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    I have been religiously doing all these actions, until tonight. This vision statement has me perplexed. I don’t have anything I am passionate about. I like my job. I am really good at it – working with persons living with dementia. The pay sucks but I feel I get a lot of gratification from it. The financial compensation is not enough for me to get a divorce, which I would like to do, as my husband is so negative and toxic…

    I have really nice handwriting. I like to be outside in nature as much as I can.

    There. Thats it. Where do I go with that? Suggestions, anyone? I’m open!!

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    Hi hoping, I hope you can see past a relationship-not harmonious- with hubby and look internally for your own passion. Sounds like you are a caregiver, to others, but not as much to yourself. Look deeply and ask yourself”what would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?” Pick up on your love of nature. Be in nature without headphones and find a wildflower or tree identification book and get lost in just bringing beauty to you. You will find the words to write and edit a vision statement just as short or as long as you want..
    Carry your 3×5 card, read often and..Carry on.

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    Thank you so much, snow moon dancer, for taking the time to post your thoughtful reply. There is truth in what you wrote. I do indeed put others before my own needs, and am working on that one!! Interestingly, when I read your question, what would I do…fail, immediately ‘acting’ came unbidden across my mind. I’m 61 though, and have never acted in anything, although I do have a lot of fun with the residents that I work with, and can be as dramatic as I want,
    without anyone telling me to stop!! Not sure where to go in ‘real’ life with that one. Thanks again, though. It meant a lot to me to have your insight!😊

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    Expand on that talent you have. I am sure you are really well liked by the residents. I am familiar with caregiver duties, and am trained to work with the elder population, in a different capacity. Each of our services are valuable. Maybe you can get extra pay for some “acting” on the job. Or just find a place to hang out where others have an interest in acting. A separate interest independent of your husbands negativity can only boost your esteem. Good luck!

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    thanks, again, snowmoon, for taking the time to give such a motivating reply! I take it to heart.

    This is a total aside, but the only other time I posted was to make the comment that I don’t usually voice my opinion as it has been my experience that no one really cares what I think. I remembered my mother telling me that she felt the same way, long before I had the same experience myself. I don’t know what it is, but i thought to test it on this medium, as it seemed Chelsea was really on top of things and responding to people . So, I tried too, and guess what? Nothing. Except till I wrote the 2nd time and u snowmoondancer, made me feel so glad that u thought enough about what I wrote to respond.

    So, Jack and Dave, maybe that is my one piece of advice? To have Chelsea, or someone else…im guessing it shouldn’t fall in her lap entirely, to RESPOND , to EACH and EVERY posting, even if it is to just acknowledge it? It means a lot. Thanks.

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    The vision statement was tough for me too, it honestly took me days to land on it. I ended up pulling from my affirmations and core values, exercises you’ve already completed. I spent a lot of time figuring out what I really liked about being a wife, mother, engineer, project manager, dog owner, on and on. Perhaps reading mine will help, it is crazy to look back at the time it took to write something so simple.

    Using my unique passion and talents for open mindedness, discovery, and logical problem solving I am leading groups to consensus and success, and individuals to happiness and contentment.

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    Also, on forums like this please don’t think people don’t care about your opinion if you don’t get responses. Only a handful of people look and click, and depending on time of day your post can get buried in seconds. Trust me, if we were all in a room together we’d be listening to you!

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