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    CHUN’AN Cincinnati Bengals Women’s Jersey , Zhejiang Province, Oct. 15 (Xinhua) — Kristof Rasouszut of Hungary and Ana Marcela Cunha of Brazil won hard battles thanks for video replay at the 2017 FINAHOSA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup Chun’an Qiandao Lake held here on Sunday and just repeat the feat they did at the last stop at Lac Megantic in Quebec, Canada in August.

    Qiandao Lake is a man-made lake located in Chun’an County, Zhejiang Province. There are 1 Denver Broncos Women’s Jersey ,078 islands in the lake. It covers an area of 573 km2 and has a storage capacity of 17.8 km3. The total area of the islands in the lake is about 86 km2.

    Qiandao Lake, the sixth leg of the FINAHOSA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup, attracted 79 swimmers from 19 countries and regions.

    The competitions were so close that about 10 swimmers packed in the leading position from the start to the end. Kristof Rasouszut of Hungary and Allan Do Carmo touched the finishind pad at the same time in one hour 31 minutes 52.4 seconds. Rasouszut was judged the champion with the help of video replay.

    Fernando Ponte of Brazil took the bronze medal in 1:31.54.9 while Olympic and world champion Ferry Weertman of the Netherlands came to fourth 1:31.56.9.

    “It was a very good but hard race. I was really happy with my result. I tried to be at the first position in the first three laps and tried to beat Carmo at the finish. In fact, I was always bad at the finish because of the bad position at the last 300 Detroit Lions Women’s Jersey , 400m. But today I was at the good position and won the champion. I like Qiandao Lake very much for the water and good temperature.” said Rasouszut who finished fifth at the FINA World Championships in Budapest last July.

    As the pre-meet top favorite, Rio Olympic and Budapest world champion Weertman

    said he was happy for the place. “It was my first race of the season, so I was happy with the place though I did not stand on the podium. I do feel pressure coming into the race that many people expect me to win and every swimmer wants to beat me.”

    “For me, it is a great preparation for the European Short Course Championships in December. I like the mixed training between open water and indoor pool Green Bay Packers Women’s Jersey ,” said the member of 4X200m freestyle relay team of the Netherlands.

    In the women’s race, Ana Marcela Cunha and Bridi Arianna of Italy also clocked the same time 1: Cunha was confirmed the champion only after referees watched the video replay. Viviane Jungblut of Brazil was placed third in front of Esmee Vermeulen of the Netherlands in 1:37.30.8 while Bruni Rachele of Italy came to fifth before Finnia Wunram of Germany sixth in 1:37.58.4, respectively.

    “The competitions in recent years became more and more close, I was ready for that. My coach told me to swim as fast as I can in the last 200 meters. Though it was a rainy day but I like the water and temperature colder the better Indianapolis Colts Women’s Jersey ,” Cunha smiled.

    The 7th and last stop of 2017 FINAHOSA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup will be held in Hong Kong on Oct. 21.

    Lost car keys or misplaced car keys. It’s a common occurrence and so frustrating, especially when use of the car is essential. Doubly frustrating if there is only one set so there are no spare car keys. Losing car keys happens to most people at one time or another and not always at home. In somewhere like London there is the additional problem of who to call? London is a huge city and locksmiths are not easy to find, especially if one is in unfamiliar territory. For a start, where does one look? Not every high street has a locksmith shop and if it does Jacksonville Jaguars Women’s Jersey , it will be a general key locksmith. There is not much a key locksmith can do if there are no keys to work with. If there are no yellow pages handy then it is a case of getting online to try and find an auto locksmith that can help. It is all time consuming and chances are time is precious. The only apparent solution is to find a garage – nigh on impossible if you happen to be in central London. The remaining option is to call the dealer from whom the car was bought but that could be highly impractical if the dealer is outside of London. Any one of those options is likely to be very costly as it will involve having to have the car towed to a garage and then there is the potential wait for a new set of car keys to be cut. It could take several days if the manufacturer has to be contacted to obtain key numbers in order to cut new car keys. All the while, the expense is mounting up and the inconvenience of being without the use of the car is causing undue stress.

    There is a simple solution – one that means the only requirement is one phone call and bingo, problem solved. The Auto Locksmith is a life saver when it comes to lost car keys. It offers a mobile car locksmith service that covers the whole of London and surrounding Home Counties. As a mobile service, The Auto Locksmith offers a roadside service Kansas City Chiefs Women’s Jersey , covering the whole of London, and it can often attend a vehicle within 30 minutes of the call being received.

    The Auto Locksmith has a fleet of mobile vans so it has London covered. Its team of expert car locksmiths has the ability to gain access to a vehicle easily, determine what is required and cut new sets of car keys on the spot, even when there is nothing to work with key wise. No matter how modern the car or what make Los Angeles Chargers Women’s Jersey , The Auto Locksmith can produce new keys and often, within the space of an hour or so, the car is road ready. Whether at home, at work or at a business meeting Los Angeles Rams Women’s Jersey , location in London is irrelevant as the service comes to the customer and the work is done at the roadside. Aside from alleviating what could be a huge potential headache, the added bonus of this mobile car locksmith service is cost – replacing lost car keys using The Autolocksmith will save a hefty amount of money.

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