Woohooo! 2 weeks sober!

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    The last time I maintained sobriety for over 2 weeks was 3 years ago when I got really drunk and was really mean to my wife and my boys witnessed it. Due to shame, embarrassment, guilt, and the threat of divorce, I stopped drinking for about 6 weeks. That slowly led back into one night of drinking, then one week of drinking, and finally back to nightly drinking. Of course, that was until I drank too much and I needed to take a night off to allow things to cool down a little. The time before that was when Kirs was pregnant with our first son (17 years ago) and I went almost 6 months without drinking. Those are the 2 times in my life I stopped drinking for a period of more than 2 weeks.

    This time is a little different because the impetus to change was of my own free will…not out of sympathy toward my pregnant wife and not due to some drunk-ass behavior. This time, it’s for me because I want the change. This is really working for me because, this time, sobriety is something I really want and you all have provided excellent tools and guidance for this difficult journey.

    Thank you again for this amazing program! I feel like I thrive in sobriety now…I just need to wait 2 more weeks to get my 30 Day certificate that say I do! lol

    Onward towards the 30 day goal!

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    Thanks @cjb! I’m really excited about this and like to share my little victories. I’ve read other peoples stories and they really motivate me just when I need it. I hope I can do the same. The support here, from both participants and moderators, really helps keep me going!

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      @jonrhys, congratulations! I can hear the excitement and commitment in your post!!

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    Congrats @jonrhys! I’m right here with you! I am 15 days in, but behind two days on the lessons. some of these take a lot of time!! Keep up the good work!

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    I know I know!! The last time I went more than a few days was when I had surgery but I had a glass of wine on day 3. Now – the desire is simply not there. I’ve had a few moments (I mean moments, not hours) when I thought “I’d really love just one glass of wine” (I used to drink while cooking each night, or finishing up emails, etc.) I honestly could never comprehend how someone could say “no, I don’t drink” – really!?? NOW – I’ve been let in on the secret!! I just know how rewarding it feels – to have even come just this far – why would I ruin that by breaking the commitment I’ve made to myself. The guilt and self-loathing are just NOT worth it! I used to pray every single night for the strength to get my drinking under control and for guidance to become the gift that I’m supposed to be. PRAYERS ANSWERED!! Each night I’m like a little kid on Christmas Eve – eager to get up early the next day to see what the Universe has in store for me! Bring it on! – XOXO

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    Congrats Jon & everybody! I’m at 2 weeks too and incredibly happy. It’s been years since I took this much of a break from that nightly wine, & this process has finally enabled me to commit and act. It’s been easier than I thought it would be – I’ve had moments too (gee a glass of wine would be great right now) but Ive been able to move through them. Example: a few days ago at the end of a day-long meeting they got the wine out and I had the urge to drink, but whipped out my phone and read through my vision statement and the new me, and then I was fine. For all the others at the meeting knew I might have been checking my email! Anyway, the interaction here on the forums has really helped a lot – thanks to everyone. I am so grateful to be here.

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    We rock at this! It feels so good to have achieved this milestone. Congratulations to you all, well done. I also have had a few moments when feeling tired that the thoughts have passed that a glass of wine would be nice. I simply say NO, this is too good being sober. I have committed for myself and can feel the shift in my energy, focus and some old road blocks are moving, I’m excited to see what the universe has in store. Interestingly this is most likely the first time in my single life that I’ve been very happy to be single. I am developing friendships and am happy with that.
    This past weekend was my first social ‘test’ I went away and spent the weekend with some families, and entered my first stand up paddle board race. ( I know I. Not suppose to take on anything new, but it was fun, and a perfect excuse not to drink as I had a big race the next day ) I didn’t need any excuse, I had cocnut water to drink and no one questioned my choice.
    Let’s keep the feeling great about our choice growing. Thank you For such a great program and all your stories. They help a lot!

