Who's Still 100% in on Day 12?

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    I get nervous when the latest post is from a week ago. I rarely post, counting on others to post about their success. I guess I have to step up. Some of the situations that require going back and unpacking memories have been the most powerful. Day 12 Solution of thinking back to childhood brought me to tears as I was journaling, and I don’t have “bad” memories. This certainly has been a life changing experience. Here’s to being 100% in on Day 12!

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    Happy to say I am still 100%. Going to stay that way too! I played a golf event yesterday. At one of the tees the sponsor poured a big cup full of punch that included Woodford Reserve and who knows what else. As soon as I smelled it I could recognize the alcohol. I could have downed it. Heck, I didn’t even order it. It was just handed to me. Happy to say I immediately set it down and told my cart partner he could have it. Not a drop crossed my lips! No way I could have done that 12 days ago!!

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      Well played on the golf course, fellow Day 12er! Excellent choice. I hope the “Golf Gods” rewarded you with a good game?

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      I did a pause in day 12 but am back. I did drink, but it was limited and I’m back “working through day 12 tonight.” I am feeling better and understanding more and more every day. I am really working hard at this but subconscious mind is a powerful thing. I had my first drink or many-many drinks of beer and hard liquor when I was 6 or 7 years old. It would be considered child abuse now but things were different 45 years ago. My dad would give me beer all the time and he once got me drunk as a joke at a party. I do not blame him. It shaped my thinking that drinking is a happy place and people drink to enjoy themselves. I relate that to me being around people and drinking for fun and enjoyment. I will reprogram my subconscious mind by understanding and accepting that I can be sober, around a bunch of friends, and really enjoy myself. I can thrive in my own sobriety.

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        First time I am writing. Felt connected to twinans comment about “doing a pause”. I made it to day 11 and “did a pause” Feel so ashamed and disappointed in me. Husband is a great support but I don’t always let him in about this. I feel 100% most of the time but then……. I give in. How do I stop myself from feeling so negative about myself? The program is awesome and makes so much sense. Well the pause is over and I am back. Thank you!!!

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      Hunter22…WELL DONE. I’ve had similar experiences daily since I started the program, and it’s shocking to me how automatic passing up alcohol has become. I think the amazing truths and ideas in this book will save us all.

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    I’m still 100% and no desire to drink! It’s amazing! The last few days have been emotionally taxing though.. bringing all the old bad memories into the light… but necessary! Not only am I well on my way to thriving in sobriety, I am healing alot of old wounds. Amazing! so happy to have found this program.

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    100% here… a firm desire to continue in sobriety… many tools to utilize and implement… I am really enjoying the why’s and reprogramming my thinking… after 30 plus yrs of seeking answers, solace, inspiration… in 12 ounce cans… and becoming absolutely lost and isolated, here I am… valuing myself, valuing my health, valuing my opportunity, valuing other people… My thinking is actually coherent and focussed… this solution is so much more than just sobriety… thank you Dave, Jack and my fellow travelers… I want to live as a teetotaler

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    free42day . . . nice! Can totally relate to: “seeking answers, solace, inspiration… in 12 ounce cans… and becoming absolutely lost . . .” — ‘One day at a time’ . . . or ‘free42day’ . . . it’s all good. Love the image you use. It could be a sunset on the old ways, or a sunrise on the new. Either way, as you say: “My thinking is actually coherent and focussed. . . ” Love, love, love what this program and forum is opening up for so many of us. (The teetotaler tango is a two step worth trying!)

    Guess I need to let go of my old way of handling things which included wallowing in sorrow fueled by such lines as only Willie Nelson could write and sing:

    Whiskey River take my mind,
    Don’t let her mem’ry torture me.
    Whiskey River don’t run dry,
    You’re all I’ve got, take care of me.

    Got to be letting such images fade, so as to truly know what Dylan spoke of in “New Morning!”

    Can’t you hear that rooster crowing ?
    Rabbit running down across the road
    Underneath the bridge where the water flows through
    So happy just to see you smile
    Underneath the sky of blue
    On this new morning, new morning
    On this new morning with you.

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    Day 12 and 100%! It took a long time to get here. I still can’t figure out if I was just really ready to quit or if this is the program that really spoke to me and that I can relate to. I think it’s both. I have discovered my core values again and dispelled the lies that were limiting me. Yesterday I went out with friends and felt so good when I said no to the shot of Fireball they offered me. And it didn’t bother me that they were drinking alcohol and I wasn’t. It helped that my friends accepted my reply and didn’t push me. I am feeling so happy with myself. I can’t wait to loose some weight so people notice and ask how I did it so I can say, “I quit drinking!”

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      Yes, yes and yes! No one has questioned my abstinence yet but I have been in and out of sobriety for years now so no one really knows ( or cares) if I drink or not. Just so happy to find real solutions that resonate for me. Just my vision statement alone was incredibly powerful and reminding myself constantly throughout the day that I am indeed thriving in sobriety is all the motivation I need to pass on the buzz/hangover/energy suck! Keep going and press on sober people!?

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    levelpac . . . fantastic! Sure sounds like it’s working well. Congrats! It is so cool that you were able to hang with friends and stay strong, focused, & determined.

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    Still “all in”. I helped a friend clean her VERY filthy apartment yesterday, 14 years, dogs, no cleaning …. icky icky ick. She took me for a burger… irish pub, I ordered ICED TEA! Yay! many triggers there, hot day, hard work, friend from back home, pub… frankly, I rocked that situation 🙂 Now I’m combining Days 12 and 13. Cheers!

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      Wat to go Steph! Keep up the good work. I’m right here with you 100%

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    Im still in 100%. I know about the site, I posted a question on day 9 but got no replies. Of course how many people go through this at the exact same time. Point is, Im still in, getting pimples in week 2, not losing any weight and having trouble sleeping has not made me want to drink. The daily solutions are wonderful. I am so looking forward to tomorrows tapping solution. I heard about it before but even though I watched a YouTube video on it couldnt figure out how to make it work for me. All this introspection has really made me open to things. I`ll probably be posting tomorrow.

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    I’m still 100% too. It’s funny how 12 days can feel so long, but so short at the same time.
    tongue-fu…. I have the same. Pimples all over my face, weight doesn’t seem to be going down, and i’m exhausted every morning. But I’m still here and I haven’t had a drink.

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    Hi, it’s my first post too. I’m on day 12 and at 100%.

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      Hi, I’m on Day 12 too and 100% but while reading over the “homework” last night, I felt very overwhelmed. My work schedule leaves very little time to get all the reading and lessons completed. I realize this sounds like whining (better than wine-ing??) but I just wanted to share. I don’t know if any of you are experiencing the same issue. I know the lessons are very important but for me, it adds another level of stress.

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        Hi @ann_hall,

        there are lots of people on this site that are working the solutions at their own pace and as their schedule allows. It is awesome that you are on Day 12 and 100% committed. If this is a possibility – can you get the audio book and listen to the chapters while you commute? I did this and this helped with the reading time – but even with this I still took more than 1 day for each solution and for many more than three. There are some that I am still working on (e.g. Day 4 and Day 29) and probably will be for some time to come. Don’t put the extra stress on yourself – there is no time limit – do what works for you and just keep making progress. Good luck!!

