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    VISION STATEMENTS: We would love for you to share your 30-Day statement here, so please reply to this thread and post yours. If you want feedback, just mention that in your post and Jack or I will do our best to respond.

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    I wake up every morning with a renewed energy and lust for life. I am able to accomplish tasks and goals in my personal and professional life. I have a clean home; and I follow up with professional meetings, connections, and tasks. I treat my husband and myself with respect and dignity.

    **Feedback would be greatly appreciated!**

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      Thank you so much for sharing your lovely vision statement! This feels so authentic and meaningful!

      All the best,

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      @julie D – Great vision statement, but I have a feeling you need some more energized words included, so let me throw out some ideas. Allow yourself to think about what you really want to experience in your relationship with your husband. Do you want respect and dignity, or do you want to experience a loving and meaningful relationship, or a shared passion and joy for learning and exploring new things in life, or the feeling of knowing you are with the person you want to grow old with.

      And do you want a clean home, or a home that inspires creativity, helps you embrace your feminine energy, or is a nurturing open space where you feel safe and supported to fully immerse yourself in this 30-day journey.

      I would just give yourself permission to go a step further in some areas, and then tie together with sobriety.

      My sobriety has awoken an energy and lust for life that has me waking up excited and full of energy every day. I easily accomplish my goals personally and professionally with my newfound passion for life, all of which carries over to creating and maintaining an inspiring and loving home where my husband and I are able to love and live like I have always dreamed.

      Anyway, hope this helps you or others!

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      I am so proud of me. I am clear headed, energetic, and optimistic. I am spending time on things that are really important to me like sewing, beading, and house stuff. I am continuing to progress toward my goal weight, and exercise feels great. I feel loved, beautiful and healthy.

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      @ Julie D. Yes beautifully said thank you for sharing and good luck !!!!!!

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      I think your vision statement is beautiful. I am touched by your last line of treating yourself and your spouse with dignity. So much good is in store for you!

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      Vision statement:
      I wake up with energy and purpose, one day closer to my goal. Clarity, relief and inspiration are back in my life.

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      I wake up each morning feeling healthy, energized, and focused. I am excited about the day ahead. I feel proud of myself for the steps I’ve taken in sobriety to improve life for myself and for my family. I am especially proud to be a role model for my children and for being present in their lives. It feels good to be doing this, for ME!

      *Feedback not necessary but welcomed & appreciated*

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        And you are worth it! Good job and Great being here!

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        You are right to be proud, well done and good luck on your sober journey. I can tell you that it is so worth it.

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      I am healthy; I am calm. I practice extreme self care making myself a priority in this period of sobriety. I am looking after myself.

      I would like feedback. I have tried to keep it short and sweet so that I can conjure it up fast when I need to.

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    It may be a bit long, but would appreciate Dave or Jack’s feedback: Vision Statement: I am much closer to God. I don’t drink for the day – taking the option off the table very morning – but just for that day. I am actively moving towards a Zen life focus. I mediate everyday. I wake up excited about my ability to work on my trading with a clear mind that leverages my intellect. I exercise everyday and have lost 25 pounds – now weighing 205 with a goal of 195 later on without dieting but living a mostly Paleo Diet with no bad carb snacking at night. My family loves me again and actively communicates to me their successes and worries.

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      I love this mission statement so much I am using much of it as the basis of my own. Sounds a bit lazy I know but completing the daily tasks is my main objective. I will revisit as my journey continues & update with more personal views when I am more fully connected with my own self & spiritual being. So thanks for sharing & the team for reviewing.

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    I would like to chime in too, Blackhorse. I am excited for you! This vision statement is going to lead you into a wonderful life! This looks really great and I can tell these things mean a lot to you.

    It sounds like you are looking for feedback and here are some things to think about…I would just consider taking the word “bad” out of no carb snacking – maybe even instead, saying “making healthy food choices at night” instead of “no bad carb snacking at night” because, just like if we said, “don’t think of the blue elephant, don’t think of the blue elephant”, of course our brain thinks of the blue elephant. You might feel better if you didn’t even mention carbs if they are trigger for you, because your thoughts won’t even go there, or will be less likely to.

    Also, I saw the part about “my family loves me again” and that is really important, I know. I just want to propose that you also focus on loving yourself. When you can love yourself, and forgive yourself, you can be more open and receptive to love from others. And, remember, you teach people how to treat you. If you treat yourself with love and are loving, people will respond with more kindness and love to you.

    All the best,

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    I am excited to start my day after refreshing my body with sleep. Life is an adventure that I’m enjoying having real fun with. My happiness is infectious and I’m surrounded with friends who want to play too.

    Feedback is always appreciated!

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      You go girl! It sounds like you are ready to make some positive changes and have fun!

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    Here’s my vision statement:

    Today I get more sleep and I’m more energetic and clearheaded. Because of this new found energy, I’ve ramped up my new business to help people, I’m respected and truly loved by my family and I have lost 25 pounds since I have been living a healthier lifestyle.

    Anyone can feel free to let me know what you think!

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    Way to go Jon! I can tell you are going to feel more energized and happier than ever!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

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    My main purpose in life is to reflect God’s character and love and be a blessing to others, especially those in need. I am thankful I now have over 30 days of sobriety and have started an exciting new life. I sleep restfully every night and wake up feeling great, physically and emotionally. I’ve regained the physical health, strength and fitness I enjoyed throughout most of my life. Sobriety is helping me realize long cherished dreams, achieve important goals and live a successful life that will inspire and motivate others to succeed.

    I would appreciate any input you’d like to offer.

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    I am full of life, love & energy. I radiate contagious enthusiasm! I am wildy-fit, self-confident, passionate and HAPPY again. I am living life to the fullest and my heart is a magnet that attracts more of everything I desire.

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      rrioscepero and eigramsmada, these are both VERY inspiring vision statements! Read them every day and keep working on the daily solutions and you will get to where you want to be!

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      @eigramsmada – This one is soooo good. I would consider dropping “again” and I am a big fan of not assuming sobriety at this stage, even though you could make a case that to embody this you would have to be sober, but what about adding it in here.

      I am full of life, love & energy. I radiate contagious enthusiasm! I am wildy-fit, self-confident, passionate and HAPPY. I am living life to the fullest and my SOBER heart is a magnet that attracts more of everything I desire.

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      Your vision statement speaks volumes!!!! I have to say it was concise and full of sentiment and feeling. Absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing.

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      This one screamed at me….”this is you!”, so I shamelessly stole it and added a few things.

      I am full of life, love & energy. I radiate contagious enthusiasm! I am wildy-fit, self-confident, passionate and HAPPY again. I am living life to the fullest and my heart is a magnet that attracts more of everything I desire. I am a great brother, son, nephew, friend and partner. I invest my time and energy to grow those meaningful things that are important to me. I cultivate. I relate. I smile. I give. I love.

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      Love all of these!

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    I have the book, completed day 1, started journaling, have the website, but can’t find time travel techniques. Very frustrated which leads me to want to …….

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      Oh no, its on day one. Go to the daily checklist and it is at the bottom. Seems that the daily checklist is best place to find the important reminders. Best of luck to you!!!

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    I am energetic, confident, fun loving and free. I exercise on most days and play tag with my daughter. Sobriety has made it possible for me to be present in my life. I love my husband. My clothes are looser and my skin more vibrant. My eyes are clear. WAHOO I don’t have to wear makeup every single second of the day!!! I find peace and serenity daily. 

    feedback always appreciated 🙂

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      I really like the part about energetic and fun loving!

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      Great adjectives, which really help to bring your vision statement to fruition. You kept it all about yourself (which is perfect) and how YOU will be thriving-in-sobriety.

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    I wake up rested, ready, and excited for a full day of fun and challenges. I radiate energy and enthusiasm. I am happy and my happiness positively affects my loved ones.

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      Wonderful vision statement! I really love how you mention both fun and challenges, since every day is bound to have both. It sounds like you’ll be ready for anything, while also inspiring love and happiness in others.

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    Dream for my creative future:
    Everyday I wake up rested and clear minded.
    I am full of energy and am a positive influence to everyone around me.
    I am waking ready to go to the gym and keep my body healthy and fit.
    I am waking in plenty of time to watch the sunrise and greet my beautiful family with a smile and warmth because we are never running late and always getting a good positive start to our morning.
    I am writing a blog post two to three times a week.
    I wake up everyday excited and inspired with great content for my blog and my job.
    I am excited to share my knowledge with students that are interested in improving their life behind the chair.

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    Thanks for the feedback! It really helped me to look a bit deeper.

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    The universe of possibilities is now open to me.
    My mind is clear and focused. I am physically fit.
    I am able and willing to embrace the opportunities
    and challenges that Divine Providence sends my way.
    I am content, serene, and grateful for this and every moment.

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    I am thankful, joyous, energetic and confident. I’m fully aware of this great life I’m blessed to live for myself and my family.

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    I see a better me each and every day as I THRIVE in sobriety! My beauty, health, mental clarity, patience and productivity gets stronger and more natural each day. I feel energized, empowered and capable of leaving a legacy of inspiration and income for my family and partners.

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    “I am healthy, happy and feel in control.  I  am willing and excited to put in the work to get everything I want. Sober I am the best mom, wife and friend I can be and I am looking forward to a great future.

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    I am blessed to awaken each day clean and sober, happy and energetic’ I am going to a new place in my life that I have not been before and I am very grateful to be on that journey. Feedback please

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    I am beginning with this, might be a little long, feedback appreciated. And i really enjoyed all the other mission statements. Thank you all for sharing.

    I feel full responsibility for everything that has lead me to this point in my life. All i need is within me now. Every day, in every way, i am getting stronger and stronger.
    I fully and freely love and accept myself, and fully and freely love life and people around me. I trust my inner voice and strength, and release myself to my highest good, quickly and in peace. Filled with grace, gratitude, love and passion, I easily take control of my life. All is clear within me now.
    I feel fantastic, I embrace a healthy, fit, and strong body, mind, and spirit.
    Grateful that sobriety has given me my life back.

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    I am really enjoying everyones vision statements and would love any feedback you have for me:

    I wake up each morning feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally strong and vital with an excitement for life. Full of self confidence, I am 100% committed to living my purpose. My businesses and relationships are improving each day and I can feel my dreams being manifested. I am getting fit and strong running each day and feeling happy and healthy.

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      I think the is great…the only thing you might consider is instead of “getting fit” say “I am fit”. I am not sure but I think making statements in the present is more effective, so would it be best to say my businesses and relationships are thriving instead of improving? I would like to know the answer from a coach. Good luck!

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    Vision: I am fully present and engaged with the events, feelings and people in my life. I am clear, focused and full of energy to move forward in joyful, authentic living.

    Feedback appreciated.

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      dragonfly16, your vision statement is so powerful – every word resonates with meaning.

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    I am finishing Day 2. I am so pleased at the power if the journal. Reflecting on pain and dissatisfaction is a great motivator. I am in the moment, enjoying my walks in the beautiful winter’s day. I set goals and address them without negativity. I see the joy around me and the gifts of life that I want to enjoy.

    I really appreciate the structure and the videos. Thanks.

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    Vision Statement: I am well on my way to wholeness, happiness and contentment. I am healthy, getting in shape, looking and feeling amazing. I have renewed faith and love in Christ and am cultivating relationships with like minded people in every aspect of life. I am proud of myself and discovering buried passions and gifts that are beginning to sprout.

    Appreciate any feedback!

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    I awaken everyday feeling refreshed and energetic, with a clear head and eyes. I am at a healthy weight, full of energy, and loving my life. I have all the energy I need to fulfill my day and grow abundantly in all aspects of my life.

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    Just on day 2 or night 2. Felt really great today and this morning but worried that some time in the week I will fall. If I can make 30 days I can make it for the rest of my life. Lets do it!

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    I wake up every day with energy and good vibes. I am physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually stronger, clearer and aligned. I live with purpose, gratitude and fulfillment and in return the Universe is responding by opening doors I never thought were possible!

    any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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    I am waking up feeling good and not worried about what I might have said or done the night before. Eating healthy and feeling good. I have purpose and enthusiasm. I am grateful to be changing my life. I have lost weight, my love for fitness is back and my husband and I are enjoying life. I feel whole again!

    Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    My 60 Day Vision Statement
    Its April 3rd, 2016. I have not had any alcohol in 60 days. I begin each day feeling rested and ready for my day. I am at my healthiest weight, 130 pounds. I am fit and energetic because I am running three days a week and kickboxing three days a week. I am walking my dogs every day, which has made them very happy and gives me time to be in nature. I am happy, confident and at peace. I am detached from negativity. I am growing my Virtues Workshop business and facilitating workshops on a regular basis. I have reconnected with friends that honor my spirit and support my decisions and goals. I am filled with gratitude. I end each day with a “good tired”. Before I close my eyes, I thank God.

    Any feedback it appreciated. Thank you 🙂

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      This is a very clear vision statement. It is a bit long, but if you read it everyday I am sure that your vision will be a reality! Good luck.

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    I am awake and every day I experience the feelings of peace, love, joy and gratitude. I am grateful for the unfolding of the new direction of my life, I trust in the process of change and growth. I am a positive influence for my family and friends. I am filled with an amazing source of energy and I nourish my body, mind and soul with my daily practices.

