Struggling with urge to drink – using "before me" as deterrent – need feedback

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    Hi everyone – I’m 8 days sober and 8 days into the program. I had a strong urge to drink later today although I did the reading, the action steps, and journaling. I’m finding that thinking through to the next day and reminding myself of how awful it was 8 days ago is a deterrent – but I’ve also read in the book that focusing on all the positives and NOT getting stuck in the negatives is the best way to go. Does anyone have any feedback or experience with this?

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    Same here wisecats, 8 days sober and 8 days into the program. I did the 30 days in April of this year and made it six weeks thriving in sobriety and then gradually slipped back into the daily wine drinking thing. Argh! This time around I’m writing in my journal more and working action steps more thoroughly. To keep it positive, reciting my vision statement and goals often seems to help as well as having a plan for that time of day when those strong urges hit. Some things that I’ve read in the book that resonates with me, I note down. Here’s one: Sobriety is my choice, because it is what I want. pg. 148.

    Stay strong!

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    I love this quote from the book: Remember, with knowledge comes power, and self-awareness is one of the best kinds of knowledge.

    So keep up the journaling and great work you are doing to harness that power! When we bring our secrets into the light we can gain a lot of strength from the insight about what our drinking is really costing us. It is amazing how strong denial can be. Just don’t drink today and trust the process. GOOD LUCK! You will never regret not drinking!

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    Urges will happen. Don’t try to suppress it or pretend it isn’t there. Know that they will pass. Think about what that urge feels like physically and emotionally. It seems counter intuitive to actually think about the urge, but only by acknowledging the urge can you let it go.

    There will be more on that in future solutions and action steps. Really focus hard on changing your subconscious thoughts and beliefs that alcohol will do something positive for you. Focus on your affirmations that show that it’s not the alcohol that makes life grand.

    For example, before I head out on vacation I start to get that feeling that drinking would be okay. That drinking would somehow make my vacation better. I come back to my affirmation “I am reaching a state of pure happiness and contentment on vacation by relaxing while sober, and exploring while energized”. I even get into this before some regular old weekend, I then replace vacation with weekend.

    By creating a strong base of affirmations that you really take the time to picture and feel (not sure if you’ve had the mini-movie solution yet), I now have a great tool box for my specific triggers.

    Best wishes to you. You CAN do this!

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