        All The Best,

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    I’m still in 100% on day 12 of the program, day 13 of sobriety. Might try for a double solutions day this weekend so the book & my sobriety are finally in sync. Absolutely loving this program! It’s feeling like Rehab At Home of the highest quality. I’m a bit of a self-help junkie, (and happy with it at the moment) & this is one of the best personal development books/programs I’ve ever come across. Dave % Jack have brought so many different strands of psychology together in such an articulate & easy to follow way. Must admit with previous books I’ve tended to bypass the actions but using the solutions I’ve kept my commitment to doing every action & I think that is one of the necessary ingredients for allowing this program to get it’s keys into our old drinking habit locks. I feel truly grateful. I see there’s not many reviews on Amazon (uk anyway) yet, which I hope will change soon, I’m going to wait until day 15 to post my first, but these guys really deserve medals for giving us such powerful tools for living happier, healthier lives. Thanks guys ????

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      I stumbled across this programme and decided to give it a go – I’ve tried so many times before and ended up drinking again and back to the shame, guilt and self hating. I even got to 100days last year and then decided I could drink like a ‘normal’ person again! What a fool! You Dan guess how that ended up!!
      I’m on day 12 but only day 6 sober. I have never reached out for help or support before and this is a completely different way for me. I now feel 100% committed. I need to do this. I cannot carry on with this downward spiral of self loathing. I want my life back.
      I wish I had more sober days under my belt – it seems so slow when you’re counting – but I feel positive, determined, excited and yes, a bit scared, but this programme seems great. I can’t wait to be thriving in sobriety.
      I agree with ‘gem’ reviews on Amazon Uk are sparce – in fact not much info at all on it in the Uk. Look forward to seeing this change.

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        I like the fact that you said that you were on day 12 but only 6 days sober. I am on day 12 too but should be on day 18 (I believe). My unconscious told me to take a pause because the cravings and personal endeavors were too much to handle. I used it as a great excuse to drink again (but limited and I am back under control again). I used it also as a “gain in the game” as they say. I journaled about my feelings (my true deepest feelings) about why the pause and why the re-trying of alcohol? It is all written down. Then I wrote down how I felt the next day when I did drink. It is raw and honest and I have something to read and re-read when I decide to ever try a pause again. I kept all the negative out so that my subconscious could start to understand and I believe it is. I am working hard on rewiring it to think about only being sober and happy. I am reading several books with the same message as the 30 day program (but just personal experiences). I am spiritual, so I also prayed very deeply on it as well. Amazingly, Throughout it all, my liver has been holding strong. I have my lab work tomorrow to make sure my liver is working through this with me in a positive fashion.

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      Gem I can’t agree with you more. This is day 12 for me and I can’t believe the power of the solutions and forum. All I can say is Thank God and keep going! Blessings?

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    I’m on day 12 and am 100% committed! I’m doing the 60 day version, which really helps me complete all of the activities. By day 10 things really started to click for me. This program is amazing.

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    I am loving this program, not only is it keeping me sober but it’s helping me grow,,
    Well so far ,, and love to all you other day 12 s,, we’ll done

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    I did a pause in day 12 but am back. I did drink, but it was limited and I’m back “working through day 12 tonight.” I am feeling better and understanding more and more every day. I am really working hard at this but subconscious mind is a powerful thing. I had my first drink or many-many drinks of beer and hard liquor when I was 6 or 7 years old. It would be considered child abuse now but things were different 45 years ago. My dad would give me beer all the time and he once got me drunk as a joke at a party. I do not blame him. It shaped my thinking that drinking is a happy place and people drink to enjoy themselves. I relate that to me being around people and drinking for fun and enjoyment. I will reprogram my subconscious mind by understanding and accepting that I can be sober, around a bunch of friends, and really enjoy myself. I can thrive in my own sobriety. I also had goof friends that used to “hang out” and listen to songs about drinking, fast women and just deep freedom. I relate that to my thinking of today but am reworking my subconscious to understand that it is better to have good friend and be free while sober and in control.

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    I’m on Day 12 (21 days sober) and still 100%. Today’s action step about identifying subconscious drinking links has been an amazing eye opener! I think with the insights I uncovered with this exercise, it will be much easier for me to complete the 30 days and beyond.

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    Back to day 1 for me, I have had alcohol this week. I guess I needed to prove to myself that I cannot drink moderately. I’m still going to stay with the program as scheduled, trying not to beat myself up over this.

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      Hello, I saw you were on day 12. When I relapsed, it was like I slipped on ice and got back up. I imaged that I ice skated for 12 miles and slipped and fell down along my journey to the 30 mile marker. Now, would you go back to the the starting line to finish your journey or pick yourself up, and continue with your journey. My thinking has given me a better and positive outlook to my relapse. I am on day 14 today (phase III). I redid where I fell (went back over everything) on day 12. I didn’t drink when I started day 12 again (total sobriety), so I earned day 12 back. Then I worked through day 13 (tapping) — didn’t think so much on that one but will revisit when I have time. I am on day 14 and phase III today. I am working through the review solutions. Tomorrow, I’ll work day 15. I could’ve started all over onto day 1 but it would have killed my self esteem. I feel stronger having slipped (I slipped for several days) but picked back up where I left off. If you do the same, it might be great for your feelings and self esteem. Up to you of course. I ADDED a day though when I slipped. I journaled all about my true feelings when I was drunk and it is fantastic. I go back and read it over and over at what I felt when drunk and hung over. Anyways, please don’t give up hope. You really can do this with the power of “wanting” to get better.

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        Great advice twinans! Before I started this program I have had many tries to get sober and many fails. The fails have left me feeling at rock bottom, guilty, ashamed and with even more negative self esteem ( if that was possible!) When I was on day 5 of this program I drank again …., here I go again , I thought. What a failure!! ……but NO! I reached out for help on this forum, I re read my journal, I picked myself up, dusted myself down, learned from my slip and got straight back on it and started from where I’d left off. This time was not the same as in the past – I took a positive attitude to my slip up – got back to 100% commitment!
        I visualised that someone had given me a stunning bunch of 30 beautiful flowers. If one dies do I throw the whole bunch away?
        I’m now on day 22 and 18 days sober. I am SO grateful I found this program. It is changing my life! I still have days when I struggle and I know that I can never go back to drinking again but I’m loving this sober feeling and I want to hang onto it with all my might!
        Good luck to us all!

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        Thank you twinans and cazfree53!!!!! I am in tears (the good ones) because of your kind words. I am using my slip as a learning experience and am continuing forward. I have been practicing tapping and although it feels a little silly I am going to keep at it. Can’t hurt, right? I am digging deeper into Day 12, The Subconscious Mind Solution. Thank you again for responding to my post, it really helps.

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        Extremely good analogy there Twinans! Thanks. And I’m relieved to find that others are grappling with some of the same topics as myself. Like you, I have simple added a day for those couple of days where I didn’t fully adhere to the program. I had also asked myself wether or not to start from the absolute beginning, but something told me to just keep pressing – to pick myself up and dust myself off and get right back in the saddle again.
        Important is to write it down, be brutally honest and to learn from your set-back. As Mae West said, “Keep a diary and it will keep you.”