    Feedback would be appreciated, thanks. 🙂

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    I wake up full of energy and vitality because my sobriety allows me to be fully connected in my relationships with God and others, to thrive in my work, and to continue to improve my health and self-care. I am strong, alert, and living my most abundant life- spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially.

    Feedback would be appreciated.

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    I am becoming strong, self-confident, and happy. I am living a meaningful sober life. My relationships are improving, I am living in recovery. I no longer seek out places or activities that feature drinking.

    Feedback would be appreciated.Thanks.

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    I LOVE my new physique, my new energy and my increased focus that comes from being sober and SHARP. My fitness, health, art, activism, relationships and income SKYROCKET as I enjoy the natural benefits of sobriety.

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    Charlotte81, I love your vision statement. So positive!! You covered every aspect! Hope it’s okay, I wrote it down and will also read each day.

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    I am slim, fit, healthy and sober! I enjoy my energy and vitality and love achieving balance in all areas of my life!

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    My 30-day vision statement is:
    In sobriety I have the clarity and courage to consciously create a life of vibrant beauty, unbounded love and wild success.

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    With every morning I wake up refreshed and happy. I have renewed purpose and an ultimate goal ahead of me that I am so happy to know that I now will achieve. Peace has overtaken me and there is a steady calmness now in my life that was not there before. I cant wait for the future and the joy I am now able to have and attain forever.

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    I AM so happy and grateful now that I wake up every morning feeling refreshed and exhilarated after a deep, restful sleep. I get so much done in less time because I’m sharp, focused, self-confident, magnetic, and fully present for my son. I AM the picture of health and I AM glowing, now that I AM thriving in sobriety!!!

    Would love feedback

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    My Vision Statement:

    I am talented, smart, healthy and successful because I am making the right decisions about my drinking every single day. By cutting back on my drinking, I am happier than ever, thriving in my career and relationships. I feel better (no more hangovers), am healthy, and I am living life to its fullest, through a life of sobriety.

    THANK YOU!! Your input would be much appreciated!


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    My vision statement;

    I am licking my lips with personal and professional ambition – I am feeding my appetite with a sober life.

    This book, solution programme and website is a breath of fresh air – many thanks.

    Michael, London.

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    “I feel healthy, bright and engaged with life. I face the day with optimism and a calm confidence now that I no longer drink. I’m proud, my family is proud, and I am loving thriving in sobriety.”

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    Vision Statement:
    I am living a life of purpose and meaning. I have become a better father, brother, son, friend, boyfriend and teacher. I am giving, caring and loving with all I meet. I am courageous and following God’s will for my life.
    Feedback is appreciated.

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    Here is my vision statement for the next 30 days; any comments or feedback appreciated!

    I am feeling healthier and more energetic than I have in years! I have lost ten pounds and I now enjoy spending time with family and friends, and pursuing crafts, music and art projects that inspire me. My self-confidence has skyrocketed, and I can now look forward to a much brighter future.

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    I am happy, grounded, and loving. I sleep soundly and wake to greet each day with abundant energy. I am excited and eager to live Life fully, embracing all she has to offer.

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    Vision Statement –
    I am living a passionate, meaningful and fulfilling sober life. I wake up with gratitude and a zest for living. I am vibrant, healthy,happy,energtic,creative and joyful. I am living the life I have always dreamed of.
    Feed would be appreciated

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    I wake up and love who I have become. I am a positive role model to those I come into contact with and I have clarity today. I will approach life today with confidence and love.
    feedback appreciated and Thank you!

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    I am focused and energized. My thoughts and actions have purpose and clarity. I am able to follow through with decisions and commitments with pleasure. I am grateful.

    Feedback is welcomed

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    MY Vision: My feet are ground to this earth
    I am fully alive in my body.
    My mind is clear, awake and my access to my intelligence and abilities is greater than I ever imagined.
    I am physically healthy, clear of migraines and numbing on my face.
    I am happy.
    I am deeply loved by man, best friend, partner, future husband.
    I feel completely safe.
    I have a fantastic relationship.
    I like people.
    I feel comfortable around people and am safe around people.
    I am in excellent physical shape.
    I am spiritually centered, aware, and growing.
    I naturally give back to those I love and the Universe.
    I live with out Alcohol naturally and happily.
    I do not drink Alcohol.
    Let it be, I believe, Amen.
    Love is the center of my life.My feet are ground to this earth
    I am fully alive in my body.
    My mind is clear, awake and my access to my intelligence and abilities is greater than I ever imagined.
    I am physically healthy, clear of migraines and numbing on my face.
    I am happy.
    I am deeply loved by man, best friend, partner, future husband.
    I feel completely safe.
    I have a fantastic relationship.
    I like people.
    I feel comfortable around people and am safe around people.
    I am in excellent physical shape.
    I am spiritually centered, aware, and growing.
    I naturally give back to those I love and the Universe.
    I live with out Alcohol naturally and happily.
    I do not drink Alcohol.
    Let it be, I believe, Amen.
    Love is the center of my life.

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    I I have a zest for life and wake ufeeling great, living a sober life I is the best thing I’m doing for mmyself. I can now move forward wwith lifes many obstacles without ffeeling overwhelmed.

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    I wake up every morning rested, clear headed, ready to face the day ahead.
    I have energy to accomplish my goals for the day or allow myself the freedom to free style.
    I look in the mirror and see the person I was meant to be.
    I have no regrets.
    I look forward to being around people who I care about and who care about me.

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    Hello there…my first post, tomorrow my first day sober…I’m native spanish speaking so this is a translation, maybe not quite English’ish correct 🙂

    Of course, feedback always appreciated !

    I wake up every day feeling happy, energetic and ready for this amazing life I always wanted. I stay sober, strong, peaceful, connected, reaching out to my loved ones,specially my sons, transparent (not hiding), thinking and holding my decisions, assuming 100% responsibility and the consequences. I choose the magic, the spirit, the presence with all my senses and the internal smile at every moment.
    I let the universe and the spirit to guide me and show me the path, I surrender to the the unknown and to new challenges, I trust me, I look at me and everyone else with love and compassion, without judging, just enjoying being the instrument and the act of giving.

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      @fabianp, what a wonderful vision statement. I can feel that internal smile shining through!

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    I am alive,vibrant,clear and healthy. A loving mother,wife and sister. Able to be who I truly am,able to share humor,creativity,knowledge,love and wisdom,without fear. Thriving in sobriety,I am comfortable in my own skin. I am grateful to finally know I do not need alcohol to escape,nor do I want to escape. I am mindful and happy living in the present moment. I am responsible,accountable,and acknowledge my feelings and emotions without the need to run away. I am me.

    Feedback please

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    I am free of alcohol and living the life of my dreams. I am happy, loved, healthy, physically fit, financially free and excited about my life again. God has stepped in to guide me to the life I have always been destined to live. I am letting go of an unsatisfying professional career and writing again and using my teaching, speaking and coaching talents to fulfill my life’s purpose which is to help others to experience love and happiness and transform their lives.

    P.S. I am doing the 90 Day program!

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      I am sober and living the life of my dreams. I am happy, loved, healthy, physically fit, financially free and excited about my life again. God has stepped in to guide me to the life I have always been destined to live. I am letting go of an unsatisfying professional career and writing again and using my teaching, speaking and coaching talents to fulfill my life’s purpose which is to help others to experience love and happiness and transform their lives.

      I modified this post to include the phrase sober. In the past I had years of success with moderation and I know I can moderate but I haven’t been doing so great with it lately. The first time I posted this I wasn’t sure I would do the 30 day reboot. I am now convinced about how important it is to spend the time sober and not drinking at all. So, I am in for the 30 day sobriety solution!!! I wanted to modify my vision to include the word sober.

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        Okay, I modified this to be 30 Days.

        It is April 4th, 2016 and I am Thriving in Sobriety. I am happy and loved and becoming more physically fit and healthy. We are enjoying a positive, loving relationship that is better than ever. l am financially free, positive and optimistic about the professional opportunities I have to choose from.

        The book finally arrived!

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    I’m on Day 2 of the book (and sobriety). I wanted to keep my vision statement simple and filled with words that make me feel good. Here it is:

    I am adventurous, luminous, open-hearted, emboldened, healthy, and vibrant in my sobriety. Each day is filled with boundless possibilities as I live fully and with joyous awareness.

    Feedback is always greatly appreciated. Thank you. 🙂

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    I am enjoying purifying my one and only, precious, body of toxins and also my mind, my thought engine, of clutter and cloudiness. I feel vibrant, energized and excited about my day ahead.
    I have clarity and crispness of thought and a new, eager spring in my step. I am healthy and in control. I am a new source of positive energy and inspiration to those I touch at home or at work or in the train or anywhere – old acquaintances, new acquaintances and strangers.
    I have a new passion to live the second half of my life to its FULL potential and to invest in my family to help them realise their full potential…I have a new urgency to squeeze the potential out of every day, every hour, situation, moment, conversation, encounter, opportunity. It’s time to live.

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    I awaken refreshed every morning, excited to see what new challenges the day will bring. With close to 60 days of sobriety under my belt, I feel humbly proud of myself. I have already lost ten pounds, and I am feeling healthier than I have in many years. I seriously like the person I’ve become, which has led me to being much more sociable and outgoing. My future is very bright, yet I live each day in the here-and-now, savoring every sober second.

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    Because of God’s Grace and protection, I have clarity about my today and tomorrow’s. I am living in peace, joy and compassion because I am sober. Career opportunities are opening up and I see where my passion lies. I am healthier than I have ever been and I am having FUN!

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    My vision statement ~

    I am grateful and accepting of being clean. I am happy that I stopped using opiates since I am now a much more content, peaceful person. I am building the wonderful life for myself that I always dreamed of.

    I would like feedback. I don’t know if there is enough to this or if I should include more. It seems the guys are falling behind on this? 😉

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      Hi inthegap, I think your vision statement is great – there is a lot of meaning and feeling behind it. The statement is important all the way through the program (I’m on day 27) and you’ll have a chance to make it even more powerful as you go along. I made mine too complicated, I think, so it is a bit unwieldy now – your’s is more focused. The only thing I would consider is the negative phrase “stop using”. Is it better if the whole thing is positive. The ‘happiness’ message is lovely – it is not one I included, but it has been an unexpected gift of these past few weeks. All the best for your journey!

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        Thanks Deena. I guess you are done by now so wishing you success on your continued journey. 🙂 It is really hard to make that into a positive statement. The closest I could come, after much thought, is “I am happy without mind altering chemicals and am a content, peaceful person.” I know it still uses ‘without’ but that’s the best I could come up with. You are right that it should be positive focused.

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    Evenings were a difficult time for me, so I crafted my vision statement to to support the changes I want to make and how evenings can become “my friend”….

    I end each day reflecting on my accomplishments and grateful for the abundance in my life; knowing that I’ve lived each moment to the fullest, that I’ve given my best in every situation, proud that I’ve consistently made decisions that are aligned with my values and goals and knowing that I’ve positively touched others lives

    *** Feedback would be appreciated ***

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      Thank you for sharing, the late afternoon and early evenings are a natural time for me to reflect, and i am not a morning person!

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    Okay… Feedback please? I know this is prob a little long. Should I put it in one paragraph? I’d like it to be shorter, but dont know what I’d cut.
    I feel so happy, hopeful, and EMPOWERED living a sober life. It’s effortless to stay sober because EVERYTHING is better this way. #winning

    I’m vibrant, healthy, and super fit…I feel AMAZING!

    I’m present and intentional with the people in my life & business…My relationships are THRIVING!

    I have the mental clarity to make fast decisions and put them in ACTION, staying laser focused on achieving my goals.

    I’m an amazing leader, and attracting the right people and circumstances to manifest the life of my dreams!

    I’m unstoppable!

  • #8218


    Hello my vision statement is as follows:

    Everyday I wake up rested and excited about my day. I love being sober and fit. I am enjoying my healthy relationship with my husband and son. Everyday I am creative and productive. Adventures await me.

    Any feedback would be appreciated

  • #8233

    I am so happy and grateful to be feeling the benefits of sobriety- self confidence, authenticity, and being in integrity with my core values. I love experiencing the radiant emotional and physical health that grows daily, and I am excited for my day to begin as I am discovering the true purpose and passion for my life. I value myself and know that I am here to SHINE!

    *I would appreciate feedback

  • #8234


    My Vision Statement:

    I enjoy operating in a peak performance state: mentally, physically, spiritually, & emotionally. Operating in a peak state allows me to take the action steps necessary to build the body, biz, & life of my dreams. #FOCUS

  • #8264


    Today is a new beginning. Today, I’m thriving in sobriety and rocking it.
    Today, I’m shining and glowing. Today, I’m at peace with myself. Today, I’m creating my life and loving it. Today, I am so greatful❤️

    I’d love a feedback 😉

  • #8367


    I awaken each day clear-headed and energized to enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer – such as travel, hikes in nature and swimming in the sea! Self-love and self-acceptance is my #1 priority! Therefore, I have a new dedication to taking time for my own self-care – whether it be movement, preparing healthy meals, reading self-help books, journaling my feelings, and so much more.

