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    So This is my 1st attempt to quit drinking. But luckily i am using the program to quit 2 habits… the second one i have tried to quit before Activity one was very useful. As for activity 3 I couldn’t think of anything so i asked my parents, and they said they couldn’t think of anything either. Idk what to do I am stuckish help

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    Hi kray . . . maybe by now you’ve figured out what you want to do for Action Step 3. If not, let me make sure I’m understanding what it is you are asking. Are you referring to the E + R = O? (Is that the one?)
    Because, if it is, then there are a few things that might be said. First off, can you look at whatever it is that you are now stopping and figure out if in anyway when any random event pops up in your life your response, and therefor Outcome, to it is tied to the event? Example: When I get mad at my (fill in any name or situation) it makes me so steaming mad and angry I drink 3 or 4 drinks just to calm down and forget how angry it makes me. — Such and such an “Event,” leads me to such and such a “Response,” and then of course to a predictable “Outcome.”

    If the above example works for you, then it seems the book is saying to not get to deep into the bushes yet, but rather just allow yourself to become more and more aware of what your triggers are. What events spark a known response in you. Becoming more conscious of our inner workings is what this step seems to be about. The change will come later.

    Maybe you can’t think of any such events that takes your thought process down such a pathway. Maybe whatever it is that you are letting go of don’t seem to work such a way within you, but my guess is that there just might be a few times when events do lead to responses you wish might be different. Only you can say!

    Think of any stressful events that have happened to you and if your responses to such stressful events have caused you worry, or agitation in anyway, or if you have not been happy with your responses, then just become aware of it. Really, I think that is all they are saying at this point in the book for Day 1. If not, one of the coaches will weigh in at some point.

    Best of luck to you as you continue.

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    The third activity is the say YES activity. According to my friends and family i say YES to everything. I guess i just love experiencing life.

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      Kray, I once attended a workshop where I was challenged to do something I feared (nothing dangerous, of course). I was a little bit shy and afraid of public speaking so I chose to go to a mall, wearing a Cat-in-the-Hat Hat and read the Cat in the Hat story, out loud in the centre court. Another lady in the group was afraid of driving on the 6 lane highway that ran through the city, so she drove it from top to bottom. Other people had body issues and walked through the mall wearing only a bathing suit. Let me tell you, it was such a rush! I felt like I was walking on cloud 9 after I realized how inconsequential my fear actually was. Perhaps you could think of something like this to do?

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        Hi sephora. This reminded me of a funny told by Jerry Seinfeld about fears. He related that the number one fear that people have is speaking in public. Its even ahead of the number 2 fear, fear of dying !!! He then delivers the punch line….”So does that mean if you are at a funeral, you would rather be the guy in the coffin instead of the guy delivering the Eulogy?’ 🙂 Sina

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