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    It seems that there is a lot more time required for today’s solution and action steps. Plus, today’s solution strikes me as being integral to my continued sobriety and future success in my life as a whole. For these reason, I am going to take two or three days to work at it and really kill the action steps. I wish Day 29 had fallen over a weekend when I would have had more time to devote to the work. No worries though…

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    I agree – we are SO close to 30 days but today’s exercises will really set us up for continued success. I cannot believe how easy this whole process has been. I too am going to commit to not moving forward until I’m satisfied with the work I put into today’s action steps.

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      So Glad I came here to the forum today on my day 29. Been feeling grumpy and anxious these past few days. The action steps are taking a lot of time and I just switched my thoughts around to relief…i can take my time and a few extra days to realize and write down my purpose and vision. I will also commit to moving forward when today’s action steps are completed to my satisfaction. I feel grateful for this community and teaching.

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        I agree. This was a challenging day and the action steps were pretty time consuming. I thought it was just me. I’m relieved others are finding it as challenging as I did. I did find the guided Vision Compass was very useful to get my thought in my head, and I was surprised how quickly it then poured out on the page when I started typing.

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    Truly a wonderful decision you both have made. You are definitely setting yourselves up for success. I know how tempting it can be to finish the program and become a graduate, yet you are both willing to resist the temptation in order to fully thrive-in-sobriety. How inspiring!

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    I agree, I’m already on day 31 and still working on this day 29 steps. I have the purpose but struggle to see what the vision statement might look like.ill keep plugging away, I’m sure to crack it!

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    Ok I think I got it, pushed through the resistance.
    My vision statement
    I am financially and time free, filling my days with joy and passion. Loving friends and family thrive int this vibrant space. I am creative, strong, fit, flexible and practice happiness and gratitude for the gifts I have allowed into my life.

    My Why.
    In 2 parts the good part and the selfish emotional part.
    My ‘good’ why is to inspire people to experience what vibrant health feels like every day.
    My selfish why, to be respected, and accepted by peers, to live a life of abundance – happiness, health, love, gratitude and contribution.

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    I struggled with this Solution too @healthylady. I finally pushed through it agreeing that my Vision would most likely be evolving in the coming weeks and months.

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    I’m delighted to see that I’m not the only one struggling with today’s action steps. You’ve all let me give myself ‘permission’ to take the extra time if I need it. I’m such a stickler for rules and deadlines that it’s almost painful to not complete something when I’m supposed to. Or, as my husband always said to me, “You’re such a goody two-shoes”. Thanks for your commentary.

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    What is it about this step? I decided to put off the last two steps until after Easter weekend and my house will be quiet again. Maybe its the letting go and jumping into the future… (or maybe it’s the 5 pounds I didn’t lose yet–but now I don’t care about the weight). I do feel the same giddy happiness I felt on day 1. It’s been tough but 31 days without wine–it’s liberating!

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      Still working on these last two days. I’ve finished reading the book though. I do feel I’m closer to wanting to create my vision, but still I am resisting. I think a part of it is is that still after 33 days, I don’t know why I drank to begin with. On day 32 I had a hiccup (just had to get that old feeling back, so I “slipped”) and I’m glad I did. It made me realize that I probably should never drink again and I never want to feel that sh***y in the morning again. I have also still have not confided in my husband or anyone else (except all you awesome people) that I have done the program!
      Any advise about starting the program again? I was thinking 30 days on 30 days off or just going through the online part

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    @jzw- I would imagine it’s not necessarily what these last two solutions are asking you to do, but rather the fact that they are the LAST two solutions. Endings are difficult, regardless of what type of ending it is. Congratulations on making it 31 days so far- quite incredible!