    Felt good to write this!!!

  • #8427


    I have a deep love of the day and all that surrounds my life, through sobriety. They can see the gold that was underneath the clay. My past has led me to this point and everything that I wanted is now possible.

  • #8467


    Everyone’s feedback is gratefully accepted! Please & thank you!

    I am so proud of myself! I have committed to a new way of living; a life of sobriety. I am grateful that my physical body feels renewed; that my emotional self feels more balanced; that my mental abilities are sharper; that I am living honestly. It’s a new & beautiful day! And I’m here to experience it!

  • #8478


    Here’s my vision statement:

    Every day I am honest about my emotions and share them respectfully. When I feel challenged, I use positive strategies to cope. I live passionately and am fully present as I move through my days. Each day sees me take new steps toward a meaningful and fulfilling life.

    My life is filled with a lot of big-stakes emotional challenges and I wanted to acknowledge that in my statement.

    And yes, I’d love feedback.



  • #8485


    I awake each day feeling Vibrant and Energized. I am grateful to be living a Quality Life. I am finding a balance in all area of my life. I am finding a balance in all the areas of my life, Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional, along with financial and relationships. I am full of Life and Love, and I Radiate Energy, Strength, and Self Confidence. I am Happy and Content with letting things happen how they should, Naturally. I am Grateful to just be in the moment, and Live in the Now. I enjoy my passion for Health and Fitness. I intend for my interactions with other to have a positive impact on all the people involved.

    Any feed back would be appreciated.

  • #8486


    I awake each day feeling Vibrant and Energized. I am grateful to be living a Quality Life. I am finding a balance in all the areas of my life, Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional, along with financial and relationships. I am full of Life and Love, and I Radiate Energy, Strength, and Self Confidence. I am Happy and Content with letting things happen how they should, Naturally. I am Grateful to just be in the moment, and Live in the Now. I enjoy my passion for Health and Fitness. I intend for my interactions with other to have a positive impact on all the people involved.

    Any feed back would be appreciated.

  • #8511


    My vision statement:
    I feel alive and full of joy.
    I wake up each day with gratitude.
    I am able to find happiness in everyday life.
    I am calm and peaceful.
    I am able to connect with others.
    I am building relationships.
    I am open to new experiences.
    I am on my way to meeting the love of my life.
    I am grateful for each of the last 30 days I’ve given myself to be a better me.
    Oh, and I’ve lost 20 lbs. 🙂

  • #8786


    Every day I awake refreshed and with gratitude, joy and excitement for:
     A beautiful, healthy, vibrant body, filled with energy, completely unshackled from addictions and fully prepared to take on the physical demands of work or recreation;
     A mind that is clear and intentional, providing for creativity and productiveness;
     A life that is authentic, purposeful, meaningful and fulfilled…knowing that “dreams do come true!”
     A life that is being lived as intended by my Creator, as closely and as I genuinely can.


  • #9179


    Very seldom do I post on any forums or social sights, I was just never a fan… but I feel compelled to do so now son here is my Day 2 vision statement after 35 years of daily drinking… let me know what you think.

    “I have emerged. I have found the inner me that was lost so long ago. I can’t begin to tell you how astonishing it is to actually feel again, to love again, to live again. I bring you me. The me that has carried the burden for so long and has won, persevered to let the glow of happiness and joy shine through and to finally be seen…”

    • #9182

      That’s a great VS dean4pri- and congratulations! I’m on day 27, was a daily drinker for nearly same amount of time… this program is amazing, and keep going- it just gets better and better!

    • #9362


      I like that, dean4pri. It captures a feeling of transformation and rebirth of the new you. Good stuff!

  • #9252


    I am struggling somewhat on this and if anyone wants to make suggestions that would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    “I meet each day with enthusiasm knowing that my actions are congruent with my values of compassion, health, learning, and caring for others, the community, and the world. I am clear-minded and focussed on my professional life, balanced with fun and meaningful times spent with family and friends. I trust myself to find meaning and purpose every day.

  • #9307


    Today is another gift. My sobriety allows me to see the daily opportunities to improve my relationships. As a manager I focus (patiently) on teaching the “why” so my employees can grow to figure out the “how” quicker and independently. E + R = O is the first thought I have when faced with a stressful situation. As a mom I have a new-found patience with my children and there is a calmness in the house now. My sense of humor is back. I cannot believe how much fun I can have laughing with my kids and sister. My boyfriend has always made me laugh. I finally am repaying him with my light, witty comments and positive support. I am reaching out to old friends and finding catching up to be rewarding. The guilt is gone. It is amazing how clear my priorities are now. And did I mention… I look and feel fine.

  • #9338


    I am HAPPY. My life is peaceful and fulfilling.
    I am CONFIDENT. My dreams are beginning to chase me.
    I am RADIANT. My world improves as I live my best life.
    I am CALM. My body and mind are full of grace and self-control.
    I am ORGANIZED. My work is completed with ease, not perfection.
    I am THANKFUL. My past struggles are now preparing me for future triumphs.

  • #9345


    I am CALM.
    My body and mind are at peace.

    My goals and dreams are chasing me.

    My weakness and struggles make me kinder.

    My work and projects are done with ease over perfection.

    I am REWARDED.
    My past and mistakes are now being used for my future benefit.

    I am RADIANT.
    My loved ones and the world are improving as I live my best life.

  • #9360


    Here’s mine –

    ‘I have a wonderful opportunity here. I wake up every day and feel blessed and excited to be taking this important step towards becoming the person I want to be.’


  • #9372


    I am vibrant, clear, focused, brave and joyful. Eager to thrive in sobriety.

  • #9399


    Hello everyone,

    I’m reading this book to break a different kind of addictive behavior, which is overeating. I hope you’ll accept me on this forum even though I don’t struggle with alcohol. I believe the impact of this behavior has been similar. I have white knuckled my way through 100 lbs of weight loss but have another 50-60 to go. I need help in this last stretch and I have already found this book helpful. Also, I hope positively impact my dad who I believe is an excessive drinker, even if he won’t admit it or talk about it. Maybe by addressing my own issues; I can be a role model.

    Here is my Vision Statement:

    I wake up excited, rested and in peak condition, ready to peacefully seize every opportunity that serves my goals. I act quickly, with clarity and courage in all circumstances. I am in full alignment with my highest self. I have released my emotional baggage. I acknowledge and honor my boundaries. I am free from addictive behavior. I enjoy my work, laugh with friends and lovers, find new adventures and draw opportunities to me. I am proud of myself and all the things I have accomplished and grateful for the wonderful people that surround me.

  • #9413


    May 5, 2016-Vision Statement: I am a vibrant, healthy and sober 46 yr. old man who loves his family, his work and his life partner! I exercise daily to ensure that my physical body is healthy. I’m moving towards my goal weight of 240 lbs. It feels good to be under 250! I eat healthy foods…making the most healthy choices available to me. I eat organic and prepare my food to ensure my health. Fast foods and overly processed foods just don’t make sense to me anymore. I drink healthy liquids. I enjoy my morning coffee and focus on water and zero calorie drinks at all other times. I spend time in meditation/prayer daily, being thankful for the gifts that I have and also clear about my goals for the future. My fiscal health improves daily. My savings is up. My credit is up. My ability to provide for my children and save for my future gets stronger by the day. I love my relationship with Jeanne. I take time to nurture our love as we continue to get to know each other. I only look forward. My goals for tomorrow are what drives me today.

  • #9434


    My vision statement

    “I Am”
    So in love with my life. My relationship with my husband is amazing, fresh and new. I feel sexy, confident and cherished. I wake up every morning feeling refreshed and clearheaded. I love my morning walks at sunrise and embrace a new day, every day. I have lost 25 pounds and feel energized and healthy. The time I spend with my two beautiful granddaughters and my daughter is full of energy and fun.
    “I Am” grateful, blessed and free every day!

  • #9701


    I feel the joy of healthy, clear, creative, peaceful, energetic, true intimate connection with my life.

  • #9732


    Hi all,

    I’m on day 2 of the solution book and I’m enjoying so far. I haven’t had any alcohol for 12 days today and I’m feeling hopeful. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s mission statement. Can I just say ditto to all of the above? 🙂

    Anyway, I want to share my vision statement. It’s short and sweet.

    I am living a life of healthy sobriety, full of meaning, love, joy, and gratitude.

  • #9733


    I am making positive, loving and healthy changes in my life. I believe in myself and I trust in life. I am vibrant, healthy, happy and whole. I love life and life loves me!!!!

  • #9844


    My vision statement seems too long, but brevity is not my strength, and I find it hard to trim my vision to less than what it really is. Feedback is welcome. Thanks.

    I wake up feeling excited to have another successful day and elated and celebratory about the accomplishment of a completed month of thriving in sobriety. I know I am on the right track, healthy, clear-headed, proud and normal. I am paying off my debts toward financial freedom. I am a good role model to my niece and nephews and others who look to me for leadership. I remember everything I said and did the day before. I am a responsible adult, good citizen, upstanding member of my community, stellar daughter, sister, auntie, friend, employee, coworker and doggie mama. I feel positive about the future and my place in the world and my ability to keep moving forward and achieving my dreams in life. I fall asleep at night feeling confident and proud of myself. I have faith in my ability to take good care of myself and my dogs and behave like a respectable, classy adult.

    • #9873


      Hello Paige;

      I love your vision statement. Mine was very long as well, however, I got no replies at all, which kind of bummed me out.

      Your statement really hit home to me, I thought you were eloquent, and to the point of what was important to you. Not sure why length is such a big deal. You spoke from your heart.

      In any case, I enjoyed your lack of brevity, it allowed me to get to know a bit more about you.

      Stay strong.

  • #9982


    I wake up daily to that which brings me joy and purpose into my world. My horses who mutually thrive with me in our relationship. My newly and rejuvenated and athletic body exudes strength and beauty. I have a full and loving relationship with a special person who supports me and helps bring out my greatness. My body is “clean” and full of vibrancy. My dreams and passions which I have invested, are becoming reality and serves to empower children from all walks of life through music and horses.

  • #10401


    This is day 3 for me but I’m still on day 2 exercises. Got totally hung up on the vision statement yesterday. This morning, while writing in my journal (haven’t journaled before, it’s great) I realised that I was looking for the ‘perfect’ statement. But, the perfect statement meant that I would have to be ‘perfect’ and that’s way too much pressure right now!
    So my statement is:
    I am successfully living in sobriety.
    I am grateful for this time to learn and grow.
    Everyday, in every way, I am getting better and better and better!
    **Feedback would be greatly appreciated**

    • #10478


      joby16 you silly person you are perfect. Already. You are exactly where you need to be right now.
      Yes that is a common trap with the exercises. If you are North American then I think it comes from our terrible school system. Scared to try for fear it is wrong. I encourage you to blast through the exercises. Write them in your journal. At day 30 you can look back and slap me if I’m wrong BUT you will be amazed how far you have come and how useful those first thoughts were. Make the book your daily priority. Do the activities. Many carry on so keep them up. Yes it will seem hard but you’ll be surprised at the extra time you have in a day. And they keep you too busy to think about old bad habits ?

  • #10474



    My life is a beautiful, fulfilling representation of peace and order. My career is unstoppable, the most satisfying work I have done.
    My family is so very proud of me, and continue to support me on my path of sobriety.
    My life is full of joy and sublime meaning on a daily basis, and I feel 100% at ease mentally, physically and emotionally. My new mind and body knows no bounds. I am truly living this life to the fullest!

  • #10528


    Well I am struggling with getting my vision statment prepared. This is what I have come up with.

    My life purposed is to be the best husband and father I can be. God has plans for me. The discernment of these plans will become clearer as I work through these first 30 days. I am having difficulty articulating anything more specific at this time, but I want sobriety and am committed to doing theses exercises.

  • #10533


    I am in control! I am strong. I am responsible. I am healthy. I am grateful and happy.

    I know it’s pretty simple, but I think it sums up the biggest challenges I have with my current life. Right now, I feel I am the opposite of all of these things and that needs to change! I AM BETTER THAN THIS!

    I woke up this morning after sleeping the first time in a long time without alcohol. I slept HARD and woke up pretty groggy. I’m sure it’s going to take some time for my sleep cycle to reregulate. The journaling exercise today really drove home why I’m doing this and envisioning the new me at the end of May gives me a lot of hope.

  • #10690


    I am grateful to live an alcohol-free life, and that sobriety is easy. I set a good example for others who struggle with alcohol. I am both helpful and fulfilled in my relationships, and I am excited about a future full of love, companionship, travel, prosperity, and creativity! Feedback appreciated, thank you!

  • #10980


    It took me a few days hashing this around in my head, but here it is.

    I wake up refreshed with total recall of the previous day’s events. I build on the gains of yesterday. I am confident that this day will bring joy and success.

    As I lay in bed and close my eyes, I am proud and grateful for my alcohol free day. My body is calm and my brain is free of guilt or regrets. I look forward to a good nights sleep.

  • #11386


    I am bright, happy, and empowered knowing I have chosen to create my beautiful life.

    I am clear and stable in my vision for my full potential and purpose.

