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    I can’t find the bonus solution.

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    Me either

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    Hi @jimswiss and @1kelly, thanks for the question. Since we are currently still in beta-launch, not all material is up and running on the site just yet. We are working hard to get everything available to the members. Thank you for your patience during this process!

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    Still no Sobernomics Solution?

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    Is a link to sobernomics available ?

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    I can’t see it either. Could you provide a link or a website where the information can be accessed? I’m really excited to see what it says

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      Hi Sobernomics Seekers! It would appear that Sobernomics, the mind science of staying sober, is a yet to be released book by a Michael Jackson Searles. He also is collecting pins about addiction on Pinterest. Sounds interesting. Sina

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    Michael J. Searles, that is!

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    Is there any way to get updated when the Sobernomics solution is available – on the site or somewhere else?


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    I haven’t been able to access several of the Bonus Solutions, including this one, which I was really looking forward to. This is the most frustrating part of this program.

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    Please tell me sobernomics is available or at least an idea of when?????

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    I feel totally disappointed with the non availability of content through this program. We are asked to commit to the programme and I feel the least the programme can do is deliver promised content to us. It’s a huge emotional journey to go through this Sobriety Programme. I am on Day 28 and it has taken me months, as I have integrated each Solution as thoroughly into my life as I can, as that is what works best for me. I’m 302 days sober and life deepens all the time. I am practising my work every day and honouring my humanness through that. Allowing myself to feel instead of suppressing my scary feelings with alcohol. My connections are different, mostly with self, which spreads to all my relationships. Hey I get things wrong, for sure and there is no beating myself up now and drinking. It’s more about laughing at myself and moving on. Am feeling a bit tired of the promising of the missing content “coming soon”. I brought the Audio book , then halfway through purchased the book as it was easier reading it and having the material to go back over in print. Come on Jack and Dave, deliver – we have!!

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    Totally agree jaxystar. I got some response when I told Dave Andrews about the spam. He’s letting this book go down in flames. He hit the opportunity of a lifetime when Jack Canfield agreed to partner with him for this book. He refuses to put the time and effort into the website. He has used this book to forward his coaching biz only, from what I have seen and know from other sources. Several folks I know gave offered up our services to help moderate/ oversee the site (me included). It falls on deaf ears.
    This program is worth its weight in gold. Jack Canfield is not to blame. It’s Dave Andrews who needs to step up to the plate. Nevertheless, Onward Sobriety Seekers!!!! Sina

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    Thanks #sinaqueena. That’s just really sad. A good teacher is one who role models what they teach, and word of mouth certainly can go a long way. As you say, Onward Sobriety Seekers!!

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    I friended you on your profile page. Sina

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    Hi Guys!

    I too am/was irritated at the non availability of some bonus solutions, but overall the programme has delivered for me. I am 28 days sober today, something I have only managed once before in my life.

    I think that at the end of the day, the material in the book is enough to get you through. The website is a great idea, but it’s the daily activities that have kept me going. Everything else is nice to have, but not essential.

    Yours, thriving in sobriety!


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    I can’t find the Sobernomics Solution either. Neither could I find the Day 27 tips to be a better listener and advice on what you say rather than how to say. I believe I’ve made some major breakthroughs on my journey to thrive in sobriety these past 28 days but it would be nice to have these extra tips/advice to build on.

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    It just occurred to me while writing in my journal that facing this dilemma once again of not having the Bonus Solution, i.e.the Sobernomics Solution today and other tips/advice mentioned in Day 27, is an opportunity to focus on the positive results I’ve accomplished to this point in my journey to thrive in sobriety. Additionally, I am trying to focus on being grateful for all I’ve learned and continue to internalize and work deeper on solutions such as forgiveness, meditation, overcoming fear, and other areas addressed in past solutions. I will continue to check back and one day, just when I need it most, I hope to find these missing bonus solutions and experience a whole new level of understanding as I continue enjoying a happy, healthy, prosperous life of thriving in sobriety. Thanks so much, Jack & Dave, for all your work and your encouragement to make this life-changing resource available to anyone who desires to overcome the destructive addiction of alcohol.

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      Great perspective Blueberry gal! What you focus on fuels your power. We are all so much stronger and positive because of the book and the work we have have done. It would be great to have the extra content but we have everything we need within us!

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    I didn’t even look for the bonus solution this time, after being disappointed last week!

    @sinaqueena posted over a year ago that there was a book called Sobernomics coming out by Michael J. Searles called Sobernomics, but after a quick google search, it seems that it may never have come to fruition. It’s not on amazon and there is no working website with any solid information. This sobernomics is truly a mystery!

    I also feel it is very disheartening to see this abandoned so early on by the authors. As @jaxystar_jasper expressed, it also annoys me that I was asked to be 100% committed, but they clearly were not when it came to finishing this site. I don’t even care if they don’t comment anymore, but at least post the things promised in the book! Last week I received an email about Dave’s intensive coaching, and it was listed as costing almost $3000 for 3 months. Clearly, that is more lucrative than maintaining a site that doesn’t make them a penny once someone has already bought the book!

    But I agree with @mabrennan, that despite the shortcomings, I have learned a lot. And with 30 other solutions to help us, we have plenty to chose from. If you actively continue to do all the things they suggest, that’s a lot of things to do, if you ask me! And @blueberrygal does has a great perspective of focusing on the positive outcomes instead!

    ~ Aspiring Reformed Party Girl
    Day 58 Sober / Day 29 Program

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    I have sent feedback often both in March 2017 & in Nov/Dec 2017 using the link. I wonder if anyone monitors our comments. The spam is still present…
    Yes, I am also disappointed when bonus content is missing – maybe someone fell off the wagon.
    In any case, I get a lot from this book and the site – both its content and your posts.
    Thank you!

    PS – here on Day 28 – the summary of Phase IV I wish there were more in general or perhaps no summary days at all – except maybe at the end.

    Alcohol is a strange drug, mostly because it is socially acceptable. It’s so easy to convince oneself it isn’t THAT bad when it actually is – This Naked Mind book really sunk that in.
    Looking forward to my 365 Day Solution Experiment in 2018. Yes, it will pose challenges as did the 30 Day Solution but I expect to grow from it – especially if I have to fly in a plane. Lord help me! I keep meditating that “I feel calm drinking orange juice on an airplane.” If only we were birds and could do it ourselves…
    Some day, Leonardo da Vinci.

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