where is the study revealing the two most self-destructive words ever?

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    has anyone been able to locate the “study that reveals the two most self-destructive words you can ever use, and the simple change you can make to eliminate them from your thinking and your speech” as mentioned in the book?

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    I have not – or the experiment with water and words, can’t locate that either….

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      The experiment with water is by Masaru Emoto. It is cool to look at pictures of the difference in the water crystals labelled ”hate” and ”love”. This is the power of words (especially self critical) and how they might impact our bodies.

      Here is the Wikipedia link

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    Hello! We are working hard to get all of the additional bonus content into the website, so those pieces are not available at the moment. Please be assured, you have everything you need in order to be successful in this program. The bonus content is simply just a bonus. Over the next few weeks, we hope to be out of beta-launch and have everything up and running for you guys. Thank you so much for your patience!

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    Chelsie – Do you know what the two most destructive words are? I’m thinking one is “I can’t”

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    The other “I should”

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    Day 17- This solution hit home for me. My negative self talk is what has contributed to my numbing out with drinking. I’ve been a perfectionist my whole life and had whisperings from my childhood of not being good enough. Even in the hour I have been awake, I have caught myself in the vicious cycle of doubting my abilities, and attributing bad outcomes to work events. I’m not a “can’t” user, but I sure was a “should” user.

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    It’s almost been 3 months since this question was asked. Is there an updated estimation of when this bonus solution will become available?

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    Make that 5 months…..

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    I didn’t find it either.

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    what are they I wonder?

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    Chelsie already said you already have everything you need in order to make this program successful. Sounds like passive-aggresive complaining to me. Hassling someone for no reason. All the thousands of words in the book and on the website and someone wants to know about the 2 they can’t access. Jeez!

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    It’s been two Years since the first posting about the Content that’s indicated that is available, and is still Not available. I’m the type of person that Loves to learn and if someone is coaching me and says “see page 23 for some additional help in learning a new skill” then I want to read that additional info to improve my skill…I’m not here to “hassle” anyone, would just appreciate the info that is being indicated that is available, to be available….or at least the site to say “sorry we said it’s available, but it’s not actually available” because that’s authentic and honest. Criticizing someone or putting them down because they’re inquisitive and have a deep desire to learn to support them on their journey is diminishing, which I’m sure the Authors would Not approve of….I think it’s admirable if someone has an inquisitive mind and wants to learn as much as they can to improve their situation. Good luck to everyone on here trying to improve their situation and their life.

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      Welcome to the Sober Coaster @sillybear. The Companion Website is still in Beta Launch and no timeline for it’s completion is foreseeable to my knowledge. Trust that it works well enough to ensure success with the Program. It is a free bonus and that is a big plus in my opinion. Keep posting, preferably in the most recent Topic under each day’s Solution. Or start your own Topic so folks currently active on the Forums can connect with you and you with them.
      Onward! Sina

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    When the authors write “In addition, we explore a famous experiment with water that demonstrates how words and thoughts actually create a physiological change in your body”, I do not think that a reader is being passive-aggressive or experiencing a sobriety-induced mood swing when he/she wonders where the link is to this study. With that kind of intro, I definitely want to read it, as I would imagine all readers would. While this is disappointing to readers, this oversight does not negate the entire book. Probably just as well that there isn’t a link, if the experiment is in fact related to Masaru Emoto. Now.. that would create a physiological change in my body (from my current state of peaceful calm to one of incredulity and irritation).

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      Hi @darkcitydame.
      It sucks that Dave Andrews has not got this site out of Beta. Shame on him.
      The Program will still work however!
      So don’t let his failure deter you!!!
      Onward, Sina

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    Greetings! Namaste.

    I am not bothered that the material is missing. I understand that the website contains bonus material, and that it’s over 2 years old. I’m sure the authors intended to “fill in the blanks” but they are now onto to other projects.

    In fact, I prefer not to have access to this specific video as I consider it pseudoscience, and might be tempted to use that as an excuse to toss the whole program (which I came close to when I read Dave’s description of vision boards, and the example Dave used of taking a photo of yourself standing next to the brand new car that you want from the dealership. Also that the law of attraction is like gravity. It’s not. But I digress.) However, because the book contains myriad strategies based on actual research (true because it’s based on research, not true just because someone says it’s true) and because I am a believer in meditation and visualizations (although I had been a poor practitioner), I have found the book extremely helpful. There is no way that I would have made it this far without any alcohol without this book. I’ve learned a lot. So I am very very grateful to Dave and Jack for writing the book.

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    I didn’t find them either, but i actually saw this man’s book before this program, and it is pretty spectacular, pseudoscience or not. I don’t like the vision board either…I skipped this one & will come back to it later. I am not bothered by things missing “it happened for a reason” ha ha

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    *PS This chapter had my ah ha! moment…could see exactly the reasons for my drinking behavior, jumping to conclusions & emotional reasoning.Now, to put it into practice…

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    Wondering where the famous experiment with water is on this site. I see someone posted on August 22 of 2016 where we can find it outside of this site but thought by now it would have been added for day 17. Also, can someone tell me the two most destructive words you can use. I may have missed them somehow. Thank you!

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