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    TEETOTALERS: Today we shared with you the great Wikipedia resource on teetotalers (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_teetotalers) but there are always new ones coming out in interviews and memoirs. When you read or see one we would love for you to post the resource here for others to see.

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    Jane Lynch
    Allison Janey
    Eddie Faco
    Stevie Nicks
    Steven Tyler
    Athony K of Chili Peppers
    Keith Urban
    Eva Mendes
    Kirsten Dunst…some might be duplicates…

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    Good for them! ๐Ÿ™‚ But, I’m really only interested in the ones that used to drink and now don’t. My inspiration has always been Stephen King. If you are a ‘constant reader‘ of King’s, which I am, you already know that he includes AA and/or an alcoholic in all of his books. I even know his sobriety date but I’ll let you search that out among his stories. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t have any problem being a teetotaler because I once had 17 years sobriety. I am using this program for opiates, having found out that alcohol is not my problem after all.

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      I agree. Teetotalers are another category. Its the ones who have travelled down the addiction road and given up that are the inspiring ones and the ones I wopuld like to know more about.

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    As of today, I am a teetotaler and will be for the next 20-odd days. Some of the names on the list have inspired me to think about making a bigger commitment than just 30 days. But we’ll see.

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      I love that you are using this program for another issue. I am also and find it very easy to change the words to fit my problem. I am on day 5 and was not going to post but am so glad I saw your post. And amazing your Grandma kept that commitment all those years. Good for her.

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    The reason I’m doing the 30-Day Sobriety Solution is not drinking, but another problem.

    Still, my Grandma lived as a teetotaller. She never had a problem drinking. Her commitment to avoiding alcohol came from her Christian faith. As a teenager, she signed a pledge to never drink. For her, when you made a commitment, you kept it.

    She turns 90 in September and has never touched a drop. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    That is such an inspiring story about your grandmother. I have no doubt you have used her resolve and strength to give you courage many times in your life. Age and character are such a powerful combination. Your grandmother has certainly inspired ME (and I hope you will share this with her!) as this is one of the strongest goals that drives my sobriety; being a good, strong, character-driven mother and grandmother. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

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    I often look at my 3 beautiful now adult children and think to myself; they still need me, no one can replace a Mother. That in itself has motivated me to begin taking a serious look at my abuse of alcohol and find healthy ways to cope with lives sometimes very difficult losses. I quit smoking 20 plus years ago after several attempts I finally with Gods help of course, broke this addiction. I am determined to do the same with the drinking not only for my children but for myself.

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    Shockers for me…Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Cristiano Ronaldo!!! I am inspired by these athletes!

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    I never quite understood the people that just “never had a taste for it ” or just didn’t like alcohol or never tasted a drop. Such a huge part of social culture in the West. but I’m looking forward to being .

    Although I am currently doing the program for alcohol, I really believe the part about that not really being my problem it’s just my temporary solution , so I can insert sugar television social media drugs excessive eating dating etc. etc. etc. A few years ago alcohol didn’t feel like my problem but I just gave it some time and then it was . Thankfully the program can work for anything it seems. Now if only I could have a one year exercise addiction.

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    My mother was a teetotaller – and also an unkind, emotionally abusive woman who did not know how to show affection or generosity. So from a fairly young age, I have associated drinking alcohol with GOOD things: warmth, affection, humor, camaraderie. I married a musician who is a heavy drinker (we are now divorced, for reasons unrelated). And for the past 40 years, few days have gone by when I did not drink two glasses of wine with dinner, except during pregnancies. In the past few years in which I have been living alone with my children now adults,and work out of my home, that drinking has steadily increased to a bottle of wine a day, sometimes more than that, not to mention wine with lunch (and thus the need to nap afterward), and the accompanying decrease in work productivity, self esteem, weight gain, social isolation, and even thoughts of suicide. So far (day 5 in book, day 6 of sobriety) so good. I am a bit nervous though in that in a few previous attempts to quit I have managed to go 5-6 days without drinking, so am trying to be extra vigilant right now. One of the more dangerous self-deceptions at this point (I know, as it has bitten my ass several times before) is to think that because I am able to stop drinking for a handful of days without too much difficulty, then I probably don’t have a problem. So the comparison bias message was a good one to hear right now.