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    Congratulations to everyone! Your stories inspire me everyday.
    I had a difficult day today, two weeks into being sober. All day I kept thinking that I would drink tonight and go back on track tomorrow. I even thought about it during my yoga class. I was scared at the thought of buying a bottle of wine, because I really didn’t want to, but the thoughts just kept intruding and disturbing me. I walked home from class this evening with my friend and kept saying silently to myself that I love myself and that I can do this. We said goodbye when we neared her neighborhood, and I kept walking. All of sudden I knew that I would not have to drink. I almost didn’t even notice passing the liquor store near my apartment building, and when I did, I had no desire to go in and buy wine.
    The program is actually working! I get up early and feel great, able to follow through on plans more than I used to when I felt sick and sluggish in the mornings and had to wait until the afternoon to be more productive.
    I am so grateful to have found the 30 day solution at just the time when I was ready for it.

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    Apologies…I am getting caught up on forum postings though I am on Day 16.

    @healthylady, I can totally relate to something you said. I have been single for 5 1/2 year, and, like you, since starting this program I find that I am happy being single for the first time. I enjoy my company and I don’t feel lonely. It may be difficult to realize what a big deal this is to me but I was SOOO not happy being single up until now.

    I was sober for two years before. But, all I was doing was living sober. This time I want to thrive in a life in which I will most likely choose not drink. I’m even beginning to be able to imagine myself in all sorts of social settings where alcohol is center stage and how I will remain steadfast to my commitment and choices that brought me to the book and the solutions and allow my authentic self to shine and be seen.

    Like most everyone has said, I really enjoy waking up at 5AM and feeling rested, refreshed, and even eager to greet the day. I love the quiet of that time of the morning when I can have coffee and read the day’s reading in the book, revisit my ever-evolving Vision Statement, my three goals, and anything else from my journal that speaks to me at the time. I then meditate before going about the business of getting ready to go to work. I love this time so much and I know drinking again would take this away from me if I were to let it.

    All the best to everyone…

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    @jeffinbama- I love what you said about the difference between living sober and thriving in life. That difference is part of why this program came to be. There are simply too many unhappy people out there, sober or not. Our goal is to help you all THRIVE. It is so exciting, as a coach, to read through everybody’s posts. Even if I don’t always respond to what you are all individually posting, I’m reading through it all. I feel as if I’m following some of you on your incredible journeys. I feel so proud of you all! Keep up the amazing work! I know there will hard moments (or days) sprinkled in there, and just trust it is part of the process. Can’t wait to continue reading everybody’s journey!

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    So great to read all of these inspiring stories! Thank you all for sharing! I am just passing my 14th day sober and feel wonderful. Like almost everyone on this day I have really been enjoying getting up early and digging into the book and journaling. I have had several AHA! moments and I think the most profound being that I have told myself so many lies about alcohol like it relieves stress for example. Now I know the TRUTH and can see the tools that truly relieve stress and anxiety and how to use them to make healthy decisions. Thank you Jack Canfield and Dave Andrews!

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    I have now been 15 days without alcohol. I don’t know that there has ever been a time in the last 30 years where I went this long without a drink. I feel good most of the time, have had the urge to drink, but have met every test with an “A” by using the tools we have been given over the last two weeks. I even went to the Superbowl at my local pub with all my friends and stayed sober. One even commented that I looked better and asked what I was doing? I told him I was doing a 30 day cleanse both physically, mentally, and spiritually and left it at that. A few others asked but it was no big deal. Now here comes the cool part. The next day my friend that commented on how I was looking better texted me and said he needed to follow my lead. I shared the information about the book and the website. I have not heard from him since then but I hope he joins us on our quest to better ourselves. As Anais Nin said, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”. You are all being very courageous! May your life expand to fulfill your dreams.

