Today was the first day I did not receive my reminder email.

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    Seems like Day 20 is some sort of technological black hold for the ‘ol 30 day program. 🙂

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    I did not receive mine either – I’m on day 7 now. I want credit for doing the action steps for sure!

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    I just keep pressing on! Day 21 is very cool. I love an inspirational story that covers the salient points. YAY! I can do this without reminders. I did, of course, send an email to to let them know. Keep on keepin’ on, it’s glorious!

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    Mine stopped coming a while ago even though I looked for them in the junk folder.
    I wonder if they stopped updating this site actually because it has been in beta for a long time & it still has little notes to themselves to fix things. I wonder what happened…

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    I started the program in Jan 2018 and never got one reminder email. But got email notifications for replies and comments etc. Also I have gotten emails for the “Insiders Circle”…. it must be where this is going and will have a cost.

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    Has anyone ever gotten a daily email?
    I signed up one with one email address & nada.
    Just tried another email address.
    Let me know.
    If I never get them, can someone forward Day 1 to me please?

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      Glad you’re still in the game @karakucha !
      The email function usually is not maintained. Dave Andrews sometimes fixes it. You don’t need the reminder, it is just that. Although many folks are disappointed with the glitches of this Companion Website, it doesn’t mean success with the Program is unattainable.
      Onward Fellow Sobriety Seeker! Sina

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    I am on Day 21 and Gratitude is a good one for me. I forget about it and can eaily dwell on what i do not have or want.

    Onward to Day 21!

    P.S., i have not received a daily email either and believe it should probably be removed as part of the program if not maintained. i dont like daily reminders personally. They feel like spam amd I get enough emails believe me!! Grateful for no daily email reminders!! 😊😊😁

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      Day 1 for me and I was checking for the email but nothing. Glad I read this post so I won’t worry about it. Looking forward to getting to Day 21 but seems like eternity.

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    So glad you are here. I can’t believe I am at day 21 either!!

    I am on a business trip and that is typically my time to let loose, but saw a woman last night at the airport stumbling and even fell over. “But for the grace of god, there go I!! “

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    Good morning, Everyone! It’s always nice to see new posts in the site-wide activity. I can relate to all of them. Being dry is the best! Excellent sleep, body functions better, and on and on. There are so many ways to escape if we feel like we need to. It’s just a matter of replacing the bad habit with good new habits.
    I am so looking forward to starting a third course of elementary on-line French. I need to review course one and two. I’ve already used a bit the other night when talking to a patron at the theatre where I work (very part-time). Very satisfying to my brain!
    Have a great day!

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