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    Disclaimer – I am a dork anyway, not to mention a skeptic by nature.

    Having said that, there’s something so simplistic and silly about this tapping method that it’s difficult to go through the motions. Not pooh-poohing the positive effects it could potentially have, just have to wonder if it’s just more of the placebo effect taking place than the actual tapping on certain points.

    Anyway – I made a promise to myself that while on this journey I would read a chapter a day or every other day at the least, and follow through with the exercises, no matter my personal feelings on the level of ridiculousness I applied to them. You know, the old Nike slogan of “Just Do It” applies here, and that’s what will happen. Am on Day 13 of the book (obviously) and Day 18 of rocking it sober.

    Anyone else at this point in the book and if so, what are your feelings/ feedback on doing the Tapping Solution?

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    I’ve tried to do it but I have to admit I didn’t try very hard. I would like to believe that this works and it seems to work for some people here so I’m not discounting it, but I’ll save it for another time, like when I have a strong craving or event coming. I think it needs to be a habit that you can do easily, I feel like I’m bumbling through it.

    I’m into day 17 and I’m enjoying this phase more. 42 days sober and feeling good.

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    I’m not so keen on the tapping either, Pages_0075 and only tried it with the video. It felt awkward. Although, I tried acupuncture for the first time recently and each of the four sessions included a needle at the top of my head and that’s where the first tapping point is, so along with the other tapping points, and the process, it may be very helpful for some folks.

    I’m on day 28 in the book, 43 days sober, and I’m with you island girl, also feeling good!

    This is my second time through the book. The first time, back in April, I did 30 days of sobriety, made it 45 days and then thought I could be a “take it or leave it” drinker. Well, that didn’t work…..This time through, I’ve written in my journal everyday and have done all the action steps. It has made a huge difference. Some of the solutions take longer to do so I gave myself more time to reach that goal of completing the book. Two more days and I’ve met my goal of finishing the solutions by October 16th! Yay! Thriving in sobriety, YES!

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    Hi Citrine, Islandgirl and pages_0075,

    I agree that it looks and feels stupid, but it works!!! 🙂 I am on day 20 audio book/sober, day 14 on the email and re-reading the book at day 3,to be honest, I found the first week so difficult than it was enough just to listen to Dave and Jack. I TOTALLY related to Dave’s description of his overwhelming desire to drink when he was in Seattle. I had it this weekend, and it was tapping that got me past it!! 😉 well that and several LONG walks, with no cash as I have to pass many places where our drug is dealt!!

    Do the tapping in front of a mirror, tell yourself that you are doing it because you LOVE YOU!!! And that you are willing to do anything, no matter how silly, to stay sober!!

    Best wishes and Happy Halloween 🎃

    Michael B

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    Everything in this program to date is a departure from anything I’ve done in the past. Maybe that’s why I’ve been blessed with success so far after so many years of excessive drinking,and I have great hope for my future.

    A slight modification occurred to me this morning as I began the tapping program, that may connect with some of you who are Christians. After stating the MPI, I am including “I love myself, and ‘I cannot be separated from the love of God'(Romans 8:35)

    Being a Christian and an alcoholic at the same time doesn’t make sense to many of you, but believe me, we are legion.The fact that I am just a sinner (alcohol abuser among other things) saved by grace resonates with me today more than ever before. I have never heard God’s voice in an audible way, but I am hearing it today through this 30 day program.

    I am looking forward to tomorrow with hope, passion, and a renewed heart.

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    About 18 years ago I was on my 1st marriage (to a co-dependent, co-alcoholic….tons of fun, let me tell you). When we were on out way out we tried one last shot at counseling and the counselor introduced EFT to us. I laughed at him and left. Found another counselor.

    Never thought about it again until it was introduced in this book. I have to admit, everything in this book so far has been unbelievably effective but this does seem silly. Still though, this is the first time EVER I truly feel that I am on my way to control, so, I have to trust this as I have everything else thus far.

    Here I go….tap tap tapping away like a doofus. Hope it works.

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    Yep. I feel like a dork. Also, I am severely hearing-impaired so I can’t close my eyes and just go with audio. I have to read the words since I can’t hear with my eyes closed. Kind of ruins the expected experience. On the other hand, I apparently already do some of the tapping steps without even realizing it, minus the statements. I do the top of the head, the corner of the eye and the chin. I would say I do the under the arm one too but usually I’m just scratching but now that I know it’s a tapping point I can do both! I feel like a monkey.

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    I was invited to an NBA basketball game last night and I had to go because it was with friends of my wife. Up until now I have been able to shake off any desire to drink. However, getting ready to go to the game some friends came over to “Pre-Party” and I came the closest ever to having a drink. I could not shake this feeling off and kept telling myself lies to rationalize having a drink. I even told myself that “I’m a loser, i can’t do this, I will just give up”. This solution couldn’t come at a better time. I immediately locked myself in a room and began using the tapping solution. After being alone for a while and doing this solution my mind became clear and had no urge to drink the rest of the night. We got the the game and we got tickets in a suite which I thought would make the urge come back, but it didn’t. After the game everyone wanted to go to a club and I was the designated driver, so I went. I thought for sure this urge was going to come back. Surprisingly I had fun all night without drinking. I drank sprite and cranberry juice all night. It was an experience that has made me more confident this morning, because I have not had that much fun without drinking in a long time. This is the first time I’ve shared on here. I hope it helps someone else thinking about drinking today to not drink. This morning I feel great while everyone else is still in bed sleeping and hung over. Time to go run and get healthy….

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    Maybe the mechanism that makes it effective is: “I can’t believe alcohol has reduced me to doing this exercise that makes me feel like such a dork that I’m never stooping to overreliance on booze again.”

    I do think some suspension of disbelief is required here, especially in light of the previous chapters wherein we acknowledged that if we thought we’d fail at something (or that something didn’t work), we wouldn’t try.

    Even if it’s something placebo related, or the mere interruption of linking anxiety with wanting to drink, suspend disbelief.

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