Where is everyone?

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    One thing I have enjoyed and gotten a lot out of is reading and writing in the forums. But where has everyone gone? There seems to be less and less posts as the days go on, and I worry about all of you!

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    I know what you mean. I have not posted my thoughts and feelings because I don’t really see that there is an organized group. So I will start. This book and all the exercises have helped me immensely. I believe that gratitude is the most enlightening exercise and plan to continue with a gratitude journal daily. I am so grateful that I found this book and this community. Namaste.

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    Hi jzw and mmfo. I was wondering the same thing. Glad to see you! I got slowed down a little by Day 22, which took 3 days to complete. I really didn’t want to look at my fears, but am happy to be on the other side of that one. I enjoyed Days 23 and 24 a lot! Taking charge of my thoughts is incredibly empowering!
    As I start this final week, I’m sad that it’ll be ending. Have loved this program.

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    Happy to see activity here, thanks for the question. For me the hours of bookwork just left me without any desire to write anything extra :)) in my last week and super charged!

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    I’m here and still working the book. I had my first “girls weekend” and stayed true to my goals. Focusing on having fun sober and that drinking wasn’t an option helped. I’m so proud of myself, everyone in this community, and this book. I am very grateful for my sobriety and have not felt deprived.

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    I agree. It helps to read other posts. I am feeling good every day but feel saturated by everything I have learned. I want to keep things simple but every day another layer is added. And every layer is useful. I hope that I can start to apply these methods of success to other areas of my life. I would like to avoid sugar and white flour yet it remains a temptation. I am 100% committed to my sobriety. With time and better use of my tools, I would like to eliminate sugar and white flour.

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      Just before I started the 30 days I started the program “Always Hungry”. It’s a new fad diet. One important process in the first two weeks is cutting out sugar and white flour. I’m now in week 4 and I really don’t miss either. In fact anything sweet now is too sweet!

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      I am doing the 90 day version and it gives me time to digest the material. I think 30 days would be a real “fire hose”.

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    Jzw, I started whole 30 the same day I started this. I’m on day 23. It also cuts sugar and other inflammation causing foods. I never realized how much sugar was in everything. Detoxing from that was hard with mood and a massive headache. I don’t miss it now and in the future will eat as a treat, but not daily. This book has helped with my relationship with food as well. Way to go to you!

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      I am committed to my sobriety for my 30 day solution program. I have made improvements in my sugar intake. I am hopeful with my new tools that I can repeat some solutions and apply them to food temptations. I tend to strive for too many goals at once. So in order to be successful in my sobriety I opted to be flexible with my diet which is very healthy in general. I would love to hear other ideas from the group on ways they managed to eliminate alcohol and sugar at the same time. That is my ultimate goal.

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    I am still here. Day 24. I’ve have only posted twice this past week because I’m also overwhelmed with finishing the material plus getting my own busy day like the rest of you. I told myself I would post something every couple of days to stay connected to this community but I’m slipping on that. I read all of the posts the first 2 weeks and it helped alot. Making time to work the solution daily is so important to me but so is community and helping others. I should know, I was sober in AA for 11 years. It’s key to support each other, burying my head in the book is not enough. I am doing this with a friend but you are doing it with me too. I will make more of an effort moving forward. I will not be stopping after 30 days, I will be doing it a couple of more times due to the amount of tools I must have in my life to stay sober. Thanks for starting this Topic! Naturally it caught my eye. Please feel free to “friend me” on this site for any support. Helps me too!.

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    Hi all, This is my first time writing in the forum. Day 25 sober and on Day 21/22 of the program. Feeling a little alone out here as I have moved, gotten rid of my drinking friends and starting a whole new life. So grateful that I found this program on Day 3 as I was committed but this has anchored my commitment and am finding sobriety easy so far. Thanks everyone for being out there!

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    Hello everyone!
    This is my first post, I feel like I am more of a post stalker. I’m on day 10 without drinks (yeah me) and day 5 with the program. I’m so thankful I found this program. I’ll share my biggest excuse/mistake with you and it is that I thought I actually tried to make a change that I would have to give up drinking forever. Finding a program offering to potentially cut back seems like a prize.

