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    Is it just me or were the last three days work just a lot to get thru. I am on day 15 but I haven’t been able to keep up doing all the work each day and I feel mentally exhausted. I am day 10 sober and while I don’t feel so physically great I feel like I am on a path I be never been on before but very badly need to. Every excercise has helped me so much,and I am putting my 100percent into each one. I guess that’s why I feel so drained and keep falling behind.I know I’m doing the work. I guess I just need a pep talk. Page 233 made me feel like I!m where you want me to be and I’m not alone.

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    The last few days have covered a ton of material. I was already a tapper and it still was a lot to process. I downloaded the audio version in addition to the book which helped me keep up. I listen to the chapter two or three times a day(relaxing bath, taking a walk or driving) nice to have the authors “talk to me”. Hang in there, health and happiness to you!

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    I just started yesterday. I’m already a bit overwhelmed to be truthful, but trying to take small steps. I make a lot of excuses for not finishing things so this is very important to me. I have the audio book so will listen in the evenings. ann-m, your pep-talk was appreciated here too.

    …and hang in there osca, I’m coming up behind you and want to follow your journey.

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    Thanks for the support. I just got done with day 16 actions and I typed a post of where I’m at. My brain is fuzzy,I’m impatient,(already a problem for me on its own),my short term memory is gone,I am clumsier ( already a problem) and I am tired of the nightmares I’ve been having. I realize I am smack dab in the middle of PAWS(post acute withdrawal syndrome) which is where I have lapsed in the past on many occasions. I realize my brain is repairing itself and that this will pass,however right now it sucks. I have ,in the past,had no tolerance for my brain acting like this and as recently as 12 days ago, l let my thoughts win. BUT ,not this time. I am armed with my learned skills, this program, the comfort of not being alone,my new visions and goals and continuing mindfulness every day. I am grateful for the way I feel today and each day continues to motivate me( and overwhelm alittle). Day 11 sober! Keep moving forward !……

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      Interesting PAWS.. I had not heard of that. I too, irritable , and then I get down on myself. But when I hear it has a name and its a process, I guess it makes it more tangible and more bearable. I’m guilty of thinking, gee, I’m not drinking and I should just wake up on top of the world. Ready for anything….so not the case. Trying to let go of these expectations and hang out with what is with a heavy dose of faith, that everything is as it should be….. Thanks for your words

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    This is a lot of work, but it is totally worth. I certainly do not want to go back in time. I am making this my priority. I still am able to get my daily workout in and do a full day’s work. I try to read the chapters during the day. I just force a small break at work. Then as soon as I get home I do the action steps. I am committed to reading my vision statement and goals every morning when I get up, every time I get into the car, and before bed each night. So minimally I am reading my vision statement, forgiveness affirmation, and goals at least 4 times per day. That helps me to remind myself that this work is a priority for me.

    “This will ultimately lead to greater success in virtually every area of my life.” I repeat this phrase out loud several times a day.

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    I agree there is a lot of work. I find it helpful to keep me on track and motivated. I can also tell my husband (at the time he is getting started on his beers for the night) that I have to go do my “homework.” It assures that I take this time just for me because I matter. This matters.

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      I have the exact same strategy. I tell my husband and children that I am doing my homework every evening. It guarantees my personal time to read and complete the action steps. I might become a professional student after my 30 days since it is working so well for my protected private time. It also keeps me out of trouble in the kitchen at night. Keep up the great work everybody!!

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    It does remind me of taking college courses! There is a lot of info. I have found some days I just need to spend more time on a Day’s lesson, sometimes it will take me 2 -3 days to get thru it. I remind myself that my brain is healing and I’m doing the best I can. This isn’t a race, it’s a journey. We need to be kind to ourselves!

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    We all have challenges in different ways. This program is well designed and continues to evolve into to something even greater. Sometimes ya just have to suck it up and quit whining about it. Drink lots of water, eat clean and exercise daily. I have done the work thus far and I am amazed at the growth in me. I look forwar to this journey of discovery. So pull your boot straps tighter and make great things happen!

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    Just go with the flow…you shall get there. I realised very quickly I was gonna have to throttle back for 30 days to 60, but Im not even completing some of the chapters in two days….way I look at it is, the longer it takes the longer Instaybiff the grog and really get this nailed. I went 20 days straight then had a couple of beers a few nights ago, which I was fine with despite going for total abstinence. No buggy. Back on the wagon and enjoying the time I spend reading this alongside other motivational material. Gotta go easy on yourself I think, life is full of twists n turns and we are all busy. I know what you mean about some of the tasks making you feel swamped, but you just gotta do your best, I’ve found the journaling useful as it teases ideas and notions out of my head and I can go back and review. This is a good community, take it easy, slow down, you’ll get there…

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      Hi @suneater . Notice that these posts are old. From last year. The most recent is 6 months ago ….so you are probably talking to thin air….tap on the persons profile and you will be on their page and see if they are still active or just (perhaps unfortunately) gave up. It ain’t easy! Hang tough. Onward! Sina

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    It was so much that I started losing interest in reading the days solution and doing the action steps.it was becoming a hassle. I couldn’t even get through the tapping solution because I’m still not sold on it. I don’t want to get complacent so i need to re focus on the last 15 days

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      Hi there @grimm1390 . The Tapping Solution didn’t work for me personally….that doesn’t mean it won’t in the future….I look at it as a form of self hypnosis…
      No matter. My unsolicited advice to you is “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater ” an old saying from before your day, and nonetheless one which still holds water…😁.IMO, You have stated the ultimate goal….keep your eye on the prize, reflect on the past days, and move enthusiastically forward. Jack Canfield is no fool…there is much wisdom and direction awaiting You!
      Onward! Sina

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    I’m thinking that maybe the half way mark is when people start feeling swamped and overwhelmed. Before I began reading the intro to phase III, I was asking myself how I would remember everything that I’ve done and learned in this process. It started to really overwhelm me, but then in the introduction to phase III, right before Day 15 Solution, it acknowledged all of what I felt. The book highlighted some important points which were helpful. They also were the important points that I had most made the part of me. There’s still lots to be done and I think the whole thing is a work in progress all the way through. I think we’re all different and some things work more powerfully for some than with others. I understand that more and more and as I learn so much more about myself and I can see which solutions work best for me. So far, this program has been great for me. Today is 23 days without alcohol and just finishing Day 15 of the solutions. I promised myself to work 2 days per solution and right now I’m a little ahead of myself. I think working at a pace comfortable for me helps as well in lessening the feelings of being swamped and overwhelmed.

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    I agree with yall! So much but I find the more I put into it, the more I get out of it! Wow was the limiting beliefs exercise powerful! Checking in on each day’s solution in the forum is a part of one of my Thriving in Sobriety goals so today I am playing catch up from week 2. So excited!!! 22 days sober and feeling calmer each day!!

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