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    I’ve found the stories of sober people really useful in this first week. I regularly listen to Marc Maron’s podcast “WTF” but I’ve also discovered one called “AfterPartyPod” in which the (sober) female host talks with various (semi) famous people about getting sober. It’s also a quick and enjoyable way to confront my own issues and feel like I’m not the only sober person in the world.

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    I stopped for 8 years and I can tell you I did not drink the same again when I thought I would return (big regret) BUT it became a problem in so many other ways. Being with someone who has one drink I was hiding alcohol, sneaking, refilling stuff, etc. My anxiety and depression went through the roof and started having suicidal thoughts. Finally a light bulb went off. I realized this was all a result of alcohol. I drank because I was anxious and then I was anxious because I drank. Vicious cycle! It really is poisen to my emotional well being. Instead of waking up with intense anxiety and fear for the day I am peaceful this morning and actually looking forward to the day. I am enjoying the book and it has helped stay on track. The last six months I did a few months for surgery (which I came close to cancelling when they said I could not drink),then a week here and there after reading an awesome book “the naked mind” but the 30 day challenge is giving me the extra insights and reason to live sober. Love the opposites analogy “Thriving vs Misery”. Pretty east choice.

    Happy Friday everyone!

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    I just finished Elizabeth Vargas’ book (just out) and it was very inspirational. This a high profile professional woman who coped with life-long anxiety by drinking to excess. She went through rehab a number of times and relapsed each time. She is now sober but it is a struggle for her.
    We may struggle and slip back but we can do this!

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    Day 8, while in Boston during a snow storm, I walked into the Prudential Center, found my way to the bar room inside P.F. Changs. I sat at one of the high top tables observing the patrons enjoying their drinks. At that moment, I decided to order a pot of hot tea. I understand that the daily choices I make determine my destiny. That pot of tea was the most refreshing decision I have ever drunk… put me on the list of teetotalers:)

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    This past weekend I attended a conference at a beautiful resort and packed my favorite tea mug! Every night I sipped my hot tea on the beautiful patio while other attendees (including my husband) sipped wine. I was only 11-14 days sober during my stay, but I continued to focus on enjoying my tea. And I actually did! The warmth of the mug in my hands, the taste, etc.. In fact, on the way up to our room one of the nights, a young woman exiting the elevator as we were entering complimented how she loved my mug! That was inspiring!

    I am 16 days sober today, and into Day 5 in the book. I am doing the 90 day option. This is not my first time going through. Last year I did the 30 day option and made it 60 days sober! But then I tried moderation and fell back down the slippery slope…

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    I like Gene Simmons ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wanna rock&roll all day.. and party every night!

    And totally sober.. and being a very succesfull businessman.. nice!

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    Day 5 of the program and Day 5 sober. I haven’t gone over three days without a drink in 20 years (can’t remember when really). My 20 year old daughter came over for a visit last night and I told her that I am 100% committed and feel like the program was written specifically for me. We spent the evening talking about life and laughing a whole lot. It’s the longest conversation I have had with her in years. She said I already look and act differently. I also laughed a little yesterday telling myself I love you in the mirror, but that’s a good thing ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Im in day 5 and have not had a drink in five days. I love this program it is really working for me.
    I think one of my favorite inspiring stories is about my older brother. He used to do meth and drink for many years. He quit everything, and took up running. He has his own running club now in Northern Ca. He also went on to become one the west coasts most famous and award winning tattoo artists and has been influential in bringing the tattoo art into main stream society over the last 44 years.
    I love him and he has been a wonderful brother and role model for me.
    Not surprisingly he is also the first person I have written the forgiveness letter to as part of the 6 steps of total truth.
    I am 64 years old man, and addiction has been with me ever since i can remember.
    20 years ago I was a hopeless intravenous meth and coke addict. I went through rehab and have overcome my addiction in that way quite successfully. In the drug rehab we just ground through the detox and hoped for the best. We didnt get into the root reasons for my addiction. So now I have begun this 30 day program and it really is working.
    I work and own a home, but there is no one here. The alcoholic part of me really got my life all planned out , just me the booze , a good job, and place for us to stay.
    Now the booze has been evicted, happily with no remorse, 100% committed and its been really easy so far. Wish I would have found this program sooner. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cant wait to get this day started.
    If you have read this far, then I want say thank you for your time and have a very pleasant and sober day .
    Bye for now

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    Hello better_sober. Congratulations on your continuing Sobriety! What an inspiring Post! Keep posting . Consider starting your own Topic. You will reach more current participants that way! Onward, Sina

