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    This is the first time I’ve really done anything proactive to get myself sober. I have said many times to myself that I need to do it, but used a thousand excuses to not go through with it. I don’t drink everyday, but I do drink every weekend very excessively (for almost 8 years now). I blackout almost every weekend and I am sick of living my life this way. I feel my body starting to slow down and it is like I’m trying to play catch up by the end of the weekend. Trying to recuperate from all the damage I did. Not just physically, but dealing with the embarrassment of how I acted when I got that drunk. I’ve surrounded myself with friends and even a husband that are alcoholics. This is what I’m most worried about, how do I make this change with these people around me. Will I be able to keep my relationship with someone who isn’t ready to face their alcoholism, will I be strong enough to resist the urges when I’m out at dinner with them and they are all drinking? Will my life ever feel normal, or will I always feel like an alcoholic just trying my best not to take a drink?

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    DR – You absolutely do have what it takes to be with these folks and not consume the poison. One thing that has helped me this past 24 days is reading ALOT about the truth about alcohol. I don’t preach it, I just know it, and when one of my friends suggested I would have been more fun at their dinner party if I was drinking, I reminded him that I would have been passed out on his couch by that time had I consumed my usual portion of wine. It’s really all good.. You can do it..

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    DR – FRJ here and I am on Day 12 (June 13, 2019.

    As MYTURN states, YOU CAN DO IT! I, for one, feel very, very good on Day 12. I am fortunate that my wife doesn’t drink very much, so this makes it a bit easier for me. You have the ability to set a great course forward for you and your husband, one of healthy, happy living, and thriving in sobriety.

    After you read my short post, please go watch this video by Craig Beck, the StopDrinkingExpert.

    When I struggled on Day 2 because I really wanted my “every-evening-of-the-week” 2 cocktails–followed by either 5 or 6 beers or glasses of wine–he put me in the best mindset you can have right now, which if I can paraphrase, is: “Kick the evil poison’s BUTT and get your mind 100% IN!” He motivated me to WANT to be sober, not battle the “evil clown” in my head every day and night.

    Best to you. You can and will do it! Just do your reading AND the exercises every day without fail. It’s working for me, it will work for you. FRJ

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