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    I WANT to assist and help as many as possible. It is the right thing to do and I would hope someone will do the same for me. You slipped exactly in the same place I did. On day 14, it talks all about slipping and it is not a failure.

    Look at this: But everyone who goes from being a problem drinker to being sober “falls down” at some point. They might experience intense emotions frequently over a longer period of time, such as anger, sadness or jealously, or they might act out in other unhealthy ways, such as watching too much TV, excessively eating sugary and fatty foods, or constantly complaining about life. They might not “relapse” by drinking, but they still “fall down,” and they still have to find a way to pick themselves back up.
    Relapse comes in a wide variety of “shapes” and “sizes.” When you redefine and recognize that sometimes relapse is just a normal and natural part of the learning process, you finally free yourself from an unrealistic expectation that your journey to thriving in sobriety won’t result in some “bumps” and “bruises” along the way. Accepting that relapse is part of the process will allow you to learn and grow from the experience instead of fearing it or labeling yourself as a “hopeless failure” or “loser drunk,” which only leads to guilt, shame, and even more drinking.
    Take a minute to redefine what relapse means to you in your journal. Acknowledge that relapse is part of recovery and comes in many forms, which may or may not include drinking. Often times relapse is an indicator that you are pushing yourself and doing the work you need to do to become a better version of yourself. When you grow, you occasionally experience growing pains, and every time you work through these “growing pains” you will find greater joy, happiness, and success waiting for you on the other side.

    Pretty cool huh? You can definately do this (and it doesn’t matter if you believe or not – I do) in the name and precious blood of all mighty Jesus, I pray for you to have complete power in overcoming this addiction in your life. Prayer has helped me the most, now it will help you too because I just prayed for you. Enjoy your sobriety…I don’t hope it will happen, I KNOW it will happen.

    Peace and God bless.

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      I too believe in the power and the precious blood of our Savior and healer Jesus Christ. Amen and amen to your post. Thank you!

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        I am doing great with being 100% committed to alcohol. I am also going to do the program again for my addiction to pain killers. To anyone prayer warrior, please pray I can do it. I’m sick of being a slave to this! Thank you

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    100% here with you and thriving in sobriety! So blessed to have discovered this book and interactive forum. It was as if this program was designed especially for me. I agree and can relate to so many of the posts I read every day and I know I am not alone. This is not my first go round with sobriety but I can tell the quality is better this time than ever before. Thank you Dave and Jack and everyone sharing this beautiful journey with me. Press on! Blessings

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    I am so grateful to have made it to Day 12! Today I realized how much my drinking affected those around me and how important it is to remember how all my actions create a ripple effect. It didn’t matter if I was drinking alone, my family suffered. I had no idea what I’d found when I checked out the 30 Day Sobriety Solution from the library. It has helped me to make real, lasting changes. The Vision Statement, the Forgiveness Affirmation, the New Beliefs for my new life, and my Goals are there every day to remind me of where I’m going and where I want to be. I was telling a friend last night how I feel like a burden has been removed from my shoulders, not having to think about my next drink, and do I have enough to drink at the house, and should I get some more before I go home. It has easily been 12 years since I’ve been sober for this long, and I can’t remember feeling better. Today is a great day and I’m so glad to be here!

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    Day 12 and 100% sober the whole time. This is a long weekend and I have been more productive then I’ve been in a long time. Got some annoying things handle around the house and did a ton of planting this weekend. I am very aware though, this weekend, of all the subconscious cues to grab a drink and relax. I’m sure there has never been a time that I did a ton of planting and didn’t want to relax on the patio with a drink and admire what I’d done. I have had some moments of that thought coming to mind but am also seeing how it can be a thought you let come in one ear and pass straight out thru the other.

    There are lots of cues to “sit on the patio with a drink and read a magazine or book”, “enjoy a glass of wine” while watching a movie. The thing is I can just do the “and” part (read a magazine, watch a movie) and I am relaxing and enjoying it. Probably more so since I am not going to end up messing up my sleep and energy for the next day.

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    Still going strong here even though my wife may have lost her job of over 24 years today. 13 days ago I would have been hammered by now but I am trying to find the good in it all, the possible opportunities that will happen and a chance to remind her how much I love her no matter what. Am I angry at her boss and organization? Absolutely. But I am not going to let this give me an excuse to fall off the wagon. “When you are down, look up!”….me
    Come on day13!!!!!!

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    Jd1961! So impressed with your resolve and commitment in the face of real challenges at home! Keep up the good work and keep going!

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    I’m still here working away, falling a day behind even with the 60 day plan.
    Day 12 really offered a lot of good ideas, I really believe in visualizing things before going to sleep, I used to use that for sports/racing. I’ll try that again.
    Had a great time yesterday – my husband and I joined some friends for a mountain bike ride and then decided to go out for a late lunch with them. This would usually have included a beer or cider for us, but we arrived late and it was very interesting to see that not one person had ordered an alcoholic drink! (That’s sure a funny term isn’t it, never caught that before.)
    I never planned to drink, of course, and I was hoping my husband wouldn’t either. We both had a coffee! And after lunch he was the one who brought up the fact that no one was drinking…. We chatted about that and I really felt so happy because i knew we had both had a little awakening there, lol!
    Feeling awesome, 32 days and going strong.

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    Day 12 in the book and Day 15 without an ounce of wine. In one way I feel like I’ve beat this “thing” and won since there really is no desire to drink at the moment, but on the other hand I know I’m still a work in progress so I will trudge on. Just afraid to test the waters to have the monster return in full force – it’s just not worth it to me at the moment. Nope – I signed on for 30 days and there will be no excuses. Failure is not an option.

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    I used to believe for most of my adult life that I was given “very low life energy”. Somehow, I felt tired most of the time (except wild parties when I danced a lot and seemed to have really good time). I could not get up in the morning until after 30 minutes of hitting the snooze button. I was late everywhere. I was behind on everything. I did accept these as “given” and was trying to make the best out of my life. Little I knew that heavy alcohol consumption was taking most of my energy away! Now after 12 days of total sobriety I can hardly recognize this person that gets up at 5am (on most mornings 🙂 and still has energy for family time and sobriety homework in the evening. It hurts to think how many hours and days have been wasted drinking or hungover. I guess the best attitude in this case is to say : I am happy that now I know. I could have gone for 10 more years destroying my life with alcohol.

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    On Day 12, still at 100% on the exercises and 12 days sober. Strangest thing … In the past, when I’ve tried to abstain from drinking, my focus was always on when I would get to have my next drink. If I set 30 days of sobriety as my goal, you better believe I was having some cocktails on day 31 to “celebrate” my sobriety. As if that mindset makes sense …

    Working through the exercises in the 30-Day Solution has been a game changer for me. During the past 12 days, I’ve had two social opportunities to drink (a retirement party for a neighbor and meeting up with a friend I haven’t seen in over a year for Happy Hour). In both situations, not only did I not drink, I didn’t even really feel the urge to drink. In the past, had I abstained in those situations, I would have been lamenting all of the fun I was missing. This time, I really enjoyed myself and my focus wasn’t on the fact I couldn’t drink.

