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    Since we all sometimes forget all the things we do repeatedly throughout the day, share yours in todayโ€™s forum thread Day 9 Forum โ€“ Habits. When you read othersโ€™ ideas, you will be surprised of all the daily activities or habits you do every day that you may not have remembered on your own. Find one that is easy to link your 30-Day Vision Statement to so you can successfully build new habits into your life.

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    Still amazed that I’m making this happen. This is my first big “weekend” without alcohol and I’m doing this!! Went to an outdoor art show (typically the art is much cooler if I’m walking around with a plastic cup of Chardonnay) – then we usually go to an early happy hour-which makes the rest of the day a total waste (in more ways than one!). We (myself, my husband and my best friend – who both drink as much, if not more than me) went to the show, then to our fun happy hour place and we ALL had club soda or water!! I even told them both I didn’t care if they drank-neither really wanted to. My husband has been surprisingly super-supportive. I cannot stress how HUGE this is and how great it felt to have a positive impact on 2 others who need this just as much. The bigger bonus was just how much less $$ our bill was :))) I’ve decided to link my 30-day vision statement to every time I use the restroom. Sorry – but I drink a TON of water and typically restrooms have a mirror so I can recite my mantra while looking into it.

    Side note- I am still a little over-emotional and tend to get upset or even cry if I’m communicating something that bothers me. I’m not a big “cryer?” so I guess I’m a little fragile…..will try to be kind to myself and just let those feelings process. On a positive note – I am sleeping much more soundly and wake up refreshed and alert (no foggy brain or sluggish start to the day). I just want to fast-forward but know every step is building a foundation.

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    @eigramsmada That is great!!! So excited for you and happy for you that you have that level of support.
    I am doing the same linking it to the restroom. Added it to my phone so I can view it every time I sit down. Which is really the only time I sit down and relax during a day! haha.

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      Day 1 for me. Art and wine is a problem for me. If I am painting alone at night wine really helps me loosen up and get into the zone. I can do it for hours and hours. Not sure how I will give up this habit. One day at a time I guess.

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        do Loxton alcohol free wine

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      I love linking it to the bathroom – I did that, too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Then I realized I had no place to physically put my Vision Statement (none of the dresses I wear have pockets), so I taped it to the inside of my iPad cover. Whenever I open my iPad, I see it, read it, tell myself I love me, and give myself a high five.

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        Great idea with the ipad cover! I’ll do that too!

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    Very encouraging hearing you guys! I’m on day 9 but have still drank wine half of those nights. I’ve read every book available and really love this program – very insightful but just go into zombie mode to buy the bottle of wine – yesterday I wrote down and really believe it is my mortal enemy! And with it I can’t see past 5 years- it’s only wine at night alone but my life is miserable and my weight is at an all time high- not sure what to do- was there a defining moment and what the heck am I waiting for !! Need serious help

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      Hi Laura I too struggle with weight, was hoping to drop a few but not yet,(day 9), live alone, drink alone, but decided to trust the process and fill my drinking time with the program. Today, I was in store and saw my reflection unexpectedly, and was pleasantly surprised at how much better I looked! I didn’t notice it at home, but what a boost to get an unexpected pleasant surprise. Just trust a day at a time. I feel great in the day, only have to worry about the 4-6 pm slot so I have 22 hours for positive thinking….good luck!

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      laura c
      I think most people that drink enough have a weight issue; it’s years of empty calories, which are mainly sugar, loving your waistline and beyond. Don’t worry! We all do.It took years to pack on some pounds. Just do the work and you body will catch up to your mind. I promise!

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    @runswithscissors (loved that book) and @eigramsmada I am connecting reading my Vision Statement with bathroom visits as well. I drink two liters of water alone each day, so I have plenty of opportunities, lol. I have printed it on an index card that I keep folded in my pocket and I am pulling it out and reading it and then celebrating.

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      Love the index card idea — totally “stealing” it for myself!

