The Monster and the Moon

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    Count yourself lucky if you post something and someone responds. I have completed this program 3 times “successfully” and was on my 4th time around until I caved today. I checked the message board the past few days and didn’t find anyone other than Johnnie0 who responded to any of my posts. Since I live alone and am doing this solo, I really was hoping to have more support from the forum, but unfortunately, and sadly, I have not. Maybe it’s the full moon. I don’t know. At this time, I’m not sure I want to try to continue with the 30 Day SS, now or ever. I consider myself a very independent and private person–a highly functional (and educated) excessive drinker–and thought this would be the perfect means for me to overcome this monster that persists inside my mind and body with the ultimate goal to annihilate me. Maybe I was wrong. Or maybe the monster and the moon are out to get me tonight.

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    For the record, I didn’t even complete today’s solution, so maybe I should have posted this on Day 4.

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      Hi @blueberrygal. I usually haunt this site just to offer encouragement and support to people who post since Dave Andrews is not taking care of it anymore. I am currently participating in his Inner Circle 3 workshop. I will pm you. Onward, Sina

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    Thanks, Sinaqueena. Yeah, I’m really disappointed in the lack of feedback from Dave, Jack and his gurus.You seem to be the only one, at least since I’ve been going through this program (1 1/2 years?), that seems to really give a hoot about anyone. I really do appreciate how you always reach out to those of us who are really struggling and on the edge–not sure which edge, but you know what I mean, I’m sure. So thanks so much for your response. It means a lot. Jack/Dave–I hope you’re reading this, too.

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    Hi, glad your here expressing concerns. I am struggling to maintain sobriety after one week. Today, I am committing to 30 days again. This time I’m writing on these forums. And, reading the program. Prayers to you.

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    I caved in last night too at a business dinner! My wife was disappointed and hurt. I believe in myself and you too!

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      No shame @gehernandez3! Just climb right back on the Sober Coaster and strap in. Learn from your experience and move forward. It may take time to earn back trust from broken promises. Consistency is the key! Stay strong!
      In my own ecperience, luck does not play a part in success or failure. Only you determine whether or not you triumph! I believe We have the power of Choice. In this, the 30DSS program differs from AA which gives credit to “a Higher Power”. Onward! Sina

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    As someone who is also on her 3rd time around, I am reluctantly coming to the conclusion that I shouldn’t stop at 30 days because eventually I end up drinking almost and as frequently as before except that this time my commitment hasn’t been as rock solid as the first time but I am going in deeper and learning new things each time by reading or listening to the books recommended in the footnotes and in the forums. Thanks everyone for being here and 3 cheers for sinaqueena – hip hip > hoorah!
    Hip hip > hoorah!
    Hip hip > hoorah!

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