    Over the next 18 days as I continue to work through the exercises, I have no doubt there will be cravings and temptation to drink. However, the moments I will be tempted to drink don’t worry me. I will have a square or two of my favorite chocolate (my substitute for drinking, although I now have to be careful not to over indulge in THAT, ha!), reflect on all of the good and positive things I have in my life and how much better I feel (mentally and physically) without drinking. Then I will keep pushing forward!

    My parting words (and they’re not even mine) to everyone going through the 30-Day program are, “When the Why is big enough, the How is easy.” And, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Keep putting one foot in front of the other and may everyone here find the Why that makes the How easy!

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    Still 100% committed, in spite of slips. Sadly ironic: the thought that continued drinking could cause this precious 4 year-old child to wind up in foster care is so devastating that I have allowed it to be an excuse for giving in to addiction. No more.

    Really understanding that the subconscious mind does not get negatives is so helpful. I’m replacing the heart-breaking image of the sobbing child being dragged from his home with one of the safe, happy child secure in the arms of his smiling, sober mother. The warmth of that vision is tangible. I can feel the warmth of his weight snuggling in and the warmth of the sun, and smell that baby shampoo scent of his hair. Visions are powerful tools for me.

    Jack & Dave, Thank you for creating such a wonderful program that is in reach of all who have a library card.

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    Still 100% committed Day 12!!! I have had issues for years with heavy drinking and have tried to cut back a few times with little success. I have to say…….so far following the steps in this program have made the process much easier. Friday nights are the hardest because when I cut down before I would still allow friday night drinking to celebrate end of the week. So far I’ve made it through two Friday nights.

    Over the past year I’ve worked a lot on mindfulness and meditation and this program goes hand in hand/seems easier with using some of the techniques (e.g., just sitting and breathing with uncomfortable feelings). For those interested, I love Tara Brach’s podcast on mindfulness as well as lecture “science of mindfulness” on audible.

    I never thought I could work on thriving in sobriety in the privacy of my own home……that has been key for me as I’m a very private person…..didn’t want to go to AA or outpatient.

    For those who have slipped prior to Day 12 or anytime…..be compassionate with yourself, forgive yourself and as one of the solutions taught us…..love yourself. Namaste

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    I slipped up on Day 11 and feel really awful today, physically & emotionally, as a result. I wish I knew what triggered it other than a strong craving–maybe the super moon??? Anyway, I am 100% committed to stay on track to complete the 30 days (and beyond) and try to remember that there is no debate and that abstaining is the only option. It worked for me before when I completed the 30 days with zero days of slip ups, so know I can do it. Still have so many underlying issues to resolve. Hopefully, the 5 minutes at bedtime to visualize my dreams, goals, etc. will make a difference in reprogramming my subconscious. Thanks for all the encouragement from everyone!

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      I too have failed but don’t see it as a failure. As long as I feel I am moving forward, it is a success. Focusing on the problem keeps us progressing. It may be a slow progression but we’re getting there.

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    Still going 100% at Day 12. I haven’t been out though in the company of anyone drinking yet, much anxiety…

    Anyone else out there Class of 2/1/2017?

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    tbickle I’m still in….working on Day 13….trying to find the link for hypnosis….have you found it?
    Anyway, I’m 27 days without drinking and on day 13 of book.

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    Still in at 15 days but there has been a shift and don’t feel like I’m hanging on for dear life anymore. I’ve been very honest with myself and the program has brought up a lot of buried and forgotten thoughts and actions which needed to be unearthed. I haven’t publicized my involvement in the program but obviously the family are seeing me without a drink in my hand but they too are being quiet ( maybe not tempting fate I suppose!). I feel like I would be extremely disappointed in myself if I caved in before this was all over after really working at it so am diligently following the steps.

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    I am at day 14 but Day 12 in the book. In reading about the subconscious mind, I am in full agreement that our triggers come from the subconscious because for me, the desire to drink pops out of nowhere and then I have to talk myself down. The 100% commitment has helped, as I don’t want to let myself down. But I am having considerable difficulty coming to terms with my subconscious beliefs about myself as it forces me to face the emotional trauma and abuse that I faced growing up. Forgiveness has been given where due, but it is still hard to revisit the memories deeply to see what beliefs I hold about myself that make me want to drink. This has been the hardest chapter and solutions for me so far.

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    Its tough. We are essentially trying to reprogram our subconscious minds to form these new habits which will quickly erase any of the old connections that we feel are the reason we do what we do. I wrote down so many triggers it was overwhelming and any one of them could have started me on my old path so I’ve decided that they are part of my past and I’m not dragging them around anymore.
    I’ve never been a sober adult, ever…and I’m now almost 50. I’ve been high functioning after decades of practice so I still have a career and loving family but they and I deserve more. My new programming will result in the shiny, new Jonny 2.0 who is seeing a bright future for the first time in a long time.

    Hang in there…

  • #15736


    Delighted to say I’m still 100% in on Day 12. These last 3 days were tough to work through, but it definitely makes sense and I can see results. I feel like a mummy being unwrapped a little more with each solution. What surprises me is that I can host a dinner party, go to a restaurant or pub with my husband, and not only not drink, but not be craving one. When I began the program I never would have thought that possible. I’m excited to learn about Tapping tomorrow.

  • #15754


    Great job. Nice to start breaking the myth that you cant be happy without a drink…

  • #15757


    Day 40 thriving in sobriety and just finishing the book. I kept notes in a book and found looking at them daily especially those days unable to do a chapter to be very helpful. I plan on rereading the book and while reinforcing the sobriety work the solutions on overeating. To all I wish the strength to be 100% committed

  • #15800


    The book is great for changing other areas of life too. I am happy to read that you are 40+ days sober and looking forward to all the other life altering experiences spurred by sobriety.

  • #15812


    I am still in at Day 12. I am wowed by the program. It is so rewarding to wake up with a clear head and feel like I have some energy. Have to share the story how I found this book. I was super hung over, totally sick, laying on the couch trying to read a Chicken Soup for the Soul, A thought came to me, there must be a Chicken Soup for the Drunk. I grabbed my ipad and typed in just that. The first book to pop up was the 30-Day Sobriety Solutions. I thought why not, it can’t hurt. I’ve spent worse money. I bought it and started the program the next morning. I have been faithful with all of it. Doing exactly what I am suppose to do. I am amazed. Sometimes when I read it I feel they were looking at me when they wrote it. So much hits the nail on the head. Right now I feel great and I am so encouraged to keep going. I love the learning something new everyday. I truly believe I will be sober and happy.

    • #15845


      Great story !!!!

  • #15844


    I’m 100% committed to this process and 100 % committed to thriving in sobriety. However, I drank on 2 occasions in the 12 days. One day I felt emotionally overwhelmed by the limiting beliefs process and the other by a seemingly never ending headache. While I got zero relief out of the drinking, I’ve decided that I will not beat myself up. I am moving forward. 100% in . Working it and grateful for what I’ve learned and uncovered. No turning back. Thank you all for posting and helping me to feel connected to people I can share with. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • #16056


    Suz well done for dusting yourself off and moving on. There is so much we can learn from when we slip up about our triggers and how our subconscious works to help us learn strategies that will help us thrive. So much more productive than wrapping ourselves in shame. I am up to Day 12 today and feeling this process is the best. I have gone through Alcohol free periods in the past, but this is the first time I feel 100% committed and not just hanging out to complete the process to have a drink. We have got this 😊

  • #16278


    Cheers to the 100% club!