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    @laura c, for me it was associating enough pain with my drinking behaviors and associating enough pleasure with sobriety. The time travel experience was a good one to look back at over the first couple of days, reminding me as well why I wanted to complete this program. Now that we are at Day 9, my Vision Statement is becoming a bigger part of it also. I know it is different for everyone, but at least you are here!

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      Thank you SO MUCH for your words of encouragement! They are extremely important and appreciated. Like some others I have not shared my struggle so it’s hard. Ice tea tonight ๐Ÿ™‚ yeah gonna listen to time travel everyday if needed in my stubborn addicted brain! I put vision card in a few places as well. Thanks!!

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        Laura C, sending much love and support. Warmly, Teresa

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        Laura C, this isn’t easy for any of us or we wouldn’t all be here. Focus on the reading and the assignments. And listen to the Time Travel whenever you feel tempted. We’re in this together- no one can do it alone.
        Much prayer and support!!


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      I’ve also connected pain to my worries. One of my three is getting charged with something and being unable to travel across the border as I travel for work. I am a professional in my field, I make good money, wear a suit to work and a wife and kids in the burbs. I am however embarassed to say that I have been thrown into the drunk tank 3 times in the last 5 years, twice in the last year. I have a visualization attached to this worry that I think of whenever I have a craving for alcohol. I think of the feeling of the cold, sharp cuffs around my wrists and the tight uncomfortable back seat of the cruiser and am immediately sickened by it.

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    Celebrating day 9! Everyone is doing so well, and even if 4-5 days sober that is worth your joy. The time travel is invaluable for me, I’m very visual, any time the slightest hint of a thought of drinking comes into my mind I remember those opposing life stories. And I’ll take the sober one, I’ve hung out in the other option far too long! I have crated my vision stamens on a index card and spent time with some kiddie markers decorations, making it pretty with things like peace signs, sunshine, flowers, love hearts. I keep it on the table propped up so I can see it every meal, today I decided to link it to making a cup of tea and read it out loud then. This will get me to 5 times in the day. Thank you all for sharing.

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      @healthylady – I love the idea of decorating my vision statement card. Glitter pens make me so happy. Thank you for a great idea.

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    It’s wonderful to hear so many successes! It’s also inspiring to read the support you are giving to each other. Laura c- it’s difficult to get out of our daily habits- i.e. buying a bottle of wine on our way home. It’s so natural, we don’t even think about it. Luckily, this program is slowly helping you increase your awareness around all of the little things that you do. If you’re struggling to see past 5 years, then revisiting the Time Travel Technique daily is really a great thing to do. I’m glad to hear that’s your plan! Try taking it one step further and make art about it or a collage! This can help your vision of yourself really take form. Good luck!

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    Thank you everyone for the great ideas! I love to wash my hands, and I always have my phone, so I will recite my Vision Statement every time I wash my hands using a pic of it on my phone to help me remember. Drinking seemed appealing tonight, maybe even the most I have considered it since starting (er… quitting). But, I remembered how happy I would be in the am (and at bedtime- though I wasn’t sure I would ever get there with a long sober night ahead of me) and I got recentered in our work here. And now the desire has passed. It is strange how it comes in waves. I am so grateful we are here together and for this book. All my best, Teresa

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    I will also do my Vision Statement when I visit the bathroom, which is pretty often since I go there to wash my hands often too ๐Ÿ˜€
    Today is my 11th day sober and now I slowly start to see the difference it has made! Being sober is now as normal as taking couple drinks every day so I am very pleased about this progress. Now I know that after 30 days, being sober is the normal feeling and drinking is the opposite, yes!
    I feel very lucky in the way that I never really used to drink any alcohol before past 5 years. So I still clearly remember how sober life is normal life and how it feels. I always had fun at parties and everywhere without drinking and I am feeling so blessed that I am getting back at that lifestyle again ๐Ÿ™‚ I really believed that drinking releases stress, but for me it mostly just added stress! I felt bad and guilty every time I drank anything! Now I don’t have that burden anymore and that already makes me less stressed. Not to mention how much deeper the sleep seems to be. I never before really realized how much drinking only one to three drinks a day affects to your sleep! I always thought that only heavy drinkers have sleeping problems (pass out, then wake up during the night etc.) I still want to drink though but at least the moment don’t seem to last long. Good luck everyone!

