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    I got ahead of myself as I was doing SO well. I jumped ahead and was listening somewhere about what about if I slipped up. So in my feeble State of Mind I tested it and went out and drank beer with dinner. And now I am pukey and hungover and thick headed with a freaking hangover. I’m so disgusted. I have really great plans for my future, hopefully some years left. But I just really feel lost again, at this moment. I know I will likely feel better later but damnit I am sick of feeling like this. I really and truly thought I was on to some happiness. I’m gonna die miserable if this doesn’t get back on track. I wish I never heard about what to do with a slipup.

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    Hi Jayp, I don’t know if everyone slips up, but a lot of people do. Try to forgive yourself and get back on track. Once I made the decision to stop drinking, I’ve had several slip ups and they always made me feel so bad. Mine lasted days or weeks before I would try again. You can’t stop if you don’t keep trying to stop. Hang in there. I hope you feel better soon.

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    Hey Jayp1990,

    Don’t rough on yourself. It happens. But the best thing you can do is get right back up and start all over. I am on day 29 of being sober and loving the experience that this program and site has given me. I know it has to be tough to think all that work you did is gone, but understand that it is not. Mistakes happen and life will alway bring us to times of falling down. It is what you do when you get back up that makes you a greater person.

    Start from day one, and really work each day with a passion to love being sober. I can only speak for myself that the programs has opened doors in my head that I always dreamed of them opening. After 35 years of drinking and only getting glimpse of what a great life could be without drinking, I am now on path that I always wanted to be on.

    I know you can do it man. Just believe in your future with being sober.

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    Guys thanks. I feel like I’m really screwed up but I am so pukey from yesterday it has totally messed up my day. The upside is that this has been like the coup de grace for me. I am so sick of feeling like this I am going to give this day a big fat zero and make it count in the archives as the last one and the one I will remember the most as it IS my last shit day. I am sticking with the program because I felt so at peace yesterday day. I drove two hours in complete relaxation, which I have never done. I’m going to get back to the journal after I post this. Typing and rereading has been acutley useful. PLus I never type like this and was quite ipressed the fact I type as well as I do! Thanks again.

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    I had a full blown binge,but now I am back on the program,I’ve just finished day 7 it’s never to late to start again.

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      Glad you are back Gerry. Just keep trying! You are right, it’s never too late!

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