    For now, I am trying to focus on giving it up for good as that is my intention. However, if I cold find a healthy way to have a drink once in awhile I’d like to consider that in my future. I guess it depends on the time I get that first drink and if it is enough or if I overindulge. It’s all a bit scary.

    As for the alcohol and sugar, it’s been easy. I use a system called Isagenix. Please note that I am just sharing this with you and by no means promoting my business as that is not what this forum is for. The basis behind it is cellular cleansing which after years of drinking my body needed to get rid of the toxins. Along with my program, which is just food, I drink 1 gallon of water with my Cleanse for Life and fresh lemon squeezed in it everyday. I think by adding this much water into my daily diet, I have allowed myself to detox to the point where I am already over the night shakes and sweats. If you are new to this, you too might be experiencing the sweats. I know they are more than miserable. With the addition of the water, I do find myself up at night to pee more than normally (sorry for the tmi) but I am no longer stumbling around.

    I wish you all the success and appreciate sharing stories whether good or bad. Thank you for the support.

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    Hi Everyone-
    So glad this post got started- I’ve been reading some, but not finding anything to respond to much, so thank you! I’m on day 23 no alcohol, day 21 in the book. I LOVE this book, and am feeling so inspired and motivated. Sure, it hasn’t been easy every day, but having the daily assignments/action steps is so helpful. I’m a big listener of podcasts, been thinking of getting one of my own going about learning, sharing, and inspiring others… a few days into this, I was thinking it would be so great to have one to follow along… hmmmm… it keeps nagging at me, and not sure how it would look. Then after watching Dave & Jack’s day 21 video about taking action, I’ve decided to seriously get going on it!
    Everyone’s shares here are so helpful and supportive- Thank you & All the best to all of you!

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      How do I find podcasts to listen to? That will continue to inspire me as I strengthen my skills. Thanks

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        To cscorpio- I don’t think there are any podcasts at this time that are devoted specifically to this program, but the one I was listening to that inspired me to get started and purchase the book was from Lewis Howes’ Podcast, “The School of Greatness”. Episode #296- http://lewishowes.com/podcast/jack-canfield2/
        (There’s even a great bonus video of Jack & Dave having a juggling contest!)
        And Lewis interviews Jack in an earlier podcast discussing his book, “The 10 Success Principles”, episode #143- http://lewishowes.com/podcast/jack-canfield/
        which is very enlightening and inspirational.
        I’m really finding a lot of inspiration from this podcast on many levels.
        Enjoy & keep thriving!

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    Hi again,
    Great idea, kls! Go for it! I am more than hanging in on Day 27. Actually, enjoying the commitment as I passed the local pub on 1/2 price Tuesday…cool. I am so grateful for this program as well. Keep posting!

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      Thanks Diane, and good for you with passing the pub!
      To Maude- sending you lots of support- it’s wonderful to read everyone’s messages, and although we don’t ‘know’ each other, we do!
      I’ve not posted much in forums of any kind, yet I feel comfortable and trust this group.
      It is so helpful to see and share the experiences on this journey, so thank you everyone.
      I’m doing things that in the past would look interesting and good, but not follow through on-
      I wrote 3 gratitude cards to friends and mailed them out, isolating much less, and saying ‘YES’- (I LOVE that movie ‘The Yes Man)!!!
      I’m on day 23, and although I’ve stayed sober for longer periods, I’m finding that doing this work is making all the difference in the world.
      Today, with Emotions & Feelings, as they are coming up for sure- the Mental Makeover is so helpful.
      I know this stuff- I’ve studied and participated in a LOT of personal development things, and yet, not applied them consistently or successfully for a significant amount of time. I am really feeling a difference with this program, and feeling so grateful for the changes that are happening for me.
      And reading others challenges, successes, and support is so wonderful.