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    With Easter holiday and our new puppy getting neutered this past Monday and needing to be watched and cared for, I have fallen behind on the action steps, as well. I am on Day 30 and I have been sober for 34 consecutive days. There have been times I have felt like I “needed” a drink, but said a prayer for help and guidance and made my usual “drink,” Kombucha tea and Italian sparkling water. I pour it into a white wine glass and I swear I am drinking a glass of wine. But the cool thing is I can keep pouring the sparkling water and not go to bed having drunk too much or wake up with a heavy head and sour stomach. What a great feeling that is!
    The biggest issue I am dealing with is my husband of 33 years. We both had been drinking wine nightly, and sometimes during the day and as the years have gone on, what was once a “romantic” thing to do became a problem drinking situation for us both. He has continued to drink through my 34 days of sobriety and on Easter, drank way too much in my opinion. So much so that he couldn’t remember a conversation we had after dinner. I read in the chapter on relationships what to say to a spouse who continues to drink while we are living in sobriety. I did as the book said but felt like I was giving him an ultimatum and I feel guilty about this. Not enough guilt to drink again, however. Any suggestions I welcome. Love to read all of your posts. Keep up the good work!

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    Great job so far with your sobriety, @patriciap! When it comes to loved ones who drink too much, it’s a very difficult situation. At this point, the best you can do is lead by example: Showing him how great you feel, letting him see how much you can get done when you are not drunk/hung over, sharing your favorite solutions with him, letting him see the money you are saving, etc. At first, it may seem as if he’s not noticing at all, but I assure you, he is. It could take months for him to acknowledge anything about it, but change is in the air, and he can feel. Keep persevering and thriving in your sobriety!

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    Did days 1-28 in 28 days. Stuck on day 29 for a week now. Not sure why I am procrastinating. Maybe I don’t want to finish the program yet. Have had no problems abstaining. Found it much easier than I expected.
    Drank 8 Miller Lites every night for over 10 years. Never really attempted to quit before. Love this program. Have found the breathing techniques and EFT also very effective in relieving my anxiety. It is nice to feel calm and relaxed for a change!

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    WOW. This chapter is a whole weekend workshop. Ploughed through knowing it is a work in progress but definely identified key motivators for me. I would love to do this in a group setting.
    Thankyou. Why do I do what I do? the simplest answer is Life is a precious gift, and I am here to share my unique gifts and talents to love and help others.

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    This was a challenging day. As with others I took the exercises over 3 days to allow myself to give it the justice it deserves and I am glad I did. I really feel I have reconnected with the person I always was and is but who got lost along the way. I now know deep in my heart what it is I want from life and I am now able to navigate toward it and I feel pretty motivated and excited to be on this particular path.

    This journey reminds me of a quote from T S Eliot: ‘We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.’

    I may have ‘traveled’ down lots of roads and came to plenty of dead ends but I also traveled down roads that led me to where I am now and for that I am truly thankful.

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    Hi, all. I just wanted to add that this solution is really tough for me too. Glad I’m not the only one. I’ve been drinking for 33 years and am now trying new things. I’m still working to figure out what I might do well. I have no idea how I can help others. Frustrating. 🙁

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    Thank goodness today is Saturday and I dont have to go to work. This has been the longest solution EVER. I have been working on it for 6 hours and I am only on action step 3 of 4.

    Believe me that I am tempted to say “F it” and just say “What I have wrote so far is good enough”.

    But it is day 29 and I want to be free of alcohol for the rest of my life and if this is the price I need to pay to be rid of that monster of alcoholism than I will do it.

    Drink alot of coffee and just keep working until you finish. All this writing is healing us from the inside. We need the healing. =)

    Ok, Im getting back to the writing hope to finish within the next 2 hours. Hope that day 30 is not so much work.

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    I am grateful to those who have posted here. Reading that I am not alone in finding the Day 29 action step/mission statement daunting has been helpful; I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. 40-plus years of drinking seems to have stunted the development, or the awareness, of passions… I certainly have things I enjoy, but no burning need to share with the world. And then I realize how incredibly helpful the Vision Statement has been to my last 30 days without wine. Just repeating those 2-3 sentences, along with visualizing how my life is/will be without alcohol, has blown away any (declining) urges to drink. So I believe that this step will be crucial to thriving in sobriety and in the rest of my life in general. I want to give it the thought and reflection it deserves – paying attention to where my joy shows up. My deadline is Friday night, 5 days from now. 🙂

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