    I smile and laugh more than ever!

    I continue to meditate and practice yoga every day.

    I challenge myself through exercise and feel light and healthy.

    I am grateful for my work that allows me to nurture myself and others every day.

    I am ready to begin attracting a healthy new relationship, full of sober connection, love, fun, and sweetness.

    I am in love with myself and my life again.

    For me, a list seemed to create the clearest vision for me. Feedback welcomed and appreciated! Peace!

  • #11387


    Would love some feedback on this vision statement:

    I am fully awake, acutely aware and fully alive, glowing with radiant health and embracing exciting possibilities. My dream of thriving in sobriety is my new reality.

  • #11461


    Would really appreciate any feedback on my vision statement which is:

    I wake up refreshed and excited about the day before me. I live it with joy, purpose, compassion and delight in being right here, right now.


    • #11474


      Hi silas, your vision statement sounds just right. Not too over ambitious, just straight forward and to the point. As long as you focus on achieving that goal in a sober state, all will be good as you continue to work on the Solutions ahead of you in the program. I’m doing my second go round of the program now. On Day 10, and with 54 days of Sobriety. It’s tough at times, but worth it. Good luck and stay strong! Sina

  • #11495


    My Thriving-in-Sobriety Vision Statement

    Every day I wake up energized,joyful,and extremely excited about my on-going sobriety. I am deeply grateful for all that I am learning and all that I am able to share with others. I have overcome my greatest challenge; I am free from the bonds of alcohol. Ya Hoo! I am vibrant, healthy, and eager to embrace everything that my SOBER life has to offer, and I am loving that life!


  • #11611


    I am sober and delighted with my new found energy, joy, and love of life. My family relationships are on the mend and I feel positive about the future. I live an authentic life and invite others to share my existence – I am open.

    *Would appreciate feedback as writing everything in the positive (i.e. no I will not be closed off to allowing others into my life – or – I no longer am afraid for others to scrap the surface and uncover the real me) is challenging

  • #11632


    I am full of life, love, & energy. I am strong, self-confident, and happy. The more I fuel my body with the right things,the more alive I become. This sober life is the gift I give myself and my family daily.

    *feedback pls n thx!

  • #11655


    Hello, I am making my first attempt at a vision statement. I am on Day Two of this journey. Let me know how it sounds:

    I am grateful for the positive choices I am making in sobriety with regard to my health, relationships, and career. I am passionate, creative, purposeful and productive. I am living the life I’ve always dreamed of and it is better than I could have imagined. I am strong, self-confident and happy again.

  • #11672


    tiger & librarygirl . . . both of your statements are Great! Seems to me that as long as they feel real and personal to you, then that should be enough. Don’t think there is a right or wrong phrasing of such a thing . . . if that is what you were asking or looking for. I suppose the test of such a statement is when or if one feels tempted to return to ‘negative drinking’ and instead one turns to the statement and relies on it to pull one through the momentary temptation.

    Best to you!

  • #11976


    I am joyful, strong, and free. I am daily becoming who God created me to be. My sobriety frees the way for my God-given gifts to manifest fully. I am thankful for the past, present and the future. I am thankful for ALL of the past, because it has brought me to this point. I take on each day in a state of excitement, energy and joy. I am physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. I am a powerhouse!

  • #11986


    Here is mine:
    I wake up every morning with a new zest for living and what I anticipate…because I sleep so soundly at night due to sobriety and due to my reflected weight loss.

    I’m flowing with creative energy to finish all tasks I’ve started including to finish dressing our new to us historic home. I embellish it with touches that say “me” and that lend an welcome invitation of earth and comfort to all who enter. In always ready because I am clear-headed and rested and vibrant!

    My husband smiles that smile that says, “I’m so proud of you!” He admires my energy and accomplishments as if they were his own…because wh is grateful we are a team in life. He sees a new found confidence in me and an integrity which stirs up trust in him. We live share our days and night together working and dreaming of a wonderful “4th quarter” in our journey called marriage.

    Our children, though grown want to be around me for the joy and wisdom they glean from my story. They live what I impart to their children.they want what I have…because reek of love and vitality. I exude a passion for God, life, my husband, them and most of all for myself.

    I look for ways to share my new-found hope and direction with others because I delight their success.

    My outer shell glows with the vibrancy and sparkle of what is happening internally. People think I’m beautiful, classy, smart, caring, compassionate and thoughtful…for that is what is occurring within. I can hardly wait for tomorrow because I am always present, alert and ready for what ever life throws me! I am thriving in sobriety. I am grateful to my core!

  • #11992


    Beautiful! I’ve copied it and will read it along with mine each morning. I love this! Sounds like you are doing fantastic with the program. Keep up the great work. We are also in the “4th quarter” of our marriage, 56 yrs. It’s been quite a game and we are comfortably ahead, but looking forward to a fabulous finish, even greater now that I am sober.

    • #12005


      Thank you…lot’s of typos it glad you could see the heart! Blessings for continued success…

      Dave, I would appreciate any input from you as well.Thank You!

  • #12040


    I wake up feeling energized and excited about every new day. My home is organized and calm. I feel the flow of the universe and have a sense of harmony while accomplishing tasks I set out to do.

    I would love some feedback!


  • #12182


    Here is my vision statement.

    I end each day reflecting, with sober gratitude, on the accomplishments of the day, and the opportunities to grow as I respond to the mix of daily events. I will be a positive, nurturing person for my husband, family, coworkers, and all the people I meet.

    Feedback would be appreciated.

  • #12196



    My 30 day vision statement:

    I am peaceful and proud because I have a plan for drinking AND I am actually doing it. I control alcohol and I wake up psyched for one more day with drinking behind me. I am happier and re-connecting. I am less bloated and losing weight. I am falling in love with myself again. I know my responses direct my outcomes. I am positive about life without alcohol.

    I would love Feedback! Thank you for all your support and the plan.

    • #12199


      peaceful5039 . . . sounds pretty darn good to me.
      Seems like you have it under control and are happier as a result of making the needed changes. Not sure it gets any better.
      Take good care and best going forward.

  • #12485


    My vision:

    “I am enlightened, inspired, and living my passion every day to the best/fullest of my abilities and potential. I have learned from mistakes and the past and now I shine bright and am happy with who I am.”

    (Trying to write a good vision statement…)
    Today is my “day 2” but really I have quit booze for 8 days now and i feel better and more clear yet I really want to take down a few bottles right now , I haven’t gone to a meeting yet
    this is very difficult
    but I have to do this
    i must
    and I will
    any support or feedback ? I could use just one person who understands how i’m losing my damn mind right now
    i’m so used to drinking everyday
    alone and frustrated

  • #12486


    To angelemily:
    Do I ever hear you! That was me for years and years. Just hang in there; it does get better. I am now on Day 27, but with 90 days sober! I do go to meetings and that helps me, but even though I was sober, I was not happy “or thriving”! I always wanted to “take down a few bottles”! But by following the solutions in the book, on a 60-day plan, I am happy, calm, and beginning to enjoy the Pleasure in sobriety. So please, hang in there and keep doing the work…… Your “damn mind” does straighten out and become your friend again — and this is from a gal who was “used to drinking everyday” for 48+ years! Just wanted you to know you are understood more than you will ever know, and you are NOT alone! There is light ahead and it is beautiful. Good luck to you!

    • #13491


      Hi Grams8 and thank you for the post above…I hope you get this as it’s been almost 2 months since you wrote. Can’t tell you how much it meant to hear you say you drank for 48+ years. I’m on Day 2, and I drank for 47 years…that number seems impossible to believe. And for 20 years at least, I vowed to quit almost every day. I’m struggling through my 2nd day and having cravings. My alcoholic mind even got somewhat bummed out reading everyone’s vision statements, thinking, “that will never be me.” If you or anyone gets this and can give me some help, I’d really appreciate it.

      • #13513


        Wisecats please please please, don’t get bummed out! You drank for 47 years and I drank for 20 but age is just a number. You can do this! You deserve to experience everything sobriety has to offer. Imagine yourself once the cravings are gone and you complete the 30 day reboot! Your potential for success is unlimited. You are not alone. We are here for you. Blessings on your journey. Press on!

  • #12533


    Vision statement in the works:
    I am ending my recent career and looking at ways to start my next journey in life. I am living every moment, good and bad. I am savoring time with my adult children, and I am sober and working toward self acceptance every day.

  • #12564


    My Vision Statement: Day 2 of sobriety

    I am extremely thankful each day that the Lord led me to this amazing tool to aid me in my committment to becoming and staying sober. Each day I feel more alive, confidant, and stronger, both mentally and physically. My self esteem and self respect has been restored. My life is falling into place and it is an extremely good place to be in. I am grateful to wake up each day knowing I have been given yet another day to get my life straight. I take my life ‘one day at a time’.

    Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  • #12659


    I am so happy to be free of that nagging feeling that used to descend on me at 5pm each day. I no longer need to detour home via the bottleshop. I no longer have guilt overshadow my daily routine. My evenings are spent connecting with my children, I now have as much energy as them, we have a fantastic night cooking up a storm. I am so grateful that i have made the switch to a vegan lifestyle, this has supported my 30 day journey. My effort at the gym is being supported by less calories consumed, and this is evident in my physique. I think of my life in full colour, full of opportunities, rather than counting bottles. My finances are thanking me, I have sold a business, and paid off credit cards. I now can see clearly what my passion for life is, and where I am going next – a life of financial freedom, and travel. I am not afraid to speak my truth, rather than making other people happy. I have moved forward with a life filled with joy, love and laughter. Life is full,of colour and energy, welcome back me again.

    *feedback requested please

  • #12669


    I am vibrantly healthy, fit and enthusiastic for every new day. I am living life to the fullest and my sober heart is a magnet that attracts everything I desire!

  • #12686


    I wake up every morning feeling refreshed, alert and rested. My behavior and relationships have become positive. My professional live is enjoyable and I am playing drums more and more and living my dream. More and more people are coming to see me play and the venues are selling out. I am highly respected as a musician and scientist. I live in love and gratitude.

    Please reply ?

    • #12687


      Hi there bokadrum! I’m there! Where’s the next venue, you rock! Sina

  • #12730


    Hello all, here is my vision statement – any feedback appreciated. I really enjoyed this exercise.

    I embrace each moment and I cherish every day as a day for love, fun and happiness. I notice the beauty in the world! I trust my own creative energy and I live with pride. I smile! I make healthy decisions for myself and I have the respect of the people I love. I am excited about what the future holds!

  • #12799


    I feel alive when I open my eyes each morning, not afraid but content with my day ahead, grateful with feelings of excitement on what my day holds for me. My future is at last a place of love and possibilities.
    I am looking younger and feel so healthy and fit with a new radiance in my face that makes me smile. I am present each day for my children and grand daughter that allows me to again play and to with them whenever they need me. Joy and hope for my future dreams are now achievable and because today I have found how to love myself, I believe that I will in return be loved.

    Feed back would be greatly appreciated….thank you

  • #12836


    So inspired by the vision statements I have read so far I don’t know how where to start! I am waking up in the morning feeling fresh and new. Well rested and full of energy, ready to conquer the day without the anesthetic of alcohol. I am feeling God’s presence and overwhelming comfort in my life like never before as I submit each day to his loving guidance and protection. My marriage is renewed with passion and mutual respect for each other. I am successful at work and fulfilling my dreams as a yoga teacher. Each day we are one step closer to realizing our mutual dream of retirement and living on a boat full time traveling the world by sea. I am the mother, daughter and sister I have always dreamed of being. My creativity at work as a designer is more vibrant than I could have imagined. Life without the crutch/poison of alcohol is better than I could have ever dreamed. Thank you for caring and sharing your vision statements
    with me.

  • #12926


    I am leading a healthy lifestyle that includes a well balanced diet, plenty of exercise, meditation, and I have a “take it or leave it” attitude towards alcohol. I am present for my two beautiful daughters and am closer to my wife. My sobriety has given me the energy to pursue new career opportunities.

  • #13116


    I am vibrant, healthy, energetic, confident and ready to achieve my personal and career goals with a positive attitude and a new passion for life. I have a feeling of excitement about the future.

    Feedback welcome.

    • #13117


      Congratulations on your decision and welcome! Can you elaborate on your personal and career goals over the next 30 days?

      • #13118


        Thank you for asking me to clarify.
        My career goals are to put the gears in motion to become an independent entrapeneur and no longer work for one company providing me more freedom. My personal goals are to form strong relationships with those I love, eventually move closer to family, and become a healthy fit individual.

  • #13126


    My Vision Statement

    I am grateful to be exterminating my addiction to alcohol and am looking forward to a better quality of life, especially with my mother, my children and my close friends. I am working on a complete lifestyle and attitude change at the same time – healthy, happy and most of all 100% sober.

  • #13176


    Vision statement
    I am grateful, happy, healthy, energetic, alert, and productive. I love to exercise and I love my new sober life. I sleep well. My liver no longer aches. I don’t crave alcohol and I have so many things I want to do I’m never bored. I am present in each moment. I am confident. I am a light in a dark world ,I am living purposefully and serving others.

    Would love feedback!

