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    I have read through day 13…I have not yet stopped drinking. I did not want to go cold turkey, so wanted to cut in half and then cut in half again and eventually quit. But once I have one or two I don’t stop…Struggling…really feeling like a looser

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    You are definitely not a loser, kody45244! You are a beautiful human being who cares about health and is trying. Stay in faith. I have been there, where it feels like forever to make any progress about things, but, I guess that’s part of how things go. Stay with it, and know you are moving a bit closer each day.
    sinaqueena! Thank you so much for providing the “Surf the Urge Meditation” link! This is really going to help me, and I’m sure others!! Have a great day!

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    Maybe I should ditch the cutting back and then stopping and just cold turkey stop

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    Yes. Sounds like you’re ready! Just imagine your “insides” getting healthier & healthier. It’s where it’s at! (We used that term in the 70s – still works today, I’d say!) All the best!

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    @kody45244 no one is a loser for struggling. Struggling means you’re trying to make change. I myself have tried cutting back without success. I had to just stop my daily drinking. I’m AF for 18 days so far and only on Day 4 of the book. I’ve lost 10 lbs of bloat and I don’t wake up feeling panicked or hungover. Things that helped me talk myself into quitting was reading memoirs of alcoholics/addicts. Some things resonated and some didn’t but they moved my mind closer to stopping drinking for now. I’m currently reading Dry by Augusten Burroughs. If you’re not a big reader, there’s lots of documentaries or shows on Netflix regarding addiction. I still “fix a drink” at my trigger time in the same glass I was using for rum/coke but now it’s just coke or it’s raspberry tea or something. You have to find things that work for you. Keep your head up and push forward. I tell myself “it’s not forever, it’s for right now”.

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    @kody45244 I know that feeling, but you are not a loser. I tried cutting back or regulating drinking, but I also can’t stop when I start. Does not make us losers it is just how our make up is. I finally realized I just had to stop and focus on being sober. I am 7 days sober now, which isnt long but is a big step for me. I already feel soooo much better. Physically and mentally. I realize alcohol was making all those horrible feelings I had 200 times worse and I could not commit to this program or myself while still drinking. I couldn’t think clear and that voice telling you you’re a loser is a liar! You deserve to be happy.

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    Not a loser!
    It’s a tough habit to break. I personally convince myself I won’t sleep if I don’t drink. But the honest truth is if I don’t drink and consequently hardly sleep…I still feel WAY better than if I fell asleep drunk!
    That’s the truth. But even knowing that I still find it extremely difficult to not drink. The last night I did drink it was my last 2 cans. Then I stopped (and actually slept well). I haven’t started again (on day 18) and feel SO great! DO IT!! I feel SO much more “present”! I’m not forgetting stuff, I don’t feel cloudy or groggy. I do my best to stay hydrated during the day, I sometimes fall asleep watching Netflix, but I sleep really well actually and…I don’t get up to go pee in the middle of the night!
    Even if I drink tea before bed. My philosophy on that is that I drink alc, my body wants to rid itself of it asap (hence urinating). Where as the tea, my body doesn’t mind (so I don’t wake up to pee)- haha-that’s what I think and it works for me 😉
    G’luck, you got this! now go! Ditch any alc you have or drink it all and DON”T buy more! Write down why you don’t want to drink then when you want to purchase alc read what you wrote and don’t buy- just do it for 1 day, then again the next (as you did it the day before you can do it again)

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    You are not a loser at all! I have been there so many times and withdrawing sucks and I know that feeling. Also, @katballou where can I find the “Surf the Urge” meditation?

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    Hi wildcatgirl14 … go into the thread that starts with “I’m new here…”, then in sinaqueena’s July 24 post you will see the long link for it. Also, I see if you search “surf the urge” in YouTube’s site, there are a bunch of other similar videos. All the best!

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