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    Hi – I was just wondering if it’s ever OK to take a few days’ break from the book… I just lost my beloved cat and am just having trouble focusing on anything for the time being. I’m halfway through the solutions, and they’ve been working. I’m so thankful I have stopped drinking and thus was completely sober the night I had to rush my cat to the vet’s office. In fact, I got pulled over along the way – the officer was very nice, and of course I also didn’t have to worry about a DUI or anything like that, since I was obviously completely sober. That incident was a reminder of the importance of sobriety. Anyway, is it OK if I take up to a week-long break from the book, until I can start to focus again?

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    This is your journey. Make it work for you and do what YOU need to do!

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    I agree katiem123 u sound like u understand the process. So sorry for your loss💔💔 stay strong:-)

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    Sincere condolences. Your journey and we are with you…….now or later. Stay strong. StMike10

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    I am so sorry for your loss, and the fact that the loss didn’t drive you back to drinking is a huge achievement. Best wishes on your journey, I’m wishing you all the best.

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    I am very sorry that you lost your friend. I am in early days of Sobriety, but the most ever for me (Day 15) Early Sobriety is fragile and you’ve just experienced a loss. I would recommend that you stay very cautious as a Lapse might be easy with your traumatic loss. With that said, you’ve experienced some real success so instead of ‘taking a break’ totally, maybe review some of your favorite activities so far. Just to keep your head in the game. By all means, be kind to yourself. I wish you well.

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    I missed a couple of days over Christmas this year due to the house being full of drinking relatives and all sorts of events to attend… but still managed to stay right on the razor the whole time! I felt great.

    What does help is to keep your journal handy so you can refer to the write ups on the previous work you did – that helped for me.

    Now I’m just continuing where I left off on Day 15 (which is actually like day 17 or 18 but who cares)

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    I also took a few days off with holiday businesses and enjoyed not drinking alcohol and found the affirmations and journal enough support. Getting back on track with the book has been a joy. Thanks Jack and Dave 😊

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    Poor kitty and kitty lover.

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