  • #13396



    I am more healthy and happy. I wake up refreshed because I am sleeping better. I have more energy, I’ve lost weight and I am moving more. I come home from work with a positive attitude. My weekends are more enjoyable and memorable. Everyday tasks are no longer daunting. My grandkids thrill me instead of wear me out. My marital relationship is renewed with a passion I thought I lost due to age.

    • #13517


      Ms_melly, Congratulations on your progress. Your Vision Statement sounds inspiring and realistic. Granted there will be struggles and change will come in increments. With a vision like the one you wrote to keep your dreams in focus, the sky is the limit! Stay strong Sobriety Seeker! Sina

  • #13637


    I am so grateful that I have successfully completed 30 days sobriety program. I am so proud of myself and certain that with the full commitment and pure hearth everything is possible to be achieved in this life. My mind is clear and my vision is vivid. I have good control over physical universe and also I am much more successful in my spiritual deepening. My body is in shape and rejuvenated, my soul is celebrating the temple renovation.

  • #13880


    30 Day Vision….
    – Wake up naturally and earlier – feeling alert and energized to tackle the day.
    – Skin is smoother, not puffy. Eyes are brighter and not irritated.
    – Am grateful for the clear head and for the focus I am able to put on everything I do now.
    – More energy and more active — on my way to losing the wine weight since I now have the energy to exercise daily. More exercise time with less wine time.
    – Thankful I am coming up with fabulous ideas and acting on them daily to finally reach my goals.
    – Clothes are already fitting better – yes!
    – Love the feeling of being in control of my life and future. Very proud of the person I am becoming — better late than never.
    – Advancing daily in the things I love to do and enjoying the process with a clear head.

  • #13987


    Here goes:

    “I am grateful to be solving my drinking dilemma once and for all. I am proud of myself”

  • #14065


    I am an active participant in, not just a passive witness to, my life.
    I am strong and sober with a clear sense of who I am.
    I am of service to my family, friends and fellows.
    I am a valuable asset to the world.
    I love and am loved.

  • #14074


    I am living my life with clarity, enthusiasm, and being present in every moment.

  • #14095


    I would love some feedback on my Vision Statement:

    “I wake up in the morning fully refreshed, filled with energy and eager to get started on a new vibrant day. My home is harmonious and my source for relaxation, inspiration and creativity. I have a solid plan and follow the Action list with a clear mind and joy. I am connected, happy and glowingly living my true purpose; helping me and other’s to become the best version of themselves.”

    I feel this is such an important tool in my journey towards sobriety. Any help will be much appreciated! TIA

  • #14363


    I want to share my newly crafted mission statement: “With sobriety I want to realize the full potential of my relationships. With more time and energy from less drinking I want to dedicate my remaining time in this life to making the world a better place.”

    • #14364


      I like it Ranger Rick! It’s simple and to the point. Great words to live by! Sina

    • #14377


      Ranger-rick, I do have one suggestion to give your Vision Statement more oomph……leave out the words “want to “. It becomes your new reality Now, more than a wish, more than a want! What do you think? Sina

  • #14376


    Here is my vision statement, any feedback is welcome 🙂
    My life is renewed with excitement, love & boundless creative energy! I am confidently walking this new sober path with immense gratitude and thankfulness. My continued persistence has rewarded me with this amazing transition, reawakening my true self, true spirit and passion for life!

    • #14379


      Mitzi, the Sentiments expressed here are wonderful!!! Might you want to change the verbs to reflect the present tense, as the book suggests? Then you would have…”walking” is fine, also “walk” works. How about your “continued persistence rewards”, since it’s the gift that will keep giving!? I’m excited for you Mitzi! Sina

  • #14383


    Sina, Thanks for your feedback. It was a good to suggestion to be more affirmative. By changing “I want” to “I will” shows that I really own it and it’s not just wishful thinking.

  • #14544


    I am happy, healthy, joyous and free — living a purposeful life.

  • #14610


    I am grateful everyday for the incredible abundance I have in my life.—Abundant Health, Abundant Confidence, Abundant Freedom, Abundant Friends, Abundant Love. I am safe. I love myself.

  • #14765


    I love waking up every day, sober! I’m grateful God has given me another opportunity to do what he has created me to do. I believe each day I have a mission to complete. It’s my desire to become the very best human being I can, in my spiritual, mental, family, physical and financial life. I’m happy, very happy to be sober, today!

  • #14882


    my vision statement…


  • #14920


    I am healthy and happy and excited about what I am accomplishing in my life without alcohol.

  • #14992


    I quit

  • #15031


    I am confident in myself, my past and my personality. I love myself and feel no regrets for my choices. I am healthy and strong; full of life, love and happiness.

  • #15058

    I am so excited and happy being the new sober me. I am so full of energy and vitality. Every aspect of my life is great and getting better moment to moment

  • #15105


    I wake up each morning full of gratitude to be living in sobriety. My relationship with my children is positive, nurturing and mutually supportive.
    I am filled with creative energy and follow my ideas with passion and confidence. I am a resourceful and inspirational carer for my disabled son.
    I am the passionate and committed musician I was before I had children.

  • #15147


    Hi there,

    May I have feedback on my Vision Statement?

    “I am spiritually, mentally and physically strong. I keep my promises. I am healthy and full of joy in my sobriety.”

  • #15160


    I have a strong healthy body to travel through this life. Sobriety is the reason I can stay on task. I make healthy food choices and exercise more easily now that I am sober. I wake up daily with energy and positive outlooks. Now I have more room in my life to focus on what really matters:
    Loving my husband and our marriage
    Being a positive role model for my children
    Maintaining a home that’s safe and full of love
    My job is amazing, I’m where I need to be
    I am opening a window for new opportunities!

  • #15167


    I feel grateful and lucky for all that has been given to me in this life. I am proud of myself for having taken this important step toward improving my health now and continuing into my old age. I have committed to taking care of my brain, my body, and my psychological wellbeing.

  • #15209


    Vision Statement:

    I am grateful for all I have learned in the past month to bring me to this point. I’m excited and energized to continue my life’s journey with a clear mind and the ability to accept reality and my feelings while remaining sober. I have the tools I need to build the future I want. I’m on a clear path to becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be.

  • #15292


    Excited to be on this journey.Spent many years in a around 12 step programs but relapsed several years ago and have struggled mightily to get back sobriety. Found this book about a week ago and newly inspired.

    My 30 day vision statement:

    I am full of gratitude, energy, health and creative motivation. I easily and effortlessly allow my divinely inspired life’s purpose to unfold now and with clarity. I am surrounded by genuine, loving, supportive and captivating relationships. I am FLOW.

    I welcome feedback.


  • #15306


    Vision Statement: I am grateful for my health, my children, my husband, my life, my will to survive. I will wake up every morning energized by the prospect of what is possible and how I can make my dreams a reality. I am humbled by the gifts that have been bestowed upon me and my sobriety will allow me to appreciate and fully immerse myself in the love that surrounds me.

    Any feedback from the authors or others is welcome!

  • #15349


    I am energetic and happy when I wake up everyday. When I look in the mirror I no longer see dead eyes looking back at me. I see hope and sparkle. I am grateful for another day of not drinking.

    Please give feedback. Thank you

  • #15372


    ***Feedback please**
    Sorry – I’m a bullet pointer 🙂

    Vision Statement
    • I am healthy. I am losing the physical weight that alcohol has put on me. I eat well and work out hard.
    • I wake up vibrant, well-rested, and clear-headed. I am full of energy and am in a consistently good mood.
    • I am recovered from the bumps and bruises of nights of drinking.
    • My skin is clear, hydrated, and radiant. My eyes are sparkling again.
    • I am closer to being in balance in all aspects of my life.
    • I am a good wife to my husband, attentive to his needs and wants, resisting the urge to react negatively. I am able to focus positive attention to the parts of our marriage that need work.
    • I am a good role model to my stepdaughter and prioritize her appropriately.
    • I am clear about the things I want in life and am setting goals.
    • I am full of gratitude for being given the chance to recover and regain a zest for life in sobriety, and for all the gifts that have been bestowed on me.
    • My relationships with my family, while more distant, center around love instead of alcohol.
    • My friends and family are able to see that I have made positive changes.
    • I am closer to God than I ever have been and prioritize becoming the person that He wants me to be.
    • I am generally a happier person. I am empowered and hopeful.
    • I am a leader who is attentive to her employees and business partners, who now has the energy to focus on certain parts of her career that need attention.
    • I am a person who gives back and prioritizes the needs of others.

    • #15373


      Dear pinotnoirgirl, thank you for sharing your vision of life in sobriety! I love what you said about being closer to God and becoming the person He wants you to be. I shared a very similar feeling in my vision statement. I am ready to take on this challenge once again after reading this. You are an inspiration! Thank you.

    • #16255


      This is an inspirational vision, thank you for sharing 🙂

  • #15417


    I don’t know if this is enough, but it felt right when I wrote it. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    As Will Rogers says: “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there”.  I am the active navigator on the road to fulfillment in my life.  I am happy because I am healthy, sleep well at night, and only put things into my body that will make it operate efficiently – and I have found that healthy eating is delicious and healthy living is extraordinary.  I am awake and aware of my feelings, I interact with the important people in my life with an open mind and an open heart.  I love and I am loved. I’m 30 days in and have never felt better!  

  • #15451


    I am happy healthy and strong. I wake up every morning filled with gratitude and with a clear head. I begin each day with passion. I am fully present, aware and alive.

  • #15458


    I am living the life I have always dreamed of by cutting back on my unhealthy habit and embracing a life of sobriety. I am now filled with self-love, confidence, health (physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually) which has inspired others by living by example. This has attracted me to true love and a career I am passionate about. I am the best daughter, sister, niece, friend, partner and colleague and my light shines bright.

  • #15498


    Wow nice vision Statements here!

    I personally like to keep it short and simple, so here it goes:

    I am healthy, fit and rested.
    I am at peace with myself because I am finally doing what I really want.
    I am excited to realize my future that I have always dreamt of.

  • #15956


    Each day I wake up happy to be alive. All the doom and gloom is gone. My head is clear. I wake up with energy. I feel fit and joyful. I thrieve in sobriety by February 18th 2017.
    I am excited to be creating a meaningful life in my radient, energetic body. I have vibrant energetic followthrough. My intuition is accurate and easily accessible. I have energy to live my purpose in my sobriety. I am proud of myself.
    Feedback welcome.

  • #16003


    My day 30 vision statement:
    I am feeling incredibly clear headed and energetic now that I am sober. I have more time and energy for my kids, I am happier in all of my relationships. I am grateful for my life and my body, and choose to feed it good food and nourishing drinks. I have a great life ahead of me now and all the doors I need open will open for me, so that I can achieve all of my goals. I am grateful for everything I’ve done to get here, and for the life of sobriety ahead of me.

  • #16188


    I am happy to be able to focus on my work and my family, without being tired or hungover several days a week. I’m writing, completing projects, and making friendships with people that want to be with me in a healthy way.

    –Feedback appreciated! Thanks, Wanbli

    • #16257


      Hey wanbli, sounds good to me! I think your Sentiments stand alone without reference to the hangover part…as you’ve no doubt found out by now, the negative side which needs to be looked at and remembered, is covered in the next chapter, the Pendulum Solution. Great Vision! Onward Sobriety Seeker! Sina

  • #16254


    I will realize my life’s purpose and be able to identify the vision I have for my sober life. I will actually take steps toward living that life. I will feel healthy and be at a healthy weight. I will feel more positive and hopeful about life and I will be proud of myself for my accomplishing this difficult task of overcoming alcohol addiction. I will be able to identify my feelings, face them, and deal with them alcohol free. I live in the present and do not judge myself or others. I am strong enough to manage my feelings whether it’s sadness, frustration, anger, grief, or boredom without trying to escape by using alcohol. I will be able to enjoy and remember happy times and experiences, without trying to enhance those feelings with alcohol. I will spend my time working toward getting to know myself and what will make me feel fulfilled in life. I love myself and I show it by how I treat myself. Please provide feedback 🙂

    • #16256


      Hi lucky lass!
      I love the Sentiments expressed in your Vision Statement and they will serve you well. I identified some threads….focusing on positive feelings, the goals of finding purpose, pride in accomplishments, and self love and acceptance. This is wonderful !
      My suggestions are to make your Vision Statement more compact. Maybe combine several topics under one sentence? This is so you will be able to post it where you can see it and review it each day.
      The other suggestion is to write each sentence in the present tense, rather than the future. Write these wonderful goals as if they are already a reality. For example, I am a positive person. I work to attain my goal of a healthy weight each day. I am proud of my accomplishments in Sobriety….Keep up the good work! Sincerely Sina,a fellow Sobriety Seeker!

  • #16328


    I wrote my 30 day vision statement on Day 2, but after finishing Day 4, I decided to post it.
    Sobriety enables me to love myself for who I am, unconditionally; to move forward on my life path
    with energy, enthusiasm, and courage, doing the things that bring me health, happiness, and joy.

    • #16329


      Amazinggrace, thanks! Please keep posting your inspirational words! Sina

  • #16418


    Is anyone else starting their 30 days today? I’m on Day 2…here’s my vision for myself. Can you relate?

