The Traits of a Sober Person

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    I know many sober people, some of them are close family members who have become sober after years of alcohol abuse.
    It is my own honest opinion that sober people are just like the rest of us, with one difference – They just do not drink alcohol.
    I’ve noticed that they still have all of the disturbances, issues and emotional upsets and joyful experiences in their lives as the rest of us do, but they don’t drink. They have chosen not to, just as I do not use cocaine or smoke cigarettes. It doesn’t even cross my mind, but this doesn’t change who I am. It simply is what it is, same as for sober folks.
    I don’t think about it. And, when you don’t drink, you don’t spend a lot of time, or any time at all thinking about it either, because you simply don’t drink. That’s all!
    And that’s who I’m going to be!

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    I have a similar outlook toward sober people. My brother quit drinking almost 5 years ago after a really long ride and while he has the same problems I do, he just doesn’t drink. He has a family, career, and the same background I have and even though he is my little brother I look up to him for the fact that he quit drinking. Ironically I used to say “at least I don’t drink like him” and now I look to him for inspiration, advice and as a role model. It’s good to refer to these people and see the good traits stand out, like the clarity of his eyes or the way he is always on the move, having fun with the kids and wife, it’s just that he doesn’t drink, anymore. You will be that way and I will too with some work and examples to learn from.

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    I think it would be really nice to spend time not thinking about how alcohol this is the only day five for me but I never even knew that I could make it five days three of them being the weekend I’ve had five days before but it’s been probably 18 years since I made it a whole weekend without alcohol I really do like this 30 day solution it hasn’t been easy since my husband is still drinking but I sure have learned a lot in the last five days about myself

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    Here is my list of Traits of a Sober Person:
    1.  Present

    2. Aware of surroundings. I have noticed when I am the sober person at a party, I notice a lot more things that I wouldn’t normally, such as people’s reaction to other drunk people, or those people who are secretly flirting. It is actually quite fascinating.

    3. Judging

    4. Focused

    5. In Control of behaviours and emotions

    6. Responsible

    7. Healthy

    8. Disciplined

    9. Productive

    10. Peacefu

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      Hi moonmoods36
      I absolutely love your list!
      The only thing I would alter a bit is #3. I would prefer ” having good judgement ” or ” discerning”
      Only because “Judging” sounds a bit like passing Judgement, which I personally try to avoid.
      Great work!
      Onward! Sina

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