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    I work at my boyfriends bar as a bartender on the weekends. We are allowed to drink during our shift so this makes its hard. I see customers that i used to drink alot with and now some congratulate me for not drinking yet still working at a bar. Some are even asking what else do i do to nit drink. They think maybe i smoke weed now or do other drugs. But i dont.i guess im looking just to vent here. People dont think i have a problem but i think they just want me to drink with them again so we can be at the same level in a social setting. Its tough and sometimes i even had to go to the bathroom and cry because my urge to drink was so intense. I just started this book im on day 8….but 91days sober. I dont even know how i have done it without attending an aa meeting nor rehab center. I relied simply on willpower and contacting a friend who is also an alcoholic when i fealt a weak moment coming and he has helped me stay sober. My entire family drinks and everyone else im surrounded by. I guess im wondering how does everyone else cope in a social setting when everyone else is drinking. Sometimes i just have to leave the place and not risk a relapse.

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    WOW @wendyrn1 ! That’s an awesome accomplishment! 91 Days Sober? Even if it was 9 days, it would be remarkable. I think the 30DSS will give you more impetus for continuing to grow and learn to Thrive in Sobriety. It’s a great program/book.
    Welcome to the Sober Coaster! Onward, Sina

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      Thank you! Well I am on my last day of the book and 119 days sober. I still cant believe how amazing this book is and how it has changed my life. I have a purpose now. Goals and discovered what I want to do in life. I am a makeup artist, but now I am getting into the world of permanent makeup…I got certified to do eyebrow microblading, got my tattoo license and working on learning how to do permanent eyeliner and lips. I have always admired people who do this. I never thought I could ever do this because my has were always shaking because I was always hungover. I would think ” yea right who would want to let me tattoo their makeup with these hands? I guess I will be a bartender for life….” and I am also epileptic so I always had that fear of “what if I have a seizure while doing someones makeup assuming I had already had a few beers to get rid of the shakes….well I no longer have that fear. I dont wake up shaking daily like I used to and Im getting closer to accomplishing another certification. I still bartend here and there when I need to cover a shift or running low on cash and I don’t have enough gigs for makeup. But it is finally not my priority. The job is there and I do it but to get me closer to being a permanent makeup artist.

      hope all is well. I am about to read the 30th day and honestly I am a little sad but excited at the same time. I am going to give this book to someone and hopefully he reads it. i think it would help him a lot to cut back drinking or even quit.

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        WOW. Thanks for sharing. I’m inspired! It’s great that you want ti give back! Take a look at your profile page by going to the “Where to?” Above and tapping on it. Thanks again ONWARD, Sina

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    Hi again @wendynr1.. Just reassuring you to not be sad…I was too bc I loved the structure…please think about joining a group I’ll tell you more about .

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