    I am setting a good example for my
    children. I am free of the shame, guilt, and regret that plagued me after a day of heavy drinking. I am strong enough, self-confident enough and interesting enough that I don’t rely on the crutch of drinking. I am empowered in my ability to manage my daily life and stress without drinking. Holidays, special occasions and vacations are being remembered based upon the little moments that truly matter, not based upon how much I drank. I am a more present Mother and wife.

  • #16474


    I am glowing with health and happiness. I have so much energy and positivity!

  • #16544


    FEEDBACK PLEASE Daily I am vibrant, excited, sober and focused on taking daily actions that truly make a difference in others’ lives including my own personal, business and romantic relationships living the engaged happy life that I am meant to be living.

    • #16547


      @athenia1970, your Vision Statement sounds inspiring. I love that it’s action oriented. That’s the thrust of this program, Action! Not just reading….so you’re off to an auspicious start! Welcome to the Sober Coaster. A thrilling ride! Onward. Sina

  • #16724


    I feel so free, light hearted, grateful and am on a road to good physical, mental and spiritual health. I am excited to pursue things in life I was once missing out on. I am excited to live life!

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    • #16727


      Your Vision Statement sounds inspiring and positive @sober4good!
      Congratulations on your first post Andi! Keep posting. You can also create a new topic if you wish.

      To view the most recent posts from people who are currently active on the forums, try tapping on the “Where to?” above and scroll down to “Site wide activity ‘. You can respond to posts that resonate wirh you.
      It’s a good way to connect and get support and feedback! Onward! Sina

  • #16730


    I am grateful today and every date to be living an AMAZING sober life full of fun, family, adventure and achieving personal goals. I love my restful sleep, my authentic conversations & connections, and my energy to push myself professionally and interpersonally in new and profound ways. My renewed passion for life makes keeping things organized, cooking healthy meals and engaging with my family effortless. I’m at peace and grateful to God.

  • #16837


    I wake each day with energy and joy, knowing I will make progress on my awesome goals. I am vibrant and healthy, feeling good physically and mentally. I am excited to continue this sober journey.

    • #16838


      Forgot to add: Feedback is appreciated.

    • #16839


      Your Vision Statement sounds inspiring @backtolib. WELCOME!

  • #16932


    I great each day with faith, hope, joy and gratitude. I feel healthy, in shape and happy to be me. I give love freely; to myself and to others. I have energy and purpose. I am glad to be alive.


  • #16970


    I am deeply loved by God. In turn,I deeply love myself, my family and friends. I own attributes, talents, and dreams that are a benefit to myself and the family and community at large. I am productive, vibrant, and live life in color. I am producing the art that hides inside of me. I am free. I am liberated. I am whole and healthy in spirit body and mind. Most of all, I am grateful!

  • #17220


    Every morning I wake up rested, clear headed and ready to start my day. I am productive in my schooling and confident. I am working for a reputable management company and feel amazing.
    My mind, body and soul is at peace and I feel very happy, healthy and proud!

  • #17282


    Not sure if this is too lengthy, but here it goes. I picked up some ideas from others. Thanks. Feedback from Dave or others is appreciated.

    I am a bright, competent woman and a positive role model for my children. Every day I am making wise choices that bring me closer to living the life that I have dreamed of. The life that I deserve. I love waking up with a clear head and optimistic attitude. I am thrilled to be exercising daily and look forward to running a 5k this spring and a 10k this summer. My mind, body and soul are at peace. I feel very happy, healthy and proud of who I have become. I am excited to find out what lies ahead for me.

    • #17283


      Hi @sunnyjxyz! Your Vision Statement is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing. Keep posting. You can see the most current posts from people currently active on the Companion Website by tapping on “”Site wide activity” after tapping on the “Where to?” Above. Onward! Sina

  • #17399


    I wake up happy, refreshed and ready to embrace the day with a smile and positive attitude and get out of bed instead of hitting the snooze button. I feel so much better about myself. I actually have the motivation to make myself look pulled together and dress with care, meditate and workout. All of this is possible because I am sober.

    I would be grateful for feedback. Thanks in advance.

    • #17403


      frealgirl . . . Certainly sounds like you are on the right path. Follow through is important, as I”m sure you know. Also, even when we don’t feel all that excited, if we can keep pushing and prodding our self, it can nudge us over any negative inner humps that may still be lingering or hanging about in ourselves.

      But maybe that will never be a problem. Sure hope not. Either way, being sober can make all the difference. At least it does for me.

      All best going forward. And thanks for your post.

  • #17432


    I am awake and alive. I feel, smell, hear, taste and touch everything around me. I experience the ebb and flow of my energy with every interaction and allow it to move and change me, but not to take from me. I laugh and sing and play piano and work and love the people in my life in healthy ways. I am excited for every second of my day, and it all belongs to me because I am in control of my emotions and reactions to what happens to me. I am alive in every way.

  • #17658


    Here is my vision statement. I just blurted it out unvarnished. I would love some feedback. Thank you!

    I feel alive and excited about my life.
    I wake up feeling energetic and proud of myself.
    I am healthier, stronger, more engaged and connected to the people around me.
    I see what I want in the future and I trust myself to get there.
    I am honest and true to my own life and values.

    • #17659


      Wow @alison202 ! You are an accomplished Blurter! Your Vision Statement doesn’t need to be varnished either! 🙂
      I wonder if you even need the “-er”….as in “I am healthy, strong,” etc… That way you don’t compare the Vision to the past at all.
      Your future looks bright!
      Onward, Sina

    • #17704


      @alison202 love the “trust myself to get there” sentiment…

  • #17703


    I am strong, lean, and sober. I wake up with plenty of energy to handle whatever may come my way. I have few regrets from choices I make in my daily routine because I nourish myself with healthy food, fun activity, and emotional awareness. Purpose, Meaning, and Perspective are my daily guideposts.

    Dave & others, feedback appreciated!!

    • #17706


      Welcome @urbangirl08 , love your Vision! It covers mind, body and soul! Onward, Sina

    • #17716


      I love this urbangirl❤️ It sounds similar to mine: “Sobriety has given me the energy and the courage to accomplish the things that I’ve always wanted to. It has brought me health and wellness beyond my wildest dreams!”
      Let’s bring these visions to life my sober friend:)

  • #17780


    I would like feedback please.
    DAY 2

    My vision statement
    I am unbelievably more alert and passionate about life being sober. I sleep well and awaken with joy and gratitude each day. I laugh more, love fiercer and enjoy sharing my life with others. I have more energy to pursue the activities I love. I am more outgoing at the office and more confident in my decision making. Without wine in my life My mental clarity and my thinking is clearer. The brain fog is gone. Instead of sitting on the couch, I do projects and gardening. My relationship with Adam has become much more intimate and fun. We laugh and play. I feel like a kid again. Giddy and full of life and positivity. Unnecessary worry is a thing of the past. Thriving in sobriety I participate in activities in the evenings because I can drive. Sobriety has opened my heart and my life.

    • #17781


      Welcome @soulsearcher !
      The sentiments expressed in your Vision Statement are inspiring!
      I offer my feedback, based only on my own personal experience.
      I would think about reframing the sentences which compare the goals and Life of the New You with the Before You.
      For example, eliminate the word “more ” when possible. Also the -er. That way, you don’t have to think about wine and the “Before You” every time you review your Vision Statement. Here are a few sentences without reference to the past…”I am outgoing and confident. My mental mental clarity and thinking is clear. I do projects and gardening. My relationship with Adam is intimate and fun!
      Let me know if this is valuable.
      Sounds like you are really geared up to Thrive in Sobriety! Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster! Onward, Sina

      • #17788


        Thanks for the feed back.I am going to change that now.

  • #17827


    I am youthful and extremely vibrant. I attract good people into my life every day. I am excited about my new job and so grateful for the abundance that this and daily sobriety brings me.

    Feedback if you have the time – no worries if you don’t thank you….

    • #17833


      Hi @lauretta, you sound like someone is be proud to know! Lovely Vision Statement! P.S., under each Solution, tap on the most current topic to connect with folks currently near your timeline….or use the “Site wide activity ” under the “Where to?” above…also consider starting your own Topic! Onward Sina

  • #17846


    Hello World!

    I have completed my Day 2. Nothing special but so much true about myself in “The Alcoholic King” and The “Before You”.

    My Vision Statement:
    “I am sober and make clear decisions to move forward to better health and life.”

    Thank you for reading,

  • #17870


    Day 2 and I am feeling good…Tonight was a test..I always say, I am not going to drink unless we go out to dinner ( which we tend to go out a lot) and when I come home I won’t drink anymore..That never happens:( Tonight, no wine and now I am doing my homework:) I am going to iron now, which I never do.

    My vision statement: I am so proud to go to bed sober and wake up energized with a great nights sleep! Getting back to my morning workouts and and taking control of my health…

    So excited!
    Happy Me

    • #17872


      Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster @jengm-a-r58! You sound like you’re flying high with excitement and a well deserved smile on your face! This program is awesome and I am wishing you every success! Keep posting…look for one of the most current Topics on each Days Solution and post under that…so you’ll be seen by people on the same, or close to it day as you. If you have any questions, just ask me! Onward, Sina

  • #17904


    “It feels so amazing to wake up after an awesome night’s sleep with energy and enthusiasm to create an exciting, adventurous, and prosperous life…And I deserve it! I know I’m inspiring my family, my patients, and students every day by my courageous action.”

    Of course I always appreciate feedback 🙂

    • #17908


      Hi @wesley! It sounds like you’ve got a lot of enthusiasm as well as motivation to kick off this amazing Journey! Welcome to the Sober Coaster! Keep posting ! It’s a thrilling ride well worth the price of admission. Try posting on the most current Topic under each Days Solution. Or start your own Topic. It’s useful to read older posts and it’s also helpful to connect with folks currently near your own Day! Onward, Sina

  • #17930


    I wake up each more bring excited to experience and explore the day. I’ve learned new, more healthy ways to address and even transform my anxiety and troubling emotions. I’ve restored a sense of fun and awe into my life and it has transformed my relationships, attracting more good people to me, assuring that I am valued and treated well as people genuinely enjoy spending time with me. My clarity of thought has expanded my horizons and made me more effective at work and my loss of 25 lbs. with my ongoing workouts and healthy eating has led me to feel vibrant, energetic and attractive.

  • #18015


    It took a lot of thought to create a vision statement. I tried as best as I could to see myself as I hope to be 30 days from now. So here it is:

    I wake up each day feeling bright, energetic, and eager and able to accomplish, in sobriety, all of the things that I must do, as well as the things I enjoy doing.

    I think that for me this captures how I want to be and feel in 30 days. There are definitely things that I must do and things that I enjoy doing. I’ve neglected these quite a bit the past 2 or 3 years and more than anything, I think this would be the best outcome over the next 30 days.

    Please offer any feedback; I’d appreciate it.

    • #18017


      Hi @ bill_0606. Your Vision Statement sounds optimistic! You are off to a great start! My suggestion is to post in the most current topic of each day from now on….or even start your own Topic ! Onward, Sina

  • #18154


    Is this too generic? I also feel excited – but left out the feeling scared part 🙂

    I am excited to be living up to my potential everyday as a father, husband, and human being! The freedom that sobriety gives me allows me to release my unlimited potential, as a mentor to my children, best friend and lover to my wife, and a innovator and leader at work. I am excited about the future, and more excited to explore the possibilities and opportunities that sobriety will bring me. I wake up knowing I will be present every moment of everyday – to experience the joy and excitement of engaging with family and friends, and to be present every moment to share life’s experiences.

    • #18159


      Hell no, it doesn’t sound “generic” in the least! It sounds AWESOME! Suggestion….try posting under the most current Topic of each Solution….or start your own Topic! Onward. Sina

      • #18166


        Thanks much for the feedback!

    • #18161


      Hello, I don’t think your vision statement is too generic; I think it’s great. I’m sure it captures what you really want. I was worried that mine wasn’t too specific too. I’m at day 10 now and when you get there you’ll have the opportunity to refine the statement. My best to you!

      • #18168


        Thanks! All the best to you as well!

  • #18438


    My 30-Day Vision Statement:
    I have a clear mind, and I am vibrant. I feel amazing both mentally and physically. My sleep is peaceful. I accept full responsibility for my actions, yet I treat myself with forgiveness, compassion, and self-love. I am grateful and proud that I have maintained sobriety.

    I’d love feedback from Dave or Jack, or any of the coaches, or really anyone!

  • #18871


    I have never posted in a forum before. Hope I am doing this correctly. I am having a really hard time making it past 5 days of sobriety (by the way I hate the word sober, sobriety etc my dad was always trying to get sober but it never seemed to work). I am starting over with the program today. Day 2 solutions are what I decided to do today. I already chose to complete the program in 60 days and journaling is easy since I was doing that prior to finding this program. Following is my vision statement. I wrote it back on July 28th. I have decided I would like feedback and suggestions for words besides sober/sobriety. I started this program because I was drinking a few drinks almost every night. My husband and I want to have another child and I am sure my frequent drinking is not helping.
    I am happy, healthy, calm, focused and available for my family. My behaviors support this.

