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    I hope the rest of the book doesn’t refer back to and rely on this tapping? I loved the content of the book so far but this part is just not my jam. Don’t tell me to tap it into being my jam! Lol. Just hoping it’s a okay to forgo tapping and still succeed here. 🙂

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    It is just one of the many tools. I rarely use it, so please do not let it deter you!

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      Cool good to hear Zen!! What day are you on?

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    I finished about a month ago and have been thriving in sobriety since!! I realized I no longer see a point in drinking, and am better off for it. Haven’t had a drink in almost 2 months!

    I really loved the 30 Day program. I spent hours on some of the Solutions, and use them every day.

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      Good job Zen!!! I am almost 14 day and I too am feeling like what’s the point of drinking. If things are this good at 14 how are they at 30? Can’t wait! 😀

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        Waterhorse/Fellow Travelor,

        I completed 30DSS about 4 months and still thriving. The thing about tapping is you can find your own triggers if you experiment. I simply tap on the top of my head now and immediately feel some level of relaxation. Just tapping my head accompanied with the statement “even though I still have thoughts of drinking (or whatever) I completely accept and love u dude (me). You’re doing great.” A positive and true affirmation. Stay on the journey. We’re not missing anything with alcohol. Been there done that.

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          Ha ha I love the dude part @jmsrlc ! Good job finishing this program and staying on your path! I haven’t had serious cravings since the first few days due to the insanely effective workings of this book. But if I do get some maybe I will retrace back to tapping and give it a chance.😊

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    Keep it up!!! And congrats on the two weeks!! Less than a year ago two weeks was pretty much impossible for me.

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    Funny enough I quite like the “stupid juice ” concept because it really does make you sloppy and stupid.

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    The tapping method doesn’t resonate with me at all. First of all, I don’t like repeating a negative statement. I would much rather close my eyes and visualize a positive scene for myself.

    I may try a modified version of it where I tap and repeat a positive statement but it just doesn’t jive for me. I suppose I should experiment with it but it really holds no appeal for me.

    Thankfully, on Day 13 I am not experiencing any cravings to drink and this is wrapping up a 3-day weekend. I will say that there were points in the weekend that relaxing with a drink did sound good. I kept myself busy and was very productive and then that feeling of wanting to relax with a drink would kick in but it was mostly just a fleeting thought that passed thru me and went away. Before, I would have had a thought and immediately gone and poured myself a glass of wine. I am very happy with how this program has worked for me so if tapping and I aren’t a click I’m not going to worry about it.

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    I’m on day 13 and don’t know yet if tapping will work for me.i still think about a drink but my old self would have said screw it I’m going to the store for wine. Somehow I’m not really overly tempted to get it. It’s very strange that I haven’t given in.
    I feel good but it’s like something is missing..I guess when you’ve been drinking for 45 years (and daily the last few years) it’s like losing a friend..even a bad no good for you friend.

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