  • #16314


    I am feeling very good. It’s a Friday and I thought it would throw me over the edge. I mean happy hour is in 2 hours here on the East Coast and I am okay. Today I was writing in my journal about some of my childhood memories when I was young. Had to stop writing but will go back to it later. I will share one very vivid memory that still haunts me. My mom left my dad when I was about 13 years old. She left him for another man, so my dad said she could not see us. We all stayed with my dad (which should tell you something). But I was the youngest kid and really missed my mom. So I would sneak out on Saturdays and she and her boyfriend would pick me up on the corner. I would be so excited to see her. Thought maybe we would go to lunch or shopping, but they would take me to a bar. It was noon, and we would go to this dark, smelly bar with a juke box. While they sat and drank beer after beer, they would give me money for the juke box and buy me ginger ale which tasted flat. There were all these men in there that would gaulk at me. I hated it. So I would just leave and walk around outside but had to wait for them to come out and give me a ride back near my home. Never thought much about how they were drunk driving me back. Then I would go back home to my dad and feel so bad that I went. I never told him. I never wanted to be like her and then I looked at myself one day and said, you are just like her. But not today. Today I am working hard at thriving in sobriety. And although I am on day 12 in the 30 day solution, i am on day 5 of sobriety and proud of myself and all of you too.

    • #16432


      I could really relate to your story. Thank you for sharing. Keep moving onward. Good luck and God bless you.

  • #16433


    Day 12 of sobriety and going strong. Yesterday, as I was driving home, I had a brief thought about having a drink when I got there. Like so many times before, I felt it was time for happy hour. “Not going to happen,” I thought. In it to win it. Still 100% committed.

  • #16434


    Raven, thank you for sharing your poignant story. And thank you for showing us your strength and resolve to follow a higher path! You are courageous!
    Here’s a tip for people just starting out….while it is helpful to read posts from much earlier in the program (after all, the experiences are universal to our struggle), it’s great to be able to connect with others in real current time. If you tap on “Where to?” above and then on “Site wide activity”, you’ll be able to see people’s current posts and then go to and respond to them. Also, if you like a post, or a person’s message resonates, tap on their screen name and you’ll be on their profile where you can friend them and write them a private message should you wish to connect more. Also you’ll be able to read all their posts.
    Happy Thriving and Sharing! I believe taking advantage of the forums is key in succeeding!
    Onward, Sina

  • #16694


    This has been an amazing journey so far (day 13 of sobriety, day 12 of 30DS). I have had so many revelations, inspiring moments and clarifying thoughts that I am truly amazed. One of the most outstanding changes has been my attitude to business. Prior to the start of this journey I was going through the motions and just surviving day to day for at least the last 20 years. I find it unbelievable that, in spite of having a number of successful businesses, I’ve been taking it all for granted. Running those businesses became just another job. It didn’t help that I was crawling into work many days with a hangover and only looking forward to the evening when I could drink again. Now I am tuned in, laser focused and inspired to make my existing company a thriving success. I want to encourage other business owners on this journey…keep it up! And, no, it hasn’t been easy; there have been cravings and it took until day 10 just for the headaches to ease up.

  • #16717


    Day 12 – made it. A few close calls but I kept repeating to myself – 100% commitment. Yay!

  • #16800


    Day 12 here, in every way, and still going strong. I’m getting more excited about making mocktails than wanting to buy a couple boxes of wine. Well, that, and I don’t have to haul myself to the other end of town to my preferred liquor store. Guess getting tired of headaches is really a strong motivator.

  • #17026


    Day 12 of sobriety and 30 Day SS for me! It is kind of amazing to me how relatively painless it has been…. I’ve had a few late afternoon musings about wine… about how nice it would be to have a glass of Chardonnay after work, but I have let the musings float through my mind and then off into the ether. I shake my head in wonder that it has taken me so long to do this…. all the years lost to a kind of blurry stasis. The last several days I’ve been waking with no guilt or remorse, and spending hours in the evening reading, walking, working in my garden, talking with friends…. what a relief to not have that monkey on my back, whispering in my ear : “you’ll feel better if you have a glass of wine…” What a relief to realize the opposite is true! I have 3 social events coming up in the next week, at a brew pub, cafe’, party….. alcohol will be a focal point for many (although I’m sure others won’t be drinking, I never paid any attention to them before!)… So this week will be my first “test” in social situations. I’ve had to think it through, whether to go or not, but I’ve decided that since isolating myself with alcohol was a huge feature of my life for the last few decades, it is time for me to try to be social WITHOUT alcohol… I’ve not done this since I was a teenager, so this is a new adventure… it could actually be really fun! Onward.

    • #17032


      Welcome @coppercat! Great decision to attend your events….if you are anything like me in my first early days of Sobriety, you will thoroughly enjoy yourself and possibly get a kick out of observing folks as they go under the influence. It looks totally different from the Sober side and might just crack you up!
      Congratulations on your continuing Sobriety! Onward. Sina

      • #17034


        Thank you Sina and chaz 1023. I’m finding it weirdly comforting to not be drinking… as if I’ve been waiting this for so long, and now I’m finally doing it, and it is such a big relief. Rediscovering the joy of waking up without brain fog and feelings of remorse. Getting prepped for the next day the evening before, ready for work with a clear mind. I can’t believe that it’s been almost 2 weeks. I know that doesn’t sound like much time to most folks, but I think for this tribe each day is a miracle! all the best.

    • #17033


      Hey Coppercat, I’m at day 52 and lovin’ it. Like you, I haven’t gone this long without alcohol since I was a teenager. Around day 32, I went out of town for four days to attend a family wedding. That was my big challenge, and it was surprisingly no big deal. Early on in the program there is a list of excuses you can you in social situations to explain your abstinence from booze. At the wedding, few people asked and if they did, I just said that I had come to the realization that life was better without alcohol than with it. It’s the truth. Onward and upward!

      • #17035


        chas, see my reply above, this is my first time using this site and I’m just figuring out how it’s set up! best.

  • #17169


    100%and feel amazing. The crazy things is im coincidently in the place where I last lived a sober life at 19 years old, Hawaii. 18 years later, I’ve never not had a drink here. Seeeing friends, the amazing sun, and booze would be the norm. I’ve survived 5 days here thriving on sobriety. I even went out last night till 4am, and remembered the same feelings as an 18 year old of being sober and functioning in these environments. Was extremely surreal. I greatly appreciate your stories and cheers to this community.

  • #18499


    Day 19 really but day 12 with the book and my journaling. Feeling good but it’s been emotional getting a clearer head everyday….what a waste of time the past 40 or so years have been – okay not a waste but gotta make up the time and adventures of sobriety.

  • #18525


    The stuff I’m finding hard in “early sobriety” isn’t what I would have predicted. I have been short-tempered, exhausted and unable to focus in the extreme…but I haven’t actually wanted to put an alcoholic drink to my lips. I’m at Day 12 of program (Day 13 sober), still 100% abstaining and 100% committed to doing the reading, action steps and journalling.