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    Hi everybody,
    I need some support today. I got a shocking news… My yoga teacher was murdered 2 days ago. She was 32. I feel for her family. It takes me back to my brother’s death. He was the same age and he had a son. I had to identify him and take care of everything. I was the one Who called my mom to give her the news etc. Worst nightmare of my life. I’m in tears as I’m writing. Now I have to go to work. I don’t have the energy…
    JZW you’re right! It does help to read on the forum, I’ll make the Time to do it.

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      Oh is that the terrible murder that happened in Halifax? What a horror story; my prayers are with you.

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    I’m heartbroken for her, her family and you. Remembering the past can be extremely difficult but how you respond today for yourself and to others is key to your sobriety. Sounds like you know first hand how to “be of service” in the wake of tragedy so do that same action to get out of your head. Ask how you can be of service to her family or say a prayer at the next yoga class in her name with the group, whatever you can think of to get out of your head. Remember the book solution says “Nothing has meaning until you give it meaning.” Make it positive the best you can muster up. I’m proud of you for taking the right action by asking for support on the forum today, getting suited up for work and showing up for work. Says alot about your character. Prayers to you….

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    Vivgirl, Brighid, thank you so much… Your kind words and good advices mean the world to me. It was a hard day but I got to read your messages at some point in the afternoon and It really touched me ❤️ Now I’m going to read the Courage solution. What a timing! Good night to Both of you and let’s keep in touch.

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    Sorry dear one. I very rarely respond to posts. I am so busy reading and keeping up with the action items that there is barely enough time. Sorry that you feel that no one is out there. We are here. We hear you. Hang in there. This is working. That I can say for sure. God bless and hang in there sweetie. Love you.

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    Hello. I am only on day 2! But sober (from overeating) for those 2 days! It’s a lot of work, but I am grateful for that, because it gives me something to do instead of grabbing for food to de-stress. Nice to meet you all!

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    I, too, scan the forums, but seldom post. I feel like a facebook group would be more helpful. I never go back and read prior forums. But on facebook I could scan history and be notified when someone posts a message on a topic. I know I could be notified here by email, but there is only so much time in the day.

    Forty-four Days of Sobriety for me. I am happy, but also torn. This week especially I found myself thinking about asking my husband to make me a drink. I kept that thought in my “thinking box” and glad I did. It’s just never easy, but so necessary.

    So glad for all of you on this journey. Keep up the good work! I will too.

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      THIS IS SUCH A GREAT FORUM!. I am feeling happy and healthy on day 21 without a drink. Thinking about whether I am closer or further from having that first drink?. Passover is coming up and many blessings and sips over the wine in the service. I may have a glass at the service (but nothing before or after), and think about the inspiring story of Passover!
      I love the story about Cliff, the Australian runner, on day 21.

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      Hi sthomas. There is a Facebook support site, https://www.facebook.com/groups/48145040872847/ Sina

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        Facebook!? Yikes!
        Well okay.
        Just understand you have no anonymity. Facebook owns your posts. Facebook brings you posts back years later because they think it is cute.
        But, hey, if you are one of those that wants to stand naked in pinkie and record your thoughts for all to see for all time then go for it.
        Just go in with eyes wide open.

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    Hi everyone! Just finished day 21 in the book, and this is day 30 thriving in sobriety ! I love reading everyones’s posts! Give yourselves a big “high five” for me- I’m proud of all of us and grateful for Jack and Dave!?

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    Interesting observation jzw. You are right. I wondered if there was natural attrition as the days went on. One thing I have done is become friends with people who seem to be on a similar voyage as me, and are on roughly the same day. I’ve found we can share things without being exposed to everyone like on the forum pages. Sthomas if you click the “notify me” checkbox after posting you will be emailed anytime anyone responds to a post.

    I’m on Day 21 of the program and 22 days sober. I am finding the program easy to complete and am not struggling with sobriety. My biggest fear at the moment is what I’m going to do at Day 30 as my plan is to revert to a take it or leave it drinker. I think I need more time before having my first drink, and the environment has to be right (eg at home with my wife, a single glass of wine).


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    Stthomas1228. Well Facebook would mean you’d lose control of your anonymity and posts. They could come back to haunt you years later.

    On this website you can check a box when you post, bottom left that says to notify you when there are followupsto the thread.