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    One other thing I have been doing is, I listen classical music for reading/relaxing from youtube every time I read the daily lessons ( I always listen the same piece). It helps me concentrate, but I also hope, that after this 30 days is gone, I can always listen that same music and hopefully it connects my inner self to this period my life and if needed, helps me to stay sober and focus in all the things I have learned ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Day 9 has been harder for me than the others for some reason. If feels sort of “in the middle”. Not quite as excited as I was and yet so far to go for “Normalhoodland”. I really like your idea aikatherinee of the music for relaxing and further down the line remembering the importance of this time. Thank you for the inspiration.

    I have been using that other great idea of reading aloud the 30 Day Vision Statement after using the bathroom and then giving myself a cheer! It is so valuable to really look yourself in the eye and state that you are going to make it!

    Keep up the great work everyone.

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    I’m in and out of the car all day so I’ve written my vision statement on an index card and it sits in front of the RPM gauge (which I don’t need) right in front of me when I’m seated. My new habit is to read it aloud every time I get into the car, then take a moment to close my eyes and visualize how I will feel with 30 days of sobriety, and then make a power move with my arm and say “Yes!” 3 times.
    So far so good it’s only 2pm and I’ve done it 3 times already. No way I would have done this if it wasn’t “homework” so I’m grateful for the power of this program and the exercises I do religiously each day.

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    I have it on my wall, so every time I walk past, I’ll read it. Also, I’ll repeat it when using the bathroom. I like the idea of looking at myself in the mirror, smiling and saying, “You go, girl!”

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    Thank you everyone for sharing your tips to help you remember to say your 30-day vision statement! Great ideas I’m reading!

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    I wear glasses for computer work and driving, so I’m reciting my vision statement whenever I put them on and take them off.

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      I wear glasses too! What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!

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    I’m reciting my Vision Statement every time I pour a cup of coffee. I drink a lot of coffee.

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    I have incorporated the lesson about making sacrifices for goals that I have set in the past. I really connect to that. I have put myself through undergrad and my two grad degrees. I certainly was focused and sacrificed A Lot to achieve those goals given I worked full time and went to school full time and paid for it all myself…. I did not start drinking until I was in my early 30’s on a very social level. Completely take it or leave it. Then after several miscarriages, my divorce and I moved to city not knowing anyone for a job… I gradually got into a habit of having several glasses of wine with dinner after a long day at a high pressured job. That continued until this past month. I have thought about wanting to not drink by myself for about 3 years now and just couldn’t or wasn’t able to do it. I am so thankful that I have to tools, the book, the education on addiction, and this community to create a wonderful life for myself after feeling that my life was completely over. I am really feeling very sad, tired but I am doing this and I am not a drinker anymore. I will live a life without Alcohol and thrive in life beyond what I can even imagine for myself in the moment. I am 100% Committed to my sobriety. Thank you all for being here! I feel a part of this community! I am not alone here and you are not either!

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    That is totally awesome. Sending support ๐Ÿ™‚ I share a lot of your path, and did honestly not know any, seemingly, better way(s) to cope, and got into the wine o’clock trap for longer that I care to recall – after a hard day, or not. After all, didn’t I earn/deserve a break to relax and unwind? Rewiring that twisted thinking a big part on this 30 day journey I think. Finding a path to new, tiny habits.

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    I have my vision statement posted in my bathroom and in my bedroom by the light switch. I am committed to reading it out loud the first thing in the morning and right before bed. I also have a copy in my 30 Day book so that is another opportunity. Another copy is in my car so every time I get in my car, I read my vision statement out loud and look in the mirror. Lots of reminders and lots of opportunities for reading my vision statement throughout the day. It is working!!