    I originally wrote a much longer post, which included a bunch of stuff about equating my mother and my subconscious mind and some of the reasons that is particularly uncomfortable and scary for me. I wrote, “Perhaps this is stuff better discussed with a therapist than on a message board.” Then I thought of my journal, the perfect place for all this…and then I realized that just by typing it all out (before editing most of it away) I am somehow working my way through some necessary work. So, thank you, all my anonymous friends…right now just the idea of a non-judgemental human connection is very welcome.

    • #18526


      Congratulations on your continuing Sobriety @bookworm8 . Keep going, keep posting and journaling! The Journaling is great bc you will be able to look back in the future and see just how far you have come! Onward! Sina

  • #18768


    This is. A great topic. Still here and 100%! Day 12 and day 9 of not drinking. This weekend was a bit squirrelly at times, but I need to cut myself some slack, it was my first full weekend…sleep is still a real challenge, but just trying to wait it out. I’m thru the worst of the withdrawals and sleeping will resolve soon.

  • #19266


    Day 12 and continuing strong – 100%!

  • #19268


    Wow – that is a work of art – how creative, beautiful, and strong! Thank you for sharing the poem! I love being inspired – we are strong… live loved! Love yourself, care for yourself, and take control of your own drawbridge – protecting your values, beliefs, and goals! Let love in… leave hate, fear, and negativity outside your castle!

  • #19276


    Day 19 an 100% – working on it every day!

  • #19516


    Still 100%. Really starting to understand how powerful the subconscious mind is. I want to continue focusing on my goal of a 10 minute meditation everyday to help begin to detach from my ego mind and reprogram. I also look forward to reprogramming my subconscious with visualizations of my goals and dreams before bed, that seems very powerful to me.
    Lastly, I hope to reincorporate my vision statement more clearly throughout my day. I live with a roommate so posting around the house is a bit awkward…I also don’t drive much. Thinking I’ll post in my bathroom and on my computer screen. Anyone else have tips as to how to remind myself of this more often?

    Thank you again- grateful for the forum when I use it and sending love to all of you trying to heal. Myself included.

  • #19907


    Been sober for 12 straight days, something I haven’t done in 35 years. I feel so much better in the mornings and all day long. Also my head is much more clear, the fog is lifting 🙂
    Also saving lots of money, which I plan to spend on vacations, instead of booze.
    I going all the way to 30 days…and then sobriety for the rest of my life. Drinking is like owning credit cards, its an evil. Got rid of the C Cards 15 years ago, now its time for the booze to go.

  • #20045


    I’m still 100% committed! I have 12 days today! Yeah me! Yesterday, I had an auh ha moment and started remembering a lot of bad things that happened in my childhood which I am positive had a negative affect on my beliefs, thus, contributed to my drinking career. I journaled like crazy and felt an enormous burden lifted from my inner soul.

    I’ve had so much energy, enthusiasm and joy in the last 12 days without any guilt, fear and sadness, and have been sleeping really good.

    In the past I have tried AA and rehab, but they did not get to me like this program. I even planned on drinking after AA meetings and also when I got out of rehab. How crazy is that? I believe this program will work if I continue to work the solutions on a daily basis. To me, this is all making sense, so far. I have enjoyed this journey and have not had a desire, yet, to drink, nor have I planned on drinking on day 31. That’s really good for me, because my mind has a mind of it’s own, one that I am trying to change on a daily basis. And now I know I CAN!!

    I’m far from free of myself. The longest I’ve stayed sober is 3 weeks at a time, in the past 4 years. So, I will have to be very careful in the upcoming days.

  • #119475


    Yep – I’m still in! Part of me has 0 desire to drink now (poison with pretty labels) and then suddenly there will be a trigger which is fleeting if I ignore it.
    I snacked a bit today, which is OK. Sure, sugar is bad but not as bad as alcohol. I’m sure 10 gummy bears won’t kill me.
    Does anyone get the random thought that you need a treat ’cause you’re not drinking? Is it the same BS as “I deserve a drink because X, Y Z?” I’ll monitor & journal about that thought pattern.
    Russel Brand’s book “Recovery” addresses this a lot.
    Stay strong people!

    • #121015


      I’m treating myself to desserts and ice cream these days. I’ve rediscovered my joy for ice cream since I stopped drinking. This is a treat that I feel I deserve, and is something that is far less harmful than alcohol. Not only that, I feel connected to kids as we can enjoy the ice cream together.

  • #120888


    12 for me too! Yesterday it said somewhere on the site that I had only 19 more days to go and I was a bit shocked. Today that would be 18, and in 3 days were are half way to our goal of 30. So doable eh? 100% is in gear for me now!

  • #121014


    Yes, still 100% in! I put myself through an alcohol gauntlet yesterday: attending a Canadian Thanksgiving celebration with former drinking buddies, and then a house party with another group of hard drinking friends. I had accepted these invitations well before I started this sobriety adventure 12 days ago, and I also wanted to test my ability to “thrive in sobriety.” I was offered many drinks, sometimes with insistence bordering on force. I resisted and politely declined each time. I was going to leave early at one point because there seemed to be no breathing space for a non-drinker in this atmosphere. And then, my friends stopped caring if I drank with them or not. In the end, I had an enjoyable time and proved to myself that I am not boring without a drink. In fact, on leaving, new and old friends expressed their pleasure in having had a chance to talk to me. My wife was please that I took a singular stand to not drink, but was most impressed that I appeared to be having fun and enjoyed myself. I would not have been able to resist the drinks with such ease and firm determination without this program.

    I’ve been in and out of AA meetings for 11 years, and I never felt the comfortable in sobriety as I do today. Your stories help keep me going.

  • #121136


    My wife and I are at 100% and still going strong! Some of the exercises and have extremely eye opening and very helpful at the same time. We have been in a few situations where there has been lots of booze and some pressure to have a few, but we’ve both done extremely well. I think we’ve got this!

  • #121290


    I agree with you. It is powerful. Day 12 and I’m 100%! Even over Thanksgiving! Here’s to us!

  • #121441


    Day 12 and still going strong but not without difficulty. Struggled over Limiting Beliefs but have pushed through. Day 12 – again hard work but all so valuable.

  • #121684


    day 12 for me and going strong.I usu get the urge to have a drink in the evening which is when I usually started with the wine.
    did fine until about Day 10, then right after i had finished a solution exercise i got a really strong urge to have a drink. I remembered that the feeling was only going to last a short time and sure enough it went away before i even realized it. Some days I make a mock cocktail with ginger ale and sparkling water just to have something in my hand. If tired i will sit on the sofa and take about 5 deep breaths which helps me relax. I am amazed how fairly easy this has been. Makes me want to share with everyone I know.

  • #121735


    100% in. Day 16 of sobriety, Day 12 of Solutions. Have done a Vision Board(taking pictures and quotes from old magazines and greeting cards, pasting them on black or white bristol board)and place it where I can see it before bed. It helps me with my Day 12 action step of Reprogram Yourself For Success Before Bed. The words are Vitality, Creative, Travel, Manifesting Inspiration. Pictures are of a healthy body, people hugging, a gathering of people sharing stories, flowers, suitcases(travel).

