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    This website is dead: No support, no moderators, no Dave A or Jack C answering questions in the forum as promised, material mentioned in the book are missing, the forum are full of spam = people selling drugs!

    I came here on Day-1 full of hope and commitment but how can I believe that the people, that are responsible for this website and who are cheating people by still selling the book without a working website?

    How can I trust that the 30 Day “Solution” they made are any good and not just a money-making scam?

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    Hello Womanonafarm;
    Please don’t despair. The site is not great, but it still does mostly work with the book. I’ve also reached out to Dave to no avail, so we have to lock arms and help each other without him.
    Go to the Site Wide Activity Forum to see all the posts – there are still people using this site despite the spam.
    Keep doing the daily lessons and use the site to augment the book. The site won’t make sense without the book I think.
    Listen, I was a daily wine woman for 40+ years. When I stumbled on this site, it took me a couple of tries till the 100% commitment really sunk in.
    I’m more than 130 (I think) days alcohol free now.
    It works.
    But you MUST be 100% committed.
    I also did a lot of researching other sites. I like Naked Mind, She Recovers, and Soberistas for daily support.
    Trust me, and the others writing on this site.
    Be Brave
    Be Bold
    Do it for yourself.

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    Thank you so much – for a moment I lost all my “fire”, but after your message I’m on board again – I need this to work.

    Also bought the Naked Mind audiobook, when I bought the 30-Days solution – didn’t know she had a website as well.

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    Thank you both for your comments. I am so determined to make this work. I read This Naked Mind and loved it. Annie Grace also has a 30 day Alcohol Experiment which is free and very much alive. Hoping to see you both along the way.

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    Hello @womanonafarm @myturn75 @gwenlightseeker58 I did this course 3 years ago and the website was the same. Still beta and no support! BUT!! The content is excellent and it kickstarted me on my sobriety journey. If you want a free community to support your efforts. I strongly recommend


    It is EXCELLENT! You will find your tribe there.

    Best wishes


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    Thanks Michael. I am finding the book and website useful but it is important to find as much support as possible and there is a lot out there. xx

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    Great and thanks Michael. I’ve found a few other sites I like too and will check out the Boozemusings. I must also say I LOVE visiting here everyday too, to find others just starting out and along their way is always inspiring. Best! Onward…

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    Good morning!! @myturn75 @gwenlightseeker58

    Thank you both for replying. Yes, the book and the additional content here are excellent. The only thing lacking is a community. But I suppose that is up to all of us to engage.

    The first week is always difficult, withdrawal, cravings etc. But once you get past that, you need structure. That’s what most useful about the website, it gives you stuff to do every day.

    The big problem I had was Day 31. I didn’t have a plan and I relapsed. It took me another 2 year to find a community and get to 100 days. I tend to relapse if I become stressed and anxious about personal issues, but it is always good to restart with 30 days.

    Have a great day guys, chat later.

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