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    Here’s a list of the many recovery books I’ve read:

    Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional
    (Obviously am reading) The 30-Day Sobriety Solution
    Kick the Drink … Easily! by Jason Vale (read 3 times, love love love his dry wit b/c it plays well together with mine)
    This Naked Mind by Annie Grace (read twice and will read again b/c I love the amount of recent research she includes)
    Stop Drinking Now – Allen Carr
    Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget by Sarah Hepola
    Why You Drink and How to Stop by Veronica Valli
    The Heart of Addiction by Lance Dodes, MD (great read because of the professional medical insight he provides, as a doctor)
    Freedom From Addictions Daily Devotionals by C.L. Griffin
    The Sober Revolution by Lucy Rocca
    I Need to Stop Drinking! by Liz Hemmingway
    Drinking: A Love Story by Caroline Knapp
    Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol by Ann Dowsett Johnson
    Seeds of Grace: A Nun’s Reflections on the Spirituality of AA by Sister Molly Monahan

    Sober Mercies: How Love Caught Up With a Christian Drunk by Heather Kopp. This is the first recovery book I ever read because the title is what did it (since I am a Christian). When I read that Heather wrote books on prayer for a leading Christian publisher by day (full-time) and drank herself drunk every night, hiding it from her husband who also was on staff at the same company.

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    I’m on day 5 and I woke up still feeling groggy and have a lingering headache. It’s been a long time since I didn’t drink for 3,4 or even 5 days in a row and I’m proud I’ve stuck to it. I’ve had a really hard time thinking about the past few years. I’ve been a heavy drinker since my sophomore year of college (I’m 32 now), but it progressed so much this last year (not knowing how I got home, passing out at home drinking alone) after I got a DUI. I was hammered and I’ve never been more ashamed of myself. I planned to take an uber home so I could just get really drunk and not worry about it, well when you’re drunk your mind can change and my situation did. About 5 years ago I switched from drinking everyday to 3 times a week to diet and I lost about 70 pounds and I was so proud of myself and now I’m looking at myself in the mirror again and I’m twenty pounds heavier than I’ve ever been. I just kept drinking to numb myself and now it’s like a hurricane of regret and feeling ashamed. I’m really trying to forgive myself and learn to love myself again like before I ever took my first drink. I feel like it’s really hard to stop when you’re high functioning, but with a DUI, weight issues, high blood pressure,bad bloodwork (of course my liver has taken a beating), problems in relationships I have decided I’m 100 percent and I choose life. The time travel exercise was difficult for me because I couldn’t see 10 years of I continued. Then focusing on one reason you want to quit I chose my DUI I thought back to being arrested, staying in jail overnight, getting bailed out from bail bonds, meeting my lawyer, going to court, losing my licence (at least only temp) having to look a judge in the eye, having to do a shieffs work program, getting an ignition interlock installed all so embarrassing. I always thought that could never be me and here I was. I would think I didn’t hurt anyone to get the day completed and head straight for a drink at night. This book has already changed my life and I would not be 5 days sober without it. It’s helpful to look at the Teetotalism list even if I don’t know who they all are.

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    Wow!!! Great post! You are totally destined for success!
    I also got a DUI and survived/benefited! Have you started the classes? You might not think so now, but your DUI could be a gift .

    Here’s a quote I live by.
    “Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it and not against it. Make it your friend and ally, not your enemy. This will miraculously transform your whole life. ” Eckhart Tolle
    Welcome to the Sober Coaster. Onward, Sina

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      Hi sinaqueena,

      Thank you for your reply, it’s helpful to hear I’m not alone in this. I’m keeping my head up and believe my life will be so much better without alcohol. I’ve been really scared to sign up for the classes even though I’ve been eligible to get my license back for a few months once I sign up. It’s even worse having to get driven to get an interlock installed. It encouraging to hear you’ve learned so much from your experience.

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    I have to say I was really surprised by some of the names on the list. I understand why some people are saying that for our purpose we should have a list of teetotallers who used to drink, that way it feels like they have something in common with us having already travelled this road; however I think its inspiring to see these names and see how much success some of these people have had without alcohol in their lives. I’ve always struggled with the life without alcohol thing because its always been my “wing man” there when i need support or courage or there to block out the pain, but never asking any awkward or probing questions that may unmask the sham! So its inspiring to see that life without alcohol can be productive and successful.