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    Congratulations az_dad on reaching 15 days without alcohol! You did a tough thing going to the Superbowl party. That is one thing that I have not tried to do in the 15 days I have been at this…go to a bar. I like your “Cleanse mentally, spiritually and physically” answer and am going to keep that handy! It is wonderful to hear that others notice that you are looking good and are, hopefully, gaining inspiration to do the same themselves. Thank you also for the quote. It feels courageous and fulfilling!

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      Thanks @hummingbird. Today is my 18th day and I am going strong. Went to a parade I used to ride in over the weekend where we all would be pretty liquored up by the afternoon. It was my most difficult test to date and although I was tempted and thought about having “just one” I refrained and still enjoyed the day. It helped thinking about the “before me” and then envisioning the “new me”. I left a little early but had a great day.

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    Congrats everyone! I have been sober for 17 days now, doing Day 14 lesson yesterday and today. Some days have been easier, some more challenging. Not really the urge to drink, but going through all these lessons. This is like 30 day long super therapy! πŸ˜€ So sometimes it is pretty hard. But same time I am already waiting the next day’s lesson πŸ˜€ I had my first party couple of days ago and I was stressing a bit how to reply when I am offered a drink. But it was so easy! No one asked why, when I chose non alcoholic drink! I think a lot of this is just in our own mind and others don’t pay as big attention to it really. Plus, I had very fun time! I was relaxed and the whole party was just pure fun πŸ™‚ Good luck everyone, this is a great program! Ps. I love myself πŸ˜‰

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    Congrats Jon! Great hearing your “war stories. I have a few myself. Yes 2 weeks and I feel great! Except now every time I have a cup of tea, I need a cookie!

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    For the first time in many many years, I now wake up in the mornings and I actually like myself. I no longer have the hopelessness that I carried for so many years. I laugh thinking about the times I wanted to change my life, read Jack’s book “The Success Principles” and drinking several glasses of wine while doing so, then waking up the next morning unable to act on any of his suggestions.I can’t wait to read it again so I can actually comprehend and act on the Principles.
    Thank you.

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    Wow, does that ever hit home. I was going to get the Success Principles and WOULD have done that exact same thing as I have with many meditation and spiritual books. Never absorbing truly absorbing them because I was “absorbing” way too much wine! I was looking for the Success Principles when I found this book and feel so blessed. On to day 17! It is Saturday morning and my head is clear and a good day is in front of me! YEAH! You keep up the good work too dcjohn!!

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    I have tried, so many times, to quit drinking but after a while I would start up again. Willpower would only last for so long. I would start to feel better about myself and think I need to reward myself for such good behavior so I’ll just have one glass of wine with dinner. This would turn into one bottle a night for months at a time. I would feel so bad mentally, physically and spiritually so I would quit again for a period of time until I felt better again. This cycle has gone on for years. I found this book, The 30 Day Solution, when I wasn’t looking for it. It has been a life saver for me. I wasn’t sure I would be able to last one night, let alone 14 days now without drinking. I have been going to the root of my addiction and it has helped me release so much anger, disappointment, guilt and shame that I have felt my whole life, a lot of it due to drinking. This book has helped me start to believe in me again. I am truly thankful for the words and am looking forward to each day thriving in my sobriety. I am sober and I am truly happy.

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    Thank you all for your posts on this topic — very encouraging for me.

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    Ok, Day 15 solution forum board was pretty empty so I came back here to read more comments πŸ˜€ I have been sober for 20 days now and it feels just amazing! I was also so relieved to notice hat Phase 3 seems to concentrate more to the positive and great future what we all have ahead! I have had an amazing weekend with my daughter. I have had much more energy and we did many small things that I think I would not have done if I was still drinking some every single day.. I just feel very happy today and now I know this is the permanent feeling from now on, instead of the other one πŸ™‚ Good luck everyone, we can do this!!! All the treasures that God has put on our path are just waiting there for us to pick them up! I am worth it, You are worth it, we all are worth it!

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    I love reading about everyone’s successes. Thank you all for sharing.

