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    You can share the process of creating your vision board by posting some images that represent thriving in sobriety to you, or how your vision board is coming together. Also, share any successes you are starting to see in your life as you work on your vision board daily. Or, if you have already completed your board, post a picture of the finished product. This is a really fun project and we (and others in your community) can’t wait to hear how it is working for you! Day 15 Forum – Vision Board.

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    I have my vision board to share but can’t see how to upload it

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      I am looking into this and will let you know. Thank you!

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      Thanks for asking how to upload an image. It is easy to do from activity, but not at all from the forums. So I have added that to the list to address. Should be easy. But here are two options.

      1 – There is a button right above where you type labeled “img.” That button when clicked let’s you put in a URL of an image. If you have a URL.

      2 – You can actually go to activity (Your Community – Site-Wide Activity) and then add the image and any text there, then after posting you could click on the image, which will give the URL and then copy that and use it.

      But I know, that isn’t ideal. Thanks, and we should be able to improve this pretty quickly. Dave

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    I’ve been using Mind Movies for over a year now. I’m VERY visual so this is extremely helpful.

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    I’m feeling a little resistance to making a vision board because I have made one before and at that time it wasn’t successful for me. It may have been because I did not do the affirmations on a daily basis and I don’t enjoy “busy” work…

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      same here brighid, pulled up my old vision boards, had to update a few things but really enjoying this whole process and progress!

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    I also have done a lot of these exercises in the past. Affirmations, vision boards etc and it has not really made much difference to me. I do believe it works – but there must be more to it. I suspect I did not really commit or have to patience to keep going long term or the attention to doing it every day. But I think the key lies in Jim Carrey’s statement: I don’t think much will happen if I make a vision board then sit staring at it while eating a sandwich!! The key must be that these things motivate you to take further steps – like saying no to a glass of wine, not having dessert very often or getting up and exercising – the vision starts to make these things normal – things that we will do without thinking about it too much – but in the beginning you do have do work hard and you may need to keep working hard for a long time – I think that needs acknowledging?

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    Probably not the only one to discover this, but on working on my fledgling vision board, I realized my goals for sobriety and my goals for my life are actually the same. Go figure.

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    At age of 18 I had a green belt in judo, really healthy, athletic, sober, streamlined body and weighed 178 lbs. at 6’1″

    I see myself weighing 178 lbs. again with a really healthy, athletic, sober, streamlined body.

    Today I weigh 208.5 lbs.

    45 days ago I weighed 219 lbs. Day 1 of Sobriety Solution I weighed 215 lbs.

    I can peacefully and joyfully do this. I know it.

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    Ok, this one is very time consuming! And Imagination has never been my strong suit! I did manage to create 3 mental movies of realistic situations in which I have a choice to drink but I don’t and they are detailed (to me) with smells, tastes, feelings etc. I am happy and content in them. It’s going to take some effort for me to create a vision board! Not quite sure where to start? I guess with the two categories. Goals and accomplishments. The explosion/bubble vision felt weird to me, again anything connected with imagination is hard for me. 🙁

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      I can resonate with Tango’s post back in May regarding the Vision Board and Exploding exercise. I feel the same when it comes to doing these types of exercises. I was never one to enjoy arts and crafts or such assignments like this when in school, but I love photography, so maybe I can incorporate that somehow into creating my vision board. I create a doc on my computer and copy images from my saved picture folders as well as add quotes and other images that go along with my accomplishments. I think I would find that more effective for me personally, plus, I don’t like the idea of having an actual “vision board” in my house that others could see. Does anyone else have any similar ideas?

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    Can anyone recommend free Vision Board software for PC’s Windows 7 please

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    Day 15, yay me!

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    I did these when I was a teenager. Cutting pictures and such out of magazines. It was fun…Oprah did this on one of her shows also. While this isn’t new, it’s pretty effective. I’ll do mine with magazines and tape. Enjoy!!

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    I feel the same as Tango’s post back in May when it comes to doing these types of exercises. I was never one to enjoy arts and crafts but I love photography, so maybe I can incorporate that into creating my vision board. I’m thinking I can take photos from my saved picture folders on my computer and copy them onto a doc and also include other images and quotes, etc., that support my goals and accomplishments. But I don’t like the idea of having an actual “vision board” on display in my home that others might see. Does anyone else have similar struggles with this? If so, any ideas or suggestions to make this tool effective would be appreciated!

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      Hi blueberrygal!
      I want to let you know that I have been following your posts with interest and enthusiasm. I got the 30DSS back in February. I finally got serious about it on April 1st, when I xugned5on for the 30 Day Challenge that Jack Canfield started. I’m proud and happy to say that my last drink was way back then. I’m Thriving in Sobriety! And it sure sounds like your dedication will continue to insure your success as well. I friended you on your profile. Hope you accept my friendship and support on this journey! Feel free to contact me , or ask any questions or for feedback! I admire your gumption! Sina

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      Blueberry3, crazy autocorrect!! I signed on to the 30 Day Challenge that Jack Canfield started in April!

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      Hello Blueberrygoal and all. I have been wondering the same in regards to exhibit my vision board in the house. How about creating one on a roll up canvas, such as a window blind, and hang it discretely behind a door to be opened at your convenience? Just a thought.