    Peace out and BLESS

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    Day 5 and I feel like I’m in hiding. I just bailed on a BBQ. Am keeping myself super busy but occasionally find myself so GRUMPY. I do have my reasons for quitting at the front of my mind and have been through A LOT of big life changes recently, but I’m still really agitated that I’m not thinner and happier by day 5. Unrealistic? Yeah, I know. But that’s why I’m writing it here. Even that makes me feel better.

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    I agree @pmason. The value of a teetotal list of very successful people for me, is as a way of destroying a lie which I bought into very early on in my drinking career, which was that drinking = glamorous success. I used massive ‘confirmation bias’ to prove to myself that heavy drinking people = successful people, and would rejoice with every successful person I came across who seemed to enjoy a reputation for ‘liking a drop of the hard stuff’. They didnt have to be celebrities or famous people even. At university I used to idolize the boozy professors who were always to be found in the university bar at lunchtime. In my warped perception, drinking equaled intellectual brilliance. When I later went on to become a university academic myself, I was soon to discover that for me, drinking not only turned my brain to fudge (there were days I could barely read a sentence, let alone write papers and deliver lectures), but it was also professional suicide.

    So the value for me of a list of successful teetolers (even the ones who never overcame an addiction) is to counter the confirmation bias I used to so rampantly engage in in my early 20s. Looking at the wikipedia list, it seems clear that teetotalers can be all the things I thought only heavy drinkers could be: powerful (there are several presidents on the list), glamorous (a number of hollywood actors), sexy (Naomi Campbell!), creative (Stephen King!), champion at sports (Muhammad Ali!) and academically gifted (Richard Feynman, Steve Brown!). Its great to know that some on the list overcame a serious addiction, but its great to also know that plenty of people who became successful just never drank, and never bought into the lie about alcohol that I did.

    Sorry this has been a long post. Wishing everyone success and strength ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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      @polstar – thanks for helping me discover one of my biases. I was having trouble with that one. Like you, I thought stars partied, painters & authors drank but alcohol just makes me fat & ugly and not productive. Not good for output at all.

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    I agree with you polstar – although I’m inspired by those that have overcome a serious addiction, I’m equally inspired by those that have never bought into the “Big Lie” that I did. I have a few people in my life that are wildly successful ( a beautiful plastic surgeon ) , an incredible crossfit instructor who is a father of 4, that I hold as my mentors . They have never had a drink and go out and “party” like everyone else and have fabulous lives. Whenever I feel down about not being able to drink, about what I am “giving up”, I remember my mentors, and try to envision my life as theirs. And I believe it will be. I am on Day 10 of sobriety and feeling great . DOn’t get me wrong- I just spent an entire weekend with some extended family members that truly “pushed my buttons” . Wow do I want to drink! Im thinking about how I will feel 12 hours from now if I do and it won’t be good. So for today I am choosing not to make that choice – I am 100% committed to 30 days of sobriety and I believe I can do this. MY decisions this minute determine my destiny.

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    I am on Day 6 of sobriety and Day 5 of the program. Our son died from a dose of Fentanyl in 9/16. I am working with my grief and stopped drinking. I still have a fear of my grief/sadness, and was covering it up with alcohol. Through therapy with a grief counselor, a grief group and supportive friends, I felt I was ready to stop drinking. I am calmer, and the grief is manageable, or subdued somewhat. Alcohol makes my grief flame out of control. I am becoming better able to handle just myself. This is enough for now…putting myself first, and taking alcohol out of the picture.

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    I am on Day 5 of being sober and the biggest advantage of not drinking is waking up feeling great. Nothing beats waking up feeling rested and refreshed knowing that you got a good night sleep. Hangovers were the worst for me, I woke up feeling sluggish, sleepy and just felt terrible. In those mornings I would make promises to myself that I will never drink again but I would drink again and again.

    I am looking forward to enjoying my life in sobriety, I wish to adopt the lifestyle of a teetotalers but for now I am taking it one day at a time.

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    I would have liked the list to have been broken down in two lists or a date on those that did sober up make the decision to change their lives. It’s still uplifting to see the list.

    It’s Day 5 – It’s Saturday and it’s the first time I actually thought about drinking (about 30 seconds)….. Then I realize how much money I spent last month on alcohol, how much better I feel, and how I look forward to saying I made it 30 days. It’s seems like such a short time, but I don’t think I’ve ever gone that long. A friend just celebrated 25 years sober. I can make it 30 days…. or 60… or 90.