    Rest of thread
    I’m with you. I joined an April challenge and expected 1000s. Oh well. I’m grateful for those that are here. Less noise to wade through and more support and good suggestions.

    Onward to day 30 everyone!

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    I agree that I was expecting more traffic on here. The first few days it seemed like it was flowing pretty well, but then sorta petered out. I still haven’t made it through old posts, which are still relevant even if they are dead threads. I still try and post something, even if it falls on deaf eyes. I think that it helps me to just flesh out my thoughts, and other things bouncing around in my head. I really don’t have anyone around me to talk to. I feel that they don’t understand or couldn’t give a rat’s rear end. Anyway, i believe that the posts are read more than we realize, they just might not get a response.

    HapE…Thanks for your post to me earlier. Made me feel proud.
    Godspeed on your own journey.

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    Hey Ground066
    I’m with you. Old threads often have questions asked and answered. Yes this can be like a virtual meeting with friendly supportive people to talk to. Unlike real meeting replies take time but that allows for reflection. Yes it can be tough. My own spouse poured a glass of wine with dinner and said “well _I_ don’t have a problem with alcohol like you do” :-(. Oh well. I’m pleased with the benefits I’m getting.
    The book has helped me actively seek other frustration busting solutions than lots of drink and a numbing movie. Yeah!

    You should be proud. Big change. And here you are at Day 21. We’re doing it Ground066!

    I REALLY like an early point book made. Alcohol isn’t the problem the “why” is (rough paraphrase). So now, the thought “I need a drink” or my favourite”I deserve a drink” I review activities, goals,new you, beliefs, etc And settle in with journal to ponder. ” oh yeah? Why?” And then get to real trigger. And dealing with that has brought me better results and good feelings.

    May you find Smooth sailing when stormy waters hit my friend.

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      That’s pretty hardcore…The “I don’t have the problem” thing. Maybe next time they can just kick you in your business and top it off by pouring sugar in your gas tank, you know…just for good measure.

      I am only on day 6 of sobriety (I think I have done all the calculations correctly), but I’m totally optimistic that I will make it. Especially since I have already started to reap some of the benefits:
      1. I am able to interact 1000% better with my kids. Instead of barking at them, I can calmly handle their “situations”. I guess that I am so far removed from childhood that I forget how traumatic it is for your brother to break your Lego robot or for your sister to touch you with her feet while watching a movie. Apparently, childhood issues are much worse than adult issues. Who knew?
      2. My health is starting to rebound – My stomach issues are way better today compared to how bad they were just a week ago. I hate it when doctors are right! My blood pressure is also starting to go down. The last three days, it has been at or within the normal range.
      3. I find myself looking forward to the evenings. Now I have the energy to do things like work in my garden, play with my dog, or just hang out and experience my family. Before, I spent my evenings in limbo waiting for everyone to go to sleep so that i could curl up with my good friend beer. Come to find out, he wasn’t my friend after all. Lying bastard!
      4. I am not spending my days riddled with guilt because I am failing as a father because I drink and am detached.

      There are more, but you get the idea.

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        Hi ground066, Just perusing the forums for old times sake and came across your post #10000 from April 21. Missing you at the 30 Solutions Facebook group and hoping your resolve is strong for the challenges ahead! Stay strong and be in touch please. I know you have what it takes. Keep us posted. I’m in your corner. The road is rocky, and it’s uphill, And it’s navigable! Or does that only apply to rivers?…. if anyone would know the semantics of that, it would be you! Sina

