Sobriety becoming automatic?

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    This evening I visited a convenience store to get some provisions for an evening meal. It was only when I was driving away that I realised that not only had I not been tempted to buy alcohol (and only two weeks ago, any visit to this store at this time would have involved getting at least one bottle of wine to drink later that night), but I hadn’t even registered the alcohol aisle in the store. I hadn’t consciously noticed it at all. 16 days of actions, and 13 days AF. Of course, sobriety has not yet become a habit, but I take that as a good indication that the work I’m doing – that we’re all doing here – is definitely moving me in the right direction, in a sustainable way. Anybody else having “I didn’t even think about alcohol” moments?

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    Yes. I find that less and less I am thinking about wine. I have a open bottle of wine in the fridge, bottom shelf. It is my reminder that I can walk away from it. I think about it less and less. My plan is to empty it down the drain on day 30. Or maybe I’ll just keep it there as a “trophy”. Keep moving in the right direction.

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      I’m glad the programme is working for you, that you’re working the programme. I’m not sure I could have an open bottle of wine in the house. I took the ’empty your house of alcohol’ step very literally, and I’m glad did. But if that motivation works for you, great.

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    Hi Everyone … I just caught up on the Site Wide activity. I love “Sobriety becoming automatic” because I am here to tell you that it definitely does! I started this program last year. The whole year of 2018 was made up of 30-day alc-free commitments. I think I did about eight of them, some of which lasted up to 62 days, and 45 days. Most were about 35 days. Each time the alc would come out of my cells a bit more, which meant the urge reduced each time a bit more. I’m on Day 25 of my first 30-day alc-free commitment of 2019. My desire for alc is just about nil. This program has been my answer, and I try to pass the word on wherever I can. Believe me, you can do it!!

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    Hi Katballou, its great to hear that this becomes more natural. I am only on day 16. I have several events coming up that I know will be a bit tough…big parties with alcohol everywhere…and all my friends dancing and drinking. Although twice now I made killer Margaritas for guests visiting my home. that was TOUGH…I almost tossed back a sneaky shot. But I was so proud when I made it through the evenings.

    I have a cruise coming up and I am a member that gets all the free drinks I want….and I have always taken full advantage of that…too much wine as a general rule. but what the heck your on a cruise ship…yeah right…the road to ruin.

    I am a little nervous about husband is a moderate drinker…he has no problem…but he is well aware of mine…anyways just reaching out. trying to keep it real…and still 100% committed.
    thanks Kat (I’m a Kat too) 😉

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    Woo hoo! Yes, i am also experiencing the automatic thing. My hubby came home with a bottle of wine and i didn’t even bat an eyelash – no “how could he!?” thoughts, no “Mmmmm… wine!” thoughts, no “maybe just a sniff” thoughts, and no panic. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Lovely!!

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    Sobriety is an important thing in serious man he earn it from doing serious matters in his life. He use to make some decisions and give reviews on his duties and decision done by him.

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