    • #18878


      @jjbear78 I really like your vision statement. You can do this! Some alternative words for sober are happy/healthy/vibrant/confident/poised/articulate/free. Hope this helps. I am on day 48 today. Keep going, it only gets better from here.

      • #18879


        Thank you @sobersailor38 for your feedback. I really like “poised” I will definitely be incorporating that into my thought process and journaling especially when prepping myself for activities where i know others will be drinking and I will be poised and still having a fun time.

  • #18881


    Day 2 of the program and sobriety. I had a hard time with the Time Travel Technique, for some reason. It made me feel squirmy and uncomfortable. I guess I couldn’t (didn’t want to?) picture myself as a train wreck in 5 or 10 years with continued alcohol use, but I also couldn’t see the vision of health, happiness, energy, and freedom without it.

    I’m feeling much more hopeful today. The optimism and positive energy of the program is contagious.

    Here is my vision statement:

    I am in alignment with my life’s purpose, facing my “true North” with courage, enthusiasm, and peace. I am strong enough to live each moment–both painful and pleasurable–fully conscious.

  • #19133


    Day 2 – My Vision Statement:
    I wake up feeling refreshed, energized and confident to live a sober life. I am enjoying better health, happiness and being more fit. I am filled with a sense of peace and gratitude each night when I go to bed.

  • #19137


    Everyday I wake up happy and excited to continue living a healthy lifestyle full of positive vibes, self confidence and opportunity to help others do great things.

    Comments please.

  • #19236


    90 Day Vision Statement
    I wake up energized and grateful everyday.
    I completely trust in God’s protection.
    I enjoy a clear and alert mind.
    I willingly face and feel all my feelings.
    I easily accept all my imperfections with levity.
    I have lost weight and I am active and moving more.
    I accomplish my everyday tasks with zest and vigor.
    I prioritize my self-care above work performance.
    I easily let go of stress and anxiety.
    I cultivate love and passion in my marriage.

  • #19279


    Vision Statement
    I wake up each day to live up to my best potential, grateful for the gifts I have been given and strong enough to handle any challenge the day brings. I am in the present and creating a future for myself built on sobriety that will make me full of joy and energy and confidence. The sun’s so bright I have to wear shades.

    would love feedback

    • #19280


      @june_12 – great job! Concise and to the point. Keep up the great work!

  • #19325


    I am so proud to be a positive role model for my baby boy and to be living a healthy lifestyle that keeps me energized to dominate each and every day.

  • #19326


    I am so proud to be a positive role model for my baby boy and to be living a healthy lifestyle that keeps me energized to dominate each and every day.

    Feedback welcome

  • #19329


    Day 2 Vision Statement:

    Everyday I wake up excited and grateful to be fulfilling my purpose and for the new freedom I’ve found through living a disciplined life. I’m confident and trust my ability to navigate difficult emotions, situations, and relationships in a positive and meaningful way. I support my children, husband, and family from a place of authenticity.

    Feedback is appreciated!

    • #19341


      Welcome @suzanna and @christiane!
      Both of your Vision Statements are lovely and will take you far!
      Suggestion: If you post under the most current topic of each day, your post is more likely to be read by current active participants. Or start your own Topic as you have on Forgiveness Suzanne. You can also look at “Site wide activity” under the “Where to?” Heading above.
      Onward! Sina

  • #19339


    I wake up every morning feeling at peace with myself and my life. I am grateful for my healthy body, the unconditional love of my friends and the opportunities to serve my community by using my skills in a fullfilling way.

    Feedback welcome

  • #19390


    Everyday I wake up feeling enthusiastic and passionate about living a meaningful and fulfilling sober life. I am strong, confident and happy again! I am committed and excited to living my best authentic life. I am healthy, confident, full of hope and gratitude and on the path to good physical, mental and spiritual health. I am excited to pursue things in life I was once missing out on.

    Feedback is welcomed.

  • #19393


    I am Strong, Healthy, Confident, and Happy! I am living my authentic life, clear headed, using sober good judgement in all situations. I am truly excited about my future!

  • #19676


    I am feeling fit and healthy with boundless energy. I am loving producing my own vegetables and cooking the most amazingly healthy recipes from my home grown vegetables. I am surrounded by positive loving friends and I give back to the community in so many ways. I am loving this sober life style and doors are opening for me to help empower others that I walk along side. I have a purpose and have meaning in life. I love being mindful and appreciate all the wonderful blessings that I have in life. I have a loving and supportive family and I am blessed.

    Would love some feedback

  • #19850


    I am fully present and engaged in my life, and with my daughter, family and friends. I actively listen and remember what people tell me. I am always mindful and present. I love my life, am fulfilled in work and have found love again. I’m fit, my skin glows, I eat well and exercise regularly.
    I am happy healthy, whole and hopeful. I am healed.

  • #19974


    Would love feedback Dave or John.

    I am living a life of purpose. I am confident, positive, energetic, attentive, healthy and happy. I am making choices that improve my quality of life and the lives of others. I am choosing the life I desire, being the best me I can be.

  • #20004


    I am excited to wake up and start each day feeling great about myself and living to my full potential. I cherish every moment with my family and make the most of my time on earth.

  • #20034


    My 30-Day Vision Statement
    I am loaded with energy.I easily get up in the morning, and it’s so easy and pleasurable to be off to the pool and starting my day with a lovely swim!
    My skin glows, my eyes sparkle, my hair is shiny – and I have lost a few pounds, as well!
    I am getting on with gardening and de-cluttering tasks. I am spending time each day writing my novel and practicing the piano. When I get together with friends, I am in a good mood; lively and witty.
    It’s so easy to say “no” to alcohol. Why would I want to go there?It’s so lovely to wake up each morning rested, fresh, vibrant, alive and eager to start my day.

    Feedback appreciate, please!

    • #20057


      Welcome @islesuzanne ! Your Vision is right on!
      I hope your day goes Swimmingly!
      Onward! Sina

  • #20055



    I know you are all busy, but would appreciate feed back Dave, Jack, others.

    I feel a hellova lot better, I am loving life. I am mending my transgressions and working positively towards a GREAT future in every part of my life. Quite simply, I’m crushing it.

    • #20056


      Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster @bowencm! The Companion Website is Dave Andrews turf. He is not active here anymore, but don’t let that deter you….it still works well enough to ensure success!
      Keep posting….look for the most recent topic on each Day’s Forums and post there. Also scroll down under “Where to? ” above and choose “Site wide activity ” to see everyone currently active on the program.
      Love your Vision!! In my opinion, you do not need the first sentence! You are now looking forward…the past is done, no use referencing it! The “Before” you can be laid to rest, especially after revisiting it and saying “so long” in the Pendulum Solution!
      Onward! Sina

  • #20083


    I am free of drinking and I feel incredibly energetic and passionate to pursue my dreams in fitness and health. I am socialising more and going out with my friends. My sobriety is bringing me creativity, health and happiness. It feels good to be free and explore new me.

  • #20100


    I am healthy and happy. Being positive that I’m on the right path for my life, I’m excited for what the future will bring as I thrive in sobriety.

  • #20212


    If possible I would like feedback. Thanks

    I wake up in the morning and realise that I my desire for alcohol has completely disappeared. I am free of its restraining chains. I feel amazing, full of energy, motivation and joy and I know that I can achieve anything I set my mind. The world is my oyster, it is vibrant, multicoloured and full of endless wonderful possibilities.

    • #20213


      What an inspiring picture perfect morning you paint @judo! And I can attest to the fact that it IS within your reach. Stick with this program, keep posting (if you post under the most recent Topic under each day’s Solutions, you’ll be able to connect better with people currently active on the 30DSS Forums).
      Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster!
      Onward, Sina

      • #20215


        Thanks Sina. I appreciate it.

    • #20216


      Good job judo! Hopefully a pearl in the oyster! Keep it up!

  • #20323


    “I am here, I am now, I am sober, I am proud.” That’s my 30 day statement, short and to the point. Gotta shake this monkey off of my back, live in the present, be present, have positive self-esteem, and no longer have alcohol be a controlling factor in my life. Day two, in the bag. On to three.

  • #20339


    Hello. I have been involved with AA for approximately 5 years and have some extended periods of sobriety however I am not where I want to be in terms of personal growth. I would love feedback on my vision statement.

    I am a happy and peaceful person in sobriety. I approach each day with positivity and enthusiasm. I am honest, patient and trusting with myself to make good decisions in my life.

    • #20340


      Welcome @girl_left. Your Vision Statement is right on! The 30DSS will offer you ample opportunity for growth and Thriving in Sobriety and Life!
      Onward, Sina

  • #20381


    I like myself and I’m proud of who I am becoming. I am slowly unfolding and discovering new sides of myself that I didn’t know existed. I wake up each morning ready to face each day with positivity. I look radiant and healthy. My skin is calm and clear and my face and body have slimmed. The difficulties I faced were all self made and they are now slipping away. I feel lighter, happier, more confident, calmer, capable and more in control of my life. Im ready to keep discovering and learning how to be my best self.

    These days actions were harder than I thought but I have written loads for my Before and New Me statements and now that its done I feel so much better and EXHAUSTED! In a good way! Thanks. x
    Feedback would be great please if possible!

    • #20382


      Welcome Sarah! Sina Here!

      I really like your Vision Statement. I predict a great future in store for you.
      A tip, post under the most recent topic on each day’s Solution. Or start your own Topic. That way more people currently active on the site will see your post.

      One thing I did was to write a very short version of my Vision and post it where I see it a lot. You could eliminate the reference to difficulty in the past and say “I feel light calm healthy confident ” as a way to streamline it for a short version to put where you see it….
      Some people spend more than 1 day on certain Solutions (like Day 4!)
      Onward Fellow Sobriety Seeker! Sina

  • #20439


    I wake up every morning with a renewed energy, recharged, and focus on my day and life. I run daily, ride weekly, explore, breathe fresh air, see the trees and trails and mountains in a beautiful light.

    In my profession I plan, execute and accomplish tasks and goals in my personal and professional life. I am highly organized and I behave like a true professional, with focus, emotional maturity and follow through.

    I love on my wife and myself and we have fun with life every day. I care for my parents and sibling through constant contact and engagement. I spend more time improving my relationship with my sons, always focusing on our future and healthy communication.

  • #20453


    This is what I want for myself at the end of 30 days. Happy for anyone to offer feedback. Thx

    I am present in each moment and truly grateful for the amazing gift that life is. I respect my body by making good choices around food, exercise, sleep and relaxation. I connect with my husband and kids and we spend quality time together. I am super proud of myself for sticking with this.

  • #119885


    I’m struggling with achieving sobriety so I’ve really had to take a hard look of what drinking has taken from me and what it has given to me. It’s taken far more than it’s worth in my life. So here’s to a Vision Statement:
    I walk up each day with energy and clarity, a smiling face and a renewed excitement to start my day. My interactions at work are meaningful, efficient and productive. I’m spending quality time with my family and contributing time and energy. I’m enjoying my art and painting, finishing my photography class and feeling proud of the successful creative and beautiful woman I am. I walk proud daily with the new life I’ve created for me.

    • #119940


      Hi crusinthrulife, good job with the vision statement and good luck with your sobriety. Whilst it might seem difficult at the moment if you keep looking you will find the key to thriving in sobriety. Then you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. My break through came when I challenged my belief that I really got a lot of pleasure from drinking alcohol. When I compared it to things That gave me real joy, like hiking in the countryside, I realised the pleasure I got from alcohol was merely illusionary. Been thriving in sobriety for over 8 months now and I’m loving it.

      All the best

  • #120067


    I am very grateful to have this amazing opportunity to overcome my addiction and live the rest of my life without being controlled by alcohol. I am ever present with my loving family and now live each day with passion focusing on personal and professional growth.

  • #120709


    A New Vision….
    Removing alcohol from my daily life, healing mind, body and soul brings a new rebirth, an awakening of energy and enthusiasm to fulfill my life’s mission, I once pursued with joy. Acknowledging the morning not hung over provides a feeling on peace and happiness that can easily radiates to others. The new days will be cherished and lived to their fullest while experiencing new places and people as I go.

    Any feedback or suggestions would be helpful.

    • #120717


      Dear StongMan … I hear you. I’ve been walking the same walk since 12/31/17. The 30DSS has really been a help. I love your vision statement. It rings so true. Stay on the path. Your energies may ebb and flow, but stay in the right direction. Learn how to surf the urge. That’s been helpful for me to understand a lot of this is physical. Maybe you could even call it body chemistries. If you were to search YouTube “surf the urge” you’d see a lot of helpful videos. My best to you! -k

  • #120924


    Vision Statement:
    I wake up feeling clear and positive about the new day. Sobriety is allowing me to take advantage of how much more time I have to work on things I actually care about. I am approaching work, BAM and job hunting with energy. I have begun to improve upon the relationship damage I have done and am enjoying time with my family. I have dealt with issues I’d been avoiding such as health insurance, bills and doctor’s appointments. I am a few pounds lighter and far less bloated, and back to exercising regularly.

    Feedback is appreciated.