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    I have my vision statement on my treadmill and tapped inside the cabinet in the bathroom that I open several times a day on an index card. I also often have it pulled up on my computer screen so that I see it frequently throughout the day.

    Doing well here. Yesterday, I learned some valuable lessons. And I am going to look at it as being consistent with the shoot, aim, fire solution. I got some valuable info for how to handle future situations. It was a close call but I made it. I am loving myself and learning and moving forward in action

    Today is day 14 and I have been around someone who was drinking every single day that I have been in the program and at 3-4 social events with several people drinking. Mostly I am doing fine. But this was an almost trigger for me yesterday. When I lived alone, it was easier to not attend events and to stay away from alcohol being served if I did not want to drink. In my current situation, it is something I am going to see frequently. Yesterday was unexpected and that was the trigger and I need to be prepared for the unexpected. But glad that overall other people not been tempting to me.

    I am awfully hard on myself. And I was yesterday. Which is not going to be helpful. I really plan to take it as a lesson learned .Actually I think I am doing a Great job with this!!

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    Daily habit:
    -Coffee in the morning.
    -visits to the bathroom.
    -When I remove my makeup at night.(let’s face it, I wouldn’t do that after a bottle of wine!).

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    I will repeat my vision statement(s):
    -in the morning while drinking coffee, and
    -at 4:00 p.m. when I must have a healthy snack (helps ward off the “evil hour”)

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    I have my vision statement posted by my bedside. The first thing I read in the morning and the last thing I read at night. I am also going to use the bathroom as a connection to read my statement and take a moment to visualize how it will feel.

    I am eating way to much to compensate for the activity of drinking. I work out daily, read about an hour a day (in addition to the daily solutions), drink 2 litres of water …. but can’t stop the food cravings…. Any advice? I am working towards a life of sobriety, and also a life of good health which requires weight loss.

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      eat celery with fat free sour cream or yoghurt, or shredded cabbage with fat free sour cream with or without chives or bacon bits

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    I have reached day 10 of sobriety (Day 9 of program). Some thoughts:

      Ten days seems massive to me, but then I think of a normal drinker, and they would think it is nothing. I want to become a normal drinker. Ergo, I am still nowhere near where I need to be in my recovery. Reality check: 30 days is not going to be enough time to break the back of this 20 year habit.
      I am gradually being more and more horrified at my past self, and coming to the true realisation at how debilitating heavy drinking has been to me in all aspects of my life. I was kidding myself I was hiding it. I’ve had to go back to my Before You and correct it to the reality I was clearly not able to see on Day 2.

      My connection to my kids and wife has grown dramatically. My six year old now kisses me goodnight. He hasn’t done that ever. It breaks my heart that he was unable to like the old me.

      I constantly think about sobriety. I never thought about drinking as much as I think about not drinking. I turn it to positive thoughts such as how clear my mind is, how bright my eyes are, and how energised I am.
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    I am linking my vision statement with my car. I will read it whenever I get in my car and read it again before I get out of my car. And, just a side note of what is working for me – when I find myself thinking about taking a drink, I say to myself “Why would I do that?” and I intentionally picture (and feel) myself at my falling down drunk experience shortly before I started the program (I was walking the dog while drunk, I missed the curb and fell in front of strangers (thank goodness I did not know them!), I got up and continued on with an injured hand.) Now that I have gone 9 days without imbibing (a 25 year habit for me) the thought of this one experience is so powerful and embarrassing (but the perfect “Movie Moment”) that it is a real deterrent for me. Thanks for listening! It is a bit of a relief to get that off my chest and perhaps it will help someone else.

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      Thanks! Love your “why would I do that” question. After 10 days of sobriety I still have the “afternoon urge” its 5pm and time for a glass of wine, or two…that always led to a bottle plus until I “fell asleep” in the chair watching a show and my daughter would have to get me up and put me to bed. How embarrassing. Like you I reach back to those moments(and many more worse than that) to push thru the temporary desire to drink wine.

