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    I’m listening to the audio of the book. I woke up a little late today, so I listened on my way to work.
    As the action steps rolled out, I was OVERWHELMED. Instant anxiety. every ounce of me wanted a drink. Intense and heavy stuff. I imagined myself writing my letters at a bar.
    I still haven’t written a letter yet. It was a long day. But the pull for a drink after work didn’t linger for as long as usual today. 💛

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    Day 4 was a hard one for me too. I spent the morning crying, but I did not drink and it passed. I still have one more letter to write and it’s the biggie. I wrote them all on day 4 in my journal but I will have to rewrite if I want to send that one to that person. I hope this day finds you better.

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    Same here! I was actually thankful that I’m on steroids for a herniated disc, which means drinking is a no-no. (And I promise, NOTHING is fun about a herniated disc OR steroids) I don’t know that I would have made it otherwise.

    The worst part of this is, I can’t think of a single person that I hold a grudge against or who I hate enough to even waste a second on. I definitely need to work on the self-forgiveness part, though.

    Bet of luck to you, and I truly hope you are savoring every clear-headed moment.

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    I need to work on myself. Although one letter to a coworker about a difficult work situation was helpful especially the part of putting your self in their shoes.

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    Being my second time through this after a short relapse I had felt with forgiveness the first time pretty well. The story about the doctor rings so familiar to my story. I had same conversation with my doctor about my blood numbers, conferred with another alcoholic person and came to the same conclusions. He is now dead from alcoholism. This hit me like a ton of bricks this time through since that person was my brother. I have a it of guilt and shame from losing him since I was his caretaker at the end. I had already quit drinking and was working on him when he died. The last conversation that evening he died was about how he could thrive. He saw no way out or through it. Hopelessness is a terrible thing.
    I’ve come to realize he was in a collision course with his fate and I had little chance to turn it. Still, the guilt is there and the grief is real. I relapsed after his death. But, good news! I’m back and because of God’s grace I’m here and sober. Feeling good and attacking a new job and all that the challenge delivers. I do love myself.

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      I just want to say I am so very sorry about the loss of your brother
      Try your best to totally forgive yourself. We are all just human beings trying to get through this sometimes wonderful but often times difficult thing called life
      I know since my father died my drinking had continued to get worse. This program gave me 30 days sobriety and that is something I haven’t had in years
      It is really great to hear other peoples stories
      May God bless and heal all of us

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