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    Thanks for starting this thread, @jzw
    I was thinking the same thing, as I’d noticed posts getting fewer during this third week. My fear was that people were moving away from the program or struggling to engage with it as we entered Phase III and struggling to keep up with the solutions and the exercises. It’s reassuring to see so many people reply to this thread and to reiterate that they’re still with us!
    I’m still here too (now on day 21). I’ve benefitted so much from the program over the past few weeks, I can hardly put it into words. I’ve kept up with the solutions, the exercises and the daily action steps for the most part, although I have to admit that it’s been a struggle to fit it all in. I’m viewing it as kind of a full-time job for these 30 days, a real investment in outselves and our future! The review days are welcome punctuation points and serve as a kind of respite/reward day for me, a chance to take stock and celebrate our success!
    I’ve been posting bits and pieces as I’ve gone along as I find it helps me to feel more committed to the program, a way to follow through on some of the action steps. I wrote an email of gratitude to one of my closest friends yesterday. We were both in tears as a result.
    I’ve benefitted hugely from reading the forums. I try to read a bit every day, even if I don’t get round to reading every post. I’m so grateful to all of you for contributing, sharing your successes and your challenges. You’ve truly been an inspiration to me.
    In common with some other people, I’m feeling more than a little concerned about the impending end of the program on day 30. I’m worried that I’ll miss it terribly. But I have faith in the program; it’s been fantastic so far, so I have faith that we will all have a good ending and can view it as the start of something wonderful, rather than an ending.

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    Hi All-
    After reading Matt’s post, especially about coming to the end of the 30 days- I’m being honest and vulnerable here, as perfectionism is one of my ‘challenges’….
    I too, was so inspired and did every day’s action steps, fortunate enough to have time every morning to get through all of the work & writing. I felt a little ‘lost’ when my morning ‘ritual’ came to an end, and then relapsed on day 35, falling into a very old pattern of self-sabotage, the shame, regret, all that stuff.
    But happy to say, I’ve started back up, this time committing to 90 days so that I can really integrate all of these amazing tools. I felt a little overwhelmed I realized, after ‘powering through’ the first 30, and then it was a classic R+E=O situation…
    I got caught up in a situation I didn’t handle skillfully, and went down.
    But I’m back now, on day 4, and enjoying the slower pace, listening to the Time Travel Visualization every night before sleep, re-reading the chapters, and writing more on each day of my original journal.
    And reading the Relapse Solution from Day 14 has been so helpful to keep me out of the shame pit.
    I can feel the work deepening for me doing it this way, and am feeling very grateful, and also for everyone’s shares. Wishing you all a Thriving journey!

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      Hi anonymous. I think it’s great you completed 35 days. I’m on Day 30 today, the 30th. Bit have nor completed the written solutions. I’m planning on another 90 right away, after I catch up on my reading and taking notes of Solutions 29 and 30. You are very strong! Sina

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    Hi Matt: I hear you on the time. But. I have a tendency to all or nothing. So when I commit I start over committing. Remember what the book says early on, before you get too excited setting lots of goals your goal is the 30 days. So I’ve remembered that and made the daily exercises number one priority. I know, the time invested now will yield more time in the future for all the things I think need doing.
    As for after 30. I’m not giving it too much thought. Like you I wondered what I’d do. Flipped ahead. They have plans for continuing. And, if need be I’ll repeat the book from the beginning. Right now, Day 21 feeling strong and not worried about sobriety challenges. Best wishes to you and your journey.

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    KLS, Way to go! stumbled and got back up. That is learning. That is commitment. I like your comment “didn’t handle skillfully” no blame. just recognition. And acknowledged it is a skill and skills can be learned. You’ll do better next time. May day 4 be easy for you.

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    Gee Ground066 you didn’t KNOW the significance of breaking a LEGO robot? You’re a monster. <ggg>
    Wow. Fantastic insights. Truly amazing how fast our body and minds come back. As if alcohol was just holding them in a pen and now they are free to surge forth and LIVE again!
    Totally relate to your approach ie full time job for 30 days. Clearly you are getting the benefits. Success has come and will continue.
    Inspiring back and forth on this thread. Times like this when you wish you could “connect” but I can see the risks.
    As for missing this, as I said, I’ll see what the program offers at the end. But I can see the very lessons and tools that I used for sobriety I can apply to my next “project” and have in mind I’ll repeat book. IE goals, visualization, affirmations, and so on, but on the next big thing. All the best on Day 6 and all the days coming.

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    Thanks HapE!