      Another thing that has helped is to substitute a non alcoholic cocktail to replace the ritual of the wine hour. I pour Kombucha in a wine glass and sit on the deck enjoying evening as I did before with wine. Last night I made sparkling minted meyer lemonade and served it in a tall crystal gin and tonic glass filled with crushed ice and topped with a mint sprig. It was beautiful!

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    Linked to drinking water. I have glass refillable water bottles in fridge. I poor drinks from them throughout day.

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      I am also going to link reading my vision statement, and my new tiny habit (day 9) to “pit stops”, IE, bathroom visits. My tiny habit will be doing squats to get my legs stronger. I also have revised my Vision Statement 3 times so far. It seems to get more positive with each revamp. I’ve felt temptation, but still have been able to resist drinking since I committed 100% on April 1st. Yay!

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    Vision Statement

    I feel the joy of healthy, clear, creative, peaceful, energetic, true intimate connection with my life

    Start a tiny habit

    Drink 1.5 cups green tea during kitty happy hour at least once a day ahead of dinner (e.g. 3-5 PM) to metabolize fat through my alcohol free liver to increase my peacefulness and energy through weight loss

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    kitty is my Birman female cat who loves to sit on my lap during happy hour

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    I’m putting it on the dash of my car. Not only to read when I get in, but also to remind me not to buy wine when I’m driving to the grocery store.

    ETA: Another thing I’ve done is I’m using pictures of my kids as bookmarks in my book. They are a huge part of the reason I’m doing this.

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    I’ve re-written my vision statement. I feel like 9 days in, it needs tweaking. I’m going to try read it when I go on a bathroom break as reinforcement. I like the idea of writing it out every morning on a piece of paper and then re-reading that piece of paper during the day.

    I’ve been wanting to get into origami, so I’m also going to do one origami for the next 21 days. A different object each day of sobriety.

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    waz-69 . . . really like the origami idea. I bet it reinforces the learning and changing that will be taking place within. Might just have to give that one a try! Thanks for the tip.

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    I’ve started with lotus blossoms. It’s kinda therapeutic.

    Origami Lotus

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    Beautiful orgami by the way!

    My moments for reciting my vision statement are:
    1. When I brush my teeth (it is taped to the bathroom mirror)
    2. After my shower, when I’m getting dressed and about to leave
    3. When I fix coffee every morning (it is taped also to the inside of the cabinet where the coffee grounds, cups and filters are stored)
    4. In my car, at traffic lights or in rush hour traffic (it is taped to my dashboard)

    I really liked the ideas that referred to glasses cases and ipad covers, those are great ones that I could incorporate into my routine as well. I need to get use to the thumbs up and the “good job”. I haven’t been doing that but, I will start now.

    I’ve been so proud of myself. I have thought about drinking but, I haven’t acted on the thought. In fact, yesterday I had to go for stress test at my doctor’s office. There was something (?) she saw on my last EKG. After the stress test she said my heart was great and whatever she had noticed the first time was gone now. I feel so encouraged by so many people, people here in all the forums I read, my family, myself…I try to exercise daily and eat healthy too. It feels so good to get things accomplished. In my old drinking habits I just felt unproductive and useless. Now it feels so good to meet my daily goals and feel like I’m really going in a positive direction!

    thank you!!

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      I really like the idea of repeating your vision statement after each step of getting ready in the morning. Thanks for that suggestion librarygirl. I think for me I will read my vision statement every time I get on my computer which is several times a day, close to 5 time I think. If not maybe I will throw one in when I get into my car also. I’ve got my vision statement on an index card taped to my visor.
      I read my vision statement aloud just before I started this post and it is pretty empowering, especially with a fist pump at the end. I really wanna be that person!

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    My hardest part of the day when it comes to drinking is after I get home from work and walk the dog. There’s a 3 hour window that looms ahead of me, waiting to be filled. Since starting this program, I have started playing both Solitaire and Words With Friends on my computer. After each game, I will read my vision statement. Sometimes I need to run an errand or take a break to talk on the phone or do some house hold chore so it is split up over the course of the evening. That’s my plan, anyway. I’m hoping for success.