    I’m 14 days sober, and over the last few days I’ve caught myself laughing out loud. It’s strange to realise that I’m happy! It’s been so long since I felt like this, even though I have so much to be grateful for. It is wonderful to hear that so many of us are expanding our happiness through this journey, and I’m excited that this joy can be ‘normal’ for us now!

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      I am also on Day 14 and also noticed that I am laughing more. It feels good. I guess underneath we are pretty pleased with ourselves. This is probably the longest I have quit drinking since I had a baby 25 years ago. I would make half-hearted attempts that never lasted more than a week. I happened to see this book in the library and thought it looked promising, since you could quit in the privacy of your home. No meetings required. Since the next day was March 1st, I decided that was a good day to start, since it makes it easier to know what day I am on!

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    Wow your stories are all incredible.? I am on day 15 of the book (21 days sober) and can relate to many of your stories. I’ve got wine in the house. Hubby is still having a glass or two with dinner. We had company for the weekend and I didn’t even miss to drinking so much. I now know I don’t have to drink to have fun and actually really enjoyed the fact that I was sober. I have moments where I crave a glass of wine but I put it off and in a moment the craving passes. I can do this, WE CAN ALL DO THIS. Feeling great and very inspired by this community.

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    I am 14 days sober. I have a friend that has asked me to join her at different bars to see her boyfriend play in a band. (we are both divorced, 60’s) I wasn’t used to going to bars without drinking so I did a lot of ‘prep work’, decided to say I was not drinking for lent, etc….
    Well, when I got there, there was no waitress so I had to go to the bar and get my own drink….I got ginger ale. I really enjoyed it, felt very powerful, and noticed how awful some heavy drinkers looked and acted.
    What a reinforcement! Every success is better than a drink used to feel.

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    I must practice self love and a willing and honest self awareness. That’s from the Relapse Solution bonus pdf. I will make it a part of my journal everyday now. It says so much about where my root problems came from and how I will take responsibility for my actions, and to be aware of the progress I have made. 2 weeks, whoa and wow!

    I am so happy, really happy, to be alive and here. Who woulda thunk it? I am happy to be here and I am so ever grateful to everyone in their path, their actions, their lives.

    Thanks for sharing in this forum, thanks for being

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    I can relate to azzip! My wife has two glasses of wine each night. At first I resented it, but have since realized it’s my problem, not hers and I will have to deal with it. Day 27 sober, but just found the 30 day book on day 24 and its been enlightening. This forum is a big help- good to know there are others in my boat and to have that support.
    Good idea putting the vision statement on the phone for easy access. Thanks all.

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    Yes! What a milestone for us all! There are parts of my story in many of yours…….seems to be a lot of wine drinkers around! I faced some situations also where wine was being served when I was out with friends and then today again when I was over at a friend’s place for lunch. I was able to just say “no thanks, not today” and that was fine. I am going to visit family soon for about 10 days and I am hoping and planning mentally already that it will be as easy there. I will have to schedule in the reading and online times each day, too!


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    Something I find useful is to record my vision statements and some of the daily quotes on voice memos on my phone. Listening to them in my own voice feels affirming.

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    Two weeks in and counting. I feel so much stronger mentally. I cant wait to graduate and continue “thriving in sobriety” because for me the best is yet to come. Keep it up everyone. Great work!

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    Ever go hiking or backpacking and come across one of those trail books where you can read what others have said who passed this way before you, and you can write something too about your travels? That’s what this feels like to me; a place to be able to say, “I was here too, and how grateful and awesome it is to be able to say so!” Thanks to Dave and Jack for somehow managing to create this awesome path, and thanks to all of you who have passed before me and shared your experiences and success. It’s a great feeling to be a part of something good that is happening for all of us, and I’m so excited and looking forward to what’s next!