  • #122126


    I am still 100% on day 12. Memorial Day weekend was a challenge for me – so many events where I would have included alcohol – actually planned the day around what alcohol I would consume. I got through it without a single drop! The journal work and guided meditations are most powerful for me. Looking back through my childhood was emotional. My parents would give me a “puff” of their cigarettes when I was little – I started sneaking cigarettes when I was about 10 years old. I think this was the start of the habit – connecting sneaking/shame to using an addictive substance. I’m hopeful I can reprogram my subconscious mind with daily work. Pretty exciting.

    • #122127


      Nice job navigating Memorial Day! I’m not on Day 12 yet, only Day 4, but I’ve already been learning a lot about myself early on in this process. Those long weekends are among the most challenging to get through!Keep up the good work 🙂

  • #122136


    Still here on day 12 at 100%. Found it really enlightening looking at my “Limiting Beliefs” — made me think once I’m done with the 30 days that I should look at my limiting beliefs around all sorts of other things as well…sex, friendships, finances, parenting…the list goes on and on. Glad to find a way to access all these latent mental states that have been holding me back and freezing me into a destructive patterning of drinking every single night despite so many attempts at cutting back. Onwards.

  • #122197


    Hi ANT. FRJensen here, June 13, and I’m 100% in on my Day 12. It’s strange that I feel already like it’s been several weeks, not just 12 days. Yes, I agree with you that the limiting beliefs are quite interesting to explore and that these can exist around all kinds of areas in our lives. I know I’ve always had a limiting belief that I am not “the sharpest tool in the shed.” I have made an agreement with myself never to say that again to anyone and to try not to think this thought to myself. It’s certainly been limiting to me.

    So you must be at your Day 25 by now. I hope so, and it sounds like you’re well on your way to 30 Days. I’m feeling great myself, and I’m SO 100% in. Not sure what will happen after 30 days, but that’s something to be determined later. I’ve also been drinking every single night for about the past ten or fifteen years, and I know I don’t want to go back to that again. One thing I love these past few days is that my brain and cognnitive abilities are getting so much stronger than they were. I can read something (studying for a PMP certificate, and I’m in the middle of some job interviews) and remember it so much better. I put many hours into a job interview this past Monday, June 10, and I really did well because I’m thriving already in sobriety! Ok, back to you. Please write some thoughts if you would! – FRJ

  • #122415


    Captain’s log, day 12 – Tomorrow is a public holiday for me thus meaning it’s a very welcome long weekend. The dark side however was strong in me after work and it took a lot of will power more than new found conditioning to resist my urges tonight. I am very happy with how this short break from drinking has already improved my health to the point I can already notice great improvements. The rest of the weekend will be better for me as I’ve always found that the time from leaving work to getting home is my most severe witching hour. Kind of glad today’s chapter wasn’t so thought intensive, feeling a little exhausted today.

  • #122420


    Hi Chillybyte! Nice job in getting through the witching hour. I think just being mindful of that and “delaying” has helped me. I am just in front of you (Day 24) but taking it slowly. I know what you mean about having days where the material isn’t so heavy. But, nice to still have something.

    I love getting support around me and even noticing how I get along with my family much better. What is up with that? I can guess, but it sounds like its because I believe in myself more and close to my core values more.. Will keep exploring…

    Have a nice long weekend!

  • #122631


    Day 12 and sober. This program is great. I look forward to each days solutions. I drank heavily every night for 20 years. Being sober is challenging, but I wouldn’t be able to do it without this book. I subscribe to the app ‘Scribd’ and am adding ‘Hypnosis to overcome alcohol addition.’ By conscious creators, to my daily routine. Best wishes.

  • #122681


    I’m going to post too. I’m 100% in and this program is like going on a journey. I’m finding out the ‘whys’ about how I stopped loving and respecting myself, and why I used alcohol to subdue my real issues. Each day, I get to delve into myself and see how I tick and how I got to this point. I’ve set aside time each day to fully immerse myself into this, because this is a gift. It’s a way ‘in’ to clean up my thoughts and make myself physically stronger.

    I was given whiskey as a small child by my parents as they thought it helped me ‘sleep’… I was 9 and ten…I watched my father use alcohol to ‘relax’ at the end of today, so Day 12 was interesting in terms of the beliefs that were programmed into me. No wonder I drank to ‘relax’ in the evenings…

    I’ve decided to not drink again. It never works and willpower is useless. This is the first time that I feel like I’m safe whilst I stop. That I’m doing something that will have long terms effects for the future, rather than just white knuckling it all.

    Most of all though – this program is teaching me to love myself and give myself the RESPECT that I haven’t had for a long time. I’m finally getting to know myself and as I see things more clearly, forgiveness has been featuring every day as well.

    Best book I ever came across… and I wish everyone the stamina and courage to complete it too x

    • #122685


      Welcome @Todayisanewday53! Keep sharing here on the Companion Website! See if you can find “Site Wide Activity ” so you can connect with people currently active on this site!
      Onward! Sina

  • #122683


    Today – totally agree. This book and program saved my life. Today is day 151 for me and I do owe it to this program. Love to read others posts… Onward!

  • #122690


    I’m on day 12 but actually 15 days without alcohol. I feel much better. Kinder, more patient, less overwhelmed. tasks that used to seem monumental are becoming much less daunting. my past outlook of “whats the point” is changing to something more positive.
    Wanted to share.
    grateful to be alive.

  • #122749


    Day 12 for me as well. I surprised my wife when I told her that I purchased this book and was planning on working my way through the program. I was drinking too much at home just about everyday for far too long and I just decided that I needed to change what I was doing. Of course the first day that I started the program my wife was let go from her job. The scene from the movie Airplane popped into my head “Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop drinking”!! LOL. But seriously, her losing her job was a big relief because she was being mistreated and undermined by some of the staff. We are both glad that she is out of there once and for all. As far as me “needing” a drink due to the news, well that never even entered my mind. I’m committed to changing my future, one day at a time. Heck, we even went out for eats and drinks to watch a whole football game at the sports bar, and even though my wife had a rare beer, I was not the least bit interested in having one. That was on day 7. Here to everyone’s success!

    • #122750


      Hi Tom!
      I loved reading this. It’s amazing how once we have made up our minds, we can move mountains.
      Congratulations on your continuing Sobriety and your wife’s shedding a job which no longer serves her ( or you!)
      Onward! Sina

  • #122912


    I am doing great on day 12. Still sober, physically doing well, exercising every other day and now meditating 3 days a week. I feel very confident and trying not to think about day 31 – just going one day at a time

  • #122923


    I’m in!! For the 1st time in several “do it on my own with willpower” attempts, I feel totally positive about quitting drinking COMPLETELY!! I feel good, my relationships are drastically improving, and life is getter better every day. I’m seriously thankful to God I found this book! Hang on everyone!!!

