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    I was wondering if anyone has a similar situation as this.

    A lot of my anger issues are due to reoccurring events. Like when I’m forced to subordinate myself to a supervisor’s decisions despite them clearly not being correct on an issue (office politics involved) or when my kids repeatedly act in direct contradiction to direction I’ve given them (limiting internet usage). I originally used the forgiveness solution from day 4 which helped me understand my emotional triggers in these instances and I truly felt I had forgiven them to the point I wouldn’t be angry or resentful if the situations occurred again. However, the same situations have happened multiple times since then and at this point each time feels like a slap in my face because I end up tapping the anger away and feel like I have forgiven them and am sorry I was irrational or felt slighted. Then it happens again and again, rinse and repeat each time having to tap the anger away. Its like constantly reopening what should be an old wound. So far it hasn’t overwhelmed me to go back drinking, but I know that coping with situations like these were partly why I resorted to self medication in the first place.

    Has anyone else ran into this and how did you get over it?

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    How many rounds of the tapping do you go through before you start to feel calm?

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    It usually only takes me one round before I start to feel calmer. I’ll keep going until I feel I can think objectively again and dissect my reaction. The most that’s taken is about four rounds. For me its more about slowing myself down and stopping dwelling on the anger than it is the actual tapping, although having something rote for my hands to do as I repeat the “mantras” is surprisingly effective toward calming myself.

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    That is good. It takes several rounds with me, although, I have only just started using the tapping.
    I have similar triggers to anger when I feel that I am completely disregarded as a human. Started back in childhood with A mentally ill mother and extraordinarily self absorbed siblings which their behavior is still acute even at middle age. So when I feel I am be disregarded in a project at work or in social situations I get very angry.

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