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    Hey @mrd! I like that what you said about hiking and seeing previous hikers words and markings. That’s Cool! 😊

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    well said mrd. sunflower9876 passing through =)

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    I also loved mrd’s likening of this to a trail or guest book. It has definitely been a long time since I went a few days without a drink. Before this program I would manage to think it was no big deal to just have a glass or two even during a week I told myself I would have nothing until the weekend. You lose faith in yourself and your word. For the most part, this has been easy. Yes, there is work involved but there have been no serious moments where I thought I was going to go off track. I do see the moments where the idea passes thru my mind but now I am not getting up and feeding the desire immediately. Today was a typical work day where I was annoyed and bored by the end of the work day and a glass of wine sounded good but again, it’s just a thought that I picture coming in one ear and passing straight out the other. Very glad for all the perspectives from the book and from our fellow posters.

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    Agreed mrd!

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    Although I just finished 14, I had a trip up on day 6. The most surprising thing was that when I had that glass of wine with spaghetti at a family dinner, it didn’t taste good. And best yet, I didn’t want a second glass because it didn’t make me feel good either.

    So, here I am on #14 with no cravings. This is fantabulous! Just like an earlier poster, I love waking up early in the morning, having coffee and working the next Solution with my Westie on my lap. I’m getting better. I’m rejoining life. I’m psyched up to Thrive in Sobriety. I feel supported, encouraged, positive and optimistic. THANK YOU!

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    Looks like it has been a while since anyone posted to this one. But here I am at Day 14! I have enjoyed two alcohol free and fun weekends. My sleep hasn’t improved but at least when I wake up now in the night I cannot blame the wine and I can think that my liver is thanking me each day that I don’t give in to that wine craving! I have been diligent about doing the reading and tasks each day. Haven’t quite caught on to the Tapping thing…Tried it, not feeling it yet. But I will keep an open mind.
    I had a dream last night, very blurry on details, but I know it was about my fear of relapsing. I honestly think I can get through the 30 days…I guess I have fear and anxiety about what happens after. I think I will try to read This Naked Mind once I get to Day 30 – something to keep up the momentum. I will also continue to listen to the Recovery Elevator podcast.

    Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving – hang in there fellow travelers!!

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      Hi @mmr1960 – I hear ya. Ya’d think everyone would be posting on the “yahoo” post! I feel like yahooing! Like you, I feared what would happen after the 30 days & yes, last spring I completed the 30 days and eventually ended up drinking a lot again but guess what, I just picked up the book again and started over and it is equally as great and wonderful. I don’t know what the lesson is there – maybe I do know but don’t want to accept it. Just focused on these 30 days right now. Why ruin my sober buzz? Thanks for the book & podcast tip. I just looked them up.
      I listened to Rob Lowe’s audio book – his recovery is very inspirational as well. Now I am listening to Bruce Lipton’s audio book. Fascinating!

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    Hi karakucha – apologies if this is a duplicate ….I wrote back but then realized I was not logged in!
    That is so great that you were able to come back to the book a second time. I totally get how tempting those drinks are and I know I will have to be on my guard after Day 30. I will definitely check out the Rob Lowe and Bruce Lipton Books.

    I have been listening to the Naked Mind podcasts as reinforcement. I love that she focuses on the biology of drinking and what our poor brains and bodies are doing in response to each glass we drink just to maintain equilibrium! It makes total sense why I could not just stop at one little glass of wine – I had built up quite a tolerance over the years and my body was just doing what it could to fight the poison! This was such an eye-opener and I don’t feel like I am a crazy person anymore. If there is a forgiveness note to write it might be for me to ask forgiveness from my own body for treating it this way for so long!!

    If there is any message board out there on this for after one finishes the 30 days it would be great to know about! I will need it!
    score: Me 21, wine zero YAY….hang in there, everyone!

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    Congrats!! I just finished Phase 2 and am loving the program! I have gone 30 days before, but it was like white knuckling it the whole way. This program is a game changer! I’m excited to see how I feel on Day 30! Keep it up!

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