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    I’m doing the program over 90 days. I’ve just finished Day 5 but drank twice this week. Some of the actions were quite lengthy in the beginning, I didn’t want to feel rushed which is why I chose 90 days.

    Should I start back at Day 1 again or just carry on? I don’t want to keep drinking. I’ve lost my motivation and to be quite honest found it impossible to tell myself in the mirror that I love myself.

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    Hi @i_need_an_angel. You’re not alone in losing or wavering in self confidence. No, don’t start over! Skip to day 14 and download the Bonus Solution which is The Release Solution. Then get back on the Sober Coaster and Ride !
    Onward Fellow Sobriety Seeker, Sina

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    Thanks so much Sina, great advice. I’ve read through the info on relapsing and feel better already. I’m going to re-do the time travel technique today, a real reality check for me. xx

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    Last night I slipped too. I used the Super bowl excuse. I thought I was a failure, and then I read the relapse info on day 14, and it really helped put things in perspective. Reviewing the “drunk me” in my journal helped remind me who I no longer want to be and put me back on track. Feeling hungover. The headache, the anxiety, the upset stomach, the foggy sadness… this all went in my journal as a reminder if I’m ever tempted again.

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    I’ve slipped again 18deesmile, I didn’t even have an excuse – not into sports! I’m an introvert and struggle with what other people probably think as trivial daily stuff – it gives me massive anxiety. I didn’t end up doing the Time Travel Technique again, but read my diary notes – thought that was enough. I’ve felt unconnected, foggy. Tomorrow’s another day, just hope I can make it xx

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    I slipped because of a funeral & it turns out the deceased died from complications of excessive drinking > heart attack. Only 12 years older than me, yet still I drank – our whole family drinks & the drinks were free and since I was feeling withdrawal, I gave in & drank for 5 more days until today. What helped me stick to it was a friend who came over for dinner who I admire & he did not drink even tho’ I offered him champagne. We drank sparkling water & had a great time.
    I don’t want to relapse again because I do not want to go through withdrawals again – ever! Plus I want my liver, kidneys, cells & brain to heal and they need time to do so.
    My only next big foreseeable challenge is a flight in May. I will start tapping about flying now so I have plenty of time to reprogram my brain.

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    I’ve slipped and restarted so many times since late January when I started this program (over 90 days). The first time I drank – I can’t even remember why – I restarted the book & actions but after that I just picked up the book where I’d left off & did the Time Travel visualisation – over & over. Even though it’s shocking – I picture myself balding, with sagging bloated skin, homeless and jobless, wanting to die – I just can’t seem to remain AF for longer than 5 days at a time. This week I drank alone, a bottle each night Monday to Friday, to cope with office politics & stress. I have no accountability. I live alone. I’m trying to motivate myself to open up the book – I’m at Day 22.

    How many other people struggle with this program? I see comments that people are starting again. I find it so confusing to remember all the different visualisations that constantly change. I am writing in my diary, however I’m a simple person easily confused. I read Allan Carr’s book Stop Drinking Now and found it much easier to follow. I haven’t given up completely, I am just really struggling.

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    I feel for you. Today I felt the pressure again, too. I made it, but I can say I know how you feel. It’s stress, but you know it passes, right? Since you’re going 5 days without? You should feel good about yourself that you care about this. Trying counts. Don’t stop trying. God bless.

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    Hi @i_need_an_angel
    Maybe you do in fact have a need for a loving angel in your life. I recommend (sorry for the unsolicited suggestion!!!) thinking about the possibility of looking into a free anonymous dating site like Plenty of Fish. That’s where I met my guy who turned out to be a lifeline to Thriving in Sobriety . Maybe “Meet up ” in your area to likewise connect, not necessarily in a romantic way, so you aren’t isolated even though you live alone currently…
    And for a terrific book read This Naked Mind by Annie Grace. She gladly credits Allen Carr as one of her chief motivators. Check it out and stay strong! Onward, Sina

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    I can recommend the Meet Up groups. I joined one a few months ago and enjoyed it very much. My group was made up of people who are learning the French language and those who don’t want to lose the French they have. (I am taking a French course). But you can pick a group on a lot of different topics. You go on their site, look for a group that’s getting set up, sign up, then meet at the designated place and enjoy your time together. Love the idea of this and I had a wonderful time!
    Yesterday I mentioned I was feeling the pull to drink. It’s a force to contend with, to be sure. It passed. It took about an hour and a half, but I made it, thankfully. Have a beautiful day today (Everyone!) -Kathi

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