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    Two weeks of solutions done. 11 days AF at the end of tonight.

    I’d love to say I’m emotionally buzzing and full of enthusiasm, but it wouldn’t be true. Days are draggging this week. Not that the urge to drink has been overwhelming, but that I keep feeling the little tugs towards it when I’m not fully occupied. I’ve been substituting sugary treats this afternoon. I rarely crave chocolate – why would I, when there’s been wine? – but I really did today. I gave in to that particular craving without any feelings of guilt at all.

    Yesterday I found the tapping solution difficult. It really stretched my credulity. But I eventually persuaded myself it couldn’t hurt, so dutifully did the exercise. I’m not sure if it worked or not, but here I am another day of sobriety to the good. And the relapse-reading was opportune (so many of the solutions really do come at the right time), as it helped me think about the signs – such as boredom – I need to look out for.

    I like the sound of tomorrow’s solution. Running is part of my identity, so the 4-minute-mile solution sounds just up my street. Not that I’ve ever been able to run that fast.

    Well done all on making it this far. Keep working the solutions and enjoying the ride.

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    This is my 4th or 5th time I have started this program. I have to admit that looking back I never fully committed to the program. Way back in the year 2000, I made a New Years resolution to quick smoking. There was never a question that I would make it. It was a decision that I was 100% committed to. I feel the same way about not drinking this time. It has been pretty easy so far. I’ve only had one moment when I was driving home one week ago yesterday when I wasn’t sure if I would go directly home from my evening out or straight to the nearest store to buy a bottle of wine. Once I pulled into my driveway I knew that I was going to make it. I’ve not eaten sugar for many years (no white flour, bread, hi glycemic anything…except for wine of course..that didn’t count in my twisted little mind) Its day 14 and I have lost 5 inches already and 4 lbs! My body is showing all the hard work that I have always put in at the gym. You simply can not drink 750 calories of wine a night and expect to see results at the gym. Here I was so disiplined in my diet and my workouts but refused to give up the wine. I had convinced myself that I would never be able to fall alsleep without it. Yet here I am sleeping all night without waking..that never happened before (I wonder why) I feel so much clearer and focused. I can’t wait to see how great I feel after 30 days!

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    Hi liveinlove … You are going to feel wonderful once you reach your goal of 30 days. This program has been the answer for me. Quitting forever just sounded too daunting to me. But 30 days I can do, and have done. I think I can say I’ve done 9 or 10 commitments this past year or so.
    Each commitment was easier and there were less desires/urges for alcohol. My best to you!

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    This is my second time doing the program. The first time was about 5 years ago. Initially when I did the program , my goal was just 30 days of sobriety. However…how eye opening those 30 days were. For the first time in my life I saw sobriety as a better option and truly possible for me. However I eventually went back to drinking. A couple years later I realized drinking was a problem in my life again and went to AA. I had 2 months of sobriety. Fast forward to the present… I began the program for the second time…around day 20 of white knuckled sobriety. I remembered the 30 day solution and how it had helped me so much before. I do not regret it starting the program for the second time. Yesterday (day 14- 33 days of sobriety) the tapping solution and the video to get in touch with your negative feelings was a real break through for me. Those exercises unearthed and released some significant emotional pain for me. With the accomplishment came an unexpected conflict in my personal life. As I related my experience…as my loved one has so often expressed they want me to do…it led to a full on fight with my spouse. I fled the scene. Usually I would stay the night at a hotel and drown my sorrows in a bottle of wine. I did not do that. I returned home after about an hour. No communication with my spouse. Woke to a morning full of ultimatums. It’s frustrating…especially because I did not drink. However- today’s bonus solution about relapse was very helpful. While I didn’t relapse by drinking alcohol…perhaps I did so on an emotional level. I will explore this further and learn from it. Thank goodness for This program. I really want to thank Jack Canfield and Dave Andrews for writing this book. I feel with each word and solution I find my way a little clearer and easier than I would have on my own. I really appreciate you all.

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    I agree, cgocean10107, about tackling this issue being easier with the help of a good program such as this, rather than trying to do it on our own. I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own either.
    Gosh … I am dry! I’m dry! And I’m facing the negatives of life without depending on alcohol. What a miracle.
    My best to you!

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    cgocean10107. I have been sober for 15 months thanks to this program and had a similar alcohol free relapse two months ago. It lead to a big fight with my spouse, but it also made me realize more about my problem with alcohol. I was resenting her for not being able to drink, but now realize that she has helped to save me from myself. Things are better now.

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    I just read Day 14. It is actually my 19th day thriving in sobriety! It is a milestone because it is the longest time in over 3 years. Although I don’t find it as easy as I keep reading in book, I am finding it is working. It’s the first time I’ve shared with my husband my fears and he has been my rock when I almost caved in on a vacation, our anniversary. At the restaurant every other table had a bob otter of wine. He said let’s go for ice cream. I love him and I love this book. Thank you.

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    Day 14 in the book Day 7 sober. I have attempted this program 4 times in the past and right around day 13 or 14 I always slip. I finally did the review portion of the review day and realized something that I had never even thought of, my subconscious mind is working over time. I think I read the relapse solution and decided that “Look, its ok if you have a few drinks, its normal” and justified it that way only to feel the shame and guilt afterwards. I have tried to be mindful of the feelings and thoughts, observe them, make a note of them and move on with my day. It’s like the quote from Dune,
    “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”
    I am really trying to apply this to my progress in the program and exchange mind-killer with sobriety-killer. Face my fears and let them pass through me. Today is the day I move past the feelings that have held me up in the past and only I will remain, happy and sober.

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    I just want to say I wish you the best of luck And I truly hope you make it to your 30 day goal. Today is day eight for me and I did the meditation about the movie of my life and It was very emotional for me .When I first did the meditation I fell a lot of and Shame And embarrassment I thought of how People that know me would feel if they saw the movie and How I act sometimes When I drink too much Later tonight when I thought about the meditation again it was emotional too But this time I actually felt a lot better I kept thinking If they watched the movie they would say to me why can’t you see you like we see you are one of the most kindest and caring people in the whole world I think it was a really a breakthrough for me I am a really A great person who struggles with self-esteem issues and has been self-medicating with alcohol for years to hide the pain. Alcohol is not working for me anymore and steps in this book Are really helping me deal with these feelings it is nice to have somebody else going through this process thank you for sharing your story. Writing down how I feel only helping me Understand why I have been drinking so much for long And reading everyone’s posts I really making me feel not so alone

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