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    Of course, this creates some problems because it actually acknowledges the failure of the artifact, which is a huge blow to everyone who still exists despite the difficulties. Given that it still takes time to buy at this time, 30 seconds become too little. Therefore, please calculate your actions in advance and open the store during the combat phase. Each round of your army will automatically fight against the other players’ armies. When you lose the game, you will lose HP. The last man is the winner. Slark may be the best because of his shadow dance. I saw the ribbon put all the items on the Slark and made him the main damage dealer, I tried it myself. It works very well.

    With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Valve really wants to get a mod, especially since Dota 2 Auto Chess, Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike started their careers. time. Many players have complained that the strategy phase is too short, especially in the middle of the game. After about 10-13 rounds, the players on the field and the reserve team already have so many heroes, they constantly need to rearrange and fold. Despite the great success of Dota 2 Auto Chess, Drodo Studio is not an easy position. This is a simple concept, but managing the economy, building the depth of the perfect army, and the elements of randomness make it very addictive.

    Inevitably, people outside of Dota 2 Auto Chess began to notice. Some people have never played Dota before downloading games specifically for Dota 2 Auto Chess. Downloading a 20GB game to play a custom map is my promise. There are many early goblin moves in the game. Dota 2 Auto Chess Tinker, Clockwork Technician and Timbersaw form a sturdy early game lineup that won’t die. At first it seems quite complicated, but in some games you can find out the effect of the game, and then it is almost impossible.

    There is money for convulsions, and the consequent increase in your army’s limit on the court. Most items in Auto Chess are similar to items in Dota 2. When you kill enemy creeps, some of them have a chance to fall. This means that we may be witnessing the birth of a new hot genre. There were similar games before, but they were not so successful. The early game tank brigade can take you a few rounds, but in the end, it feels intact. The best way to get hurt is to be an assassin or hunter. Both of these provide ample damage and can hide behind the tank brigade, causing some serious damage to the opponent.

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