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    My plan is to put a piece of paper in my nursing bra so every time I feed the baby I will read it..All other times my hands are full!

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    Day 10 sober, day 9 of program. I will recite my vision statement every time I have a non-alcoholic beverage: morning coffee, mid-morning water at the gym, tea with lunch, sparkling water during the afternoon, dinner coffee, bedtime tea. THESE are the drinks that will get me to my best 5-year me ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Self nurturing activities instead of drinking

    large cup of green tea AM and with cat pre-dinner PM to metabolize fat through a clean liver
    non-alcoholic beer instead of wine

    gardening, exercise, music practice, philanthropy via money and/or time

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    I check my phone more then 5 times a day so I took a screenshot of my Vision Statement and then added it to my home screen. Also I wrote it in lipstick on the mirror of my bathroom as well as I โค๏ธ U. Good fun!

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    Just finished reading chapter 9, I’m not that caught up in worrying about drinking yet, because the thoughts are still fresh of the casualties if I do , remorse , shame , guilt plus one hell of a hangover. I still feel very positive on going forward with my sobriety. I do yoga in the morning to start the day off relaxed, try to convince myself to stay positive and not over analyze every possible scenario. Trying to let go of any possible daily anxiety. When I get home I do some cardio and exercise to get the thought or temptation of drinking out of my mind. It seems to be working so far. As far as the daily habits I am really drawing a blank. I have situations when to start new habits, but can’t think of new habits to start. The only thing I came up with was . Memorizing my vision statement while driving too and from work. And staying connected with my kids by having dinner with them every night and asking them “How was your day?” And saying “I love you” when I look in the mirror. Think I just had a long day today. I’m gonna sleep on it and maybe it will hit me tomorrow.

  • #19097


    I am beginning a nightly meditation habit. I had started that once before but drinking got in the way! I have now made it through day eight at 100% so starting a meditation habit seems like a great idea!

    • #121131


      I am connecting my vision to my daily lesson. I wanted to respond to the message re meditation. I have meditated for years on and off….what really helped me sustain a practice for over a year is Headspace. Try the 10 free trial….got me hooked. I have had my ups and downs but stuck with it as I forced myself to purchase a one year subscription. Also, Deepak and Oprah are having a free 21 day meditation on the 29th. Hope this is OK to post as it is a resource which helps me. I am not affiliated with them.

  • #119817


    I have taped my vision statement in the bathroom mirror where I can read it at start and end of every day, and throughout the day when I’m at home.

    I also really liked the poster’s idea of putting the vision statement as the screenshot for the phone. Think that’s a great idea…very easy way to remind oneself of one’s vision and the steps needed to make the vision a reality.

  • #120946


    Since I go to the bathroom many times a day and forgive me for saying this… I bring my phone, my habit I am linking the reading of my vision statement is going to the bathroom. So I wrote down my 30 day vision statement in my phone and will read it while I am in there. My statement lines up with having a take it or leave it attitude to booze rather than abstinence. However, there is a bit of me that thinks I am fooling myself. But my hope is that I can work through the solutions and walk away with a new mind set and I really would like to think this thing does not have as strong a hold on me as I fear.

  • #121125


    I decided to share my 30 day vision statement to going to the bathroom. yesterday was my first day and it was successful. today I decided to log on to the community and was astounded to see that so many other people are doing the same thing! I thought I was really out of the box. so nice to know others think like me. I have vision statement on index cards I keep on shelf just outside bathroom and can easily grab it on the way in…new cool skill that kept me sober today…all the best to all of you.

  • #121134


    Hi sumosam80 … Thanks for the “Headspace” tip. I’m accumulating all the tips I discover here. I’ll try it all! So far I’ve had extremely good luck immediately. My one year anniversay is coming up (it’ll be 12/31/18) with severley cutting back. I feel I’ve been mostly sober this year.

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