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    As a yoga teacher I am quite familiar with the practice and benefits of meditation. Can’t believe I am here on day 24 thriving in sobriety. As with all new things I was skeptical that this book/program would do anything for me. I am so excited to say that I have learned more about staying sober this last 3 weeks than all of my previous attempts over the last 6 years combined. Thank you for this forum and sense of community and support I have found here. Press on sober people! Just one week to go. ? However I must admit that after meditating on the thought of going back to drinking, I have decided to stay on the teetotalers path.

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    Hey ss38 congrats on your journey so far. Your meditation message was right on! Your previous history is your life lessons. You are thriving right now, enjoy and carry on.

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    I have always struggled with meditation but I am going to really make an effort to incorporate it for the suggested twice a day. I am also really happy with this program. I think I am also on the teetotaler path. The reading today hit the nail on the head about alcohol actually creating physiological stress. I did not know that but have felt the difference so quickly that I’m a believer.

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    No Effort, rivieragirl… just sit and breathe…

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    Day 24 and loving every sober minute. I admit I haven’t done all the excercises up to now, just the ones that I think are relevant to my situation. But it is working miracles. There is no question in my mind that heavy drinking is an escape and somehow you need to find out what you’re escaping from to thrive in sobriety. There is so much good information in this program if you dig into it and seriously contemplate your life…where you’ve been and where you want to go. Sorry to sound like a 30DS sales person, but I want to encourage others to committ 100% and make life better. I’ve never meditated before, at least not for more than a minute or two…kept getting side-tracked by the noise of the fridge or thoughts of what I needed to get done. I’ve tried harder this last while and It’s starting to give me a sense a peacefulness and freedom from worry and stress that I never felt before. Try the tip of meditating when you are waiting (e.g. doctor’s office, in line at a store, etc). You can still be in the moment and aware of what’s going on so when they call your name you don’t miss your appointment. And it’s surprising how it brings you around to reality and calms you down.

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    I wanted to share an experience I had today. I was listening to this chapter on the metro (tube) (underground) & practicing the meditation/breathing exercises with my eyes half closed. A guy stepped in the train car blasting music – normally this would have annoyed the crap out of me but even though I could hear it, I was way more at peace. I was definitely in a zone of tranquility. I need and will integrate this more often in my life. While reading the articles in the footnotes, I have discovered that I am more stressed/anxious than I realized.
    Exercise helps too but sometimes it is necessary to pause & just breathe. Thank you.

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