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30-Day-Dash-Yellow-48 PHASE I 30-Day-Dash-Yellow-48

Mastering The Absolute Basics To Get From
Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

30-Day-Dash-Yellow-48 PHASE II 30-Day-Dash-Yellow-48

Removing The Mental And Emotional Blocks That Prevent You From Thriving In Sobriety

30-Day-Dash-Yellow-48 PHASE III 30-Day-Dash-Yellow-48

Creating An
Unshakable Belief
In Yourself And
Your Dreams

30-Day-Dash-Yellow-48 PHASE IV 30-Day-Dash-Yellow-48

Cultivating Courage And
Positive Relationships
To Thrive In Mind,
Body And Spirit


  • Day 1

    The 100% Solution

  • Day 2

    The Purpose Solution

  • Day 3

    The Pendulum Solution

  • Day 4

    The Forgiveness Solution

  • Day 5

    The Believe in Yourself Solution

  • Day 6

    The Outcome Solution

  • Day 7

    Review & Bonus Solution


  • Day 8

    The Why Can't You Just Quit Solution

  • Day 9

    The Action Solution

  • Day 10

    The Core Values Solution

  • Day 11

    The Lie Detector Solution

  • Day 12

    The Believe in Yourself Solution

  • Day 13

    The Tapping Solution

  • Day 14

    Review & Bonus Solution


  • Day 15

    The 4-Minute Mile Solution

  • Day 16

    The Quality Question

  • Day 17

    The Eternal Optimist Solution

  • Day 18

    The Affirmation Solution

  • Day 19

    The Attraction Solution

  • Day 20

    The Gratitude Solution

  • Day 21

    Review & Bonus Solution


  • Day 22

    The Courage Solution

  • Day 23

    The Emotional Sobriety Solution

  • Day 24

    The Meditation Solution

  • Day 25

    The Mind & Body Solution

  • Day 26

    The Positive Addiction Solution

  • Day 27

    The Love & Relationship Solution

  • Day 28

    Review & Bonus Solution

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30-Day-Dash-Yellow-48  PHASE V  30-Day-Dash-Yellow-48

Creating Your Personalized Plan To Thrive In Life

  • Day 29

    The Vision Solution

  • Day 30

    The Sobriety for Life Solution

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