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    Hello All,
    I’ve battled back and forth over the past several years with Moderation Management, some success and a few failures, but I believe I’ve hit the proverbial AA “rock bottom” and realize my whole social life, my almost every social interaction is based on booze and drinking. You drink when your happy, you drink when your sad, you know how it goes… Well, I’m 66 years old, partially disabled, extremely heavy and I’ve decided to blow up the crumbling foundation my life is built on, and to rebuild a new one, based on sobriety! I heard a funny quote in a TV show last night, of course spoken by a drunk in a bar, but he said “sobriety is for quitters”. Well, the last thing I am, is a quitter, so I’m going to take sobriety as a challenge, and I LOVE a good challenge! I’m not saying I’ll never drink again, but I’ve got to go a LOT longer than 30 days, which i’ve done a lot of. I’m thinking at least 90, and then evaluate my feelings and thoughts. What’s a good number thats worked for any of you?
    Thanks, Ray

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    Hi rjwohltman … I’m 63 (going to be 64 in April). I started this program about 14 months ago. I’m on my second year of quitting/or cutting back. The solutions were the answer! And I didn’t even do the whole book! I got the gist right away, especially with the Time Travel Technique and writing out my visualization. For the year 2018, I’d give myself an A-. This year so far I’m getting an A, I’d say. I’m falling into the category of “drinking rarely”. Last year I “cut back tremendously”.
    I’ve been committing to 30-day dry spells. Most went longer, one as long as 62 days. Twice I’d goofed and had to add a (-3); that was at Christmas-time, and earlier this month a (-1) for Valentine’s/Wedding Anniversary. So, not perfect, but so much better than these past few years.
    I feel I had reason to be drinking, though. So many personal problems with sick parents, sick husband. But I got to the point where I realized I was just going to become sick myself. So, I feel blessed I found this program.

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    Firstval, sorry about my English. My problem is not drinking, but eating. I’m struggle about this from many years. In past I’ve been vary benefited with this program. But I had releapses, that’a why I’m starting the program again. End I realize that with the mentality of rebuild a new foundation, whith each new step in sobriety, efforts are strenthened towards a new self. The lesson for me, is restart wih each new relapse and keep going.

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      Welcome ann_.
      I know of several people who use this 30DSS Program/book for food Addictions. SMART Recovery is also a worldwide program used for dealing with any substance or behavior you wish to quit (obviously you can’t quit eating! Or you could, but there’s no future in it! 🙂 ) or curtail.
      Google “SMART Recovery near me” to see if a meeting is near you. They also have a valuable Handbook you can buy from their Website or Amazon.
      Onward! Sina

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        Hi sinaqueena, thanks for the suggestion.

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      Hi Ann, I’m here for similar reasons. Listening to the Time Traveling audio was scary thinking of what i’ll be like if i don’t get a handle on my eating.

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    Good job, time to sart pouring a new solid foundation with lots of rebar to help in the shakey times. Im with you. Day eight for me!

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