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    I sometimes wish everyday had the same schedule, but it doesn’t. Today, being Saturday, gave me too much freedom and I made the wrong choice–and that was to drink a margarita to relieve a migraine. I normally read my day’s solution and do the assignment when I get home from work, but with today being a Saturday, I was out of my routine and ended up relapsing on Day 11. I have been struggling most of this week and today, being out of my routine, got the best of me. I’m not making excuses, but this is something I will be aware of going forward. So, if anyone else has this dilemma, I hope this helps. I’m trying not to beat myself up over this and realize that I can overcome this as I start over tomorrow. Sometimes I think I feel SO much pressure from the outside that I cave. Whereas, if I didn’t feel the pressure, I would probably be okay and think it’s no big deal if I drink or if I don’t. Any thoughts?

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    Hey, blueberry gal, at least you are thinking about what it is you are doing. I can’t speak for the 30 Day system, but a thought would be to just keep going. Progress from right where you are. Go on to day 12, 13, etc. If that doesn’t seem right for you, you can always ask the Support folks. (Click on the button at the bottom of the page and ask a direct question about how you are feeling and about not beating yourself up.)

    Routines are important, at least to me, if I want to stay on a steady path, but sometimes we just veer off the regular trail. So be it! You/we can all learn from such meanders . . . next time, possibly, you will be more prepared to handle the openness of “no routine.”

    Best to you going forward. At a minimum I hope your headache went away . . . not trying to make light of what you are feeling, just trying to be practical about such matters. Keep after it.


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    It does not seem like your making excuses, but it does seem like you are very aware of what is going on around you. And you should be proud of your self for recognizing that going forward.

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    Hi blueberrygal,

    I went off the wagon on Sunday☹️ It was a beautiful day, I felt great and decided to have a drink and then 1 became 7. I was on day day 11. And to be very honest those drinks were delicious to me! I got up went to work yesterday, very productive day and I don’t have any cravings but why is all of this so damn complicated! Feeling discouraged….

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    Get right back up, dust yourself off and start anew! I hope that you have done this. I am trying once again. Day 11 for me. Longest in a long time. Started going to AA, which I dreaded but it has been uplifting. This is a tough slog — don’t ever discount that fact. I think that’s why it bites us in the ass. We get a few days, weeks in and we think we have it locked down. Not! Sending positive vibes your way.

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    Hey blueberrygal – I hope you were able to continue benefitting from the program. Just think how great it is that you only had the one Margarita! I bet before this program you would have given yourself a medal for only having one Margarita the whole weekend 😀

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    I love all these posts and they are so uplifting and I insightful. I just want to hug you all for your success, even if you stray. I am on Day 11 and still worry about the day I will relapse..trying to stay positive. I live alone so it was easy for me to drink as much as I wanted (usually a bottle of wine most days/nights). This program is helping. Good luck to us all.

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