  • #120934


    I wake up everyday with an energetic positive mindset and look forward to the day ahead. I feel amazing and free from negativity. Each morning I am taking the steps to be closer than I was the previous day to my dream life of freedom, love and adventure. I am happy with life

  • #120974


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  • #121504


    Feedback appreciated, Thanks!
    The passion, drive and joy I feel in living my life grows and adds to itself with each moment I choose sobriety. Through sobriety, I long to engage fully with the people and world around me. I wake up each day excited for this. This passion leads to new opportunities and possibilities each day in my relationships, work and health that I say yes to with happy anticipation. It is a self-reinforcing cycle that is allowing me to squeeze the most out of this beautiful life, as well as discover and fulfill my purpose.

  • #121582


    I’m taking my life back
    I’m healthy
    I’m happy

  • #122054


    I was having difficulty writing a vision statement that inspired me. 🙁 Then I saw two of Dave’s suggestions to other participants and my soul lit up! So I combined and modified them to arrive at this statement:

    “I wake up every day, with lust and energy to live life to the fullest. I am wildly fit, self-confident and radiate contagious enthusiasm!. I easily accomplish my personal and professional goals with my newfound passion, all of which carries over to creating an inspiring home where I am able to live, love and laugh with others, as I have always dreamed of doing. My sober heart and mind are magnets that attract more of everything I need or desire.”

    ******** Thank you Dave, for your wonderful suggestions. Feedback appreciated ********

  • #122085


    I am healthy, fit, flexible, sober and open to the energy of the universe and my spirit guides.

  • #122133


    I am free. I am empowered. I am a mentor. I am an awesome AIP/Functional Health, Life Coach. I am living life unfettered and have made peace with and have released my past, the pains and all the abuse … I have released it all negativity. I am awake. I am whole. I an happy, loved and excited about life. Mine and Kelly’s relationship is passionate, open and healthy. My body is healthy, strong and beautiful! We are debt free, prosperous and live a life of abundance!

    @dave Andrew *** Feedback Please*** 😀 … Thank you!

  • #122635


    I am 100% in charge of my outcomes. I manifest each day with the purpose of sobriety first and opening up to the many blessings the universe has to offer. I am grateful for my contagious spiritual health, my new wardrobe of Tommy Bahama clothing to slide over my healthy, sleek body, and the amazing self reflection and universal wisdom jumping from the pen to my journal every day, every night. My heart jumps with glee for each new day I get to splurge in the light of God’s love.

  • #122699


    Vision Statement:

    I am grateful that every day I now wake up refreshed, peaceful, healthy, and happy to be living a meaningful and fulfilling Sober Lifestyle!

  • #122927


    I finally understand that I am thriving, and I am sober!
    I wake up energized each day because I know longer drink, and I feel connected to source and my purpose. I have lost another 10 pounds and I should get down to 135 pounds within 3 months. I keep finding new directions and ideas for my energy and talents. I create beautiful art for my home and for others. I interact daily with loving and happy volunteers for our community in ways that inspire and uplift us all.
    We laugh and are joyful. We dance and sing! We are helping others feel loved and hopeful about their lives. We are making our town and gardens and homes look lovely, conserve energy, and support the health of the planet and all people.

  • #123205


    I am sober and no longer drink. I feel great and full of life. I have recommitted to my business and its success. I am a better partner, parent and boss. I can now share with others what was being smothered by alcohol. Radiating positive energy every single day. Thank you universe.

    • #123208


      Your Vision Statement sounds so positive and reveals your generosity of spirit improving53!
      Reading it I feel good things most certainly await you.
      Onward, Sina

  • #123209



  • #123242


    This is my first post. On any forum but here it goes.
    My Vision Statement

    I am excited to be sober. I feel happy, rested and full of love. I am passionate again. My relationships with my children and husband, my health, and my finances are amazing and will only improve for the better. I love my life.

    Feedback appreciated, thank you

    • #123244


      Hi Rebecca,

      Be proud of taking those first few difficult steps towards getting the life you want. Well done. Now you know what you want, go get it! You deserve it.

      • #123247


        Thank you so much! I don’t have a strong sober support system so this website is going to be very helpful to me. Thank you for your input! It is greatly appreciated!

    • #123245


      Welcome Rebeccagrady34.
      Your Vision Statement is beautiful!
      And it is Accurate! I look forward to hearing more. Keep posting for inspiration and support.
      You can even start your own Topic!
      See if you can find ” Site Wide Activity “. Even though the Companion Website is overrun with SPAM, you’ll see people’s posts who are currently active on the Companion Website.
      Onward! Sina

      • #123248


        Thank you so much for your input! I have scrolled through several forums and have seen your responses everywhere. It is very inspiring. I actually sent you a message yesterday morning before I had the courage to post on this forum. I think the forums are going to be very beneficial to me as I don’t have a strong sober support system. My husband is very supportive of my decision but is a problem drinker as well with no desire to slow down or stop, so even though he is supportive of me, it’s been a bit more difficult than I imagined it would be. But today has been better than yesterday and I am hopeful each day will be better. That’s all I can ask for. I am about to read Day 3 and do the actions after I get a quick run in. Again, thank you for the input.

    • #123249


      Hi Rebeccagrady34
      I did not receive a message from you. I just sent you one plus a “friend ” request. ( although this is not like a Facebook page!). Hopefully you’ll be able to respond!
      Keep going, keep posting!
      Onward Friend! Sina

  • #123260


    I awaken feeling a zest for the day. My sober body, mind and soul are functioning optimally. I manifest radiance and feel estatic pleasure.

    I would love feedback on my Vision statement. Thank you!

  • #123261


    DAY 2 VISION Statement: I awaken feeling a zest for the day. My sober body, mind and soul are functioning optimally. I manifest radiance and feel estatic pleasure.

    I would love feedback on my Vision statement. Thank you!

    • #123263


      Hi warriorlizzy!
      Your Vision Statement is inspiring. I like facing the day with newfound Zest!
      Thank you for reminding me to face each morning with Zest!!
      Onward! Sina

  • #123267


    I just finished my day 2 tasks and I’m pretty happy with my vision statement. I had the worst drinking spiral of my life when my mom died in July 2019. I used drinking at first to numb out the pain but then it became my norm. Here my vision statement that I am excited to reach:

    I wake up every morning energized and excited for the day and the gifts it fulfills me with. My marriage has blossomed in ways I never thought possible. I have a great group of friends hat enrich my life and I look amazing!

  • #123349


    I am a positive and joyful person who actively pursues a healthy healthy lifestyle, and lives from a place of love, with respect and acceptance for all, including myself.

  • #123371


    “I am living my purpose that God intended for me, my relationships with my wife and children are improving every day, I AM PROUD OF MYSELF, I am losing weight and eating healthy”

  • #123430


    I am a funny, light filled, intelligent person. I make others laugh and people want to be around me. I am industrious and I design and create products that people need and want. I am honorable and respected and loved. I go out of my comfort zone to have fun, exhilarating experiences. I perform on stage. My heart calls to the stage. I do this on my own terms. I create beautiful music and I share it with the world. I am in movies and I act. I know my way around a lab and I am educated in Science and religion. I understand the nature of existence and I share the joy of this with others. I am a beloved family member and friend. I am known for my talents and my projects. I create them in peace at my own pace and collaborate with great people. I inspire them. I am a part of teams and collaborations and units of creative families. I am closest to my son and my husband. We are a healthy and loving family unit. We have everything we need whenever we need it. I am a child of my heavenly father. He knows me, he loves me, he cares for me and he creates and molds me. I serve his light and radiate his life. I am wholesome and authentic, smart, capable and honorable.

  • #123607


    First off, I am proud of myself. My absence from alcohol has made me rediscover the real me. I feel energetic, motivated and passionate about things with work, family and my health. Each day I wake up, I am confident to conquer the day. This feeling is amazing and I won’t let it go.

    Any feedback would be great!

    • #123609


      Welcome Berg161987.
      I think you nailed it in your Vision Statement!
      This is exactly what I want for myself!!! Thank you!
      Onward. Sina

  • #123612


    I am healthy, and I have a clear head & mind. I am fulfilling my potential as a caring human being!

  • #123699


    I would like feed back please.

    The yellow tint in my skin is gone my eyes are bright and beautiful once more and full of life and color. The pain in my abdomen is gone. The tomorrows that never came are now my today’s. I wake with love in my heart and enthusiasm in my soul. I once again love and respect myself.

    • #123704


      Hi moonbaby61285.
      Your Vision Statement is full of Healing, Self Love and Acceptance.
      It will fuel your Journey to a bright future.
      Thank you for sharing!
      Onward! Sina

  • #123815


    For support not SPAM!

    I want you to join my group on MeWe:

  • #124024


    I wrote my 30 day vision statement last night to celebrate my first day sober ! It 4eads :

    I wake up rested, energetic, and enthusiastic about the up-coming sober day.
    My marriage, family relationships, and friendships are joyful and rewarding. I am loved and loving.
    In sobriety, I am grateful for the opportunity to express my creativity, reflect on my purpose, and grow spiritually each day.

    Feedback is welcome.

    • #124025


      Hi gaga9702334.
      I love the positivity of your Vision Statement.
      I taped mine to my bathroom mirror so I would see it a lot.
      I foresee your intentions taking root and growing every day.
      Welcome to this exciting new path Friend!
      PS, I left you a message on your profile page.
      Let me know you got it!
      Onward, Sina

    • #124035


      gaga9702334 I really like your vision statement.

      It is short and authentic (one of my core values; I am on day 10 right now!). It drives home the important points and it doesn’t need any ‘energized’ and ‘vibrant’ bullshit. It’s so good I almost want to make it mine! But i have a good one too.

      Now take it to heart and make it a part of your daily routine to repeat it and imagine it! You can do it!

  • #124149


    I wake up feeling well rested and energetic having slept soundly. I am enthusiastic, eager, and looking forward to getting up and getting started with my day. I am calm, happy, and content. I feel healthier and thinner, my skin is hydrated and clear, my eyes are sparkling, and I am attractive. I am driven to look and feel my best. I am clear headed and face the day with confidence and passion. I embrace doing things today instead of putting them off to the tomorrow that never comes. I am sober, I am fearless, I am plugged back into living life to the full. I am kind to myself. I am excited about the future.

    *feedback would be greatly appreciated!*

    • #124150


      Welcome to the 30DSS Companion Website and to this Program for Life Reclamation @KS12 !
      Your Vision Statement reveals that you are ready and enthusiastic to seize a bright new future and leave the impediments of the past behind you.
      Onward!!! Sina

  • #124156


    I am free and I cast all my burdens at the feet of my creator. Good health, abundance, gratitude, clarity, and love are my divine right as I rest in each passing moment embracing sobriety.
    Feedback is welcome. Thankyou❤

    • #124157


      Hi DivyaSpoo29
      Your Vision Statement sounds inspired from on high!
      Abundance can indeed be yours when you have a strong belief that it is so!
      Onward! Sina

  • #124816


    I wake up with clarity, focus and gratitude for my sobriety and the wonderful blessings in my life. I feel strong and connected. I am physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in shape. My relationships with myself and others are thriving. I am energetic and living a life centered around love, understanding and service. I am who I want to be. I make no excuses for my behavior and accept responsibility for my actions. I have no fear of revealing who I am and how I feel. I am not dependent on others for acceptance. I take it east and respond instead of reacting. I use the tools to conquer my demons. I live a life of honesty daily.

    • #124817


      Welcome bkent0368!
      I just love your Vision Statement. It covers all the things present in a generous self actualized person’s outlook on life as well as behavior.
      Thank you for sharing it here.
      Onward! Sina

  • #5809

    Thanks for sharing CJB. Great vision statement – Simple and POWERFUL!

  • #6000

    @cjb Tons of great stuff in this, and love the pseudo rhyme in the middle, but the “grip of alcohol” is powerful and something I would highly recommend changing. The main question to ask is what do you think of when you say this part of your statement? What images come to mind? I would guess they aren’t positive images.

    I love the word free though and I love the start, so I might consider adding free and sober/sobriety somewhere in the last part, such as sober before example, or “of a person thriving in sobriety by Living His Passion and Purpose!

    Anyway, great job!

  • #14179


    Welcome jai! Your vision statement sound fabulous! It will serve to inspire you. Write or print out a copy and place it where you will see it every day! Happy Thriving in Sobriety! Sina

  • #14974


    Hi caramelfrapp! You have written the best vision statement ever! What I like about it is that you have used a minimum of wordage to express a maximum of value. That’s a sign of excellent writing skills as well as a discerning mind. It’s perfect! Thanks, Sina

  • #14975


    Hi countrygirl . I love that you expressing the emotions and self love that come with Sobriety. Onward! You’re off to an exciting start! Congratulations. Sina

  • #17556


    Hi @imagine1.

    Your Vision Statement is beautifully and poetically expressed.

    It foreshadows the Vision Solution, Day 29. I like the way you use the “present progressive” verb tense, ie, action words ending in -ing. It all adds up to you being ahead of the game! And in a very good way. I don’t see how you could go wrong.
    As we all know, this Journey will test us. You seem as well prepared as the very best and brightest. Thank you! Onward, Sina

  • #17932


    I love that you use the word awe. Thanks for sharing and just know you are fully supported.

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