  • #122930


    Day 12 and I’m still 100% in. I can’t believe it! I have tried many many times to quit on my own,
    considered A.A but didn’t feel comfortable with that. God guided me to 30 Day Solution and I feel totally different. I am visiting my son in a downtown area where there are 2 bars right across the street. I used to go to one or both and drink but I was outside getting some air today and saw the bars. I had no desire to go over. After more than 20 years of heavy drinking I know that I am now free of the horrific hold that alcohol had on me. I thank and praise God for this book.

    • #122932


      Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster @Soberatlast97! I’m glad you found the 30DSS! It’s a great resource.

      Please keep sharing your thoughts and challenges.
      I’m here if you have any questions or need support!
      Onward! Sina

      • #122937


        Thank you Sina. I have been with my son through most of phase l and all of phase 2. I will be returning home on Thursday so I’m a little nervous about how I will do when I get home and I’ll be all alone. My dear husband passed away in March along with my Mom one week before so being alone was hard and was part of the reason for my heaviest drinking. I pray that I’ll continue to be strong and will certainly keep tapping! As you said, Onward!

        • #122995


          I don’t see too many people posting much on this site but at least there’s still a couple people who are posting and sharing your stories I really don’t have a lot of people to talk about this journey with most of my friends still drink a lot with no real desire to cut down as far as I know And neither of my sisters or my mother Have ever had a problem with drinking And my husband doesn’t seem like he wants to quit and I wouldn’t share this with anybody at work because I don’t want to be judged so it is good to have people to share with

    • #122938


      My heartfelt condolences to you Soberatlast97. I will be here for you. Don’t hesitate to contact me. I “friended” you on your profile page. (Although this Companion Website is not like Facebook!
      Onward Friend. Sina

  • #122993


    100% and feeling great! Day 12 in the book and 5 days AF and it is not like there weren’t chances to slip. It was the first weekend and I knew it would be stressful and a few times my emotions got the best of me and I lashed out, but I finally talked to my wife and explained that I was going to stay sober and it was a great relief. She is still drinking but she understands where I am at and why I am doing this. Before I told her we had lunch and of course they sat us in the bar with me facing the bottles. I was trying not to look but then I decided to stare and think “stupid juice” over and over. Almost like I was starting the reprogramming before it was even discussed, and it worked. I stayed home from night skiing, which is usually a drunken party on Saturday nights and I am really glad I did. The stories from those that went just reminded me of the past and made me look inward and realize I am doing the right thing. Sunday was a Seahawks playoff game and another “celebration” and I made it through with flying colors and my anxiety had subsided and I went to bed without passing out. I think if I can get through that weekend I can get through any and reading all of you’re posts keep me motivated and looking forward to having another successful day. It is really something to have a community that pulls for each other and is supportive in each others victories and setbacks. I know now, after all of my slips, that dwelling on them is holding me back and I need to do what I can do, not what I should have done. Onward!

    • #122994


      Congratulations great work weekends are really tough this is my first weekend sober in years and it was hard because my husband drank every Evening it’s really hard not getting angry at him for drinking but I got to keep reminding myself this is my journey. I got to keep doing what I need to do to get through the 30 days We watched the Eagles game And my husband was drinking beer and it was really hard not To get mad at him but I’m the one that’s been having so many problems with alcohol for the last couple years whenever I drink too much I fall asleep great but then I wake up in the Middle of the Night with a racing heart And can’t fall back to sleep I was having more and more black outs I have been trying to cut down for the last year and I would do good during the week but then weekends I would overindulge I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to drink again like a normal person but I’ll worry about that when I get closer to the end of the 30 days best of luck to you please know that you’re not alone that keeps me going

  • #122996


    It is really great to have somebody to talk to about this journey Onlylooks like there’s a few of us Posting It’s nice to hear that somebody else is struggling with the fact that their spouse doesn’t want to go down My best friend and her husband have done the 30 day challenge together I think that would be a lot easier but oh well I’m not gonna let that stop me

  • #123090


    Day 12 in the book and Day 12 of sobriety! 100% Committed to 30 days of sobriety. I was a 2 bottle of wine a night drinker but could string a day or two together without drinking just to prove I could do it; it was day 3 or 4 I’d always cave. My drinking became a problem 3-4 years ago when it became my hobby. I quit having a social life and just isolated myself so I could drink every night around 5 followed by the feeling of shame and next day hangover. Then I’d push myself to go to the gym the next day as a form of punishment. I realized I wasn’t living just going through the motions.

    The first 7 days of sobriety were eye opening and rough- insomnia, day and night sweats, then three days of depression. I did not feel great as so many people have felt and even felt hungover though I didn’t drink- how’s that even possible? My brain was so foggy and I couldn’t remember anything which my colleagues noticed which chocked up to “coming down with something.” The book mentions a sugar craving so I tried some hard candy, but I only felt worse. Aside from wine I’ve never been into sugar or sweets. I’ve also had two very realistic drinking dreams that startled me awake and left me feeling ashamed of myself. But other than that and probably because I felt so crappy during the first 7 days of physical detox I haven’t wanted to drink. Then again, I haven’t spent time with drinking friends only non-drinking friends who I never drank around nor have put myself in situations where I might be tempted. The journal work has been really eye opening and cathartic. I’m still having brain fog and notice memory issues which I hope get better as I put more distance between myself and the bottle, but I’m optimistic and finally feel like I’m living life not just going through the motions.

    Here’s to thriving in sobriety!

    • #123095


      Hi Rara50.
      My hat’s off to you for weathering the kickass symptoms of withdrawal from the poison that is Alcohol.
      Your optimism is your friend, and so am I!
      Onward! Sina

  • #123487


    Made it to day 12 (again). Been sober for 16 days now. Feeling great. Replaced my evening drinking with projects around the house. Can’t go to happy hour because of quarantine. Really don’t miss it. Enjoying my projects around the house.

  • #123492


    That’s awesome! Glad you found a positive, productive outlet 😁

  • #123759


    I’m 100%!! Yea!!! I went to a family gathering for Father’s Day yesterday and shared my sobriety with my family. They are all so supportive! Super important to have that and more accountability partners. Also went out to dinner with friends on Friday and everyone drank, I had ice tea and was so proud of myself. Infact I really didn’t miss it! I’m committed!

  • #123966


    This my first post. 12 days in and 100% committed. 5 years ago I was sober for a little over a year. I’m a private person, so I didn’t try AA or seek any other type of support system. Had to go out of town on business for a week. My company set me up in a hotel close to where I would be working,walking distance to a popular bar. Yep,thought what’s one drink. It’s been a long day, just one won’t hurt and who will know? Big mistake. Overtime casual became daily and heavy on the weekends. Up until 12 days ago I aS drinking 2 bottles of whiskey a week. Discovering this program and it being audible, like having my own coach. This is the best thing. I’m confident I will complete the 30 days. Reprogramming, no such thing as 1 & done for me. I know that now. Good luck to everybody and God Bless.

  • #123969


    Hi Debbie!
    I’m so glad you found this program.
    I truly believe that it is one of the best!
    Please keep posting. Even though this Companion Website is overrun with SPAM, there are others who will benefit from your resolve.
    I hope you will consider joining a confidential group for support I started which mirrors this one.
    This Journey is much more rewarding when you are in good company.
    Onward! Sina

    I want you to join my group on MeWe: https://mewe.com/join/sobrietysociety

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