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    I would like to find some people working through week 1 who I can keep in contact with and share insights with.

    It is September 22nd and I’m on Day 3. I am hoping to connect with people who are on this board close to daily. I notice many people on this Day 3 area has not replied to these boards for a month or so, and I am looking for some action 🙂

    * Please include an introduction to yourself, what’s motivating you to do this, and any tips you can share at this stage of your journey–whatever that may be.

    Introduction: I am a mother of two, recently married a year ago, work from home with my husband, and I’m a foodie. My drink was wine and was part of my diner ritual for over 20 years. I drank until I was drunk more often than I drank moderately. I have made countless attempts at sobriety and usually talk myself out of it between day 3 and day 21. I do not like it when people put sobriety into a box and love to hear of various ways people make personal choices that are new and different and are working for them!

    I’m motivated to try a month of sobriety because I’ve found that I LOVE sobriety. I believe that the occasional, yet regular urges I experience are very temporary and I want to get past them and be freed from alcohol for good.

    Tips I’m using today:
    *I’ve never regretted choosing sobriety, and I’ve always regretted getting drunk.
    *I don’t have to use a 12-step program.
    *If I feel triggered, I will remind myself that it’s my subconscious and NOT my conscious that wants to drink. My will is to be sober ALL of the time. I need no will power to do this. I just need a 100% mind set.

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    Congrats on your two days and going into day 3. Stick with it!
    Be sure to check the Site Wide Activity Forum, as you will find posts from people in all stages of their journey. I have also found some other good sites for daily blogging and chats. Soberiesta’s, She Recovers, are two, and not exclusively female though their names imply that.

    Best of luck…

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      Thanks myturn75. I will check them out I love having multiple resources.

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    Hey supernova,
    I’m also working on say 3. Its also my 1st day not drinking for this program. Have had some issues with drinking as a coping method for anxiety/stress, which I did overcome in the past for acouple of years but again for chronic pain combined with anxiety/stress when my boyfriend moved in and i found out he was hiding a pretty serious drinking problem himself. I have no kids, 1 kitty, hes my baby. I totally get the daily ritual… so easy to slide into that. I like that this program gives me something to do daily after work when I would normally have a drink.
    I’v found that distractions work in the early days…audiobooks were my go to. Anytime, anywhere. Can do it while cleaning etc And can lay in bed if I feel shitty. Plus then I go to bed earlier and sleep better. Last time I did 30 days… it took about 3 weeks to stop craving as badly. I think this time around I will continue reviewing after its over and that will help it stick. Hopefullywe can chat more!w

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      Hi Cassie 3339,

      Congratulations on your sobriety! How is it going? I also love audible books. It’s great company for me, particularly because often talking to family members triggers me, since I come from a family of alcoholics. And I’m also a bit irritable and impatient right now.
      I just now logged in and can see that since the last time I posted here, I drank again. It’s a bummer. I went a week sober and then got drunk. The cravings were high, I was tired and hungry, and I made a poor choice that turned into a bottle of wine.
      The good news… the great news, actually, is that the very next morning I woke up and decided to get some help. As of midnight I will be on day 14 and I am feeling very hopeful. I could not do this alone.
      My cravings are the worst when I’m hungry, so I’m allowing myself extra calories this month 🙂
      I can’t wait to see what life is like in sobriety, and I can’t wait to be 30 days sober.
      Keep in touch.

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