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    I started my Vision Board as an album in my Photos on my phone. I uploaded the pictures that best represent what is important to me in living a life of sobriety. It was a simple activity that I can add to easily to as I find or take pictures that reinforce the goals of what I want my life to be now that I’m free of addiction.

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    End of day 15. Tis week 3 now. Wowza! Tango, where you at?

    Blueberry, love ur sense of humour re auto correct lol.

    Regards to all

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    I created my vision board on pinterest. Keeping 2 separate boards. The first board are the things I will become. The 2nd board is images of what I have accomplished.

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      I like the idea of using Pinterest for the vision board but I’m not very familiar with it other than searching recipes. How do you do this? Thanks.

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    Having trouble creating a vision board.

    I tried to post something earlier, but received a message that I was blocked.

    Will try again and see what happens.

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    Creating a vision board with pictures of outcomes is not going to do much if you are not also visualizing the steps to attain that goal. Let’s review the example in Chapter 15 of Roger Bannister. He was the runner who broke the 4-minute-mile barrier. He did this by visualizing in “incredible detail”… He did not simply visualize crossing the finish line. And he certainly did not sit around staring at a vision board. He was on the track, training.

    Anyway—maybe I am just looking for an excuse to drink… but up until this point in the book I was on track with everything, but this section on vision boards (and the law of attraction) makes me want to throw the book out the window.

    It’s also profoundly sad to me that the authors included (p 249) the example of including a photo of yourself with the car that you want to own. This is what I find so repugnant about the vision board fad—so much of it is focussed on acquiring material things. This notion that you can ask the Universe for a million dollars… yeesh. What if you are applying for a promotion and someone else is too? Only one of you can get the job. Both of you have vision boards. The other person gets the job… so does that mean that there is a problem with your vision board? You weren’t positive enough? Maybe the Universe has other plans for you… and that includes you not getting the promotion and not getting that expensive car.

    When I was looking online for templates to use for vision boards, frankly… it was horrifying to see what people are doing with vision boards … sure, positive thinking is critical…I’m all for “if you think you can, you can and if you think you can’t, you can’t”….but if you are spending time daydreaming and fantasizing about that fabulous high-paying job or that villa in Tuscany…nothing is going to happen without action and without specific steps.

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    I have trouble with imagination. I don’t see actual images in my mind. I think my way through it. It does seem to be helpful but does it count if I don’t see the pictures, it’s just a narrative? Will it be effective?

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    I created a vision board using the app “Pages”. I first diagrammed it in my journal that coincided with my core values, dreams, goals, and achievements, then found either pictures in my photo library or wrote out my goals and achievements. I will look at it each day. It made me smile.

    I also love the research that shows that reading a novel every two weeks helps alzheimers and reduces cognitive degeneration. Awesome stuff…

    Onward and good night!

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    Hi, I have created vision boards in the past as well and they haven’t gotten me too far because drinking wine and working at a job with a lot of pressure stold my energy to implement things. In spite of this I was able to visualize one thing that has come to me. I visualized a house with lots of windows and lots of charm to move to. It took several years and involved more people than just me and tons of searching and some compromises, but it finally happened in October. I hope I can use this as inspiration for other goals.

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    I don’t know who reads these – if anyone – but I just wanted to add.
    My mind movies were fun to create and very very satisfying to replay.
    One is walking on a trail here in AZ with a made-up friend, I had sounds smells sensations of a beatiful early summer day. I had details about how I looked felt, receiving love laughter and support and with an ease to give it back, to the desert, my friend, and myself. I looked healthy and felt it thoroughly.
    Number 2, was in my kitchen preparing food (cutting veggies). I felt peaceful and confident in my home, not overwhelmed or resentful. I was not ruminating on problems and had an energy in doing this small task that was calm, my body was not resistant nor tense. My face was a face that held no worry but contentedness.
    And lastly, three. I am in a studio teaching Pilates to adults, they are seated and I am walling around the room supporting encouraging cueing and present in their space and intention. I love these people, that they are here with me allowing me to bless their day and mine in return with this class. I have a sense of gratitude for my physical self, I was not obsessing or even thinking about the signs of aging. I can hear soft music, birds, voices– I am filled with relaxation & human connection. My body, my clothes, my movements, my emotional-spiritual energy are all matching in harmony.

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      I am reading and I love that you envisioning such peace.

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      I will also be writing some mini movie stories today that will include me waking up refreshed from being sober, and a nice workout, healthy meal, great day at work, vacationing etc. I figure that if I have them written out and consistent each time, they will materialize faster.

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    So at first I thought the Vision Board was a silly idea, and I was just going to do a quick one with different colored markers and a few cut outs from pictures/magazines. Well, I ended up having fun doing it. I started putting all the things on there that I did more of before when I was 5 years sober – and enjoyed btw. I put pictures of yoga poses, meditations (metta and vinyasa), “mocktails”, activities like, knitting, piano, etc…. What struck me was that nothing I included on there was material or about money. So that made me pretty happy – that I know I don’t need lots of money to be content. But I did draw some hearts and wrote in them “family”, “pets”, and “work”. It would be really nice to start loving my work instead of just being okay and ‘good enough’. I also put the vision statement on there, tapping, and some of the daily exercises from the book. Anyways, I felt pretty positive by the time I was done with it and plan on looking at it at least twice a day! : )

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