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    Got to day 21 and feel good. I thought last night about the fact that I was getting close to day 30 and felt a bit panicky but then I decided I would just start again, do it all over, read, journal, the lot and get myself to day 60. The 30 day program has become a friend and so like all good friends, I will keep it and connect with it often. I have told a number of friends and family members that I am not drinking. When they asked why I said that I had thought about my next ten years and who I want to be, and it wasn’t the person I have been. I have only spoken to one person about the real why and what it is like and the struggle and I cried. She was completely non judgemental (as I knew she would be) and was impressed and admiring. That helped because otherwise it is all about shame and that is why I cried. Shame and guilt are huge for me but doing the work of the 30 day Sobriety Soution is starting to turn things around. Thanks so much for this book, and all the thought that has gone into the program. Thanks everyone for the posts too, the community of people going through what I am going through, sometimes slipping, always getting back up, and so many people with wise words. You are all remarkable.

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      Aussie I love your post and agree with everything you mentioned. As I approach the finish line still 100% committed I am already planning on revisiting the book/program/forum and going deeper into the solutions I skimmed through. Keep going and k ow that you are not alone! Blessings in sobriety.

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    Hi all and aussiebattler,

    Well done. I made it to Day 31 and have decided the same that I need to keep going even though I have been drinking a bit since day 31. I have not put judgement on it but took a trip to Spain and the wine was so cheap it was hard to resist. At any rate, I don’t think I am one of those that can just take it or leave so starting tomorrow I am back at the 30 day solution. I have made amazing progress in seeing it for what it is and wanting to spend the next part of my (OMG) 30 more years or more sober. My theme this month is TRUST that all is well in the unknown realm of my life as I decide what to do next to fill the incredible space not drinking has provided. This has been an amazing journey and thanks for all who are taking this trip to a better future. Love and light to you all!

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    dianne I admire you for wanting to quit at age 70!

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    I also have been stalker of the forums. They have been a huge help. I am on day 21 of this amazing journey. Thankful to be retired to spend the time doing this. Lots of reflection and time to do the exercises. Have had the best sleep ever since quitting. That,and after day 6(so exhausted) have had so much more energy. I have people in my life question that I have a problem. Think because it would shed light on their issues. In the past would have tried to make them ok. It’s their crap and I can only share what I know for myself.
    I miss sitting with my partner and drinking into the night chatting. My tongue would get loose and I thought I was so eloquent ha ha. Now I have my special la croix and for the most part can live with it. Am clearer and present. What a place to be.
    So why would I start again? I have tools. Don’t think I am at a place that I can take it or leave it yet. I am planning on starting to review the whole program again. There is so much information that I didn’t get it all in one fly by.
    Thanks for the posts they make it real. Funny how this book came to me at the time it did. Am grateful

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    Day 21 here too Winer. I have a few family members who have quit drinking. In rehab, on their own, AA, and one who really needs to stop. Hopefully he will on his own. But, yeah… I worry about people too. I just know that I need to complete this. So… 21 days is a BIG deal. People will “fail” but hopefully get RIGHT THE FK BACK ON IT! It’s not a failure. This is DIFFICULT. Worse for some than for others. The cool thing is, every day is another start line! Toe it up and get moving. I drink a lot of seltzer, I always have. I like to squirt some fresh citrus in it. Any citrus will do. I also like to brew iced tea.

    I get annoyed with the tasks, but for once I did them all. It really helps.

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    Hitting the 21 day mark — feeling great physically (sober for 21 days), proud of myself, and super greatful to these guys (whose names — interestingly — I keep forgetting 😉 for putting this program together. Thanks to you all for sharing your experiences on this forum. I find it really motivating to hear how others are handling their own challenges and coming up with their own solutions. I am so glad I found this book!

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      I think it’s Dave and Jack? 20 days here and feeling amazing. The quality of my sleep and my life have improved to the point where I don’t even want to consider looking back. Thriving in Sobriety is where it’s at for me. Press on my people!

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    I’m glad this post is still going. I’m back to Day 2–rebooting after a relapse, but for those who are afraid of relapse–I feel so much better about myself than I did when I started the program in March. I am proud of all the hard work I’ve done and who I am becoming. Yes I feel sh***ty about the relapse but I did it before and I will do it again until I get it right! I’d grateful and happy to connect with anyone privately.

