Two weeks is a long time…

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    Two weeks of solutions done. 11 days AF at the end of tonight.

    I’d love to say I’m emotionally buzzing and full of enthusiasm, but it wouldn’t be true. Days are draggging this week. Not that the urge to drink has been overwhelming, but that I keep feeling the little tugs towards it when I’m not fully occupied. I’ve been substituting sugary treats this afternoon. I rarely crave chocolate – why would I, when there’s been wine? – but I really did today. I gave in to that particular craving without any feelings of guilt at all.

    Yesterday I found the tapping solution difficult. It really stretched my credulity. But I eventually persuaded myself it couldn’t hurt, so dutifully did the exercise. I’m not sure if it worked or not, but here I am another day of sobriety to the good. And the relapse-reading was opportune (so many of the solutions really do come at the right time), as it helped me think about the signs – such as boredom – I need to look out for.

    I like the sound of tomorrow’s solution. Running is part of my identity, so the 4-minute-mile solution sounds just up my street. Not that I’ve ever been able to run that fast.

    Well done all on making it this far. Keep working the solutions and enjoying the ride.

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