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    Stephen King
    Nelson Mandela
    Eddie Murphy
    Abraham Lincoln
    David Letterman
    Bradley Cooper

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    I haven’t had a drink since last Friday march 30 2018. Its been one week. I quit for almost a week before that. This is my second attempt. I was never a huge heavy drinker. I started after a relationship ended in April 2010. Before that I never really touched alcohol. I came from a family of alcoholics so I never wanted to be one myself. But I married in may 2017 to a wonderful man whose been sober for 25 years. I realized shortly after that I was having a hard time going 2 days without a drink. I would drink vodka with a hard mikes lemonade. Maybe one or two per day. That was enough for me. I never went to three but I was putting more and more vodka in my mikes. This year I started to become upset with myself. This is not the person I want to be. My husband aS working 7 days a week and I began to question maybe its because of me. Maybe my drinking is hurting his sobriety. Maybe it was getting difficult for him to obtain from drinking. I could see the disappointment in his eyes. He never said anything to me about it. That was my wake up call. I needed to stop before I damaged my great marriage. I wasn’t even married a year yet and I’ve been single a while. I hated being single. I love my husband. So I need to stop now!!! Also, I got sick of the hangovers, calling in to work sick cause I’m hungover, I was getting pangs in my liver, and arthritis!!! My hands would be cramped in the morning and my feet, and legs. I did the search on the internet for causes and realized alcohol was draining my body of much needed water!!! I had to stop. I have always been a strong woman overcoming many obstacles in my life so I couldn’t understand what happened to me. I needed to get back on track. I started buying audiotapes and here I am now

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      Hi Janedoe54,

      Congratulations for acting to address your drinking issues. I have the audiobook, too. I’m on day 13 of sobriety and 9 of The 30 Day Solution. I am finding the exercises to be extremely helpful in changing my mindset about drinking. I hope you find them helpful as you move forward.


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    Welcome @janedoe54!
    Congratulations on your continuing Sobriety and also your husband’s 25 years!!! There is so much more now to support Sobriety Seekers than there was 25 years ago when your great guy decided to lose the booze. Sounds like Sobriety might give you two more to share as you pursue Personal Growth together. This program changed my life and I wish you the best on your Journey!
    Onward, Sina

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    David Seders, who I LOVE, also stopped partaking! Hey, if he can do it, I certainly can!

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      I meant David Sedaris! Funny it won’t let me edit my comment.

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    The link to the teetotaler list does not work. :/ They really should have spent more time testing this website. While I appreciate the program greatly and am falling thru on the action steps, the website offers a very poor user experience.

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      I concur with 18tocci. The link is not working. And the user experience is not as I hoped. But I will continue on with the program as I have already seen progress.

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    Hi 18tocci and txn_in_IN … I tried to copy & paste the link into the URL to see if I could get it to go that way, but now I’m wondering if Wikipedia took down the link.
    If you were to go into YouTube and search teetotaler you would see a bunch of teetotalling videos. This might be interesting for you!
    Gosh, I have had tremendous success with this program since I started 12/31/17. I haven’t nearly completed the whole book and solutions, but the ones I have done worked like a charm.
    I also really like the chat site. It works for me to read and post.
    Have a wonderful, healthy day today! Your body (liver, kidney, etc.) thanks you!

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    Harpers Bazar has a list of celebrities that donโ€™t drink. The artical is dated April 30, 2018 by Kara Ladd. (Thanks Siri๐Ÿ˜€)

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    Thanks for sharing Piper, this list is so inspiring! Here’s the link for anyone else interested ๐Ÿ™‚

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    My mother was a teetotaler who raised 7 kids along with my happy alcoholic father. Poor dad, I put him through some shit. But I forgive myself, I think. Us kids were served a small glass of wine with Sunday dinner and on holidays. As a a teenager it was pretty normal to drink a bunch of beers on weekends with my dad and some of my brothers and sisters. My mom would throw out our beers when we weren’t looking, hoping to keep the level of drinking down. Talk about messing with a drinker, just watch them try to find their beer when mom just poured it down the sink and threw the can away. We had a lot of fun. My dad died of throat cancer at 73. My mom the teetotaler lived to 90. My youngest sister was really hit hard. She died at 43 when all her organs shut down from malnutrition because all she was consuming was vodka. Well that was part of our culture (confirmation bias). 5 days into the program. 5 days sober. But, 5 days is easy for me cause I’m a weekend warrior. I drink too much on Friday’s and I’m getting old so I don’t want to be hungover on Saturday and still feel crappy on Sunday and drag through Monday to feel ok on Tuesday. Right now 30 days sounds doable. This is an excellent program. I want to stick with it. Thanks.