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      Hi jzw, I left you a pm on your profile regarding connecting . Please let me know you got this. Happy Thriving in Sobriety to you!

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    Awesome encouragement on this thread. My husband has supported me over the past 21 days, but nobody knows it like those of us going through it! I can relate to so many of your comments. I’m sober and happy for 21 days, and know I will make it to 30…the end is in sight, but not sure what happens beyond 30. I’m very proud of the fact I made it through an extended weekend with my family (my mother brought the case of wine) I used all my newfound skills to resist the temptation. It was funny that nobody really cared I wasn’t drinking…and I had plenty of opportunities to sneak a drink as open bottles were everywhere!

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    So happy to know that there is this community to turn to, I do at times have to admit it can get lonely without being able to talk about this new transition after relapsing. However I am now on day 6 and I believe I had to relapse to learn another lesson which I pray is my last. So grateful for you all and wish you the greatest success in what our sobriety shall bring each and everyone of us. Time to believe in ourselves.

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    You’re not alone. I just relapsed also. 2 evenings in a row. I’m trying not to beat myself up over it. It’s frustrating but like you I wonder if I needed to feel that so I can remember what I really don’t want. I had gone almost 13 days!! I felt great in the morning. I slept better . I think I ate more too, but I reasoned that eating a bit more was better then drinking

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    Lurker here. I really enjoy reading everyone’s posts and find them very helpful. My shame monster gets beaten by reading when others have the same thoughts/fears/experiences that I am afraid to spell out. I do wonder what happened with some people from a few months ago, and hope that eventually they will come back and update us, great or less than great. Best wishes to you all.

    • #14841


      Hi karefe! So glad you came out to post and play! If you go to the “Where to?” Box above, tap on it, and then tap on “My Profile”, you will see I’ve requested your friendship. Let me know what you think please! Thanks…your fellow Sobriety Seeker and a former Lurker as well, Sina

  • #14858


    Good morning, All! I’m on Day 21 of the program and have been sober for 21 days as well (which has included two parties, a Happy Hour with a friend, and a concert. All completely sober. Going to give myself just a little pat on the back for that). I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and agree its so helpful to know that we are all going through this process together, with many of the same concerns and fears.

    It makes me a little sad to see the dates for many of these posts; April, May, June … It’s like having an opportunity to look back in time. So, to all of you that posted earlier in the year, I hope you are well and thriving in your lives of sobriety.

    This program has been so very helpful to me and it has highlighted how I used (and abused) alcohol in the past. It has also helped provide the tools to use so I don’t fall into that self-destructive behavior in the future. It’s hard to believe the end of the 30-Day program is in sight and I’m still not sure what my future self will look like: will I be a “take-it-or-leave it” drinker, or will I completely abstain? I guess I will figure that out as time goes on and, as the program points out, it’s not achieving your goal that really matters, it’s who you become during the journey.

    Wishing everyone success and happiness as you thrive in your lives of sobriety!

  • #14859


    Hi there wanderers, lurkers and fellow Sobriety Seekers. I’ve been a participant here since February/March with Day 1 of my Almost 6 months alcohol free Thrive being April Fool’s Day 2016.
    Colorando, I know a bit about what has transpired/ is happening currently for a half dozen of the folks who posted on this thread.
    I sent you a friend request which you can decide to accept by tapping on “Where to?” and then tapping on “My Profile “. If you would like, tap on “Private Message ” and ask me anything you’d like about this valuable life changing program, what you might expect or anything else on your mind about it, which BTW, as you’re probably aware of by now, is open ended.
    This is only the Beginning of a better life, one in which Thriving becomes the goal, not Just quitting or cutting back drinking, although that is Key!
    Congratulations on your continuing Sobriety !!!! 🙂 Sina

  • #15048


    Maybe an option to show “# of People have viewed this thread or these many have been online today”. This may help…..

    23 days of Sobriety and learning to THRIVE!!!

    Actually drove home and did not think about going to the liquor store…..good signs….

    Finally here…..and Sober Dreams Turning Gold!!!


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