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    To be fair, and to have a little celebration, I didn’t drink anything beyond spiking my coffee yesterday late-morning. Still I feel gross today. And truly unexcited about this venture. But I know I am suffering in the current loop. I have an important social event tomorrow evening and social events make me nervous anyhow so I’m already wondering if I picked the wrong day to start…But the best thing I can do is worry about that later and just not drink today. Today should be an easy-ish day to not drink – going to work shortly (with kids, I never drink there), followed by a family outing that I’m looking forward to and wouldn’t easily support booze. So tomorrow is for tomorrow and for today, I’ll enjoy the ease of an easy AF day and take as good care of myself as I can.

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    I will add another celebration because I think it helps – I’m a people-pleaser and have a very hard time saying no…I drink to relieve stress because I take on too many things. I just sent an email letting a volunteer group know that I need to step down from my duties this year. I’m terrified of their replies but I know that it is the right thing for me, my own goals, and my family.

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    Adding my Vision Statement…for the evening of Saturday, Feb 3rd, 2019:

    I am truly an Inspired Gypsy, eager to get out of bed each morning and get on with my day’s work.  I am energized, happy, and renewing my relationship with my best friend/husband.  I am putting myself first, my family second, and everything else behind that. I am healthy, sexy and young-looking.

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    I’m not sure there is a wrong day to start. I’m on Day 3 of the programme, but my first AF day is tomorrow. Glad I have done the Day 3 actions, so I have my techniques for resisting temptation written down and ready to be deployed. I hope you have too for your social event. If you know how you’re going to respond before you have to respond, succeeding becomes inevitable rather than possible.

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    I have an event this weekend. My 4 girls, 23, 24, 26, & 29 with my 3 grandchildren, 3, 3, & 4, are coming to do Christmas this weekend. All of our family gatherings from this size and larger with extended family ALWAYS has a lot of alcohol flowing. This will be the first EVER that I am not going to drink. I thank God for my husband because he is a rock. I desperately do not want to disappoint him again. I’m sure I will spend most of my time with the children. They are safe, lol! I will keep you posted.😁

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      It’s good you have support, and a plan. I’m just finishing my third day AF. Yesterday I had a social event at work, where wine was available, and offered to me. I had thought about not attending, but instead went after preparing my excuse for not accepting a glass of wine, in front of colleagues who know me as someone who would happily drink wine or beer. When offered wine, I simply said I was going for a run later. It was one of the social excuses you can find in a list in the Day 7 Bonus Content. The funny thing is, was that it wasn’t a lie. I was going for a run. I run a lot; most days. It’s just that previously I wouldn’t have let that stop me accepting the wine. The irony struck me, that the ‘lie’ I used to avoid embarrassment about refusing a drink wasn’t actually a lie at all. I think I’ll be using the ‘I’m going for a run later’ line a lot in future, as well as the ‘I’m training for my next race’ line, which will also be true.

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        Good for you not having a drink. I hope I will inspire my daughter’s to take some control of their life and not wait until they are old like me to make a change. I always seemed to have this thought that life just happens and I have no control but to be pushed around. I now realize that I have all kinds of control and I hope this sticks. Haha, I was just thinking that I do have control whether it sticks or not. It will all be my own reaction or action to something that makes me stay sober or not. I really do have control. Thanks for listening to the blather but I needed to realize that. 😀😀 once I can run again I may do another race. Need to have my back worked on first.
        Well keep in keeping on! You got this!

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