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    It looks like this link no longer works :/

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    Day 5 solutions done. 2 days AF, and really needed that positivity boost today. First night after 24 hours AF, and slept pretty badly. No surprise there. Lots of family, money and health triggers first thing in the morning. Thankfully no booze in the house to tempt me. A busy day at work kept me distracted, and I at least felt alert and actually more sociable that the drink-fueled me. Ran in the evening, because running hardly ever a bad idea, and now looking forward to another sober day tomorrow, though I doubt I’ll sleep much tonight. Gonna be a few days before my body and mind gets used to sober nights.

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    Hey Folks,
    Is this forum still active? Is there anyone out there? I’ve just discovering the 30dSS and it’s a bit of an internet miracle, really. It’s better than many online courses out there that work, but charge hundreds or thousands of dollars (and their business models are based on being cheaper than rehab!).
    It’d be a shame if this place went fallow.

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      Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster Tomat24. Yes, it’s a shame the Companion Website is not well maintained!
      Try finding “Site Wide Activity ” on this site. It can be accessed different ways depending on what device you’re using.
      Then you’ll be able to see folks currently active here.
      This Program/ book will work! It definitely has for me!
      Onward Friend!

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    Hello Tomat24 and sinaqueena; It’s D-Day, June 6, 2019, and I’m here and participating actively. I’ve already commented on a few different forums, sinaqueena’s for sure! I wrote my own, as well. I gather that there are not hundreds, or even tens, of people firing up the book and beginning Day 1 on the same day, so that’s kind of a shame, but hopefully one day soon there will be. I’ve shared what I’m doing with a few friends already, and it was my sister who recommended the 30DSS to me back in January. It took me nearly six months to buy the book and join the program, which I’m finding very, very, extuh-reeeeeem-ly valuable. It’s past 9:00 PM here in California and I’ve made it through my cocktail hours, so I’m well on my way to Day 6! We’re “killin” it, right? – FRJ

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    Thanks for the new link. Yes I found the old link didn’t work also. Hoping someone back at the ‘home office’ updates the link. In Day 5 now…so far so good with the program. Best thing I have tried so far. 100% commitment was a great way to start.

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    I listened to the audiobook 3 years ago, without taking the time to do all the exercises and use the support here, and quit drinking for a year. But alcohol sneaked itโ€™s way back into my life. As a migraine sufferer, Alcohol is a big no-no, so I am doing this again and, this time, taking the time to do the exercises. My goal is lifetime sobriety. Thinking about teetotalers…as an equestrian, I can say alcohol and horses donโ€™t mix. Riding under the influence or with a hangover is dangerous, and becoming a successful competitor requires good health, fitness and long days. So, for me, making a list of teetotaling equestrians will help.

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      Hi Mharvey78.
      I’m glad you’re back and “all in”!
      The authors state that the heart of the 30DSS is Action.
      Recall the “cone of learning”?
      I also prefer the “hard copy ” of the book for reference and clarity myself. If you don’t fancy purchasing it, it’s available at many public libraries!
      Thanks for sharing!
      Onward Friend! Sina

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        I am also on day 5 and can’t believe how confident I feel about this program. I have been drinking excessively for the past 20 years only in the evening 3 glasses of wine up to 1 bottle almost every night. Initially I was able to get a medication that would make me sick if I drank and discovered that I could take 1 a week and have it be effective. My counselor would not refill the prescription after a while until I went to AA or got help (understandable since I was only taking it after overdrinking. I have never had any legal, financial or work related issues. My daughter who lives with me is not aware how much I was drinking but I clearly was having a problem – hiding bottles, going to different stores to buy my wine, etc
        I would wake not feeling that good, foggy, depressed (would last all day) and looked forward to 5 PM when I would start again. I wouldn’t even empty the glass before I would fill it again
        Something clicked in me after Day 1, I physically felt better, felt confident I could do this (previously did not think I could do it without the medication). I have been doing all the exercises they recommend and going day by day. I haven’t even thought about 5 PM. I haven’t gone out to dinner yet (always have a glass of wine) and I am facing the holidays but the ” old me” feels like a “new me”

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