motion, starting right now at 9:53 PM (except when sleeping) as I have the energy and creativity to carry out my daily tasks since being sober.

    • #123207


      Wow Clala25. Your goals are inspiringly energetic!
      I wish you deep and restorative sleep so that you may accomplish all with continuing resolve and optimism.
      Onward! Sina

  • #123265


    My SMART goals
    1. I will stay sober for 30 days straight by March 23rd at midnight
    2. My relationships with my children, husband, and family will be the best it ever has. Full of love, honesty and communication
    3. I will make a friendship where I can engage in creative, healthy, fun activities while thriving in sobriety
    4. I will overcome my insomnia and have healthy sleep patterns to support thriving in sobriety

  • #123268


    Wonderful SMART goals Rebecca!
    Here’s Dr. Matthew Walker on some things we can do to help get a better night’s sleep!
    Sweet dreams!

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